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Club Amateur USA - Update

July 20, 2023

Frankie 032 Classic

On the road to 20, we're stepping back with Frankie to the Fall of 2003 after CAUSA launched. Today, Frankie is now 49 years of age, and I learned that he ran for public office in another state within the past ten years. In a field of seven, Frankie came in third. Good for him (especially given the incumbent)! Now, let's review what I had to say about this shoot 20 years ago: On this particular Sunday, I had one male-male and three massage video shoots scheduled. Yes, I know...tough day at the office. Well, Frankie's massage was the second of the day (with Rory's before and Paul's afterward), and I was to quickly learn that my "magic hands" were especially powerful that day because all three guys were rarin' to cum shortly after the flip.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 09, 2023

Elian 787

Adorable as always, CAUSA's Elian returns with a new summer do and thicker where is counts. And did I mention that Elian leaked precum like a sieve and was on full brick? Elian is 25, 5'10" 145lbs with Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and definitely gay and sexploring.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 08, 2023

Alex Cabrera's 7-Man Gang Bang 1

Watch the first installment of this two-part “Lucas Men: Ganged And Banged” orgy scene! Alex Cabrera has proven himself time and again as a true bottom taker who cannot get enough dick down his throat and up his ass. Well, now he’s been given the ultimate challenge. Alex Cabrera has been cast in an eight-man orgy, and Alex makes the eighth participant! Rest assured: he’s all bottom, all of the time. The line-up of tops giving it to Alex Cabrera includes Derek Kage, Augusto Arias, Jordan Starr, Nico Zetta, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink, and Andrey Vic!

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 04, 2023

Daddy's Pool Party Part 2

Daddy's Pool Party gets WETTER and BETTER in Part 2. After a dip in the refreshing waters, our club of daddy-lovers comense some steamy poolside fuckery. Until next month's meeting!

Boy For Sale - Update

June 29, 2023

The Boy Cole Ch 11

The Prize: In the world of selling boys, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. And when it comes to fulfilling the satisfaction of our customers, Boy Cole was the very epitome of a quality product. This trim, athletic young man was a constant high seller, and at auction, a simple look at his handsome face was enough to quickly bring in the largest of bids. Master Dixon was a frequent customer; he had tried out more than a few of our boys. He'd never once left with buyer's remorse, and surely had heard of Boy Cole by this time. He seemed quite pleased with winning that auction against all the other high bidders. The man barely needed to give any verbal commands; hand gestures proved enough to guide the boy through his duties.

Bear Films - Update

June 25, 2023

ReJizzed - Boston Orgy

Say it was your birthday, the big three-o, and your husband asks you want you wanted for your special day, and you say a hotel room for a hot birthday orgy. You pick the guys and then decide a birthday orgy isn't enough. You want to film it with the new flip ultra UHD cam you got for Christmas. But that's not enough, so you reach out to Bear Films, and since you were a super fan turned great model, they say they will give you a shot as a producer if the scene is good. They suggest you start with a duo, but you tell them you've already got five sexy guys, including your husband, down to film. They say you're crazy but support you. The scene comes out, and it's pretty hot for your first time. The next thing you know, you've spent twelve years with the company in many roles, including production director, and still love making men cum.

Twink Top - Update

June 22, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 1

Mutual Admiration: Coach Patrick is infatuated with baby faced new recruit Ethan Tate. All it takes is a few squats and lunges in a private lesson to make Ethan feel the same way! Coach dropped his shorts, revealing a perfect set of beefy glutes framed by a sweaty white jockstrap. The boy wasted no time getting his hands back on the man's ass, skin-to-skin now, fingertips to flesh. Coach Patrick asked if he could see what Ethan looked like without the shorts, and the boy happily obliged. Coach Patrick immediately noticed that even though he had an impressive ass, the boy in front of him had a disproportionately large cock to complement it. Ethan's white jock was like a cage, barely capable of containing the beast inside it. The man let his hands roam all over the boy's smooth, hairless frame.

Czech Hunter - Update

June 21, 2023

Czech Hunter 693

During yet another of my horny camera trips I noticed a man urinating in a park. I couldn't see anything, so I at least shouted at him to stop. It scared the dude quite a bit, but he was still in the mood for a little chat. It turned out he was a college student and was short of money. That was great because I really wanted to see his peeing cock. He reluctantly agreed. I still couldn't see much but it was fun. The guy was all anxious about being filmed in public, so I offered him more paper and we moved to my place. There I was finally able to have a good look at his hairy body, especially his massive balls. He wasn't too difficult, I simply had to keep stuffing his pockets with cash and enjoy the ride. His hairy ass swallowed my boner with ease and then I simply filled his mouth with cum.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 16, 2023

Daddy's Pool Pt. 1

It's a Daddy lover's Paradise! If you've got an appreciation for the bulky and hairy, this Pool Party is the place to be. Twinks, otters, and fellow bears all welcome!

