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Czech Hunter - Update

Thursday September 21, 2023

Czech Hunter 705

My car needed some minor fixes, so I visited a nearby repair shop. It was a nice and cozy place with only one mechanic inside. The guy wasn't old but looked experienced enough to trust him with my wheels. He was half naked, sweaty and so dirty that got me incredibly aroused. The dude almost hit me in the face when I asked him to take his pants off. To calm him down, I simply reached in my pocket. Then I finally had a full view at his massive cock. It turned pretty solid once I started stroking it. Sucking that dirty and oily cock was even better. My new mechanic was also really good with a cock and gave me a nice blowjob. Now I wanted that hunk of a man to take my horny boner. I would pay him anything. We had to do a lot of stretching before that tight virgin let me push it inside.

Spunk Worthy - Update

September 13, 2023

Road Stroke Buddies

I hauled Nevin, Hugh, and Alec up to the L.A. Pride festival a few weeks ago. Not missing a chance to get some video to share, of course, I had my camera ready. What happened over those 14 hours was worth recording every second. But the two 20+ minute videos coming to you this week will give you all the highlights. If you're horny, go right to the video of the guys all jerking off in the backseat of the car on the drive back to San Diego. When you're all wiped up, check out the second video from earlier in the day with the guys having fun and gettin' naked at the Pride fest in front of a gang of spectators. When we got to the Pride fest, the guys were SO nervous about going their first gay event. But when they saw the beer pong table, suddenly they felt a little more in their element.

Trans Angels - Update

August 28, 2023

Hitcher Girl Loves Married Ass

During their road-trip vacation, married couple Maverick Sun and his wife stop to pick up sexy hitchhiker Isabella Gomez, who is traveling to a music festival. Turned on by the attractive t girl, Maverick heads into the back of the RV, where he sneakily pulls down Isabella's booty shorts and treats the stunning brunette to a sloppy blowjob! Unbeknownst to his wife, the dark-haired stud invites Isabella to stretch his eager hole in standing doggystyle and missionary as he jerks himself off, and then the debauched pair engage in an intense side fuck. Following a hard anal pounding, the inked-up trans babe blows a hot load all over Maverick in a messy facial, and he makes sure to drink up every last drop of Isabella's cum!

Cum Club - Update

August 25, 2023

Roadside Jack

This time Aaron & Seth head to Minnesota. Neither have ever been there and both wanted to check out the land of 10,000 lakes. First up is a small town city named Bemidji. The guys explore the town a bit before pulling over for a double jack in their van. Aaron shoots his load in Seth's hand. Seth pours the fresh warm jizz all over his cock. Then he licks his hand to get a good taste of Aaron's semen. He jacks his cock with the cum-lube and blows a huge load that makes a real mess. The guys then head to Minneapolis and take a tour of downtown and Loring Park. They find a secluded spot under a fantastically tree. Aaron sucks off Seth and take a massive load in the mouth and face. Aaron proceeds to run the entire load all over his face and leaves it there. Did you know, semen has a magical properties making it really really good for your skin...

TheBroNetwork - Update

July 25, 2023

The Pit Stop 2

Anastasio Markez is parked at the hookup spot when he gets a phone call. He says he’s at work but his partner knows he’s full of shit, and this isn’t his first rodeo. But, when hottie Zack Mackay saunters up to the car, Anastasio quickly cuts his conversation short and this Pit Stop gets a little more interesting. Zack is sexy and ready to fuck and Anastasio knows a more secluded spot where they can fuck. The hunky young beefcake joins Zack in the back of the truck, their lips touch and Zack quickly starts rubbing the bulge in Anastasio’s pants, looking for a taste of his cock. While Zack deep throats his stiff member his smooth cheeks take a few good spanks, and the blue jock gives easy access. Anastasio wants to fuck raw and Zack obliges, bouncing up and down on his cock.

