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Men At Play - Update

September 04, 2021

Best Glory Holes Scenes

Best Glory Holes Scenes Compilation - The Best MENatPLAY Glory Hole Scenes is a bonus compilation of our top favorite glory hole films from MENatPLAY Classic Movies. This collection is dedicated to our fans who share our passion for anonymous oral sex and hand jobs at the local glory hole. Enjoy as we look back at our best glory-hole-suited sex porn videos in action!

Pride Studios - Update

August 25, 2021

Best Of Alessio Romero

Best Of Alessio Romero Compilation - Watch your favorite stud Alessio Romero get down and dirty in this exclusive compilation. Enjoy! 00:10 - Hard Strokes10:32 - Big Boy Toys22:04 - Mens Room29:52 - Binding Desire. This is some of Alessio's best and favorite scenes. Join him in this journey into hot gay sex and don't forget a couple of extra cum'll need them.

Active Duty - Update

August 11, 2021

A.D. Favorites: Eat That Ass

At Active Duty our guys know they have a duty to eat that ass, and they do it with pride. Watch this rimming compilation and enjoy the ride. 00:05-Alex Breaks In New Recruit Dex 01:57-Johnny Tops Julian 04:21-Ryan & Justin Flip Fuck 07:01-Dacotah Uses James Ryan's Hole 08:32-Niko Flip-Fucks Jim 11:10-Late Recruit 14:28-Private Pounding 15:18-Red & Finn Flip Fuck 17:01-Alex Punishes Brandon Anderson 20:17-Ryan Flip-Fucks New Recruit Hugo 22:23-Scott Rails Daniel 25:13-Leeroy Jones & Princeton Price 28:38-Princeton Price & Mike Johnson 31:58-Chris Damned Rails Johnny B 33:56-Daniel Greene & Johnny B 36:18-Kevin Texas & Laith Inkley 41:34-Laith Inkley & Johnny B.

Pride Studios - Update

August 11, 2021

Cum Eaters 2 Compilation

Watch these hungry studs get a taste of warm jizz in this second compilation of the 'Cum Eaters' series. Enjoy! 00:09 - Deep Inside 09:46 - Freaky Sheets 19:54 - Ocean Dreams 28:18 - Pre Game Protein 35:14 - Retro Sex Episode 3: Wet Dream: The Phantom Fuck. These are some of the hungriest cum sucking eaters you'll ever see and they'll have you cumming in moments too!

Southern Strokes - Update

July 31, 2021

Robin Matze

Robin just got in from class and can't stop thinking of all the hot college guys he met this summer and wondering what it would be like if they had sex with each other. The thought makes him so horny that he gets on his bed and starts touching himself as he imagines Curtis and Tony stroking each other after boxing. Robin grabs his cock and begins jacking off when thinking of how hot it would be if Ryan and Christian sucked each other's cocks after wrestling practice. He strokes faster when thinking about how sexy it would be if Robbie fucked Alex from behind during a study break. Robin finally blows his load at the thought of Dennis and Tyler cumming all over themselves after coming in from a bike ride. Now only if he could get that all to happen in real life.

Next Door Studios - Update

July 25, 2021

NDS Presents: Carter Woods

Sexy Carter Woods is back, with his very own compilation! Enjoy all the hot stud's naughtiest moments! 00:16-Date Mate 03:16-First Cums First 06:15-First Time Special 08:56-First Time Trick 11:56-Fuck Study 14:57-Hiding From The Parents 17:56-Home Boys 20:52-Hot Neighbor 23:57-Long Lost Lovers 26:39-Lucky Break 29:53-Party Retreat 32:53-The Kiss.

Pride Studios - Update

July 25, 2021

Outdoor Strokers Compilation

There is nothing more delightful than pleasuring yourself outdoors, feeling the breeze and the sunlight while you stroke your schlong. Enjoy this collection of the most handsome men having some self-care time. 00:09 - Brock Goes Back To The Beach 08:30 - Lance Alexander On The Beach 17:45 - The Wet Club 25:30 - Sun Stroking 32:40 - Wet-N-Wild.

Men At Play - Update

July 20, 2021

The Best of Dario Beck

MENatPLAY sheds a spotlight on Spanish and German hairy stud Dario Beck in a compilation of his very best, suited sex performances. Enjoy the many scenes that Dario stars in and the way he takes what he desires. This hot hunk is more than a hot looking guy, he has a commanding presents that makes every action he takes erotic in it's own way. Truly one of Europe's hottest gay porn stars and one we will watch over and over again and again.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 19, 2021

