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Falcon Studios - Update

March 03, 2023

Cheat Day 2

Chris White, Brock Brodie and Kane Fox are so ready to get things going you can tell by the way they act. The sun was out and blazing but it didn't slow these three studs down at all. Starting with some ass eating double cock sucking and deep hard anal sex. They switched around with some hot spit roasting action and finally deep hard anal pile driving. There's something really hot about gay interracial sex.

Cocky Boys - Update

March 02, 2023

Lane & Oliver

Oliver Marks uses his mouth and his ass to tear Lane Colten away from his video game, but it takes a little effort, even for irresistible Oliver to make it happen! He uses his cock-sucking talents to arouse Lane into ditching his video game to enjoy the blowjob and Oliver is relentless in sucking every inch. Lane rewards Oliver by eating out his plump bubble butt and not only drives the bottom nuts with his tongue action, but it excites Lane too. After feeding Oliver more cock and fingering his hole, Lane finally gets down to plowing Oliver--whose verbal and vocal styling energizes Lane even more. Lane sucks Oliver's thick cock and then creatively uses the sofa to fuck him in virtually every position possible. Oliver's hole feels so good that Lane goes over the edge and pulls out to shoot a load so big, it almost hits the camera.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 01, 2023

Gay Cockold Fucking

It is hard for Pol Prince to keep it in his pants, an his boyfriend Babylon Prince has come to accept this. He actually sometimes enjoys the whole gay cuckold situation he finds himself in. You see, Babylon Prince is one hell of a hunk, and it would take nothing at all for him to step out on Pol Prince. But he instead enjoys the erotic fantasy. Babylon watches on while Pol Prince gets some action with Jordan Jameson before joining in and taking turns fucking the needy hole of Pol Prince!

Men - Update

February 25, 2023

The Cum Forum

Hairy bottom Jay Cub was looking for a new challenge at the professional development event, but when he peeked through a curtain to see sexy twink Jordan Lake jacking off in the kitchen over a plate of pastries, he decides that dick is his next project. Jay eats a freshly glazed éclair right in front of Jordan, then sneaks behind the snack table to suck his cock. When the coast is clear, they go into the kitchen, where Jordan pounds the bottom doggystyle and missionary, and Jay rides him on the floor until he orgasms, then takes some more of Jordan's delicious cum in his mouth.

Hung Young Brit - Update

February 24, 2023

Boy Boat Party

It's the Just4Fans Boat party, which we are totally hijacking of course HAHA (sorry JJF but sharing is caring). We r going to be doing something even better with that - trust me! This is fucking madness - the boats rammed so its kinda hard to film and not get guys faces in so....We send the lads to go see what they can find!!!! Josh jumps straight on this older guys cock - really sexy Prince Albert U wanna see him sucking it and pushing that dudes cock to the back of his throat!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 22, 2023

Dom & Allen King With Alex

Dom King fucked and used the boy pussy of Alex Cabrera plenty. But a guy like Dom King needs to see who else is out there. That doesn’t mean he wants to break up with Alex. But it does mean Dom King wants him to try out the role of a gay cuckold while he watches his macho top lover fuck another bottom in front of him. Allen King has been all over Dom King for a long time now, and finally he has his chance to submit to Dom King, suck his cock, and get his ass slammed and plowed. And while all of this is going on, Alex Cabrera watches on as a gay cuckold!

Cocky Boys - Update

February 18, 2023

Six-Man Orgy

In the heartrending HAPPY ENDINGS finale, a three-way becomes a foray, then a sensually charged six-man orgy the first at CockyBoys in over six years! Starring Cody Seiya, Greyson Myles, Lane Colten, Trevor Brooks, Tristan Hunter, and Shae Reynolds at the center of this extra-length sex-fest, in his surprise turn as The Lamb in a time-spanning tale of found friendship, self-acceptance, open love and suffered loss and redemption. Tristan & Cody continue to find about the house, its secret history and the ultimate lesson learned by Shae/The Lamb. And, once the truth is revealed, the veil between two worlds parts and Shae appears to Tristan & Cody to join them in a sensuous and loving oral three-way. In turn, the veil lifts again and Shae/The Lamb is reunited with his long-departed comrades Greyson, Lane, & Trevor!

