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Breed Me Raw - Update

December 03, 2021

Silver & Christian

It's Christian Matthews's birthday and Silver Steele has a surprise for him -- birthday cake, up in the mountains. Clearly, romance isn't dead, yet! With that incredible view, and such a touching gesture, Christian can't help but express his gratitude to Silver, who not only gets to have his cake, he gets to eat it, too. They may start out in the desert but dessert awaits them back home, in the garage, beside that sleek sports car. Christian licks and sucks the icing off Silver's cock then Silver eats the icing from Christian's ass. Once the icing is all gone, however, Silver truly goes into beast mode, rimming deep, priming Christian and stretching him open before giving him a bareback fuck that ends in a proper seeding. Oh, but wait. It doesn't end there.

Family Creep - Update

December 02, 2021

Stepbrother Bonding

Stepbrothers Chad Taylor and Nic Sahara decide to try some bonding by fucking in a locker room. it's always good when a marriage goes sideways to get back in the game and find another to take the place of the one you've fallen out of love with. In this case there's a bonus because both Chad Taylor and Nic Sahara became step brothers and when one thing leads to another they bonded and got very close, even as close as one can get. Who would have ever guessed these two sexy studs love ass eating cock sucking and deep hard anal penetration.

Next Door Studios - Update

December 01, 2021

Top 10 Of 2019

Next Door Originals - Enjoy this Top 10 compilation of 2019 from your favorite studs of Next Door Originals! 00:29 - She'll Hear You04:39 - Going Down On The Farm - Part 108:09 - First Time Special12:29 - Lucky Break15:35 - Caught Watching18:31 - Trapped Down Deep20:51 - Fetish Tales - Trail Bangers24:34 - Too Young To Settle27:48 - Bed Buddies31:07 - Fetish Tales - Roofer Exhibition

Men - Update

November 30, 2021

Markus Kage Hooking Up

What would it be like to get with your favorite stars in the flesh? Now's your chance to find out. Tattooed stud Markus Kage is working on his bike in the garage when he pushes up his white undershirt to run his hands over his furry chest and abs, and grips his cock through his jeans. Manuel Skye watches from the door, stroking himself, as Markus strips down and slides his hard dick against the buttery leather of his motorcycle seat! Manuel kisses Markus's biceps and pecs, then sucks his cock before the top bends him over the bike and fucks him doggystyle. Manuel rides both of Markus's hogs as he takes that cock atop the bike, then lies back on the seat as the top pounds him mish, jacking his cock till he blows a big load. This bottom hungrily sucks Markus and swallows his cum!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

October 27, 2021

Military Cum Party 3

Hungry boy Josh has had plenty of cock and cum, but when officer Hans arrives to feed the young man his big uncut cock he's soon relieving the boy of his oral duties and taking over! More men arrive, their hard lengths of delicious military dick desperate to be sucked and serviced, their hands working their boners and the rigid weapons of their buddies while they wait their turn. By the time the handsome man is done his face and uniform will be drenched with cum and his own cock will be spewing semen! Starring Tony Dazzle, Josh Kole, Austin Ryan, Rodney Steele, Josh Stone, Andrew Fitch, Billy Ramos, Franco Scott, Ginger Jack, Hans Berlin, Johnny Hazzard, Leo Donato, Seth Knight, Joe Hudson & JR.

Raw Road Nation - Update

October 23, 2021

Frothed Up Cum Bucket

So straight after my shift I go get my van and pick him up from his work and we go find this spot. We stop off on the way for a quick service stop and this makes me remember just how much I love to use guys, put them in there place and watch them worship my cock as im making them propper wet all over there face. Me and Tony Parker then go to town on his arse and the thought of fucking his used cum gagging hole makes tony blow in a few minutes, and then I get to froth up his cum with my cock…. Safe to say I enjoyed this hoke and knowing another top is going to frothing up my cum as well!