Daddy's Boy

A good boy knows how to please a daddy. He knows just what to say and do to get dad's attention and affection. An even better boy knows how daddy likes his cock sucked, his balls licked, his chest and lips kissed. He knows what position daddy likes, how daddy wants his hole to taste, what gets daddy excited. A great boy knows how to slide down on his dad's big cock and how to squeeze his ass to help daddy cum. He listens and learns what turns daddy on and has no problem doing it. No matter if it is their first time fucking or just another day, a great boy does what brings daddy pleasure, knowing that a good daddy will do the same. And that just what you get on this Best of 2020 compilation from Bring Me A Boy. Watch David Lee, Gregor Gilead, Dave London, Oliver Morgenson, Alex Axel, Maksym King, John Barber, Lucian Fair, Martin Dajnar, Kieran Karlsson, Zack Hood and Curtis Cameron bring out the best in each other. Over and over and over again.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

April 27, 2021

Dudes Enjoying Dicks

Blinx, Hunter, Lil Wyte, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Drift, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers & Asher Hayden - Horny guys love to play with their cocks all the time, and our guys love to show off and have fun for the cameras too. That's not all, a lot of our guys are real easygoing when it comes to grabbing another buddy's cock and giving it some strokes, or even helping a buddy out with some head. Check out this new compilation, including everything from Fleshlight fucking to piss splashing, buddy sucking to hand jobs from friends.

Southern Strokes - Update

April 24, 2021

12 Twinks 12 Loads

When you are young and full of cum, all you want to do is fuck every boy that you see. Lucky for you, we were there to capture Sammy Trakuza, Roman Capellini, Austin Cook, Alex Faux, Jack Flynn, Taylor Mason, Jack Finix, Lucian Fair, Curtis Cameron, Rick Palmer, Beno Eker, and Issac Esteban doing what they do best. Be it for fun, a challenge, or paying off a bet, these young, sexy boys use their mouths, dicks, and holes to speak for them. Six scenes from the Southern Strokes collection are playing all at the same time for your eyes and drooling mouth to take in while you relive your childhood memories as you stroke your cock. Then one by one, 12 loads from these boyish twinks will make your cock explode like never before. But don't take our word for it.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 03, 2021

How Do I Look?

Hearing "how do I look daddy", is like getting keys to the castle for some stepdads. When a boy looks good for daddy, it shows, and a good daddy takes note of all the small changes, especially if he buys something nice like a pair of sexy undies or a cute tracksuit. Could be something adorable like furry tiger pajamas that gets daddy's attention and gets his dick hard. And that is what Jacob Dolce, Richard Hicks, Roman Capellini, and Kieran Karlsson want from David Lee, Eric Lenn, and Martin Dajnar. Some attention, mostly on their tight boy holes. And these stepdads do that plus more to please their boys. After these sexy stepdads play with their boy's dicks, sucking and touching, the boys get to work on their daddy's big cocks.

Men At Play - Update

March 29, 2021

Best of MAP 2020

In MENATPLAY’s Best of 2020 Bonus Compilation, we look back at some of our top favorited suit sex movies. Thank you for making MENATPLAY the #1 home for suited studs! May this good cheer last throughout the year. Take an amazing look at this steamy Best Of list guaranteed to make you as stiff and hard as many of these studs. Including A Record Deal & The Ex, Ambitiousest, Wet & Code ,Cruising Glory Hole ,The Podophilic Podiatrist ,Sex Games ,SCAM ,Extra, Parts, Peeping Photographer, Doctors' Examination ,Lights, Camera, Action, The Jealous Ex, Suspension or Play? and so much more.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

October 31, 2020

Gallons Of Straight Piss

Give a horny straight guy the chance to show off his cock and many of them will do it, whether it's to get a cum load splashing or to spew a hot flood of piss. That's what we're dedicated to in this awesome new compilation; gallons of hot piss splashing out of juicy cocks! Some of your favorite guys have got their dicks out for a jack off session and added some fun piss play to the show for your enjoyment, but perhaps Cayden is the hottest. He loves exploring that side of things, especially with other guys! Check out the messiest mix of wet fun in this new video. Watch Lex Lane, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Chad Turner, Mickey Waters & Dom Anderson piss just for you.

Active Duty - Update

October 18, 2020

Daniel & Johnny B II

Our recruits Daniel Greene and Johnny B II are hard and ready to please each other. These privates are craving each others privates in ways we all know and love. Watch as they use their training with deep throating techniques that only the best of the best have been able to achieve. As they continue into the anal aspect of training it comes natural to these two studly recruits. They know where to put it how to take it and best of all...what CUMS out of it!

Chaos Men - Update

October 18, 2020

G:Hole CUMpilation

These are some of the best cum shots from the glory hole series. We stuck to the oral themed videos with lots of facials! Watch these men who love sucking cock as much as eating cum go for it like they crave it. From Glory Hole to Glory Hole eager men wanting some cream in their belly will get you so hot you'll need more than a few cum-rags to get through this. Be careful, this CUMpilation can be aDICKting. Side effects are overly masturbation, raging hardons and watching more than a dozen times.

