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Butch Dixon - Update

September 06, 2018

David & Viktor

Aha 2 nasty, dirty blondes and there's nothing I like more than watching a great big six foot and then some of masculine beef, down on all 4's or flat on his back with his legs up, begging for a length of uncut dick. YUM.David Kadera is our pocket rocket, but don't worry he's big where it counts and thats a very healthy fistful, throat full, arse full of juicy uncut cock, OH YES. Viktor's sucking and licking that tasty foreskin until handsome David is standing to full rigid attention. There's also an added kink ( is it just me) or does David have a look of a rather sexy Jesus? Viktor can't wait to get his big muscular legs up and get them beefy, butt cheeks yawning wide open.

UK Naked Men - Update

September 06, 2018

Alex & James

Time to take this party outside. August is here, I hope its hot where you are, because its steaming here, and that in part due to these two, hot, sticky lads, the very hot top James Huck and his, big-dicked, overly willing bottom, French cutie ( you know we like out french boys) - Alex Morgan. The saps has risen to bursting point and neither of lads can accommodate so they're taking it into the woods. Alex luvs a little alfresco action and can't wait to strip off and feel the breeze on his skin and his hot little hole as he sinks to his knees spreads his cheeks and suckles on James' fat, uncut dick.

Debt Dandy - Update

September 06, 2018

Debt Dandy 255

I love lending money to college students. They are usually smart and absolutely skint, which is sexy and useful. This guy was no exception. He shared a pretty big house with two other classmates but somehow forgot to pay his share of the rent. He was three months behind and the owner was about to kick him out. I don’t think he realized how severe the situation actually was. Well, lending him money would be a waste of my time. The boy could never meet our terms. My alternative and a lot naughtier offer surprised him only a little. Maybe because he was offered to have gay sex for money before. He turned it down back then...

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 06, 2018

Calder's Second Anointing

Elder Calder has become more comfortable with the idea of being submissive to his older male leaders. He’s been penetrated and milked and found his deep desire to experience even more. The Brethren see great potential in him and want to bestow him the honor of the Second Anointing. President Lee has been charged with the task of preparing him for the sacred ceremony and massaging his body with oils. The young boy is excited to see the older man again, hungry to take his massive cock and thick load.

Swinging Balls - Update

September 06, 2018

John Gets Touchy-Feely

John is in a sensuous mood and wants to touch, feel and rub up against everything. As he lies down he brushes his hand against the soft black sheet and chenille pillows, hiking one under his hips. Rubbing his taint and ball sack, he lazily strokes his beautiful pierced cock; he's in no mood to rush through this. As he feels the hot sensations spreading up from his crotch his dick swells and rises, and adding a squirt of lube makes it smoother and more sensitive. John strokes a fleshlight so the lips are sucking and massaging every inch of his big cock. He gives his nuts a gentle squeeze.

Japan Boys - Update

September 06, 2018

Riku & Fuji

Riku and Fuji meet up for their horny date, and break the ice by stripping naked and changing into sleek black underwear. Just seeing each others' cocks gets them going, so they are quickly rubbing each others' crotches and smooching before they strip off the underwear again. You can tell by his hungry cock sucking that Fuji wants Riku's dick badly. And as soon as Riku is rock hard and fuck ready, he spreads Fuji's thighs open and dives in to taste his tight hole. That mouth is followed by a finger, and then Riku is deftly rolling on a condom and easing into Fuji's hot ass.

Czech Hunter - Update

September 05, 2018

Czech Hunter 366

I got an interesting phone call today. Jiri, one of the best guys I had ever fucked, wanted to see me again. Apparently, he needed money and had something I would be willing to pay for. I love when my former acquaintances offer me their friends. We met at a restaurant and I liked the other guy from the start. Jiri also looked great so I was looking forward to a nice threesome. At first I tested them both in a nearby restroom but the place was too small and busy. I decided to call us a cab and find a nice discreet place. I enjoyed a sweet blowjob in the car and couldn’t wait to drill their tight asses.

Breed Me Raw - Update

September 05, 2018

Marc & Tyler

Marc Giacomo just moved into the neighbourhood and is putting together some furniture when the doorbell rings. It's his new neighbour Tyler Griz, who brought over a cream pie to welcome him to the area. Marc gets Tyler to join him upstairs to help put the furniture together when Tyler bends over and shows that hot slut ass. Marc couldn't resist and shoves his face up that big ass getting it all wet. Tyler of course, being the slut neighbour he is, wraps his mouth around Marc's thick uncut cock and goes to town on it. He hopes his new neighbour knows how to use that tool and he is not disappointed. Maybe he should bring a cream pie over more often!?

Drill My Hole - Update

September 05, 2018

Coast Guards 1

Bearded hunk Steve Roman is trying to get his heavily tattooed informant, Brian Michaels, to give up some information for his investigation. Tall, blue-eyed Brian agrees to help if he can get a blowjob in return. Beefy Steve accepts the terms and gets right into it sucking and slobbering on Brian’s big dick. Brian isn’t completely satisfied until he’s rimming Steve’s big, muscular, bubble butt and digging his ass out as deep as he can. Will Brian actually give up the info?

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 05, 2018

Brandon & Richie

Brandon Evans and Richie West undress each other slowly, their hands exploring each others body as Richie kisses Brandon’s muscular chest before kneeling down in front of him, mouth ready to receive that cock. Richie sucks Brandon’s dick and pulls his balls into his mouth, licking and sucking that shaft as Brandon thrusts his hips against Richie’s face. When Brandon’s had his fill of Richie’s mouth and is ready for that ass, he gets Richie on all fours and enters him bareback from behind, his hard cock spreading Richie’s tight ass apart as he buries himself balls deep.

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