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Southern Strokes - Update

December 31, 2018

Timber & Marcus

Timber Harvest heads up to the mountains to get away from it all. It gives him a fresh perspective on life, even if only for a moment. Little does he know he's about to encounter Marcus Tresor, who finds his phone needs some juice. Inviting himself over with the best updated pick-up line ever can I come to your place and charge my phone for a bit? Marcus ends up with Timber's humongous cock down his throat. Those of you with an oral fixation will no doubt slobber yourself as Marcus suckles and services Timber's curved slab. And for those of you who like to eat ass, we have something for you as well! Timber laps up Marcus's sweet hole then kisses him.

Dylan Lucas - Update

December 30, 2018

Skater Fuck

Dante Drackis is in his workshop doing some repair work on his skateboard when Jeremy Spreadums comes walking in. Jeremy has come to pick him up to go to the beach and go boogie boarding. He tells Dante that he is not much of a skater and asks what he is doing. Dante shows him how he is pitting the wheels back on the board and Jeremy makes a couple innuendos/jokes about the 'nut' and it being 'tight.' Dante picks up on Jeremy's not-so-subtle sexual hints and the two start kissing. Soon their shirts are off and Jeremy has made his way to his knees and opens up Dante's pants and starts sucking his cock. After a while Dante sucks Jeremy's cock.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 30, 2018

Sacred Band Of Thebes 2

As the men of Thebes duke it out to see who will actually be able to battle, muscular hunk Ryan Bones and ripped stud Francois Sagat go head to head, and battle it out until submission. Tattooed Ryan overtakes Francois, and gets him down on his knees so he can comfortably get his cock wet inside his mouth before bending his big, round bubble butt over to slide his thick meat inside of him.

Str8 to Gay - Update

December 30, 2018

Tricky Tricks 3

Boyish and fit Ty Michell is having an affair with slender, cute Zach Country, his property owner’s husband, and he’s been feeling guilty about it. He tried to call it off but Zach convinces him that everything will work out just fine, and no one will find out. They head off to shower together unaware that his wife is about to enter with the plumber!

Eurocreme - Update

December 30, 2018

Morning Glory

Needing a pick-me-up in the morning, new step-dad Kayden Gray is all a young gay guy could hope for! Hot, horny and with a dick he just loves to show off. Pouring coffee and having a chat at the table with young Korar Darver, Kayden sits down and lets it all hang loose from his dressing gown. Unable to resist looking, Korar takes it in, and is soon treated to the full experience by the horny Kayden. Still horny from the morning glory Kayden was gonna jerk off in the shower, but thinks this is a much better use of his time and a good way to bond with the new son! Devouring that giant dick, Korar's ass is already puckering in anticipation, and doesn't have to wait too long!

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 30, 2018

3 Hot Solider Loads

Utah's base is out of town and he caught a ride over to my place with his two military buddies Cuba and Brett. They didn't believe he was doing a porn shoot. When they saw that it was legit, they wanted to get in the act, too. I always say that three hard cocks are better than one! After joking around and kidding each other, they got down to business and concentrated on shooting their loads for me. Cuba tried the toy first, then Brett and Utah used the already-warmed-up sleeve to get closer to cumming. Utah shoots first, then Cuba shoots a HUGE load all over the place. Brett is last with his cumshot. Of course, he's the biggest talker and the smallest shooter. Isn't that the way it always is?

Chaos Men - Update

December 30, 2018

Aidan & Declan Raw

I can't tell if it is Declan or Aidan that keeps bringing hot sexy energy to their videos. I have only shot one other sex scene with Aidan (with JJ Smitts) and their chemistry was off the hook. Once again, he really brings it. I think we have an elite sex artist! Declan has been really great with all of his scene partners, but this time he is really comfortable with the ass play and being dominated. He says his girl now has a toy that she uses on him, and he is not nervous about anal sex at all. There is a ton of kissing and a few surprising moments. These two really click! Favorite moments is watching Aidan rim Declan's ass, dining out while opening up Declan to take his cock.

Alpha Male Fuckers - Update

December 30, 2018

Adam, Draven & Cutler

Cutler X and his massive uncut chocolate slab are back for more as Adam Russo and Draven Torres get their wish to be treated to hot bareback sex with one of the biggest and fattest monster cocks! Adam wastes little and firmly plants his tongue in Draven's ass, rimming deep and getting him ready for the ride of his life. Rock solid and hard from the get go, Cutler's dick is tall and at attention, swallowed by Draven's tight butt. Rolling around in every three way combination possible, Cutler shows us -- as well as Adam and Draven -- why he is THE Top and THE Stallion of the bareback scene. He fucks and plows ass deep as he and Adam tag team Draven's hungry hole.

Sean Cody - Update

December 29, 2018

Archie & Riley

Super-hunk Riley and dapper, young Archie have spent the day in the park playing catch, but now these two are back in the bedroom and ready to heat things up. “So, how was the outing at the park today?” dark-haired Archie asks shy-guy Riley, “It was fun! You know, trying to teach you how to catch.” Archie laughs, “well, you’re the one who’s the catcher, but maybe I will be one day.” “Hey,” freckled Riley replies, “like I said, all you need is a little practice.” Turns out that ripped Riley has had plenty of practice as a ‘catcher,’ and which those beautiful, firm cheeks who could resist him! Surely not naturally-fit Archie who can’t keep his hands off this chiseled hunk.

Bentley Race - Update

December 29, 2018

Johan Radic

I want to introduce you to our cute new mate Johan Radic. The 18 year old from eastern Europe actually came along to a shoot with his mate Mark Smith. It was Mark who was going to be modelling for me on that day in Berlin. And Johan was behind the camera making some BTS footage for me. Mark and I talked Johan in to also getting his gear off on camera after Mark's shoot was done. And I'm glad he did because Johan is super fit, and as it turns out, likes to show off on camera too. I had so much fun shooting with the guys. Mark took over the BTS video camera while I directed Johan through his first nude shoot. He's so dam cute!

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