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Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 30, 2022

Mauro Breeds Leo's Ass

Mauro Valiente has wanted a crack at Leo Bacchus and his incredible ass the minute they set foot on set together. Leo is a handsome and strong guy, and he puts on a show whenever he's in the gym and working out his incredible muscles. Mauro knows this, because he watched him closely while he was working out himself. Hey, if Mauro Valiente likes what he sees, then Leo Bacchus is 100 percent on board with an awesome fuck! Leo is not a guy who says no to a sexy Latin top, and that is exactly what Mauro is!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 26, 2022

Nico Fucks Allen

When you’re hankering for a big, bare cock, then look no further than Nico Zetta. Because this dude’s cock is huge, he doesn’t use rubbers, and he’s going to fuck and breed your ass like a stallion! Allen King is well aware of this, and that’s why he’s stripped and ready to take his dick as soon as possible when they were paired up in this gay porn encounter. Nico and Allen first get hot and horny in the pool together, where Allen shows off his ass a boy pussy to Nico. Before you know it he is sucking on Nico’s huge uncut cock and then taking it deep up his ass until they both nut! Allen King wants a deep anal fucking that is going to stretch out his ass, and Nico Zetta (and his fat, uncut cock) is the perfect man for the job!

Cocky Boys - Update

November 25, 2022

Jack & Jacob

Jacob Acosta gets Jack Bailey alone in the woods to stretch his hole out with his ginormous cock! Jacob has cleverly camouflaged the outdoor bed at Camp Cocky Boys to make sure he and Jack get it all to themselves. Jack is touched by this and the attention Jacob gives him, seducing him with kisses and super-pleasurable cock-sucking, making Jack much more eager to service Jacob's cock. Sucking Jacob and taking a little face-fucking is a small challenge for Jack--compared to getting fucked by Jacob's baseball bat. Jacob spit lubes Jack then with concentrated precision fucks him deep from behind and on his back. Jacob's quietly serious fucking is in sharp contrast to the visual and vocal way Jack articulates getting plowed.

Island Studs - Update

November 22, 2022

Muscle Butt Stone

Muscle Butt Stone, the Hardcore Heavy Metal Singer in a Band from Southern California is Back, proudly showing off his tan lines and ripped All American Blue Collar body with a tight 8 pack of abs, the perfect amount of man hair between his pecs and smooth bright white bubble butt, who agrees to be our "Naked Houseboy" as he strip naked and washes the dishes in the kitchen with his low hanging balls dangling between his smooth yummy ass cheeks, then stokes his throbbing belly slapper with his soapy hands, talks frankly about his life in Hawaii, fully nude, with a rock hard boner, sits down on the balcony for a naked chatty smoke and a a long strokes session, bust a awesome thick creamy load of Heavy Metal Jizz which totally coats his entire throbbing cock and balls, before taking an outdoor "Hawaiian Shower".

Peter Fever - Update

November 15, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 6

Edith's Revenge 2.0: The five-man orgy in the abandoned warehouse continues, though now that Danny has run off to get help for his buddies Nolan Knox and Levy Foxx, it's down to four horny participants. Levy's suspended in mid-air in a spit-roast between Zacc Andrews and Damian Dragon (as Jason Whoreknees). Nolan's bringing up the rear, literally, as he plows into Zacc's hungry ass. Levy's booty gets passed along to Jason, then the studs split off to fuck, changing partners minute by minute. When Levy's fucked-out ass needs a break, he drops down to suck off his three tops, slurping two and all three at a time and getting a strenuous tongue workout in the deal. It's time to blast, and Zacc, Nolan and Jason milk their rock-hard cocks into Levy's face. While Zacc and Jason are distracted, Nolan and Levy beat a hasty escape.

Men At Play - Update

November 12, 2022

Suited Pool Party

It’s a great flick when three suited studs fuck and one of them is the “Lucky Pierre”. But, it's a scorcher when the suit sex play session is wet and in the pool. Argentian bottom muscle stud, Alan Vicenzo, is enjoying a suited self-play session in the pool when he is joined by big-dicked Emir Boscatto and Gustavo Cruz. The hot sun and cool pool water have these three businessmen horny for some wet suit action. Alan, Emir, and Gustavo work intensely on fulfilling each other's desires, and no one leaves unsatisfied from this awesome suited pool party and threesome!