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 13, 2023

Leeroy 784

I had an awesome 4/20 because that was the day that Leeroy texted me to let me know that he was going to be in town, and after I inquired as to how long, he responded, "Moving back!" SWEET! And it's rather awesome that I was the first person here in the Valley of the Sun that Leeroy let know of his impending return. And let's, also, say that we had some lost time to makeup. With one hand beating Leeroy's meat and the other hand pounding his prostate, I brought him to one helluva sexplosive orgasm while Leeroy repeatedly exclaimed, "Don't stop!"

Czech Hunter - Update

June 12, 2023

Czech Hunter 692

I sometimes feel like my English could use some polishing, so I decided to take English lessons. I looked up a school online and went to pay them a visit. While searching for the place, I bumped into this student of mathematics taking out the trash. He knew nothing about the school but was more than helpful to take care of my horny boner. We went to his place, where he gave me an amazing blowjob. I enjoyed watching his beautifully ripped body with a massive cock. I wanted to fuck him so badly and would pay anything. Too bad the guy was too worried and refused my offer. I was quite disappointed until he agreed to be the top. My butt couldn't wait to feel that enormous dong sliding in. The dude was a bit nervous about doing this for the first time, but he loved banging that gay ass.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 08, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 4

Swing your partner round and round! All Mares are blindfolded as Stallions make their rounds through the pig pen. Grab your favorite snack because things are in full swing in Part 4.

Raging Stallion - Update

June 08, 2023

Well Bred 4

When vacationer Luca del Rey walks by a neighboring hotel room, he can't help but stop and admire hairy fuckers Drew Valentino and Holden Flex going at it on their bed. After a signal from Drew, Luca enters the room and begins assisting Holden in swallowing down Drew's oversized dick. Fairly quickly, though, Luca finds himself sandwiched between the couple, with Drew barebacking his ass and Holden filling his mouth with raw cock. Holden is next to bottom as he spreads his legs wide for Drew and lies down so Luca's freshly fucked hole can grind into his face. With Luca now pounding him, Holden busts his load right before Luca nuts on his still-stiff dick, and Drew cums all over Luca's used cheeks.

Peter Fever - Update

June 08, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 5

Suspended Disbelief: For most of us, being tied up and immobile, left alone in a sex club would be quite a nightmare, but for Zed Sheng it's a fantasy come true, and one that's about to take an even more sizzling turn. Ty Roderick walks in to see bound up Zed and starts the fun. He reaches down to fondle Zed's thick package, kisses him, then guides Sheng's mouth to rim his musky hole. When he turns to face his tied buddy, Zed dives toward his crotch and sucks him with gusto. Once Ty is so stiff he needs to heat up the action, he drops his jockstrap, pushes him into a bent over position and plows his bareback cock in deep and rough. Arms tied behind him and suspended by a rope from the ceiling, Zed is perfectly positioned to take a hard raw screwing.

Falcon Studios - Update

June 08, 2023

Falcon Live: Get 2 It

The live stream is up and running with fans across the world watching as Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Andre Donovan and Luca del Rey settle into a prefuck interview that's all about Andre entering his slutty versatile era and the importance of big dick energy. With the tips rolling in, Luca kicks off the live sex show by busting out his muscular bubble butt for Andre to rim. Luca then gets to go down and suck off Andre's massive member as the hung porn star grabs and pulls at his long hair. After getting a taste of Andre's ass, Luca 69s with his fellow Falcon Studios star and then takes a seat on his pulsing cock. He rides Andre's bareback meat before getting fucked on his back with his legs in the air. Now on all-fours with Andre pounding him from behind, Luca moans as his partner pulls out to unload cum all over his crack.

Southern Strokes - Update

June 03, 2023

Teammate Time

Don't you remember when you and your friend would play together, and you brushed your hand against his cock by accident? Do you remember the excitement that ran through your body as you waited to see how they would react? But when he smiled and looked at you, you smiled back and knew that your biggest fantasy was about to come true. Allow Tae Xoxo, Col Raider, Ollie Barn, Josh Cavalin, Antony Carter, Jean Gilliam, Andy Reyes, and Roman Capellini to take you down memory lane. From kissing softly, they progress to getting more acquainted. But it's hard to do anything but suck a nice piece of cock when it's in your face. And then what do you do as the one who's getting sucked? You get behind your buddy and give his ass a good taste while he moans for your cock to fill it and use it for the pleasure hole that it is.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 29, 2023

Rainer 783

CAUSA's resident recovering fundamentalist evangelical from rural 'Murica returns, and as always, Rainer has a love+hate relationship with the pleasure he sexperiences on the table. And I was more than happy to contribute to Rainer's internal struggle.

