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Island Studs - Update

September 25, 2022

Swappin' Blow Jobs Again!

Celebrate the End of Summer 2022 in Hawaii with 2 very popular Filthy Farm Boys going Gay for the second time on camera! Bearded 10.5" Horse Hung Island Farmer Raine is back with Smooth Young Ginger Bearded Farmer Boy Kiefer, his Real Roommate, in Hot Duo Action for their second time in a Guy on Guy competitive Cock Sucking Contest - swapping blow jobs while floating on rafts in the swimming pool and on dry land: skinny dipping, hugging, kissing, pissing, stroking cocks together before busting big thick creamy loads of jizz, side by side for the very first time on camera and then walking to the outdoor shower dripping cum in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs. Feast your eyes on every inch of Raine's 10.5" Anaconda cock and smooth swimmers body as he swims UNDERWATER and plays.

Boy Fun - Update

September 25, 2022

Pitch A Tent

Camping isn't for everyone, but there's no doubt that when a couple of horny young guys get together under canvas in the woods there's a high chance some hot BoyFun is gonna take place. Rimi Morty is enjoying a little alone time in the tent with his hard long cock in his hand and his precum flowing while he's indulging in some horny thoughts, but he's not alone for long. Max Gen arrives to startle him, but the shameless cock stroker isn't shocked in the slightest, he's certainly not surprised when his friend offers to help him out with his cock by slipping his wet mouth down on those delicious inches. It goes without saying Rimi is more than ready to return the favor once his friends equally lovely penis is produced, hard and damp, ready to be licked and sucked.

Sean Cody - Update

September 23, 2022

Jaxon & Thomas: Bareback

Two sexy accents, lots of laughs, and sizzling chemistry, not to mention gorgeous physiques... what more could you ask for? This Sean Cody scene delivers all of the above as Australian Jaxon joins British Thomas for Thomas's first duo! Thomas says he loves missionary because of the hot eye contact, while Jaxon prefers superman so he can be dominant. But will Thomas be submissive? "Bossy bottom!" Jaxon accuses, and Thomas confirms, "Bossy bottom, that is me." After playing frisbee at the beach the guys dive right in, getting to try both their fave positions and a few others before Thomas orgasms as Jaxon fucks him on his back, then the top gives him a facial!

Peter Fever - Update

September 22, 2022

Camp Naughty Pines 4

Trailer Trash Welcome: After his whirlwind sex tour of the sylvan wonderland of Camp Naughty Pines, you'd think Nolan Knox would be all fucked out. But when hot daddy Damian X. Dragon peers out the door of his trailer to announce "It's time for your initiation!" the college boy's libido shifts back into high gear once more. Wasting no time, Damian strolls over and grabs Nolan by the swollen crotch, drops down to get a mouthful. Just to be neighborly, Nolan's quick to return the favor and take the tatted daddy's pole deep into his throat. Damian lubes up a finger or two and explores Nolan's tight pucker. He stands broad-legged behind the twink and pops his raw cock in. Nolan groans and backs into the thick tool. Sitting on a wooden bench, Damian leans back for Nolan to climb on and ride his dick.

Island Studs - Update

September 12, 2022

Uncut Red Riley is Back!

Proud Bisexual Redhead Riley Rodriguez is Back for his 3rd Hot Video for - This friendly, high energy, super fun & horny Uncut Puerto Rican - Italian - American, famous for his big firm belly slapper, speaks in fluent Spanish to the camera. loves to show off his furry body, out in public riverside, flexes and poses as he attempts to pull his ample fantastic foreskin over his swollen cock head, juggles naked for the first time, 3 large Grapefruits & Fire Clubs while his heavy, low hanging donkey balls and cock slap his white thighs, does Naked Yoga & falls over in the water, pees twice - once while walking on the beach, floats on a river raft sleeping and then flips over to show us his hairy ginger hole and balls in his 'Come Fuck Me" pose at the beach in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs.

