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Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 18, 2023

Dom King & Adam Double Team Leo

Leo Bacchus has quite the reputation among the Lucas Men for being an amazing and insatiable bottom. That reputation has made it to Dom King; Dom wants a guy that he and his buddy Adam Killian can take out some of their post-workout aggression on. Bot guys have not shot their loads in a few days, and when they see Leo relaxing in bed in the Puerto Vallarta villa, they approach him for some fun. Before you know it, Leo is working out his mouth and ass at the same time sucking and getting fucked by Adam Killian and Dom King!

TheBroNetwork - Update

June 14, 2023

Hard Training

There's nothing like a little bit of playful competition, and platoon mates Drew Dixon and Tony D'Angelo are constantly out-doing one another. Their toned muscular bodies ripple in the sunlight as they race through the woods on the base, do burpees, and show each other up. Their next tour of duty is just around the corner and they have to keep fit. For Tony, another tour means another round of celibacy, but Drew knows there are plenty of other options. Once back in the barracks and Tony has had a chance to think about what his buddy said, he propositions Drew, who clarifies his intentions. The tension between them comes to a head, and Tony kisses the stunning beefcake in front of him before giving his hole a run for his money. Tony is feeling a little pent-up aggression and takes out his frustration on Drew's hard muscular ass.

Island Studs - Update

June 12, 2023

Big Dick Dorian

Big Dick Dorian, a super friendly, talkative, perfectly hairy, horny All American Special Operations Military Vet, is back in Island Studs, sporting his fat, amazingly rock hard belly slapper surrounded by a full bush of man dick hair, yummy furry white butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who shows us his Tutting Dance moves, playfully combs his thick crotch hair with a red comb, takes 2 powerful pisses, both outdoors: one in a bucket and another with his red HOT throbber at FULL erection, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, playfully grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, twice, revealing his super hairy, pink man hole.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 11, 2023

Raw Threesome

Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage each have a rock-hard and throbbing uncut cock between their legs, and they're ready to use them on a mouth and ass that can take some intense action and has plenty of stamina. Alex Cabrera is just the guy for this. This young hunk has a beautiful body and a big, plump ass ready to get banged out as soon as possible. He also has a full pair of dick-sucking lips ready to service dick orally. Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage use Alex Cabrera from both ends, fucking him down his throat and up his ass for some hot and intense gay spit roasting action!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 09, 2023

Gay Spit Roasting

You will never go wrong inviting Allen King over to fuck in the ass. This guy can take it and take it GOOD, just as Kosta Viking and Papixtrong are about to find out. Both Kosta and Papixtrong want to get off and empty their nuts, and they want to use Allen as their personal sex toy in the process of doing so. Allen King opens up his mouth and shows off his round little ass to both guys. You don’t need to guess how wild this drives Papixtrong and Kosta Viking, because they get to it right away sodomizing Allen King in his mouth and up his boy pussy!

Southern Strokes - Update

June 03, 2023

Teammate Time

Don't you remember when you and your friend would play together, and you brushed your hand against his cock by accident? Do you remember the excitement that ran through your body as you waited to see how they would react? But when he smiled and looked at you, you smiled back and knew that your biggest fantasy was about to come true. Allow Tae Xoxo, Col Raider, Ollie Barn, Josh Cavalin, Antony Carter, Jean Gilliam, Andy Reyes, and Roman Capellini to take you down memory lane. From kissing softly, they progress to getting more acquainted. But it's hard to do anything but suck a nice piece of cock when it's in your face. And then what do you do as the one who's getting sucked? You get behind your buddy and give his ass a good taste while he moans for your cock to fill it and use it for the pleasure hole that it is.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 02, 2023

Dan & Sammy

Who would want to have breakfast if you are waking up next to with of our 2 boys today, especially if you didn't get to fuck the night before so I guess it is a little understandable that Dan gets cranky when Sammy asks him for breakfast. Breakfast or not, we always know how this is going to end up as Sammy quickly relinquishes his demand for food and replaces it with a demand for dick something that Dan is only too happy to provide.