The BigCMen - Update

May 18, 2023

Roadside Blowjob

By now we ALL know how much I love having my big dick sucked. I actually prefer it to fucking when a dude has major head skills. Ok so this boy on Grindr was bragging about his dick sucking skill and I told him I was down to pull over on the way home from The Ranch. I started standing up next to my jeep, then went into his car where I spread my legs wide and kicked back in the passenger seat while he handled business. A+ technique and he got the prize!

Falcon Studios - Update

April 21, 2023

Pleasure Express - Enhanced

There are so many hot men on this train that employee Eugen Kalman needs to duck inside an empty cabin and jerk his fat cock. This is a nice solo scene and Eugen feels much better at the end.

Hung Young Brit - Update

February 24, 2023

Boy Boat Party

It's the Just4Fans Boat party, which we are totally hijacking of course HAHA (sorry JJF but sharing is caring). We r going to be doing something even better with that - trust me! This is fucking madness - the boats rammed so its kinda hard to film and not get guys faces in so....We send the lads to go see what they can find!!!! Josh jumps straight on this older guys cock - really sexy Prince Albert U wanna see him sucking it and pushing that dudes cock to the back of his throat!

Men - Update

February 18, 2023

Twink Trip 1

Twinks Jake Preston and Troye Dean are rolling down the road to the big festival in their RV when they spot a hot hitchhiker with the same destination and pull over to pick him up. Jake spots Maverick Sun flirting with him in the rearview, so he asks Troye to take over on driving so he can slip in the back and have a little fun. Maverick sucks Jake, and Jake fucks the bottom's hole as Maverick bends over to give directions. The sexy hitchhiker rides the top, and Jake pounds the twink in missionary till he orgasms, then Maverick eagerly takes a facial.

Raging Stallion - Update

February 17, 2023

Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. 4

While listening to the big game in the bed of Lawson James' truck, tailgater Jarrod James decides that it's his turn to go deep. Right in the middle of this abandoned parking lot, Jarrod sucks off Lawson's daddy dick and rims the bearded stud's massive bubble butt. Now his turn to fuck around, Lawson has Jarrod drop to all fours and begins using his fingers to toy with his bro's tight hole. With Jarrod's back arched and his ass hanging off the truck's bed, Lawson slides his bareback cock into Jarrod and fucks him for any passerby to see. The grunting top pounds the furry football fan and fills his mouth with his cock until the bottom is ready to unload. Drained, Jarrod makes it his mission to eat Lawson's cum as he swallows down the hunk's stiff dick.

Fisting Inferno - Update

February 10, 2023

Parking In The Rear 3

In the middle of a dim parking garage, Dominic Pacifico has dropped to his knees and is getting ready to slide his raw cock into Eric The Red. The sounds of the stranger's public bareback play fills the concrete structure as a verbal Dominic dominates Eric's hole and Eric begs for more. Dominic delivers by lubing his hand up and working it into Eric's already-gaping ass. With Eric laying on an unwashed tarp for any passerby to see, his pierced cock stays stiff as a brick while Dominic works his fist in and out of his stretched slit until the bottom's thick ginger cock is unleashing his hot load.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 28, 2023

Horny Stunning Couple Play 2

Stunning bf's used n loaded in bait bus style van! Found some back alleys in the city we parked up in the common covered campervan stepped out to get some air. It's two fit lads blazing hot sun or cocks with sweating and throbbing hard in the heat. What best used to get out of the sex crazy we had picked up along the road and get them stuck in our cocks again. We could've been quiet any moment that didn't stop us all playing with each other's cocks in the open but we did get caught so back to the camper it was.