Masqulin - Update

October 14, 2021

Anonymous Breed 3

This heat has everyone sweaty and extra horny! When Teddy Torres notices an anonymous invitation by Ace Quinn to follow him into his garage, he's more than willing. Inside, the horny men get at it leading to a breeding session by the hairy Teddy and the young stud Ace. It doesn't take any time before the heat inside the garage get even hotter than it outside. With driver seat cock sucking action starting it off and right into bending over and getting fucked right against the car. Then a flip and deep hard anal pile driving to take them both over the edge.

Jalif Studios - Update

October 01, 2021

Greg & Hugo

Hugo Martin presents his bare ass to his uniformed top, Greg Centuri, ready to serve as his willing and eager slave. Greg is a tall, handsome soldier home on leave, horned up and missing the feeling of a tight hole wrapped around his cock. More than that, he misses the sensual connection between him and his passionate lover. Hugo shows his adoration for the fatigue-wearing top by kissing him softly on the lips. It's a tender moment that reminds them what they meant to each other before they get to the business of fucking. Opening Greg's combat attire, Hugo sees his dog tags hanging around his neck and on his smooth, muscular chest. His eyes continue down to his throbbing cock, standing at attention like a soldier.

Men At Play - Update

October 01, 2021

Playing Dirty

Corrupt politician Diego Summers (returning to MAP after 2-years) and architect Ruslan Angelo meet at a dirty warehouse to discuss an illegal construction project. Suspecting that they are being watched, the two men must be careful. With a plan in place, Diego wants another go with his friend, and while resistant at first, Ruslan agrees to play! You think business and please don't mix? Think again.

Young Bastards - Update

September 29, 2021

Sucking Master's Cum

Sonny is quickly subdued once they've found the kinky lair waiting for them. In no time at all the boy is on the end of the leash and being led around by kinky Dom boy Fabrice, his mouth exploring his new master's crotch, clearly desperate for that dick. The sub boy is allowed to suck the big delicious dong, but not before Fabrice has exposed his ass and given him some thwacks with the paddle. Sonny worships the incredible dick in his face but he'd prefer it in his tight hole. Frabrice takes him from behind, pumping his big bare boner deep between the boys cheeks, fucking him hard while the sub boy desperately wanks his own bulging cock in his hand. With the promise of master's cum in his face he jerks out his own messy load over himself.

Disruptive Films - Update

September 23, 2021

Guy Talk

Four mechanics - Jay (Brandon Anderson), Mike (Roman Todd), Curtis (Justin Matthews), and Chris (Elliot Finn) - are working late one Friday night to finish their jobs for the week. Jay, the newest and most introverted of the group, walks into the foreground and thumbs through various tools before grabbing the wrench. Walking back, he uses it to tinker under the open hood of a car. You can sense a distance between him and the others. Jay is closeted and feels very uneasy around his crass and chauvinistic colleagues - especially if they were to catch wind of his sexuality. He prefers to just do his work and keep his profile low. A mechanic's light hangs from the open hood.

Falcon Studios - Update

September 08, 2021

Raw Workloads 2

Sean Duran is looking for a hidden flash drive full of incriminating dirty content of himself when Blaze Austin enters the storage room. Blaze has the goods on Sean and the only way to get the drive back is to give Blaze a recreation of what's on the drive. Blaze gets right to his knees and works Sean's massive cock with his mouth, getting Sean hard and ready for more. Blaze knows what Sean wants and bends over to offer up his hairy hole for licking. Sean can't resist shoving his face into Blaze's crack and tongue-fucks the stud until he can no longer hold off sticking his bare dick deep into Blaze. Sean stands up and pumps the young stud hard and raw as Blaze tells Sean what to do: 'Fucking pound me! Use my ass!

Falcon Studios - Update

August 31, 2021

Raw Workloads

Pierce Paris and Aston Springs are working in the hot sun and decide to take off their shirts. When they get a look at each other's ripped bodies, they can no longer concentrate on the job at hand. Aston makes the first move and goes down on Pierce's monster cock, working it slowly with his tongue and taking special care with the stud's big nuts. Pierce's dick seems to never stop growing, and just as he's hitting full capacity, he knows that he needs to plant it in Aston's tight ass. Pierce bends down to take a taste of the stud before entering and gets Aston opened up and ready for his giant cock. Aston quickly offers up his hole for Pierce to own. Pierce shoves his raw cock inside and pumps hard to fill Aston with all the bare dick he can take.