Active Duty - Update

October 04, 2020

Favorites: Huge Loads

Our recruits deserve a little release and here we have the culmination of their effort in an amazing cumshots compilation. Donte & Richard - Leeroy & Mike - Phoenix & Roman - Richard, Jacob & Michael - Spencer & Sammy - Ryan, Johnny & Bradley - Phoenix, Blake, Logan & Ryan - Mike & Blake all join in with Active Duty's best huge loads. Make sure you bring your own cum rags or you'll have to do more laundry later.

Chaos Men - Update

September 24, 2020

Pure CUMpilation Juiced

Some of the best cum shots are in PURE videos. This CUMpiltion features some of the best. This list was actually long, but we narrowed it down. Likely a Vol. 002 will have to be made, but as it is, this video is chalk full of amazing cum shots! These are some of the hottest and nastiest prick draining moments we've ever seen. If you are into cum play then you've CUM to the right place at the right time. This is one of those scenes you might need more than a small cum rag.

Men - Update

September 18, 2020

Remote Control 7

While they're in isolation, cute Joshua Storm has been finding ways to keep up his workout routine at home, as well as having lots of sex with his brace-faced horny boyfriend, Jacob Jones, and posting their nudes online. Hot, athletic Jake and Isaac, on the other hand, are trying to get outside as much as they can for walks and bike rides, as well as keeping their fitness in check. The couples connect by video call and start turning each other on, with Jake and Isaac watching as Joshua sucks Jacob's big cock and eats his hole. Both sets of guys 69 for the camera before Jacob cums on Joshua's face and Joshua fucks his boyfriend's feet and then his hole. As Jake and Isaac watch, Jake penetrates Isaac doggystyle, and both tops can't hold back from cumming!

English Lads - Update

September 13, 2020

Straight Best Mates

George Tanner and Jack Keaney are two hot, young straight lads who happen to be best mates! They have known each other for years but today they get to know each other better than they'd ever had expected. Both lads are so comfortable and relaxed together that they have no trouble stripping their mate naked and helping a friend out and wanking each other's uncut cocks to massive rock-solid erections. They do a great job of cock-on-cock action and showing their mates hairy bumholes off. I even take them down memory lane and have a go wanking their throbbing hard-ons myself before both lads fire their jizz at the same time! Great work guys, maybe we can take your friendship even further next time!

Active Duty - Update

September 03, 2020

Double Penetration

Where one fits two can fit too! The living proof of that saying is this intense Double Penetration Compilation. Watch the troopers giving a display of teamwork when two work on one simultaneously. Because there is nothing better than to tackle a situation by all fronts. This compilation of some of the hottest three-way sexfests on Active Duty will not only make you feel proud but your cock will be standing at attention all throughout it.

Sketchy Sex - Update

August 30, 2020

Open For Loads

When guys hear about our cumdump house, they don't always believe it till they walk in. Had a fresh batch of tops just in, so we blasted out that the house was open for loads. The same 2 guys kept coming back to drop their loads over and over. They must like the neighborhood. Those two guys bred me as much as when we had the whole town over. They don't hold back ever full breeding hot ass and taking no prisoners.

Bear Films - Update

August 20, 2020

Big & Meaty

There is s nothing like a big man with a meaty cock. Or is that a meaty man hung big? We like our men big and meaty all around, but whichever way you like yours, Brad Kalvo, Russell Tyler, Marc Giacomo, Ronan Delaney, Luis Vega, Dean Gauge, Graydon Emory Ford, and Atlas Grant are sure to satisfy. Because whether they are top or bottom, these hot, hairy men get hard and work up a sweat to deliver the goods, just the way you like. Big and Meaty...hmmm. Now, doesn't that make you hungry?

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

August 09, 2020

Straight Buddy Cock Fun

You know what most of our guys are like. Sure, they enjoy pussy, but they ain't pussies themselves and when it comes to enjoying their dicks they'll haul 'em out with a bro and have a good time jacking it, and sometimes more. All our fan faves are in this special compilation, guys like Chad, Dean, Devin, Lex, Nolan getting their cock out with a bro and having a good time fucking fleshlights, stroking each other, slapping their meat around and shooting off some good hot loads. How many of them have let a buddy suck that dick? Watch it and find out!

BareBack That Hole - Update

August 05, 2020

Stand Out

Answer truthfully. What stands out most when you look at a man? If they're standing side-by-side fully clothed, it might be their eyes, or maybe their face. For others, it might be the body or even the bulge. If they turn around, it just might be the ass. It all depends on what you're attracted to. Now, if you stood those same men naked, we know what OUR answer would be. Except that Angel Ferrari, Joel Someone, Marco Napoli, Dave London, Mateo Fernandez, Josh Stone, and Ray Diesel all have much more than that. Whether it's a smoldering look, the type of thick lips you want to kiss until you die, an ass to kill for, or the kind of cock that makes your insides melt, your cock drool with pre-cum, and your butthole pucker, these men are sexy fuckers that Stand Out!

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