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Raging Stallion - Update

July 12, 2021

Maximum Torque 4

Muscle-man Myles Landon is trying to get some work done in the shop, but Aspen won't stop messing with him. When Myles has had enough of the weird play, he overpowers Aspen and bends him over to eat his ass. Now that he's finally getting the attention he wanted, Aspen submits his hole to Myles' tongue and fingers. To show Aspen who's in charge, Myles spreads his ass and shoves his thick cock in Aspen's hairy hole. Aspen lets Myles drill him bareback balls deep before getting on his knees to suck the fat rod that was just pounding his prostate. After deepthroating Myles, Aspen lowers his hole down onto Myles' pole. Switching positions one more time, Myles pumps into Aspen's hole, making him shoot his load all over the shop.

Raging Stallion - Update

July 06, 2021

Maximum Torque 2

Mechanic Chris Damned is strolling into work 30 minutes late and shop manager Vince Parker is not happy about it. When they finally get to work, Jake Nicola pulls in with some issues he's having with his hot rod. After taking a look under the hood, Chris decides the way to fix this is by unzipping his pants to give Jake's mouth total access to his cock. Chris sits back on the hood of Jake's ride and lets the customer work over his throbbing cock. While Jake is halfway down on Chris' rod, Vince catches the studs and join in the fun. All three take turns filling their mouths with cock and hairy asshole until Jake bends over and takes it raw in the rear from Chris while he sucks on Vince's pole.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 30, 2021

T-Bow & Lopsa

A grubby-looking lockup in a French town. A young, uneasy-looking, hairless twink, Lopsa, is on his knees, naked but for a jockstrap, blindfolded by a bandana. T-bow, a dangerous-looking man, enters the space. He unzips his pants and forces the twink to suck his giant dick before aggressively fingering his ass. T-bow is in his late 30s and has a careworn, stubble-covered face. His huge, curved, uncut dick is a thing of great beauty. He means business. He's as horny as fuck and he'll continue to abuse his slave until his brutal, carnal needs have been fulfilled... T-bow takes a creamy drink and pours it all over the boy's ass, pushing it into his gaping hole to get it wet, sloppy and ripe for fucking.

Masqulin - Update

June 28, 2021

On Set

While on the set of a porn shoot, Milo Madera discovers that his scene partner is a no-show. Looking to not lose out on getting paid, he invites his unsuspecting gym buddy, Mateo Torres, over to meet him. Following Milo's motto that "you've only got one life to live", Mateo agrees to fill in for the other model and enter into the world of porn. But can he handle Milo's big cock? Join us On Set and find out.

Butch Dixon - Update

June 20, 2021

Manuel & Mick

There's a hell of a lot of tools in this shed as stunning Manuel Skye gets down and nasty with Mick Stallone. Mick takes it like a man, every throbbing, bareback inch, offering up his hairy rump to Mick's thick, donkey-dick, spreading his cheeks and bending over a trolley to take every inch as Manuel bends him back and sucks his breath away in a sopping wet kiss. But this masculine, 100% beef bloke is a power bottom, pushing back and riding that dick like a pro. And he wants to see the handsome man who is ruining his butt-hole and then he wants to see the hot hole he's been snogging so Manuel turns around and shows off his butt as Manuel jacks out a thick, stemming load of man goo!

Young Bastards - Update

May 26, 2021

2 Cocks For His Hole

With some tape to tightly bind his wrists the boy is quickly on his knees with their big wet cocks in his face, competing for his warm sucking mouth. The boy obediently licks and slurps their meat, but he knows they’re gonna want more than just his mouth. Bent over and with his tight raw hole there for taking the two team up to feed and fuck him, their two big cocks filling his mouth and pucker while they swap and share him between them like boys share a wank toy. Giorgio is the kind of Dom boy who doesn’t mind getting fucked himself so when he’s balls-deep in the boy Edwin takes the opportunity, taking the back of the train and pumping his thick and rigid fuck-stick between his friend’s cheeks.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

April 27, 2021

Dudes Enjoying Dicks

Blinx, Hunter, Lil Wyte, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Drift, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers & Asher Hayden - Horny guys love to play with their cocks all the time, and our guys love to show off and have fun for the cameras too. That's not all, a lot of our guys are real easygoing when it comes to grabbing another buddy's cock and giving it some strokes, or even helping a buddy out with some head. Check out this new compilation, including everything from Fleshlight fucking to piss splashing, buddy sucking to hand jobs from friends.

