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Cocky Boys - Update

March 17, 2021

New Day

As NEW DAY continues, returning newcomer Zach Astor and Avery Jones show that a camping weekend getaway, spending time with someone without any distractions, gives you the freedom to be yourself and reconnect. Here, Avery whisks Zach away in a camper for a weekend at the beach, a little night time sucking and jerking off, and other fun outdoors activities. Upon their return from a camping trip Zach & Avery are happy to plop down on a comfy bed and kiss with renewed passion and freedom to express just what they want in bed! Avery really wants Zach's monster cock and once he gets it out of his pants he sucks away. Zach is very vocal expressing how good it feels as Avery uses his mouth and hands and takes on the challenge of deep-throating him.

Amateurs Do It - Update

March 11, 2021

Tyla, Max & Don

Max and Don are two sexy daddies from the UK visiting on a couple's vacation. They'd been hearing about how hot Aussie men are for years and were keen to find a hot bottom to share. In this extreme international three-way, Max and Don take total control of Tyla and pump him dry. Nothing is off limits as these two mature men get their money's worth, barebacking Tyla's hot, tight hole and before filling him full of their loads! Regular members and fans of Aussie Amateurs Do it know what an impressive bottom Tyla is. He's so talented he literally has a gold star on his asshole! Tyla loves a hardcore threesome and was looking to get his hole double fucked and destroyed by two, hot, barebock tops.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 07, 2021

Allen Tops Jackson & Dylan

The insatiable and adorable Allen King is all about making eye contact when he’s having sex with a guy. Because though he’s adorable, he’s a bad boy at heart and he likes to convey that to his partner. In this encounter, Allen King makes plenty of eye contact with both Dylan James and Jackson Radiz. Dylan fucks the hell out of Jackson, and then invites Allen to do so too. Allen King tops Jackson Radiz with Dylan James, and he couldn’t be sexier doing it!

Freshmen - Update

March 07, 2021

Jason, Pip & Elio

Our scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. Thus, we are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the three-way of the year.

Island Studs - Update

February 26, 2021

Business Man Benjamin

Horse Hung BusinessMan Benjamin is a super classy, handsome All - American Hunk with a natural hairy bodybuilder body, furry solid pecs, hairy legs, arms and 8-pack ab muscles, big furry tan muscle butt, a 9" Anaconda cock, who poses & flexes his bulging biceps in his Office clothes and super tight grey underwear that can barely contain his big muscle butt, jerks his throbbing 9" cock while wearing a Hawaiian Lei and sweating while working out with weights, bends over to hump and big blue exercise ball with his throbbing 9" boner, exposes his very hairy manhole several times, takes a long piss in a bucket outdoors "hands free" while flexing, sits in a chair by the forest, jerking off, while manhandling his hairy heavy ball sack, shoots a thick creamy load of jizz all over his hands.

Island Studs - Update

February 11, 2021

Thick 9" Dick Bowie

Big Dick Bowie is a ripped tight-bodied, straight, scruffy faced, farm boy from Wisconsin with a perfect furry chest, armpits, with hair covering his amazing 8-pack abs, who enjoys showing off his BIG THICK 9" COCK and an LOW HANGING Donkey Balls that slaps against his hairy thighs as he walks around the property with a full 9" erection with his wheelbarrow and tools doing his nudist chores, takes 2 powerful pisses outdoors, slaps his 9" throbber repeatedly with one hand while manhandling his big heavy balls with the other, grabs his a sweet WHITE ASS with his dirty gloves and spreads it WIDE OPEN revealing a super furry blond boy hole, sits on a bench by the banana grove for long noisy jerk off session, moans loudly as he explodes with a geyser of cum.