Dudes Raw - Update

September 05, 2022

Campsite Cock Craving

Mountain man Ash Recker is having a smoke on the porch of the cabin he's staying in when hot little white trash blond Zacc Andrews strolls by. Ash grabs his crotch as he takes one last drag of his cig. Zacc steps up the stairs and gets a handful of that bulge, and the two country studs rub their bodies together. Ash settles into a porch chair as Zacc undoes his zipper and starts sucking. Ash's uncut tool stiffens fast in his mouth and he turns his attention to the hot bear's musky nut sack. Ash stands up, presses both their cocks together and strokes. He reaches around for the young stud's pink ass and drills a finger in. Zacc crouches on the chair for Ash to eat his twitching hole, getting it wet and ready for bare plowing.

Island Studs - Update

August 29, 2022

Tall Twink Kenny

Tall Twink Kenny, is a super cute, soft spoken, horny 20 year old, who works as a part-time underwear model and full time Barista in Seattle, Washington who swallows his own cum, twice, for the first time, describing it as a "Salty, Nice Tasty Snack," sporting a smooth tight & lean upper body and amazing bubble butt which can barely be contained by his super tight purple underwear, with a full bush of hair surrounding his perfect rock hard belly slapper, low hanging donkey balls, as he Double Fists his hard cock and manhandles his ball sack in so many unique ways: standing, sitting, kneeling, and parades around the deck with a full erection, gets on his hands and knees to power sand a wall while his cock and heavy balls dangle between his creamy white thighs wearing rubber work gloves.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 25, 2022

Rudy & Briam Sucks & Fucks

Rudy Gram has quickly risen as a top star among the Lucas Men; his fellow Lucas Entertainment models get in line to film a scene with his sexy ass. That is because Rudy is a handsome guy with an incredible body and rock-hard fat cock. And best of all, he has a fun, sexual personality that always leaves you smiling and satisfied. He and Brian Bonds hit it off right away on the Lucas Entertainment set. They have both been waiting for a chance to fuck each other one-on-one for sometime now. Brian has been wanting to feel all of the strength and energy that Rudy Gram has to offer, so he turns into a total bottom while getting his ass slammed!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 22, 2022

JJ George Rides Andrey

JJ George is a young and handsome British guy who loves to service the needs of his dominant alpha tops. When their needs are taken care of, that's when he's a happy guy. That all sounds great to Andrey Vic, who loves to be selfish with a guy and not worry about how he's going to bust his load. JJ George does not disappoint him, and while they are vacationing together in a beautiful villa in Puerto Vallarta, JJ George gives a full-service treatment to Andrey Vic, from oral to anal. The only thing JJ wants in return is Andrey's seed, which he squirts with no difficulty at all.

Freshmen - Update

August 22, 2022

Adam & Nils

Two of our favorite models meet up under the beautiful Greek sky and then let us join them in the bedroom. Watch as Adam Archuleta, an experienced lover and romantic soul, guides Nils Tatum through the pleasures of anal sex. This fabulous hardcore video was only the second that Nils Tatum ever shot and we can say with complete confidence that he truly excels. Enjoy Nils and Adam at their best until the very last drop of cum.

Falcon Studios - Update

August 21, 2022

Body & Sol 4

Andre Donovan and Manuel Reyes get caught up in the heat of the moment and it is a smoking hot one. While they are on vacation in a warm climate with men all over the place they decided to take their friendship to a whole new level and what a level it was. Starting off with shower fun, cock sucking face fucking and sitting. Rimming and deep hard ass pounding. What a vacation, I'd like to go on one with these twos studs too.

Cocky Boys - Update

August 15, 2022

Ashton & Harley

Harley Xavier is back and this time he brings Ashton Silvers for his Cocky Boys debut! As friends with benefits and built-in chemistry, Harley & Ashton go right to kissing and Harley sucking Ashton's big dick and fulsome balls. They amp up the excitement doing it in front of a mirrored wall even they move to the bed, and as Ashton lies back, Harley just can't get enough. As much as Ashton loves the blowjob, he gets Harley to sit on his cock to ride him. And as he does, Harley chokes Ashton roughly the way he likes it and Ashton responds by thrusting deep into him. They're in perfect sync, even as Harley turns 180 degrees into reverse cowboy. Soon though, they switch it up when Ashton gets Harley on all fours to slather over his ass then plow his spit-lubed hole.