Hot House - Update

June 01, 2023

The Dick Down 5

Jackson Bell's dick is at full attention as the showerhead pours cold water onto his and Kyle Fletcher's chiseled bodies. Unable to keep their hands to themselves, the two men explore every inch of each other until Jackson goes to get a mouthful of his muscular partner's hard cock. He swallows it entirely and even pays extra attention to Kyle's bulging balls until he's ready to be rimmed and barebacked by some girthy dick. With icy water pouring down all over his cheeks, Jackson extends his left leg upwards until Kyle's cock slides easily into his soaked hole. The two continue their fuck outside the shower with Jackson's back covering the bathroom counter and his legs completely spread. Kyle thrusts himself in and out of Jackson's hole while Jackson squirts out a creamy load. Kyle then pulls out to cover Jackson in his own pool of cum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 29, 2023

Charlie Fucks Gram Raw

When you're in the presence of a guy like Charlie Cherry, there is only one place you want him to be, and that's ON TOP of you in the bedroom! Charlie tore his way through the asses of the Lucas Men when he was on set with them in Puerto Vallarta in November 2022, and Rudy Gram was first on the list of guys to take it deep in his hole. The uncut cock of Charlie Cherry is huge and throbbing; it's easily one of the nicest cocks every filmed at Lucas Entertainment. Rudy is one of the most versatile performers the studio has filmed in several years he can truly take dick just as well as he can give it. But here he is all bottom since Charlie is all top. Rudy stuffs his face with Charlie's godly man meat before stuffing it into Rudy's ass balls-deep.

Island Studs - Update

May 27, 2023

Brooklyn Joey is Back

Super Furry Bearded Brooklyn Joey is Back, delivers a Jerkin' Moaning Fest & Spontaneous Cum Eating Festival as he proudly exposes his stocky furry body, covered in thick black man hair, Everywhere! Bushy armpits, chest, belly, legs, ass and a full bush of crotch hair coating his cock and balls as he spins his big Italian Sausage like a 'helicopter", bends over, repeatedly, spreading his hairy white ass cheeks wide open with both hands revealing a super hairy man hole, while leaking pre-cum, takes 2 powerful pisses outdoors, sweats while mowing the lawn with his dirty furry balls slapping against his thighs, showers off outdoors, sits in the tropical Hawaiian Garden for a very long edging session, spits on his rock hard throbber as he fast strokes and slow strokes his Italian salami while moaning in ecstasy, breathes heavily and moans loudly as he blasts thick cum all over himself, spontaneously, scoops up a puddle of his sticky goo and licks it off his fingers.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 26, 2023

Bastian & Greg

In a swanky Parisian sauna, resident masseur Greg Century is putting sexy Bastian Lutty through his paces on a massage table. Both men are naked and both are blessed with beautiful buff bodies. As Greg works his hands over Bastian's toned, athletic frame, what starts as an innocent massage inevitably develops into something worth far more money than what they paid to get in! Bastian makes the first move. He snakes down between Greg's legs and sucks his enormous dick. Greg responds by shoving his hand aggressively onto the back of his client's head and pushing himself deep into the recesses of the tight, yet accommodating throat. Greg is soon hard as a rock, thrusting relentlessly into Bastian's hungry mouth. Greg knows what he wants.

Freshmen - Update

May 25, 2023

Elio & Pip

It's another beautiful morning in Mykonos and when our cute blond couple wake up, they are instantly in the mood for sex. Elio Chalamet and Pip Caulfield jump into the shower together and things get very hot. After mutual blowjobs, Elio offers his ass to Pip who starts fucking it without hesitation. Pip penetrates Elio's butt and just before the finale, takes Elio outdoors where they both climax and shoot nice creamy load.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 23, 2023

Adam & Bruno Flip-Fuck

Two sexy and horny muscle daddies is always a scenario worth getting worked up over. And here we have exactly that with Adam Killian resting in bed one afternoon after a long morning at the gym working out his huge and impressive muscles. Bruno TheBeardX can't pass up the chance to play with Adam, so he invites himself into bed and Adam welcomes him with a smile and strong open arms. Adam Killian and Bruno TheBeardX take turns sucking each other's cocks and fucking one another up the ass bareback!