Men At Play - Update

March 29, 2021

Best of MAP 2020

In MENATPLAY’s Best of 2020 Bonus Compilation, we look back at some of our top favorited suit sex movies. Thank you for making MENATPLAY the #1 home for suited studs! May this good cheer last throughout the year. Take an amazing look at this steamy Best Of list guaranteed to make you as stiff and hard as many of these studs. Including A Record Deal & The Ex, Ambitiousest, Wet & Code ,Cruising Glory Hole ,The Podophilic Podiatrist ,Sex Games ,SCAM ,Extra, Parts, Peeping Photographer, Doctors' Examination ,Lights, Camera, Action, The Jealous Ex, Suspension or Play? and so much more.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

March 16, 2021

Penis Pump Party

A Party Of Penis Pumping Fun - You guys have been enjoying some of the compilations we've been delivering over the past few months so we couldn't wait to bring you another session of cock rubbing fun with some of our hottest straight thugs. Whoever you're into you're probably gonna be looking for more of a few of these guys when you kick back and work that cock while they stroke and hump their way to some messy load. Blinx, Drac, Hunter, Lex Lane, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Kenneth Slayer, Samuel Phatom, Daniel Delong, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers, Orion Order, Danali Youkon, Billy Base & Rooney.

Bromo - Update

February 16, 2021

Hard Mechanic

Sky Knoxx takes his car in to the garage, but when he arrives he finds Bo Sinn jacking off with a stroker, and he wants to get his hands on the mechanic's hard tool. Bo spots Sky checking out his bulge and even sniffing and licking his toy, so he gets out his cock while asking the bottom to pass him a wrench. Sky sucks Bo's dick and balls, then Bo fucks his mouth hard and deep before pounding his ass doggystyle. He lays Sky on the rolling creeper and fucks him in missionary, then the bottom rides his dick reverse. Once Sky cums as he's getting his ass bred, Bo finishes up the lube job with a big creampie.

Bear Films - Update

February 12, 2021

Bear & Teddy

When Bear Waters checks warehouse inventory against his list of shipments, he discovers a load has not yet been delivered. Who made the mistake? Poor cute newbie, Teddy Osborne. The beefy blond cub accepts full responsibility and is ready for any punishment his foreman/boss has to offer. And with such a willing submissive, who can blame Bear for doing the nasty things he does to Teddy? In fact, the pig bottom cub is SO ready to accept Bear's punishment he practically hog ties himself! Bear, large and in charge, grabs hold of Teddy's cock and chows down before filling his hole with spit, then cock. Big balls, big men, and big loads. Looks like Teddy's position is secure...for now!

Next Door Taboo - Update

January 31, 2021


While snooping in the garage, Dacotah Red & Ryan Jordan find a box that says 'Important Documents, Do Not Touch'. Intrigued and nosy, of course the two of them open the box. What they find inside comes as a total shock: they were adopted! At first, they are confused by what they found but then Dacotah comes up with an idea: if they aren't real brothers then that means they can fool around! Ryan is hesitant at first but as soon as they start kissing, things start to heat up.

Bear Films - Update

January 25, 2021


If you are into daddies types and leather, then you know there is nothing hotter than two sexy and very playful, leather daddies working each other over. And that's just what you get with Ale Tedesco and Steve Sommers. A little nipple biting, ball slapping, spit, restraint play, hole teasing, cock sucking and total pleasure. All that before they jump into the sling, where they flip fuck raw, back and forth, filling up their daddy holes in every possible position until Steve is covered in both their cum.

Next Door Taboo - Update

January 13, 2021

Teaching Step Brother

The sun is shining and these two athletic step brothers are ready for an adventure! After a long, hard ride of flexing those hot bods on the trail, steamy Lance Ford has a few more tricks to teach eager step brother Roman Todd. Lucky for Lance, Roman is a quick study. It doesn't take long until they get their stride and the action goes from warm right directly to HOT! There's nothing as sexy as two step brothers experimenting with each other and liking it!

Hot Older Male - Update

January 09, 2021

Paul & Julian

Paul Johnson Plays with Julian Torres - Silver daddy Paul Johnson and his perfect daddy dick meet up with hairy and hungry bottom boy Julian Torres in this hot scene. Julian loves taking every inch of that beautiful long dick, moaning with such pleasure, it'll make you moan too. There's something especial when two older men get together for so real hardcore gay sex and these two do not disappoint.

Young Bastards - Update

December 23, 2020

Shower Of Twink Semen

Young Jack has a big twink cock that he always needs emptying of cum, and with his new position at the company he's not shy about using his power to get what he needs. Fit lad Liam isn't exactly complaining when he's ordered to suck it, the boy clearly has some experience with big dicks and after gobbling Jack's impressive uncut meat his own hard inches are out of his pants. Jack might be a bully but he likes the taste of dick as much as any other boy, returning the favor and feasting on the tasty shaft. With both boys quickly naked and dripping precum he takes aim at Liam's hole, shoving his raw inches between the boy's cheeks and fucking him up against the racking.