Island Studs - Update

August 15, 2022

Uncut Timarrie Is Back

Proudly Out, Big Black 10" Uncut Dick Timarrie is Back on for his 3rd video: sporting a new clean cut look & revealing so many personal and private stories! "I am a total Daddy Chaser", Veteran Afro American 10" Top & Porn Star, Timarrie states with a cute smile as he strokes in massive Uncut 10" Anaconda Cock while proudly showing off his smooth ripped 8 pack of ab muscles, perky brown bubble butt, fresh buzz cut head, while he flexes and poses in his tight spandex gym clothes, plays with his fantastic foreskin, takes 2 powerful loud pisses into a orange bucket & one into the forest, pumps iron in his sexy black jock strap which grabs his bubble butt, then strips fully naked, strokes his thick uncut dick into a full 10" erection, and continues his sweaty nudist workout session.

Axel Abysse - Update

August 13, 2022

La Villa

Summer in full effect: the holes are in heat and no dip in the pool can tame that. Jericho and Axel both love their nipples pulled and twisted, their asses eaten and, it goes without saying, demolished in public. If you are a fan of fisting then you are in the right place. These two stretch out anal guys are impressive and even do flip-fisting finishing up the a double hand pump ass stretching.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 03, 2022

Kosta & Manuel Flip Fuck

Kosta Viking tries to be decent in his relationships with other men. But the guy is hot as fuck, has tons of incredibly good-looking men throwing themselves his way, and let’s face it—he has a bit of a wandering eye. On top of that, Kosta Viking has some daddy issues he likes to work out through sex. Enter Manuel Skye, who doesn’t care if he’s seducing Kosta Viking into an adulterous situation—he wants to see the gorgeous hunk naked, and that is exactly what he gets. Manuel Skye has a rock-hard ramrod in his pants, and when he’s hard it’s intimidating to look at his cock, let along take it up the ass. So when Kosta Viking needs a break from getting fucked, he turns around and starts fucking Manuel Skye!

Island Studs - Update

August 01, 2022

Dorian Hung Air Force Vet

Tall Big Dick Dorian is a ripped, 8" All American Air Force Veteran & now a Happy Portland Hipster with a tight 8-pack of ripped ab muscles, perfect furry pecs and belly, and bright white Oregon ass, covered in dark brown butt hair, who strokes his beautiful throbbing 8" belly slapper and plays with his shaved low hanging balls sitting spread eagle on a blue exercise ball, performs sits up and a full gym workout, lifting weights fully nude with a rock hard boner, takes a powerful piss with a full erection into a bucket, sits down for a long heavy breathing jerk off session, tugs on his heavy balls repeatedly, lets out a loud moan as he shoots explosive loads of man juice straight up in the air, landing in one pile of thick man goo between is sexy big bare hairy feet, before taking a sexy shower, grabbing his hairy ass cheeks and spreading them wide open.

Falcon Studios - Update

August 01, 2022

Body & Sol 2

Andre Donovan is just looking to hit the spa and relax while on vacation, but Pietro Duarte and Pol Prince have other plans for the international traveler. The two hotel guests proposition Andre as he walks by their room and just like that, Andre is opening up holes and pounding it out in an aggressive three-way. When the language is sex, Andre quickly conquers all barriers. No conversation is needed as Andre thrusts his bareback cock into Pol's ass while simultaneously using his tongue to service Pietro's hole. Pietro's bubble butt hops over to ride Pol before the bottom is nutting all over his own thick thighs and going down to lick up the fresh loads that Pol and Andre are spitting out.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 31, 2022

Nico Tops Valentin

It's a battle of the six-pack abs between Nico Zetta and Valentin Amour. Both of these guys have incredibly trim and muscular bodies, and when they undress and show off to one another, the sexual energy gets jacked way up. Valentin drops to his knees and does what he does best: he services and sucks on that huge uncut cock between Nico's legs! But it's going to take more than oral sex to get Nico to come. No, he wants some ass, so Valentin bounces his huge muscular butt cheeks on the uncut rod between Nico's legs!