Island Studs - Update

May 21, 2023

Hairy Hung Hawaiian Kamani

Hairy Hawaiian Musician Kamani is back for his second video on Island Studs, proudly showing off his big beefy brown Island tan body, thick Hawaiian fur covering his entire body: chest, belly, ripped abs, super hairy butt, manhole and his handsome bearded face. Finally! Another naturally Hairy Hawaiian Hunk on! Feast your eyes on this young horny Native Hawaiian as he plays the ?Ohe hano ihu, a traditional Hawaiian flute nose flute, strips down to his sexy black Calvin's, poses and flexes his giant biceps, stripes fully nude with his untrimmed hairy crotch and balls in full view, accidentally ejaculates a thick load as he strokes his perfect cock beside a tree, walks around naked in the Garden steering a wheelbarrow and garden tools with his big cock slapping against his hairy thighs.

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 21, 2023

Eluan & Sven

Despite being physically very different, there are a lot of commonalities that lead to there being very raw and pleasant sexual energy between Sven and Eluan. They are both fitness fanatics and also both a bit of an exhibitionist. We are not giving away any prizes today for guessing that Eluan is the top in this scene, but we are more than happy to let you know that the sex is great, with Sven taking Eluan's huge cock like the champ that he is and blowing his load while still being fucked hard. Eluan is always a joy to watch, possessing just the right balance of vanity and exuberance to ensure that he and his partners both look good and are actually having a good time in front of the camera.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 20, 2023

Sir Peter Pounds Sexystache

Sir Peter and his incredible endowment is sought after by countless men. Sexystache is among them, and when he and Sir Peter are hanging out, he decides to take some photos for posterity's sake. Dressed in a tank top and shorts, Sir Peter exposes his enormous uncut cock for Sexystache to snap some pictures of before be gets to work sucking on the object of his desire. Sir Peter's own object of desire is the meaty and muscular ass of Sexystache, which he annihilates with an incredible and deep anal fucking!

Peter Fever - Update

May 18, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 2

Fucking A Sub Top: By definition, a vers top isn't exclusively into ramming his big dick into the nearest hole. When Asian muscleguy Zed Sheng finds sexy Jay Tee lashed to a pipe stand with elastic red ropes and starts kissing and groping him, tying a red bandana around his face as a blindfold, who knows whether he's up to no good or up to something fantastic. When Zed drops to his knees and peels down Jay's undies to get his mouth around the twink's thick tool and heavy nuts, it's clear he's hunting for cock. Zed carefully snips holes in Jay's white tank top to get at his firm pink nips and tears way most of the lower half, then snips away his black briefs. Sliding a deft hand along Jay's hefty shaft, he works the dick up to full rock hard glory. He stands with his ass toward that big cock and backs onto it bareback.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 18, 2023

Nico Tops Bruno

Bruno TheBeardX first made his Lucas Entertainment debut in the six-man gang bang of Leo Bacchus. This hot and bearded muscle bear showed off his strong and dominant side taking turns with the other guys fucking and breeding man pussy. But Bruno has his own submissive side too, and when a handsome and hung Latin hunk like Nico Zetta whips out his meat, we get to see just how submissive Bruno TheBeardX can be! Bruno gives his jaw a good workout before bending over and opening up his hole for a deep and ass-stretching thrashing from the huge top cock of Nico Zetta!

