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Phoenixxx - Update

December 03, 2018

Cock Sucking Buddies

You might think it's a little unusual for a group of boys like this to be so willingly getting their cocks out for each other, but these boys are good friends and they're certainly no strangers to sharing some good wanking and sucking sessions with each other. David instigates it all, but every dude in the room is more than happy to be sucking cock and licking balls, servicing every delicious boner until all the boys are spewing hot cream from their dicks!

Twinks in Shorts - Update

December 03, 2018

Trent & Zac

Eastern European hunk Trent Tarzan is recording a brief video tutorial on the pummel horse, normally used in gymnastics. That’s when slender cutie Zac Todd walks in, interrupting the video. But does Trent let that bother him? No! In fact, since the camera is already rolling, Trent decides to teach Zac a thing or two on stretching out his body using the large and sturdy gymnastics tool. However, as the twink is stretched out by the blond hunk, he soon starts to get aroused. And who wouldn’t, with Trent’s expert hands manipulating your body, working out kinks and knots?

Maverick Men - Update

December 02, 2018

Porn Star Face fuck

We met Parker Payne on twitter and fell in love with his awesome sense of humor and of course that muscular ebony ass. When we had the chance to hang out with him, we wanted to fuck his ass but there wasn’t enough time to prepare. We decided to do all sorts of nasty things to him other than ass fucking. I ate a strawberry gummy bear out of his ass crack, for instance, lol. He rimmed our asses and we face and throat fucked him till we couldn’t take it anymore

Bentley Race - Update

December 02, 2018

Brad Hunter

Our cute mate Brad Hunter had his first shoot with me earlier this year. The photos and video from that shoot were really popular. Since then Brad has returned to get in to some more raunchy shoots with us. Most the 20 year old Aussie is playing in my hot tub. Initially wearing a bright pink speedo. But then losing the speedo to show me his perky bottom and tight hole. I also showed him the trick of fucking a fleshlight filled with warm water. But it's in the video where I jump in and get Brad off. Brad is sucking on my cock while I wanking that big dick. I can feel him getting close to blowing so I slow down a little. I really like shooting and playing with Brad.

French Twinks - Update

December 02, 2018

Burning Passion

While Gabriel Lambert fell asleep, Corentin Tessier noticed the big bulge in the boxers of his buddy. Gabriel is hard as wood while sleeping and Corentin takes the opportunity to caress his smooth body and to suck his cock. When Gabriel awakes, the dream is prolonged and Corentin offers him a memorable blowjob before giving his little ass. Gabriel plays with the tight hole of Corentin that he dilates gradually until he can introduce his big dick. A wild passionate fuck then begins and will lead the two boys to ecstasy.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 02, 2018

Taboo 2

Slender, fit Trelino has quite the smelly fetish! He loves smelling sweaty, used socks and underwear, especially from his tall, hot roommate Tyler Roberts. Athletic Tyler comes home to find Trelino sitting on the couch surrounded by his socks and undies that he noticed had been gradually disappearing. Dark-haired Trelino starts to panic, thinking he’s about to get kicked out of the house, but instead Tyler gifts him with a taste of the real thing.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

December 02, 2018

Max & Xavi

Max Hunter always enters the room as a handsome, muscle beast, so we decided to pair him with Xavi Duran, whom has his own muscle beast that we all desire. These two hot machismos really know how to accelerate our craving for hot man on man sex. Xavi plants some vigorous nipple chewing onto Max’s aroused nipples that truly arouses Max’s cock. Continuing his trek down and across Max’s ripped, hairy abs, Xavi arrives at Max’s straining cock that is only constrained by the thin veil of fabric that Xavi soaks with his tongue.

Trans Angels - Update

December 02, 2018

Domino & Michael

Michael del ray may be a full-grown adult, but that doesn’t mean he has to stop indulging in youthful activities like trick or treating… right? When Michael shows up to Domino’s house, she doesn’t exactly agree with him about what kind of treats are age appropriate so she pulls him inside for a lesson he won’t forget. Domino schools Michael on the ins and outs of lollipop etiquette and ends up polishing his sweet cock and sharing all her candy with him.

Sean Cody - Update

December 01, 2018

Jackson & Manny

Ripped Manny and chiseled Jackson spent the day outdoors soaking up some sun before cooling down in their shared hammock. These two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other! “I’m definitely ready,” says brown-haired Jackson. “Yeah, I’m ready for some dick,” replies adorable Manny. They couldn’t wait to get indoors, so they started the party outside with a heavy make out session. “You wanna blow me on the tree?” asks Jackson, while stroking his already erect cock. “Oh, fuck yeah,” answers Manny. He gets a little taste before bending over for a doggy style quickie. “This is the appetizer!” exclaims Manny.

Str8 to Gay - Update

December 01, 2018

Dueling Bottoms

Tall hunk Kelly Evans sees the perfect opportunity to get a piece of his stepson’s ass when his wife leaves for the day. Fit cutie Armond Rizzo has wanted to wrap his lips around Kelly’s big cock for quite some time, and doesn’t hold back once it’s deep inside his wet mouth. Little does he know, Kelly also wants a piece of brown-skinned Zario Travezz, and goes back and forth between both men until he’s ready to cum.

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