Trans Angels - Update

July 30, 2022

Sneaky Sauna Fuckfest

As ripped hunk Skyy Knox and his spa-going enthusiast girlfriend relax in the sauna, stunning t-girl Bailey Archer walks in. Despite his girlfriend’s presence, Skyy can’t help checking out Bailey’s incredible body, and watches as she sensually drips oil over her small, pert tits and round booty. Turned on by the sight of the glistening trans goddess, Skyy makes sure that his girlfriend isn’t looking, then crawls towards Bailey to grab a mouthful of her erection! Following a long and deep blowjob, the handsome stud bends down to let Bailey pummel his hole in doggystyle, before the gorgeous brunette climbs on top to ride Skyy’s huge rod in cowgirl. Bailey moans with pleasure as Skyy squeezes her natural boobs and licks her nipples while tugging on her she-meat.

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 27, 2022

Matthieu & Jarrod

Our favorite Dutchman is back this week to take some pictures of Matthieu and Jarrod. Some of Benno's other sets from this Summer Loves production have made use of more elaborate props and settings, but this time he relies on the natural beauty and sexiness of the models, both classic beauties in the prime of life.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 27, 2022

Adam & Shae Fuck Raw

Shae Reynolds is a horny bitch who is always ready to drop to his knees to service some dick. And if that dick belongs to a daddy, he’s going to be all the more attentive. Because Shae loves pleasuring an older man with his ass and mouth. That’s exactly what he does with Adam Killian, who gives his big fat dick to Shae for some full-attention service. But first, both guys love ass-eating; the licking action is incredible between these two. One of Shae’s favorite positions is doggy style; he gets on all fours so Adam Killian can get in him deep and reach his prostate.

Freshmen - Update

July 26, 2022

Bart & Jason

It was always going to be a hard job to follow on from our 1st scene this week, so we have decided to go with a bit more of a casual affair with Jason Bacall Fucking Bart Cuban. We start off with a casual gathering with a few of the models before our horny pair peel off for some more private fun. Whatever Jason is doing here he must be doing it right, as Bart is rock hard the whole time before shooting a massive load that reaches all the way to his chin!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 22, 2022

Lucas Men All Axccess Orgy 2

Don't miss the second part of the ALL ACCESS orgy starring the elite LUCAS MEN of Lucas Entertainment! The rough and hardcore action of this group-sex extravaganza stars Allen King, Andrey Vic, Sir Peter, Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram, Brian Bonds, Ridick, Oliver Hunt, Sean Weiss, Adam Franco, Manuel Skye, Paco Rabo, Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus, Harold Lopez, and Jeffrey Lloyd!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 21, 2022

Lucas Men All Access Orgy 1

If you're looking for an ALL ACCESS experience with the LUCAS MEN, then look no further than this 16-man orgy! Their bodies are rock-hard, their cocks are raging and erect, and their balls are full of cum and ready draining! The action of this two-part group-sex extravaganza stars Allen King, Andrey Vic, Sir Peter, Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram, Brian Bonds, Ridick, Oliver Hunt, Sean Weiss, Adam Franco, Manuel Skye, Paco Rabo, Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus, Harold Lopez, and Jeffrey Lloyd!

Cocky Boys - Update

July 18, 2022

Cody & Roman

When the opportunity arises for an anonymous outdoor quickie, Roman Todd and Cody Seiya go for it. While Cody rides his paddle-board, he notices Roman checking him out, and later when Cody heads back to his SUV to change, Roman follows. With his cock tenting his shorts, Roman makes no secret of his lust for a naked Cody and soon convinces him to go down on him in spite of Cody's initial hesitation about doing it out in the open. Roman loves Cody's deep sucking and is so turned on by the danger factor, he turns Cody down when he invites him home. Instead Roman fucks Cody up against the car, holding his hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. After thoroughly dominating his hole, Roman agrees to fuck Cody in the back of the SUV.

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