Boy Fun - Update

January 23, 2023

Cum In My Cabin

Nico Vegas is the kind of horny young guy who just can't say no to his cock when it thickens up in his pants. He's ready to start some solo BoyFun in the sun when the urge takes him, but he's not flying solo for long. John Crawford wakes from his snooze to find that hard dick being rubbed right beside him and of course he needs to get in on the action. With a little tender kiss and some hand job assistance he's quick to get his mouth around the delicious dong. One good slurp deserves another and Nico won't pass up the opportunity to give his rampant pal a good suck in return, but it's still just the opening act for these two horny boys. Heading out of the sun and for some privacy in the boat the two are soon getting naked and taking it all the way.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 15, 2023

2 BF's & 2 Sleazy Lads

Driving round looking for lads! We find these two on Grinda. It's been a while. A sexy spin in the old camper van with Mikey boy and George. We ended up in Bristol. How many fucking beautiful boys there. We picked up this stunning couple, drove to some backstreets and started chatting in the back. Obviously George didn't waste any time sucking that lads cock after he watched him snog off his boyfriend.

Boy Fun - Update

December 31, 2022

Seaman's Slumber

Blond boy Gabriel Paris makes quite the hot little sailor, but then again so does his bunkmate Beno Eker. The two are enjoying a lazy day on the boat when the impressive pole of penis tenting Beno's pajamas get the attention of his cute friend. A tender session of BoyFun is soon starting. A little slow rubbing of Beno's exposed young cock leads to some sweet smooching, but don't let the romance of these opening moments fool you into thinking this is anything but a cock-hungry partnership. With Beno's impressive penis rigid and damp in his pal's hand it's mere moments before Gabriel has his lips around it for some sucking fun. One good slurp deserves the same in return and of course Beno isn't in the slightest bit reluctant to get a taste of his buddy's mast.

Peter Fever - Update

December 30, 2022

Ride Me 1

Pull Inside: Rideshare driver Jon Darra has some scorching tales to tell of the horny passengers and hot encounters on his daily rounds. He tells us about the straight passenger (Ty Roderick) he was shuttling to his destination who kept rubbing his crotch and licking his lips suggestively. Obviously a guy who doesn't mind taking a walk on the wild side. His girlfriend wouldn't be home right away, "Nobody home at my house, so if you're not doing anything... Pull into the garage and I'll give you an extra tip." We think he'll be using a lot more than the tip of his big thick tool on Jon. on gets on his knees and sucks his horny straight fare right there next to the open car door. He climbs onto the back seat and lets Ty "go to town" on his hungry ass.

Raging Stallion - Update

December 25, 2022

Cruising Confidential

For the latest episode of 'Cruising Confidential', provocative podcast host Derek Kage is using his sultry voice to tell the tale of Drew Valentino's hunt for cock in a dim construction company parking lot. Sitting in his car, Drew knows that this is the perfect spot to find a man that knows how to work with his hands. Soon enough, he spots Ian Holms pulling up, giving a knowing glance, and getting out of his car to service Drew's cock through his driver's side window. Ian opens the door to go down on the brooding, tattooed stranger before bending over to let Drew tongue and bareback his hairy hole. The vacant parking lot fills with the echoes of Drew slamming himself into Ian's ass as the two men work up a serious sweat between their vehicles.

Fisting Inferno - Update

December 24, 2022

Highway 2

Blow Out: Walking alone in the pitch-black night, an innocent Cazden Hunter agrees to take a ride from a couple of strangers who pull up in an ominous white van. Almost immediately, the young man finds himself pulled inside of the vehicle and chained up wearing nothing but a black jockstrap. Cazden moans as scruffy strangers Buck Richards and Andrew Delta flog his bare body and begin to finger his hole while sucking him off until he's shooting ropes onto the floor of their van. The men aren't done with him just yet though. After unloading his bound body into a vacant cargo container, the grimy men stuff him at both ends with toys and their raw cocks before placing a dildo face mask over his mouth. With the bright red plastic cock lubed up, Buck backs his hole into the mask and rides it into the night.