Helix Studios - Update

February 06, 2021

Wet 4

After a hot sweat session with Jace and Eli, Riley is ready to shoot his shot with his crush. Riley asks Alex to take a break from the pool to have a chat inside. One thing leads to another and Riley gets the ride of his life. Once they get out of the pool and back to their room, there's nothing holding them back from going right for it. Deep kissing heavy petting into cock sucking and rimming. After that it deep hard bareback anal penetration and you'll love every inch of it. Multiple positions to get that cock in as deep as possible.

Peter Fever - Update

February 06, 2021

Seaside Story

In this naughty and nautical encounter from Peter Fever East, Higaken and his new friend Yukiya take a break from staring at the ocean waves to check out Higaken's luxe hotel room. When Higaken confesses he's in relationship trouble, Yukiya is there to offer a helping hand, mouth, or butt. The two hot Japanese guys kiss and head inside to the shower. Higaken's mouth tickles Yukiya's sensitive nipple, and he returns the favor with a steamy wet blowjob. Higaken runs his long thick tongue along Yukiya's shaft to the rosy tip. In the bedroom, the Asian studs rub their cocks together. Higaken spreads open Yukiya's firm booty and laps at the twitching pucker as he strokes his buddy's cock. A slick finger probes the hot juicy hole as Yukiya moans his approval.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

February 04, 2021


I've done something really special here, something several of you have been asking for...a GANGBANG! Yes, I've put four of the most popular lads from Hard Brit Lads together and the result is SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE! We have tall, young, super-hung nine inch stunner Luke Desmond. We have sexy beefy hard lad Matt Brooks, with his thick meaty cock. We have the seriously hot newbie, Leo Helios, who oozes sex and takes it as well as he gives it. Finally, handsome fit power bottom Justin Harris, who gets a seriously intense and unforgettable pounding and arse stretching. Huge cocks, deepthroat, power fucking, spit roasting, chain fucking, and finally...double penetration! Not only does Justin take two cocks up his arse, one of them is Luke's thick monster cock!

Next Door Taboo - Update

February 04, 2021

Beach Brother Bingo

After a long day at the beach, step brothers Beaux Banks & Carter Woods head back home. Horny Beaux jumps in the shower then joins Carter in the bedroom and seduces his big hard cock to penetrate his eager holes. These two sexy and studly brothers get right down into it. With some expert face sitting rimming all the way to hardcore deep throated cock sucking. Plus doing it sixty-nine style as well. Once the hunger for deep ass pounding bareback sex takes over, there's no stopping them and the ass pounding begins.

Falcon Studios - Update

February 03, 2021

Into The Woods 2

While out hiking alone on the trails, Jeremy London runs into tatted stud Derek Thibeau undressing at his campsite. He decides to sit back in the brush and watch as Derek strips completely naked and takes shower. Jeremy starts stroking his bulge thru his shorts at the site of Derek's soaking wet body, glistening under the water and sun. After Derek towels off, Jeremy accidentally breaks a stick and gets noticed. Since he's already here, Derek invites him into the campsite to give his uncut cock a sopping wet hummer. The thick cock grows rapidly in Jeremy's mouth and he struggles to get his mouth down to the base. Derek wants more and bends Jeremy over a tree to introduce his raw cock into his tight hole.

Masqulin - Update

January 30, 2021

Boy's Trip 1

Long time friends Jay Seabrook, Johhny Hunter, Chad Taylor, and Rikk York are going up for an annual cottage fun weekend. ATVing, hot tubbing, and of course partying are all intended, but some of these bros have secrets, and it seems as though the walls are about to talk. Rikk and Chad rekindle a secret fling as soon as they get a moment alone.

Helix Studios - Update

January 18, 2021

Beach Bums 10

It's an epic Beach Bum Banaza orgy never done before by the team at Helix Studios. Hot young and sexy twinks all over each other. Sucking cock, rimming ass and just enjoying themselves. Deep hard bareback anal sex including Spit Roasting and Reverse Cowboy. Young, hung and full of cum, these studs show you how long they can last and who takes to most cum in every hole. What a way to mark the 10th installment on this series with a HUGE "X" marking the spot and the spot is where they all love to unload their thick creamy boy badder.