Cocky Boys - Update

November 12, 2022

Dane & Leo

As his Camp Cocky boys adventures continue, Dane Jaxson spies on Leo Louis and gets a BIG prize! While exploring the grounds, Dane uses his binoculars to spot Leo poolside doing naked yoga! Dane's attempt to get a closer look flops when Leo sees him and though he tries to hide, Dane a big surprise: Leo's hard cock in his face. And, without hesitation, Dane eagerly starts sucking Leo's horse cock. Leo gets Dane to take him deep and choke on his dick but he's soon ready to fuck. Leo brings Dane against a nearby fence to eat his hole, but soon starts pounding his hole relentlessly, as deep as he can go. He gives Dane a small break to suck him but then leads him by the cock back to the pool so he can eat his ass. Leo lies Dane back on an outdoor sofa and into a perfect position for him to rim him play with his hole and fuck him again.

Island Studs - Update

November 12, 2022

Big Dick Daddy Eli

Big Dick Daddy Eli is back, father of 3 kids, exposing is Virgin Hole to a Dildo Deep Anal Penetration Festival as he bends over and spreads his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands for our cameras and inserts a pink dildo up his perky cherry man hole for the first time, in extreme close up and multiple different positions and angles as he strokes his fat 8" cock, caresses his super thick massive mushroom dick head, surrounded by a big jungle of untrimmed man bush, while tugging and pulling on this hairy heavy low hanging balls, takes 2 powerful pisses outdoors, mows the lawn and juggles Hawaiian Passion Fruit wearing only boots with his cock and balls swinging in the breeze, radiates the Aloha Spirit of the Islands wearing a Lei around his neck and a Hawaiian Grass Skirt that can not contain is powerful erection.

Disruptive Films - Update

November 09, 2022

Next Stop Vegas 1

Big D (Draven Navarro) manages a top notch traveling male revue and their next stop is Vegas! The raucous bunch can't wait to get to Sin City to put on a show, but there is some tension among the guys. The uneasy vibe is further exacerbated when Big D introduces his old friend and club owner, Duke (Ricky Larkin). Duke doesn't like what Valentine (Joshua Parks), the featured dancer in the revue, has to offer and his harsh words have Valentine in a tizzy. As he collects himself outside of the club, Valentine meets Christian (Alpha Wolfe), a big wig in the entertainment industry. Will Valentine finally get to feel like the star?

Cocky Boys - Update

November 06, 2022

Evan & Lane

Sultry afternoon weather is ripe for a flip-fuck especially when that weather gets Evan Knoxx & Lane Colten extra horny. Evan is relaxing on the patio, hard and ready for action when Lane finds him and wastes no time going down on him. And, after some mutual jacking off, Evan sucks him back, going as deep as possible. But, it's Evan's attention to his big mushroom head that really gets to Lane and prompts him to play with Evan's hole. Evan soon wants more ass attention, so Lane turns him on his back to eat out his hole and stroke and suck on his big dick. It's not long before Evan is yearning for cock in his hole and Lane eagerly obliges. Lane thrusts into Evan who sighs and moans in response as his cock goes in deeper and his control gets stronger.

Falcon Studios - Update

November 04, 2022

Best Of Max Konnor

Scenes Compilation : Falcon Studios Presents the Very Best of Max Konnor. Enjoy! 00:00 - Work From Home 03:00 - Sgt. Dick 06:00 - Towel Boy 09:00 - Falcon Live: 4 The Fans 11:58 - All The Feels 14:58 - Towel Boy 17:58 - Tales From The Locker Room 2

Raw Road Nation - Update

November 04, 2022

Balcony Fuck

Two utterly shameless blokes completely nude on a balcony in Spain. Touching their naked bodies for everyone to see. The bottom drops to his knees and suck on this dirty guys cock. Held tight with a black cock ring with his pubes spilling out over the sides, below a noticeable toxic tattoo. With the taste of his dick, he's on a ride. He's addicted to you but does he know that you're toxic?

Cocky Boys - Update

October 30, 2022

Kane, Trevor & Jake

In the Surrender finale as the day draws to a close, the guys gather to dance around "timely" bonfire which then leads to skinny dipping, releasing primal urges for a poolside three-way with Jacob Acosta, Kane Fox & Trevor Brooks. As they make out Trevor sucks Kane and then Jacob and as he does, Kane buries his face in Trevor's hole and sucks his cock. Soon, Jacob joins in sucking Trevor, but when Kane starts fucking Trevor, Kane fills his mouth with his big dick. It's not long before Trevor takes on a bigger challenge of sitting on Jacob's beer-can cock and riding him. As he does, Leo Grand sees what's happening and climbs out of the pool to temporarily watch the sex show and stroke his cock---just as Kane feeds Jacob his cock and kisses Trevor.