Boy Fun - Update

November 03, 2022

Lost Boys

Sexy slim tall boy Adam Barnes isn't very good when it comes to directions, but he sure knows how to plunge a hard bareback cock into a tight hole. After getting him and his gorgeous little friend Josh Cavalin lost n a remote country road the two are soon deciding that some outdoor Boy Fun will solve the problem. Like a compass finding north Adam's incredible uncut cock is soon stiff and bobbing, quickly engulfed by young Josh's sucking mouth. Being so remote it's unlikely they'll be discovered by anyone other than a farmer or logger, but they probably wouldn't mind having another hard dick to enjoy between them. In the meantime they're eager to make a feast of each other, with clothes slipped off and Josh's delicious dick getting the same kind of treatment from his traveling companion.

Cocky Boys - Update

October 18, 2022

Jack & Lane

One lazy summer afternoon Jack Bailey and Lane Colten playfully cruise each other in the park, but once Lane gives Jack a sneak peek of his cock, they get make haste to get it on. Lane drives them to a secluded spot to park and when Jack gets a full look at his big dick, he proceeds to suck and stroke it, as well as make out with Lane. Jack can't get enough of Lane's huge cock, and as he chokes on it, Lane reaches around to finger his hole. Soon, Lane insists Jack take out his cock so they can stroke each other while kissing and keeping an eye out. Lane takes a chance by going down Jack just outside the vehicle, then turns him around to eat his ass and begin fucking him from behind and plowing his hole.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 13, 2022

Rock The Boat

Sometimes a relaxing weekend away is all you need to recharge your battery. Or maybe it's really a sexy new place to fuck like on a houseboat. My buddy, Evan, took me to his parent's boat house for the weekend. He wanted to go out and explore, but I was horny and wanted to fuck. I got my way. We started kissing on the couch, and then he pulled my dick out. We've only jerked each other off in the past, so I was shocked when he put it in his mouth. It felt amazing, but since we were doing new things, I returned the favor before giving him my ass to lick and tease. That's when he put his cock inside me, and was just what I needed. Evan fucked my hole until I erupted, then fed me his warm load. Yum.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

October 13, 2022

Oven Fried Possum

Cousin Greg has been cleaning out Tattoo Ryan's tail pipe and getting that family of possums out of the back of his truck. Ryan's been too busy making some oven-fried chicken to notice. But now Ryan's worked up an appetite and he's ready for some lunch. But this is Lot 45 so before any of that, Ryan's gonna slide his big, LONG dick up Greg's hole and have himself some fun. Greg takes that dick like a champ and gets his hole painted with cum spurting out of Ryan's dick. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Men - Update

October 01, 2022

Big Sausage In My Buns

Chris Cool is a regular at Finn Harding's food truck, and not for the hot dogs. As Chris's flirting starts interfering with business, Finn invites him inside so they can work and play at the same time. Chris tries to take orders as Finn rims him, but he's not a people person... he's a cocky person, so he sucks Finn as the top works. Finn bends Chris over to fuck him doggystyle as Chris mans the window, then pounds the bottom on the counter. Chris takes Finn's big sausage in his buns till he cums, then puts the top's dick in a bun and takes some special sauce on his face.

Men - Update

August 26, 2022

Yee Raw!

Lost in the desert, Roman Todd hasn't seen a sign of life in miles... until cowboy Malik Delgaty strolls toward him, looking like a mirage! Malik is happy to help the city slicker, but instead of offering him directions, he brings Roman to his truck and dresses him in nothing but a cowboy hat and pair of chaps. Malik pushes the bottom up against the truck, kissing him, and the guys rub their cocks together before Roman drops to his knees to suck the top. Roman gets fucked doggystyle against the side of the truck, then climbs into the bed to ride the cowboy. Roman cums as Malik fucks him from behind as the sun goes down, then takes a hot load on his chest.

The BigCMen - Update

July 25, 2022

First Ranch Video

Ya'all this HOT 37 minute video "Our First Ranch Vid: Boycrush Andrew Delta Flips With Cory & Jared" is literally one of my favorite vids of all time!!! And that is not coincidentally because this uber sexy boy is one of my favorite. He is honestly so insanely sweet and cool to be with - Jared & I are crushing super hard. We all suck, flip fuck and blow amazing loads. Daddy gets to cum twice!

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