Hot House - Update

August 23, 2021

Raw Workloads 3

Arad Winwin gets hard watching his employee, Zander Lane, working in the storage room. When Zander finally sees Arad with his stiff dick in his hand, his only response is 'You like watching me?' A big smile comes across Zander's face and Zander gets on his knees to take Arad's cock in his mouth. He works it in and out, savoring every inch until Arad is ready to fuck Zander's bubble-butt. After a quick taste of Zander's hairy ass, Arad stands up, bends the young worker over, and plants his raw cock deep into Zander's lubed-up hole. Arad pounds him fast and bare, making Zander moan out in ecstasy. Arad's cock feels amazing popping in and out of his hole, but Zander needs the muscle stud to dig in deeper. Zander lies on his back and Arad enters him again.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 22, 2021

T-Bow & Picwik

T-Bow is a carpenter in a small workshop in France. He doesn't like his boss, Picwik, who's permanently on his case, making unreasonable requests. T-Bow is not a man who you want to be on the wrong side of. He's tall and fit and he's also into cage fighting! Picwik arrives in the workshop on Friday, just before the end of T-Bow's shift. As usual, he's railing at T-Bow as soon as he's in the room. T-Bow stands. He's a good 6 inches taller than his boss. He unzips his overalls and they fall to his waist revealing a beautifully sculpted chest and six pack. He walks across to Picwik and slaps his face. Picwik is shocked. His instinct is to throw a punch, but he's suddenly overwhelmed by a curious desire to make out with T-bow! The feeling is mutual.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

August 18, 2021

Stuck Butt Plug

Devin's always losing his stuff all over the place and that day he couldn't find his butt plug. You'd think someone like Devin would be happy for a bit of time with nothing up his hole, but nope... he needs a good stretching. But Felix had borrowed it on account of his working with Uncle Drew, and don't you know it got stuck all up in his hole. Well, Devin was a good friend and helped him get it out before sticking his dick in. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Hot House - Update

August 13, 2021

Raw Workloads 2

JJ Knight and Nic Sahara have been hired to organize a client's garage. After finishing the job, the two jocks play around on some gym equipment. As Nic shows JJ how many pull-ups he can do, JJ pulls down Nic's pants and starts eating his smooth hole. All the licking makes Nic rock-hard and he turns around to let JJ suck his long, uncut cock. With Nic's used-up undies pressed to his nose and Nic's dick in his mouth, JJ can't get enough of the hung stud. JJ needs his massive dick sucked too and pulls down his pants to reveal his mouth-watering monster cock. Nic can't resist the sight and gets on his knees to service JJ's pole to the base. After sucking JJ, Nic is ready for his friend in his ass and bends over to take it all.

Family Creep - Update

August 11, 2021

Fucking Stepdad For Repairs

Fucking My Stepdad For Car Repairs - James Jacobs' car is down and he needs it to go to school. He goes to his stepfather, August Alexander, to get it fixed but he cannot pay. His stepfather has a penchant for dicks and he's thinking an arrangement can be made so both of them can get what they want. You get everything you could want here, big cocks, black studs and a younger/older storyline that will have you pop before your know it.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

August 06, 2021

Suck The Chrome

Suck The Chrome Off A Trailer Hitch - Romeo was there just minding his own business, having hisself a cigarette and playing with his big ol' thick uncut dick when Bryce just HAS to get all up his ass for it. So instead of getting back to work, Romeo makes Bryce go over and suck his dick good and proper and then play with that big sweaty foreskin and then of course Romeo turns Bryce around and gives him a good dick in the ass for not keeping his damn mouth shut. The lesson learned is "if you see Romeo jerking his dick, it's already too late, you're gonna get it in the hole. Just let it happen." That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Butch Dixon - Update

August 05, 2021

Lance & Mach

We keep 'em cumming and thus I hope we're giving you a hand? Come on how can you not be knocking one out with these two stunning, hairy hunks. Lance Charger and Mach Austin are making their splattery, spunky bareback debut. There's a lot to LUV here, muscles, hair, arms like legs and dicks of death - I haven't even started on those sweet-meet edible buns, firm as a peach just turning to ripe. We're in the tool shed again, adding tow more stiff, heavy duty tools to the well stocked shelves. So sit back gents ( and ladies - it could happen!) and unzip, time your orgasm to coincide with your favorite, hmmmm Lance or Mach, flip a coin.