Island Studs - Update

October 26, 2022

Surfer Cali Keri Is Back

Horny Ginger Cali Keri, is a super cute, cum eating, talkative, happy strawberry blond Surfer Dude from San Clemente, California, with a smooth tight & lean body, an amazing fat bubble butt with a thick bush of untrimmed red hair surrounding his perfect boy cock, white ass, very hairy balls and legs who enjoys jerking his ridge hooked cock while holding his favorite blue boogie board, takes a powerful piss in the garden, puts on garden gloves with a full boner, gets down and dirty "doggie style" weeding the garden with his hot pink boy hole open in the sun, walks naked, repeatedly grabs his ass cheeks, spreading them wide open exposing his yummy hole, sits down in the Tropical Garden for a very long stroke session, squirming and quaking in the chair as he edges and teases his red hot throbbing cock.

Boy Fun - Update

October 24, 2022

Traveling Twinks

It's reminiscent of an old and romantic black and white movie when gorgeous boys Jamie Kelvin and Hanry Onlyjapa meet on the train. Nothing needs to be said between the two but when Hanry departs and signals for Jamie to follow him the offer of BoyFun is clear. Of course the blond traveler follows. We don't know where he was planning to travel to but his plans are clearly on hold as he follows his new friend back to his apartment, their lips meeting and their hands exploring, their cocks swelling in their shorts. In moments Hanry's proud uncut penis is freed and Jamie waste's no time blowing on the conductor's whistle. With both boys stripping down and their hard meaty lengths being slurped and sucked in a mutual display of oral pleasure it's mere minutes before Hanry is focusing his attention his new pal's tunnel.

Peter Fever - Update

October 17, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 2

Return of the Living Whore: Scary Jason Whore-knees is lying in wait for poor Danny Wilcoxx as he strips down and begins showering. As he scrubs down his all-important cock and balls and steps out to dry off, Jason's standing there with his dick pointing due North. Danny only sees the big cock and doesn't notice the striped mask Jason wears over his face. "You can stab me with that any time!" Danny jokes. Jason backs him into the shower stall and takes control, grabbing him by the hair as Danny chows down on hot hard Asian cock. Jason pulls off his mask and yanks Danny to his feet to keep him pleasuring the psycho stud's thick tool. Getting it ALMOST all the way down, Danny gags on Jason's dick. Pressing the horny twink against the shower wall, Jason drills into his ass bareback and balls deep.

Frock The World - Update

October 16, 2022

East Coast Orgy

Julian Torres invited 21 of NYC's hottest performers to participate in a rooftop orgy. The sun set, cameras rolled, and everyone fucked. Models: Julian Torres, Jason Def That Jason, Dijonay Jones, Ben Blazin , Eli Martinez, Not Another Taco, DrtyNYCman, Teddy Forrest, Alessio Vega, Rio Grande, Gunnar Gates, Viking Dude, Elijah Wood, Ryan Powers, ParkerLogan, Bulging Angel, Aiden Dean, Mick Weston, Caged Jock, Jp, Lex Locke.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 13, 2022

Rock The Boat

Sometimes a relaxing weekend away is all you need to recharge your battery. Or maybe it's really a sexy new place to fuck like on a houseboat. My buddy, Evan, took me to his parent's boat house for the weekend. He wanted to go out and explore, but I was horny and wanted to fuck. I got my way. We started kissing on the couch, and then he pulled my dick out. We've only jerked each other off in the past, so I was shocked when he put it in his mouth. It felt amazing, but since we were doing new things, I returned the favor before giving him my ass to lick and tease. That's when he put his cock inside me, and was just what I needed. Evan fucked my hole until I erupted, then fed me his warm load. Yum.

Cocky Boys - Update

October 13, 2022

Noah & Tristan

Tristan Hunter has gone fishin' but it's Noah Fox who has the bait for a summer flip-fuck.! He strolls by the shore while Tristan concentrates on his fishing, but Noah definitely sparks his interest when pulls out his fat cock. Tristan invites Noah to his place nearby and they don't even get inside: Tristan goes down on him by his lounge chairs and doesn't quit 'til he's deep-throating Noah and taking his face-fucking. Tristan is raging hard and once Noah gets a look at his big dick, he sucks him right back. Now, Noah can't get enough and starts to ride him while fucking Tristan's hand as it's wrapped around his shaft. And yet, as much as they're both loving this, they switch it up. With Tristan on all fours, Noah rims and fingers his hole and sucks him from behind before plowing him deep.