Island Studs - Update

February 18, 2023

Cute Uncut Tyreke

In Celebration of Black History Month 2023, introduces Tyreke, a proud, very talented, athletic, Afro-American Comedian College Jock from Long Island, New York, in his very first jerk off video! Happy, Friendly and very funny babyface Tyreke, is a super cute, uncut, talkative, humorous and horny young Skater & College Lacrosse Player from Long Island, with a smooth tight & lean upper body, hairy brown Bubble Boy Butt, with a defined 8 pack of abs muscles who enjoys showing off his biceps and fat hard uncut belly slapper with thick black bushy crotch hair surrounding his shaft and balls while playing with his fantastic foreskin, freely tells us so many personal stories, his passion for skateboarding and Lacrosse, juggles tennis balls and jumps rope fully nude outdoors, shows off his pre-cum as he holds the tennis balls.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 13, 2023

Dom King Dominates Igor & Lucious

Dom King is a handsome hunk who loves stripping down and showing off his huge muscles. Whenever he struts around with his incredible body on display, every guy within his vicinity can't help but look and stare at him. And guess what? Dom King loves it! Two guys who could not help admiring Dom's amazing good looks and jacked body were Alfonso Osnaya and Igor Lucios. And once they lure Dom King into the bedroom, they take turns servicing his alpha-male cock with their mouths' and tight holes!

Freshmen - Update

February 12, 2023

John & Tom

Handsome blue-eyed Tom Houston is in action again. After meeting up with sexy twink John Leto, things soon pick up. Both Tom and John have a huge appetite for sex so pairing them virtually guarantees a great scene. After mutual blowjobs, John delivers his ass to Tom. John loves to bottom so he cums while being fucked by Tom's uncut cock and then receives a facial cum-shot, rounding off today's scene.

Men - Update

February 11, 2023


The great outdoors makes Maverick Sun horny, so he asks his boyfriend, Jordan Lake, for a sneaky chairlift BJ... but not sneaky enough, as they get caught by resort security just as Maverick cums on Jordan's goggles. That night in the chalet, they decide to pick up where they left off, but Maverick doesn't want to wait and rips open Jordan's long johns to fuck him in spoon position while his parents have their backs turned building the fire. After Jordan sucks Maverick under the blanket, finally the coast is clear for these twinks to fuck doggystyle. Jordan rides Maverick, then cums as the top bangs him missionary, and Maverick buries his cock deep in Jordan's hole to give him a creampie!

Trans Angels - Update

February 11, 2023

Getting Her Hot Rocks Off

During a couples massage session, Johnny Donovan is seduced by raven-haired masseuse Eva Maxim! The beautiful t-girl sensually rubs oil into Johnny’s back and buttocks before sliding her fingers deep inside his lubed-up hole. Following an invigorating foot-job, Eva climbs on top and penetrates the muscular stud in lying doggystyle on the massage table, until she has to stop fucking to give Johnny's girlfriend, who remains oblivious to her boyfriend’s infidelity, a quick rubdown. While Eva is occupied, the handsome hunk gets on his knees and treats her to a sexy blowjob, then he shoves his tongue into the hot t-girl’s curvy ass to loosen it up for the anal pounding he is about to give her!

Island Studs - Update

February 04, 2023

Big Dick Dakota is Back!

Showing off his Fat 8" Monster Cock and baby maker for his 6th Exclusive Video on Island Studs. This rugged, young Horny Father of 4 kids is one of Island Studs' most popular Blue Collar Dads with his cocky attitude, smooth, tight lean Carpenter body, famous super thick 8" boner and big donkey balls, he strokes & manhandles, stands fully clothed with his red hot throbber hangin' out of his unzipped open red shorts, flexes and poses in sexy tight blue underwear and fully nude with full throbbing erection and big balls dangling between his tan thighs, gives us a "Swingin' Cock & Balls Fest", gets down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist Garden work session, bends over repeatedly showing off his creamy white ass and perfectly pink daddy hole with "balls a swingin".

Cocky Boys - Update

February 02, 2023

Finn & Hazel Flip Fuck!