Hot House - Update

August 05, 2021

Raw Workloads

Arad Winwin finds his hired hand, Cazden Hunter, being lazy on the job and leaning on his truck. Arad has no time for slackers and when Cazden offers to do anything to make it up to his boss, Arad pulls out his thick, hard dick and tells his employee to get to work. Cazden needs this job so he gets on his knees to take the big, uncut dick down his throat. When Arad is rock-hard from Cazden's talented mouth, he stands his employee up and pushes him against the tool shed door. Arad can hardly wait to get a taste of Cazden's tight ass and gets to work rimming the willing stud. After opening him up with his tongue, Arad is ready to shove his raw cock deep into Cazden's bare hole. Arad bends Cazden over and starts pounding away, going balls deep with the first thrust.

Raging Stallion - Update

July 28, 2021

Show Hard 2

Description : In a seedy public bathroom, Vander Pulaski heads into a stall, leaves the door wide open and starts to stroke his cock. Knowing that anyone could walk in at any moment and see him makes his cock stiffen fully. Vander's tugging away as he peers through a glory hole to see Jake Nicola at the urinal. Jake doesn't notice and heads out, so Vander pulls up his pants and exits too. When Vander sees Jake standing by his car waiting, he's excited and reaches for Jake's bulge. The parking lot isn't going to stop them, and Vander gets down to worship Jake's cock. Jake returns the favor and rims out Vander's crack to prepare him for what's next. Bracing down on the car and in full exhibitionist mode, Vander gets stuffed full of Jake's raw pole.

Hot House - Update

July 20, 2021

Capitol Affairs 2

Once 'Big Lie' believers Cole Connor and Max Lorde realize they've been lied to and the march on the Capitol is a full-fledged insurgency, they run away together to hide and figure out what to do next. In the midst of the chaos, they also decide to stop lying about their sexual feelings for each other. With their longings known, Cole's hard and Max gets on his knees to deepthroat Cole's flagpole. Max pulls down his shorts and starts to stroke his cock, making Cole want to bend over and give Max a taste of his hairy hole. Max takes his time getting in deep with his tongue before getting in deep and raw with his lengthy cock. After getting fucked bareback by his bud, the men switch places and Max is on his back as Cole is storming his rear.

Men - Update

July 18, 2021

Sex Drive

Felix Fox takes loving cars to a whole new level when his client’s new car literally turns him on while washing it! Little does he know that handsome stud Paul Wagner is watching him from the dark back seat of the car. Once Felix lays eyes on Paul jerking his big dick, he jumps at the chance to go down on him, almost swallowing Paul’s entire cock in one gulp! The two take turns blowing each other until Paul starts rimming Felix, getting his hole ready for his huge cock. Once ready, Felix guides Paul’s throbbing dick right into his puckering hole as Paul thrusts in and out of him. Learning forward on all fours to take it all in, Paul keeps fucking Felix’ hard, glistening body. The pair’s moans get louder and louder until Paul shoots his load all over Felix’ face and chest.

Men At Play - Update

July 14, 2021

Suited Car Mechanic

Gustavo Cruz is finishing up at his car repair shop when he receives a call. He has an important event to attend, and they are waiting for him. Luckily, he brought his suit with him. When he changes from his work clothes to a formal suit and is ready to leave, Gustavo sees a man, Dario Beck, on the street struggling to start his car, and decides to assist him. After checking the vehicle outside, he offers to push Dario’s car inside of his shop to have a proper inspection. Inside, Gustavo asks Dario to hold his suit jacket for him while he works and ends up getting his shirt all sweaty and dirty! Having caught Dario smelling his suit jacket, he asks him if he likes to see him dirty. By the look of Dario’s boner, he is ready and prepared to play with the suited car mechanic.

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