Peter Fever - Update

December 22, 2020

Black Panda's Hottest Moments

Boy, are these times crying out for a hot superhero? Revisit the sexiest hookups of the Panda Brotherhood in this ball-draining cum-piliation. First, gorgeous ebony prince Osiris Blade brings the sweet chocolate loving to Asian beauties Ken Ott and Levy Foxx. Their three-way cross-cultural hookup heats up with Ken and Osiris gang banging Levy's hungry little hole and ends with Osiris' long thick rod spewing a sticky reward and Ken and Levy both spraying his face with hot creamy Panda juice. The Black Panda himself, Alex Chu, takes on the dastardly agents of chaos portrayed by tatted muscleman Sean Duran and bronzed beauty Bryce Evans and makes them spew their right-wing sperm.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

December 19, 2020

Joy Ride

Step bros Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan share a quiet morning together, looking at pictures from their social media accounts. But their budding romance is about much more than simply sharing info. The two get out of bed and get busy in the garage, beside a banana yellow convertible. And speaking of bananas, wait until you get a look at Justin's cock! Xavier devours the curved, throbbing slab of twink meat though he does have some trouble taking it all down to the balls, which is okay because Justin knows exactly where it will fit in it's entirety. First, he needs to lube Xavier. Burying his face in his fuck buddy/boyfriend's ass -- which looks quite yummy, framed in a black jockstrap -- Justin rims Xavier, priming him full of spit and working his hole, prepping him for the bareback joy ride to come.

Bromo - Update

December 07, 2020

2 Burglars, 1 Creampie

It was the perfect crime--or so Bo Sinn thought, until security guard Markus Kage catches him leaving with the loot and manhandles him into his office. But when Bo spies a stack of his ill-gotten cash has made its way into Markus's pocket, he turns the tables and pushes Markus down to suck his cock. Bo tries to distract Markus and run away, but the crafty security guard isn't going to let Bo go without that fat dick in his hole. The naughty burglar pounds Markus doggystyle, then fucks him mish on the floor and makes him service his foot and suck his toes! Markus loves every second of being bad, riding Bo's cock till he shoots a massive load and takes a hot creampie.

Hot Older Male - Update

December 01, 2020

Zach Fills Jacob

Zach Maxwell Fills Jacob Woods - IRetro-country daddy Zach Maxwell loves getting his nice 8" tool in a juicy, wet ass so he enjoys every inch of daddy Jacob Woods' hot and hairy hole. These two fuck outdoors until Jacob shoots with Zach's fat dick inside him then Zach gives Jacob his thick, juicy load.

Daddy Sex Files - Update

November 19, 2020

Tony, Rocco & Adam

It's an unexpected visit, but Rocco isn't complaining about having a jack off buddy when Marine Adam arrives with his raging meat to show off. Tony arrives at just the right time, catching his massively hung work buddy sharing a cock sucking session with the new arrival. Like any red-blooded man his dick is soon out to join in, enjoying some delicious head while his bro slams that Marine ass, firing off loads of cock cream before the trio are done.

Twinks in Shorts - Update

November 01, 2020

Justin & Xavier

BFFs Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan share a quiet morning together, looking at pictures from their social media accounts. But their budding romance is about much more than simply sharing info. The two get out of bed and get busy in the garage, beside a banana yellow convertible. And speaking of bananas, wait until you get a look at Justin's cock! Xavier devours the curved, throbbing slab of twink meat though he does have some trouble taking it all down to the balls, which is okay because Justin knows exactly where it will fit in its entirety. First, he needs to lube Xavier. Burying his face in his fuck buddy/boyfriend's ass which looks quite yummy, framed in a black jockstrap Justin rims Xavier, priming him full of spit and working his hole, preparing him for the bareback joy ride to come.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

October 31, 2020

Gallons Of Straight Piss

Give a horny straight guy the chance to show off his cock and many of them will do it, whether it's to get a cum load splashing or to spew a hot flood of piss. That's what we're dedicated to in this awesome new compilation; gallons of hot piss splashing out of juicy cocks! Some of your favorite guys have got their dicks out for a jack off session and added some fun piss play to the show for your enjoyment, but perhaps Cayden is the hottest. He loves exploring that side of things, especially with other guys! Check out the messiest mix of wet fun in this new video. Watch Lex Lane, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Chad Turner, Mickey Waters & Dom Anderson piss just for you.

Masqulin - Update

October 29, 2020

Broke Down Deal

Rural towns are often quaint and sweet but small-town mechanic Markus Kage is a total hardass. He loves fucking over people that get stuck in his little town, and especially helpless little pretty sluts like Benjamin Blue. As Benjamin barely rolls into the mechanic with his piercing blue eyes and wanting mouth, Markus decides he will fuck him over in a whole different way!

Family Dick - Update

October 13, 2020

A Real Workout

My little stepbro has really been hitting the weight recently, and I’m impressed with his work ethic. It’s been paying off, and he’s looking sexier than ever. Which is why I can’t keep my hands off him. The cute blonde just looks so delectable, I have to pull his shorts down in the garage and taste his yummy asshole. He’s worried about our mom coming home, but I’m too focused on filling up his boy hole with my throbbing dick to care about that. Maybe a helping of my creamy cum on his lips will calm his nerves.

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