TheBroNetwork - Update

May 17, 2023

I Know You

Allen King is as clever as he is smoking hot. When the most exclusive properties in town go on the market, Allen uses the opportunity to hunt for another of the city's top eligible bachelors. When he arrives at this latest open house he discovers hot hairy hunk Giuspel touring the property with his real estate agent. It doesn't take long to catch his attention, and when he does the cat-and-mouse game is afoot. Allen shakes the real estate agent's attention and Giuspel falls into his carefully laid trap. They make out on the staircase, their hands exploring each other's toned bodies. Allen's tongue explores Giuspel's hole, before taking his turn between Allen's muscular cheeks. With a hand on his throat, he fucks Allen's hole with his huge cock.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 15, 2023

Tomas & Jordan Suck & Fuck

Jordan Starr lays on his stomach and arches his back as he gets started with the enviable privilege of servicing Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, with his mouth. Jordan wraps his lips around Tomas' big, fat uncut cock and sucks deep and hard before Tomas spins him around and eats his ass. No encounter is complete unless the King of All Muscle Daddies fucks you in your hole, and Tomas Brand goes balls-deep inside Jordan Starr. But Jordan does not want it to end there, and so Tomas gets on all fours and takes dick himself. And it's no small dick, because Jordan Starr is mega-hung!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 13, 2023

Lobo & Thomas Pound Steven

If there’s one man who can take on the rock-hard manhood of Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscles Daddies, then it’s the solid and studly Steven Angel. Both Steven and Tomas welcome Lobo Carreira to Lucas Entertainment, who originally had a career in reality television when starring on Bravo’s “Below Deck.” Everyone could tell back then how hot Lobo was on television, but now nothing it left to the imagination. Lobo Carreira is stripped down, erect, and ready for action in front of the camera. Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand take turns fucking Steven Angel in his mouth and ass!

Cocky Boys - Update

May 13, 2023

Angel & Benjamin

Multi-faceted newcomer Angel Elias gets his turn in the spotlight to introduce himself and to give Benjamin Blue a heavy dose of his boundary pushing sexy ways. But first, Benjamin shows Angel how he pleases his man by sucking his curvy cock and swallowing it into his throat. He puts Angel into a such state of ecstasy, it looks like he's in control. Angel soon puts Benjamin into the same state with some sensual cock sucking, then tongue slathering his hole and thumb-fucking him till Benjamin is begging to be fucked. Angel gives Benjamin what he wants and more so but in Angel's way as a hard driving top. And,he makes Benjamin moan every way he fucks. Using only the sofa, Angel takes Benjamin in countless positions and manhandles him along the way, owning Benjamin who lets him know he loves it.

Fun Size Boys - Update

May 12, 2023

Damien, Ch 3

The Gardener's Secret: I'm 6'7” now, and I've been taller than my peers pretty much my entire life. Even as a child, I tended to tower over nearly all the other kids. Guys have a tendency to pay me a lot of attention. They look up to me, you could say. Especially my long-time coworker Damien. He's easily under 5'4”, but wow, is he a precious hottie! I love the way he flirts with me at our landscaping worksite. One afternoon, after we had finished up some chores, Damien and I looked at each other and realized that we were finally alone. With a nod, we snuck into the tool shed. The moment that the door was shut behind us, we were all over each other. I removed the twink's shirt and marveled at how perfectly smooth and fit the boy's body was.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 10, 2023

Jerry Bottoms For Rudy

Rudy Gram knows how to give a new porn model the proper welcome to Lucas Entertainment, and once Rudy is done with Jerry Toriz, he's left begging for more. Jerry Toriz gets to work quickly sucking on Rudy's fat uncut cock before showing him his hole. Rudy likes very much what he sees. And before you know it, Jerry Toriz is on his back getting railed before both of these hunky men bust their nuts and shoot seed!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 08, 2023

Alex & Sexystache Fuck Kosta

Kosta Viking welcomes not one, but two, new Lucas Men to the Lucas Entertainment set. And the new faces are the handsome Alex Ink and the rugged Sexystache. Alex Ink is the husband of Lobo Carreira, and they make quite the up-and-coming porn power couple. Since Alex is all top, he takes turns fucking both Kosta Viking and Sexystache in the ass. At one point, Kosta even offers up his booty for some pretty intense anal double penetration!

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