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Broke Straight Boys - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Ricky Fucks John

Ricky Daniels and John Henry don’t know each other too well yet, but that’s about to change as we bring these studs into the studio to fuck each other. John moves in to kiss Ricky’s neck, his lips working that sensitive skin before they wrap around Ricky’s cock and work that instead. Pulling that shaft in and out of his wet mouth makes Ricky grow harder by the second as John pushes him toward the couch, savoring the taste of that sweet meat. When John stands up, Ricky grabs John’s prick between his lips, sucking that dick as John lies back and enjoys until Ricky wants more…bending John over the back of the couch and claiming that ass.

Str8 to Gay - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Sex-Crazed Men

Blue-eyed hunk Colton Grey just met ripped Damien Stone’s girlfriend, and she revealed that he always wants sex, but she isn’t always in the mood. Tattooed Colton gets her to say a few key words over the phone, and he records it so he can play it back for Damien when he gets home. At first, Damien thinks it’s really her until chiseled Colton turns around and shows himself. Dark-haired Damien doesn’t really know what Colton can do for him, but he is definitely too horny to pass up giving it a try.

Sneaky Peek - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

One Meaty Guy

Like meaty boy's with luxuriously suckable dicks? This video has got a very horny one. He unwittingly gives a great show, stripping right in front of my camera - his balls hanging out is one of the hottest things I've seen all year! He's just begging to be licked all over! If this guy had any idea he was being filmed in the public showers he would be horrified. Let's just hope he never finds out so we can be assured he will be baring it all again.

Chaos Men - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Beckett & Timmy

Beckett was more nervous than he thought for this video. He has done some Bi video work before, but my understanding was he never even sucked cock. But he was willing to give it a try, and actually was very optimistic if not eager. I start Becket and Timmy with a side-by-side jerk-off. I knew Beckett would be relying on the porn to keep him going. Thankfully Timmy is Bi, so they settled on a video they both liked. Timmy was shocked at how big Beckett's cock was and a little sad when he thought Becket might be bigger. But I dunno, I think Becket is thicker, but Timmy has some length on him.

Sean Cody - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Jax & Dean

Tall, muscular Jax and ripped cutie Dean are spending the day in the park getting to know each other a little better. “I’ve been real excited for this pairing. I’ve seen him, and he’s a bit of a champ. Very athletic! I’d love to see what he can do in the bedroom,” says Jax. “I’m real excited to see what else you got going on. I’ve seen what you got down there from previous films. Let’s see what I’m up against,” says Dean. “Let’s see how he handles the homerun. Hopefully you don’t strike out!” replies Jax. “I think I’ll manage just fine. We’re gonna pull through!” answers Dean with confidence. “It turns out we’re both plumbers so we’re both laying pipe today!” says Jax excitedly. “Let’s do this already!” replies Dean.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Young Professional Daman

Bright young professional Daman comes to us seeking to advance his career, but instead he gets a lesson in being a first rate slut. The naive boy submits to an exercise where he's restrained and finds himself increasingly desperate to escape as we pervily strip him down and take advantage of his exposed body. He's furious that he's been tricked into such a vulnerable position but there's nothing the sorry fucker can do about it now. By the time the thick fucker figures it out it's too late! We've got his cock and balls in our hands and if he doesn't comply there will be hell to pay.

Dominic Pacifico - Update

Friday December 14, 2018

Love Of Brothers

Two young monks, Brother Domenico (Brodie Ramirez) and Brother Diego (Joseph Banks) realize the dark power gripping the monastery and its inhabitants. They've decided that merging their flesh is the only way to resist the evils of temptation. They duck into the cathedral, dip their fingers into the holy water and immediately start making out. Diego licks the firm abs and sensitive nipples of his holy brother, and when Domenico returns the favor both monks drop their cassocks. Standing naked as God made them, Domenico drops to his knees and sucks Diego's long raging cock. Diego holds his holy brother's head and pulls it down onto his prick.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Thursday December 13, 2018

Zeke, Brandon & Manuel

Bonus update from 5 Americans In Prague Collection - American hottie Zeke is in the middle of a European sandwich - between Brandon and Manuel! These two studs take turns fucking Zeke at both ends. Manuel and Brandon shoot huge loads, drenching Zeke in cum – and that makes him shoot all over himself! These four guys show us exactly how much they love gay sex in the Czech Republic.

CMNM - Update

Thursday December 13, 2018

Scally Gary

All day long scally Gary sits around on his arse. Isn't it time his bum-hole was used for something more? The pervy suited men make this bare arsed fucker bend over so they can take it in turns stretching his sphincter. This lazy straight bastard is piercingly aware of every second of his naked humiliation. The scheming men finally prove what a useless wanker he really is! These guys love doing naughty things to those who deserve it and Gary deserves it.

Peter Fever - Update

Thursday December 13, 2018

Gayvengers 3

Phallos' slave and minion (Shen Powers) has come to earth to scout the resistance and power of the Gayvengers. The American Hero (Dominic Pacifico) drags him into a shabby back alley and goes down on his thick alien cock. Dominic pins the alien slave against a post and opens his smooth tan ass with a nimble tongue. Just when he's got him groaning for more, Dominic presses his massive cock into the throbbing wet hole. The superhero takes the alien invader with sheer American brute power, and Shen begs for more. He rides the patriotic cock for all its worth, beating his dick mightily and grinding into the star-spangled stud.

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