Island Studs - Update

January 17, 2021

Big Dick Derek

Beefy Bearded, All American Lumberjack, Ripped Derek is Back for his third jerk off video for Island Studs, proudly showing off his scruffy face with that big hunk friendly smile, massive muscle butt, football thighs, dark hairy armpits, full bush of dark manly dick hair, furry 8-pack of abs, big biceps as he flexes and poses in his super tight black jockstrap which can barely contain his thick 8" man cock and mushroom head & big blue collar man butt while holding his saddle & tree climbing gear, sweats as his takes down tall Hawaiian Palm trees with his powerful chainsaw, balls out naked, wearing only his cap, safety glasses and work boots, while his heavy ball sack and big cock swing between his massive thighs, walks in the rain with a towering full 8" erection to take his first of 2 powerful pisses.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 16, 2021

Hugh & Geo

Sometimes two daddies have more in common with each other than a daddy does with one of his young lovers. That’s the situation with Hugh Hunter and Gio Forte, who take a last-minute trip with one another to Fire Island where they have plenty of fun in and out of their swimsuits! The stepsons are left home for this trip — it’s a MEN-only affair! All I can say is WOW, these two sexy daddies really know how to make anyone watching them grab their cock and jerk it until they pop.

Freshmen - Update

January 16, 2021

Yannis & Mario

Our ‘Budapest Adventure’ continues with our agent provocateur’s- Yannis Paluan and Eluan - in action. Our lead in serves for both sex scenes as we see Yannis and Eluan divide and “conquer” for this week’s scenes, with Yannis choosing Mario Texeira for this encounter. After some ice-cream seduction, the pair head back to their apartment to get to know each other better. They barely make it through the door before the clothes start coming off. Although Mario is the instigator of this tryst, it is Yannis who can’t wait to get his hands all over his buddy. Despite having a god like, fuckable butt, Yannis is the top in today’s scene.

Helix Studios - Update

January 10, 2021

Beach Bums 9

With the whole crew either unattached, or in open relationships at the moment, it’s the perfect time to have an ass smackin’, balls to the wall fourgy! Devin Holt and Levi Rhodes join Dawson Grant and Austin Lovett for a five alarm, fire hot, fuck fest that finds the boys breathing heavy, and working hard to bring one another to undeniable, porntastic pleasure! After devouring dick like hungry horn dogs, smooth, tight holes are licked in preparation for the ultimate, big dicked sticking. The carefree couples trade partners, and taut posteriors, pounding and pushing their porn star sized pieces towards pure unadulterated pleasure, culminating together as beastly being, beating backsides into steamy submission before coming apart to cum together, and drench each other in dick drowning desire.

Island Studs - Update

January 04, 2021

Felix Maze Returns

Veteran Porn Star & Twink Power Bottom, Felix Maze is back and Island Studs has got him - Totally Unplugged, revealing the REAL Felix Maze: polite, smiling, joking and sweetly telling private personal stories, in his own words, and in Korean, about the musical instruments he plays, his large adopted religious family, his entry into the Adult Business, his Favorite Porn Anal Scene, and who he likes to fuck privately, off camera in his real life. In this Exclusive new video, Island Studs delivers 7 things young horny friendly Felix has NEVER be filmed doing: speaking Korean language, pissing loudly in a bucket, showing his Webbed foot, proudly exposing his naturally furry body: furry chest, super hairy arm pits and a full bush of blond dick hair surrounding his beautiful cock.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 28, 2020

Edji & Braulio Take Jackson

Edji Da Silva brought his real-life boyfriend Braulio Doran along to the Lucas Entertainment set. Edji is a hot Frenchman with rugged Middle Eastern good looks, and Braulio is a tall and lean Latino who is horse-hung between the legs—his uncut cock is huge and mouthwatering. There’s only one issue in their relationship—both guys prefer to top. There’s some behind-the-scenes footage of Edji getting his man, Doran, ready for the set by dropping to his knees and giving him a deep-throating blowjob. But the production team wanted to help them both out, so they teamed Edji Da Silva and Braulio Doran up with Jackson Radiz, who is one hell of a bottom-taker ready to submit to these two!