Falcon Studios - Update

October 10, 2022

Taking Care Of Business 5

Top salesman Craig Marks isn't too happy when he finds out that he's missed most of his company's work retreat, but fortunately for him, Sean Weiss is still hanging around and ready to show him a good time. After a race around their boss' Spanish villa, Sean rushes up the stairs and finds himself 'accidentally' pulling down Craig's pants to expose his coworker's bare ass. Craig doesn't seem to mind though and invites the ginger stud to have a taste. Now completely naked on the stairs, the two transition into countless unimaginable positions to rim, suck, and fuck bareback. Once Craig finishes riding Sean, the two move locations to defile their boss' living room with Craig now taking a turn on top. Some more passionate flip-fucking between the businessmen quickly leads to both spewing hot loads all over Craig's ripped torso.

Peter Fever - Update

October 09, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 1

Friday the 69th: On a warm, sunny Midwestern day, three campers stroll into the grounds of Camp Crystal Cock, blissfully unaware of the erotic fun and nightmares in store for them. Asian twinks Nolan Knox and Levy Foxx and their skinny twin bud Danny Wilcoxx meet blond camp counselor Zacc Andrews who escorts them through the sylvan greenery to their cabin, armed with spooky tales of resident ghost Edith Pickles and her psycho son Jason Whorenees. He prepares them with the camp motto of "Fuck or be fucked!" and they scatter gleefully with a torrent of giggles. In the rustic cabin, laughs turn to groans as Levy and Danny get down to some screwing in the wilds. Dropping their duds, Levy takes a heaping mouthful of Danny's hard fucktool.

Island Studs - Update

October 09, 2022

Muscle Butt Isaac Is Back

In honor of the Jewish New Year, Isaac and his perfectly sculpted 8" Jewish cock and muscle bubble butt return to for this special Holiday! The super popular friendly, talkative Law Student: All American Jewish Jock from New York City, Isaac is back, showing off his amazing athletic body, furry chest and hairy armpits as he flexes and poses his RIPPED "8-pack" abs, big biceps, white bubble butt as he models his very sexy 'crotchless' jockstrap, takes 2 Loud Power Pisses, puts on a Green Hawaiian Grass Hula Skirt and Blue Floral Lei for a rock hard Aloha Erection posing and stroking Hula Session, once naked, exposes his bright pink hairy boy hole repeatedly from so many different positions: doggie style - on his hands and knee with his rock hard 8" boner throbbing between his open ass.

Masqulin - Update

October 05, 2022

Taking Care of Business 4

After the epic three-way between Angel Rivera, Dean Young, and Bastian Karim, they hit it hard and pass out from all the fun. Disappointed Pietro Duarte shows up and feels as though he missed the boat. Luckily, just as he was about to leave for the beach, he bumped into Sean Weiss who was also looking to take in a little of Spain. Their little séance at the beach goes from sightseeing to taking in each other’s sexy physiques quite quickly. Eager to get back after a little Baywatch-style running, they avoid the noisy inside of the villa where the three young men were back to partying and decide to shower off the sand. The watery rubdown quickly turns into Pietro sensually sucking on Sean’s cock and later on him fucking his curvy Latin ass poolside on one of the sexiest sunny days in Spain.

Falcon Studios - Update

October 04, 2022

Taking Care Of Business 4

Pietro Duarte and Sean Weiss may have arrived at the company work retreat a little late, but that doesn't mean they still can't enjoy some bareback team bonding. After a run on the beach and a naked shower, Sean's tongue goes deep between Pietro's muscular cheeks and Pietro finds himself sucking down Sean's ginger cock until it's hard as a rock and ready to drill his hole. Laying on the edge of the pool in the backyard of this stunning Spanish villa, beefcake Pietro throws his meaty thighs in the air while Sean fills him up until cum is erupting from their cocks. Now in the pool, Pietro ends his bareback meeting with his coworker by licking up all the loose cum covering Sean's body.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 02, 2022

Sir Peter Fucks Alfonso

There’s no more perfect model for a “high-caliber cock” than the nine-inch uncut cock Sir Peter displays whenever he strips naked. “Displays” in an apt word, because Sir Peter’s dick is a work of art, and only the most worthy of bottoms get a chance to service it. Enter Alfonso Osnaya, who is a bottom of great skill and passion. Though he’s slim, don’t think this guy unable to handle himself. He is one hell of a stud in the sack and loves taking dick. Sir Peter and Alfonso are out on the deck in Puerto Vallarta one sunny afternoon when Sir Peter gives Alfonso exactly what he needs. When Sir Peter fucks, he mounts his bottom, thrusts, and goes in far and deep!

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