Latin Leche - Update

May 05, 2023

Roomies Part 3

In Roomies’ amazing conclusion, Alfonso returns to visit his old flat-mate Fernando. Filled with nostalgia, Alfonso is instantly jealous when he realizes Fernando is fucking Cain, his new hot roomie. But there’s room for everyone in this house and only one way to make everyone feel comfortable: a lusty threesome!

Czech Hunter - Update

May 04, 2023

Czech Hunter 686

Being bored out of my mind, I tried to prank people. Reckless people often use public transportation without paying so I pretended to be a ticket inspector. I was quite lucky because the first dude I caught in the act was pretty good looking. I definitely made him worried. He was so relieved when he realized it was all a joke. The guy was a student and his wallet had seen better days. I didn't lose time and offered him more money at my place. He agreed to get intimate but insisted on us taking a shower. I didn't mind, on the contrary. Then I just lay down on my sofa and enjoyed his hands and mouth taking care of my boner. The blowjob wasn't perfect, but it made me curious about his virgin ass. It was nicely tight, clean shaved and felt simply incredible. I couldn't wait to cover his face in cum.

Like 'em Straight - Update

May 02, 2023

Breeder Fever: Jonas

When Jonas tells Brendon that his girlfriend thinks his cock is phat, Brendon's ears 'prick' up. Jonas admits he's made numerous home made porno films with his girl, but today is a first, cause he's gonna share his gifts with the world. And his gift is big! He strokes his gorgeous python of a dick to it's full size and Brendon is impressed. This guy is too new and too straight to make moves on, so Brendon just watches Jonas jack off, but it's so hot that we thought you might like to see it too. Once Brendon gets the hook in, he usually reels em in, so we'll hope for a re-match with Jonas in the near future.

Euroboyxxx - Update

April 30, 2023

Drake, Jesse, Jose & Chris

Juicy Twink Cock Party - Part 1 When you get too many horny young guys together in a room anything can happen. We all know how easy it is for one cock being freed to lead to a serious session of penis pleasures with every long muscle being produced for stroking and sucking! Drake Law, Chris Young, Jesse Jenkins & Jose Manuel can't seem to get enough of those warm and meaty penises once the sucking sessions starts, but you can be sure there's a lot more for these boys to enjoy in part 2.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 27, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 2

Enter the rest of the Mares! Now that all bottoms are accounted for, blindfolded from here on out, they present themselves to the Stallions of the event in a lineup. After they're scattered around the room, the Stallions are let loose to sniff out the lot. Once paired up, our Mares are lubed up as the whole room excitedly awaits for the buzzer to sound...

Czech Hunter - Update

April 25, 2023

Czech Hunter 685

Another horny walk around Prague turned out to be a massive success. I noticed an interestingly dressed man, who looked strangely familiar. First, I thought he might be a celebrity but he was actually something much better a tantric masseur. The dude told me right away that he only worked with women so far and would like to broaden his horizon a little. If the reward was good enough, of course. This cutie was hot and sexy, covered in tattoos. I could hardly say no, could I? I liked the idea of being his first ever male client, not to mention it would be just a warm-up. We moved to my place, where I lay down on my bed and enjoyed the fantastic massage. The guy knew what he was doing but I wanted way more. My throbbing boner was ready for some serious fun and my wallet would help me get it.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 25, 2023

Soren 780

Soren 780 with a complete scene at the age of 43 built sex at 6'02" and 195lbs. Soren has a sexy shaved head with dreamy brown eyes and he's more than ready for some straight & sexploring. Back by popular demand, Mocha Lotta Hotta Soren returns to the table in his fifth year as CAUSA's resident DILF! As always, Soren's perfect prodigious penis is engorged and tingling as soon as filming and my caresses begin. And, also, as always, sucking out his soul is the best path to Soren's intense orgasm

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 23, 2023

Peep Show Part 4

In Part 4, the night has just begun. Bodies begin to blur as our 10 guys trade off with one another. Always Amateur. Always Bareback. Always a spectacle to witness, brought to you by director General West.

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