Super-cute and super-sexual couple Finn August & Hazel Hoffman introduce themselves in their debuts at CockyBoys with a hot flip-fuck! Their intense passion for each other is on display from the start when they kiss and Finn goes does on Hazel's already hard cock and his bf fucks his throat with dominant energy. As they make out again, Finn really wants to be fucked and Hazel is happy to oblige. He pounds Finn's hole with vocal power top prowess---and Finn is almost gleeful about it, fucking himself on Hazel's cock. And yet, Finn soon proclaims it's his turn now and he flips Hazel on his back to eat his ass—which Hazel is totally into and spreads his cheeks for him. Finn drills Hazel and while they're both loving this, they're so compatible that they can switch it up again seamlessly.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 14, 2023

Shy Pumps Allen's Ass

Shy Montana is a new stud among the Lucas Men, and he came to the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta ready to tear up some ass. When a new hunk walks on center stage, Allen King (one of the premier Lucas Men) wanted to pop his front-of-the-camera cherry. At the beginning of the encounter, we see Allen King and Shy Montana getting very handsy with one another on the villa balcony. The size difference between Shy and Allen is incredible, and Shy puts it to use when he's fucking Allen King up his tiny and tight little ass. Despite his name, Shy Montana is not shy at all about picking up the little bottom and pumping his prostate, as though Allen is as light as a feather!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 11, 2023

Jordan & Kosta Flip-Fuck

When When Jordan Starr was interviewed for his model profile on Lucas Entertainment, he mentioned that when he was younger he was a skinny and long-haired twink. But he wanted to be more physically imposing, so he got a haircut and started hitting the gym. Now when you see him, he’s a tall and strapping hunk ready to fuck. Kosta Viking completely agrees, which is why he asked Jordan to wait for him in the bedroom. Kosta enters in only a towel, which he quickly drops so Jordan can suck on his beautiful uncut cock. Jordan Starr and Kosta Viking both know how to fuck some ass, and the two guys are hot and bothered for each other from the first minute for their encounter. So why limit the fun? There’s no reason to, so they take turns fucking each other in the ass bareback!

Boy Fun - Update

December 31, 2022

Seaman's Slumber

Blond boy Gabriel Paris makes quite the hot little sailor, but then again so does his bunkmate Beno Eker. The two are enjoying a lazy day on the boat when the impressive pole of penis tenting Beno's pajamas get the attention of his cute friend. A tender session of BoyFun is soon starting. A little slow rubbing of Beno's exposed young cock leads to some sweet smooching, but don't let the romance of these opening moments fool you into thinking this is anything but a cock-hungry partnership. With Beno's impressive penis rigid and damp in his pal's hand it's mere moments before Gabriel has his lips around it for some sucking fun. One good slurp deserves the same in return and of course Beno isn't in the slightest bit reluctant to get a taste of his buddy's mast.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 29, 2022

Lucas Men Fuck Party 2

Watch part two of this two-part gay bareback orgy starring ten of the sexiest guys among the Lucas Men! So you better get ready, because the Lucas Men are about to have a 10-man fuck party, and you have a front-row invitation to check out all of the cock-sucking and ass-fucking gay bareback action! Join Ricky Hard, Kosta Viking, Pol Prince, Jordan Jameson, Bruno Galvez, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez, Craig Marks, Dom King, Alex Cabrera for all of the action going down in this gay orgy extravaganza!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 28, 2022

Lucas Men Fuck Party

Watch part one of this two-part gay bareback orgy starring ten of the sexiest guys among the Lucas Men! So you better get ready, because the Lucas Men are about to have a 10-man fuck party, and you have a front-row invitation to check out all of the cock-sucking and ass-fucking gay bareback action! Join Ricky Hard, Kosta Viking, Pol Prince, Jordan Jameson, Bruno Galvez, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez, Craig Marks, Dom King, Alex Cabrera for all of the action going down in this gay orgy extravaganza!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

December 27, 2022

Jake & Zach

Flip Fucking In The Sun: With the sun beating down on them hairy jock Zach Alexander slurps greedily on the delicious dong of his buddy Jake Steel, working his balls and sucking his meat deep. His own incredible uncut cock is soon being worshiped with equal vigor by the handsome young man, his foreskin licked and nibbled, but it's all leading to the ultimate pleasure. With some mutual hole licking Jake's ass is soon ready for that long shaft to slide right up inside, thrusting deep into him and making him moan and whimper. Anyone who knows Zach also knows that his tight hole won't be left out, with his long meat being jerked in his fist he takes a sensual ramming from his buddy, making him launch an incredible cum explosion from his hooded boner.