GDude-JP - Update

December 25, 2020

Let the Pigs Out 1

I planned a weekend trip with my good friend and fuck buddy, Ryuji who is a muscle stud from Japan. I rented an amazing villa so I could show Ryuji an awesome time! But in addition to the villa, we needed boys! Fortunately I also brought Don along who introduced us to Pochi. After a swimming pool party, we went to take a hot bath where we had some dirty talk. Getting hot and excited, we carried our foreplay into the bedroom where we capped off the night with one of the best orgies of our lifetimes!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 24, 2020

Max, Ruslan & Ethan

Max Arion is a premiere star among the Lucas Men. He’s handsome, charming, has a hot body, and the enormous uncut cock between his legs is what makes him a top-tier Anal Thrasher! Max Arion teams up with his on-set buddy Ruslan Angelo, and they both have fun using the ass of Ethan Chase, who is always up for having his behind anally thrashed! Talk about a very hot three-way. When they finish it's cum splattering all over faces.

Island Studs - Update

December 23, 2020

Judah & Ripped Rigo

Real Oregon Bodybuilders and Latino Muscle Jocks, Newcomers: Beefy Bearded Boxer Uncut Rigo and Cut Smooth Jewish Army Veteran, Giant Judah, are here for the first time in Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Football team in the rule-breaking popular series, Football Nude #14, posing and flexing their massive bodies fully nude for the very first time out in public beside a Mountain River as they strip down to their sexy black jockstraps and then totally nude: hugging, jogging, pissing, skinny-dipping, jumping and playing together then offering us a Hawaiian Hula Hug Show complete with bright floral Leis around their huge pecs and chest while wearing authentic Hula grass skirts which can NOT contain their massive muscle butts and bushy cocks.

The BigCMen - Update

December 22, 2020

Aternoon 3-Way Fuck

Here is the 38 minute Video "Hot Afternoon 3 Way Fuck: Michael Roman, Jake Morgan & Big C". I have already made videos with both these hunky porn stars, and they know each other through studio porn as well. Neither one lives here, but both were recently in town at the SAME time! So I told them both to come over on one of my days off for a pool/fuck day. They flip with each other and both bottom for Daddy. I'm so into both of them, so this was a fun video for me for sure... I breed Michael Roman's sweet as soooo deep at the end!

Helix Studios - Update

December 13, 2020

Beach Bums 5 What He Wants

Adventurous couple, Johnny Hands and Levi Rhodes invite tight bodied, tan twink, Keagan Case over for an afternoon of erotic fun! After panoramic views of their beautiful beach town, the camera catches Keagan knocking on Johnny’s door for some dynamic duo dick! The boys skip the small talk, and head straight to the bedroom where Rhodes immediately hops up to inspect the goods. The gorgeous couple flank the fuck boy, kissing his lusty lips and nipples before unzipping his shorts to reveal that king sized cock. Levi fills his mouth with Keagan’s meat while Keagan concentrates on swallowing every inch of Johnny’s swollen sword. Soon enough, Hands’ dom tendencies kick in, and he orders Case onto his knees.

Breed Me Raw - Update

December 10, 2020

Marcos & Ray

When we set up the last scene of the production weekend we didn't know what to expect, but we are glad we got Ray Dalton and Marcos Mateo together at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale. As soon as they got on set we knew we were in for a treat! It didn't take long before they were all over each other and cameras were rolling. Hard cocks and willing holes! Marcos sucked on Ray's huge cock, getting it pumped and ready. Ray, who loves eating ass, had his best meal of the day with his face between Marcos beautiful cheeks. And the deep, raw fucking just topped everything off! For sure a scene you don't want to miss!

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