Island Studs - Update

December 25, 2022

Uncut Xmas Twink Lucky

Proud Bisexual Lucky is a Horny 20 year old, Uncut Twink, who boasts, with a smile, about his many sexual experiences with over 50+ sex partners & multiple return performances, shows off his rock hard belly slapper and white bubble butt as he performs 'jumping jacks" fully hard and naked, walks around the balcony beside an Oregon Forrest on a cold windy winter day, flexes and poses his awesome smooth boy body, works out with weights with a boner, takes a powerful piss into a bucket while flexing his big boy biceps, spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink gapping hole, pulls and tugs on his ample fantastic foreskin repeatedly, in the Holiday XXXmas Spirit, dons his gay apparel - a Santa Hat and places a "jingle bells" cock ring around his boner, kneels on a bench doggie style stroking.

Raw Road Nation - Update

December 24, 2022

Bummed On The Beach

Two fit as fuck real men get it off downstairs in more ways than one!! Gorgeous tattooed fruity pink-haired bottom is literally "gagging" 4 it!! Real skinhead has been on shift in just shorts and a high vis with no top! Bet it’s hot sweaty work, cause the shorts came off too leaving him sat bare arsed on the cold barrel. He didn’t give a shit cause all he could think about was exposing his manly member to his boy and ramming it all the way down his throat!

Falcon Studios - Update

December 24, 2022

Cumming Home For Christmas 2

While on a jog in his hometown of Calistoga, Dan Saxon has a run-in with his high school boyfriend, DeAngelo Jackson. Instead of reminiscing over old feelings with his former love, Dan literally runs away until he's back at his brother's place and scrolling through a dating app in an attempt to find a serious dick-straction. Lucky enough, neighborhood hunk Cole Connor is just a couple hundred feet away and ready to come over to suck Dan off. In return, Dan rims the stranger's hairy hole and stuffs him with his uncut member. Only steps away from the family Christmas tree, Cole turns the anonymous hookup into a flip-fuck as he barebacks and mounts Dan's thick cheeks.

Island Studs - Update

December 10, 2022

Native Hawaii Akamai & Jeffrey

Jerkin' Best Bros: Super Cute Twink Surfer Jeffrey, with his yummy Fat Beer Can Cock and his big low hanging balls is BACK for his 8th Video with his real Middle School Best Friend, newcomer rugged Hapa Hawaiian, Local Boy, Fat Dick Bearded Akamai, in Hot Jerk Off Duo Action in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular "Jerkin' Bros Series": flexing, posing, pissing and hugging each other, both in their tight sexy matching underwear which can barely contain their hard thick cocks, before they both strip fully nude, get huge boners, embrace again, as horny Akamai released and 'accidental" cum shot - his first of 2, then offer us their Aloha Spirit wearing only Hawaiian Leis and Grass Skirts with their erections in full view, get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist Garden work session.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 04, 2022

Raw Foursome

There’s no better foursome than one that features these four power-house Lucas Men models: Craig Marks, Andrey Vic, Pol Prince, and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. And even though Tomas Brand comes off as a powerful alpha-male top, he has a submissive side and likes to get his ass fucked every once and awhile. And he gives it up to the tall, blue-eyed beauty that is Craig Marks, who penetrates Tomas and goes balls-deep in the macho daddy. All the while, Andrey Vic and Pol Prince are taking turns fucking each other up the ass. And to think, all of the incredible action started out as some foreplay in the pool! Don’t miss the incredible dick-sucking and ass-fucking action starring the Lucas Men Craig Marks, Tomas Brand, Andrey Vic, and Pol Prince!

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