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Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 30, 2021

Marco & Pol Spit Roast Jim

Jim Fit’s stage name might be cheeky, but it’s also spot-on in its accuracy. Jim Fit has an insane body—there’s not a single cell of fat on this guy, and every muscle is artfully sculpted. He’s a masculine guy, but in the bedroom he loves transforming into a big bottom bitch. Jim Fit also has a soft spot for Latin guys, and that soft spot is the tight little sphincter between his ass cheeks. Pol Prince and Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Marco Antonio team up and spit-roast Jim Fit with their huge rock-hard cocks. And to his credit, Jim Fit takes the anal punishment from this power-top duo like a champ—especially when the two tops slip both of their cocks up his ass at the same time and double-penetrate him!

Island Studs - Update

July 30, 2021

Naked Arborist in Action!

Tall Beefy Bearded, All - American Lumberjack, Big Dick Derek is Back for his 5th video on Island Studs, proudly showing off his fat mushroom head 8" cock, ripped 8- pack of ab muscles, scruffy face with that big hunk friendly smile, massive muscle butt, football thighs, dark hairy armpits, full bush of dark manly dick hair, big biceps as he flexes and poses in his super tight white jockstrap which can barely contain his thick man cock, big hairy ball sack & big blue collar man butt while holding his work dirty work boots, strokes his super thick 8" cock to a full throbber while strapping on his professional tree trimmer Saddle, , which grips in thick thighs and firm ass as his cock and big balls hang out of the leather harness, bends over with his hairy ass in the camera as he starts up his chainsaw.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 26, 2021

Oliver, Dante & Manuel

Oliver Hunt and Manuel Skye have had an on-again, off-again kind of a relationship for awhile now. Sometimes Oliver slips away for a fresh experience, like he did with Sergeant Miles. But in the end, Manuel is Oliver’s daddy, and it’s his duty to make sure all of his daddy’s sexual needs are fulfilled. His mouth and ass get one hell of a workout from Manuel Skye on a regular basis, because even though he is a daddy, Manuel has the sexual energy of a young man. But sometimes one guy is not enough, and Manuel Skye dispatches Oliver Hunt to find a new young ass for him to enjoy. Oliver Hunt’s buddy Dante Lauro is always up for some fun, so he invites him over to his home with Manuel.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 25, 2021


Thomas, is attractive, in all ways. Body, Face, Attitude and X factor 23 yo straight jock from Canada, now living in Sydney. This quietly spoken and sometimes a bit shy, young man’s attraction is heightened even more by his humble unassuming attitude and shouldering natural sexual attraction. He has huge impact when you meet him. It’s almost overwhelming. Immediately your heart beats faster, your temperature rises, you begin to sweat and slur your words, without being aware of it. Tom plays rugby, squad’s swims, runs triathlons and plays ice hockey. He also finds time, somehow to work out every day at the gym. While working in the construction industry. Lots of first times for Tom on this shoot. Don’t miss Thomas.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 24, 2021

Max, Tomas Barebacks Louis

Max Arion is vacationing with his handsome and mature friend and fuck buddy, Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. Both Max and Tomas are always up for some adventure and to spice up their time together, so they invite someone over from Grindr. Louis Ricaute is a sexy butch guy, but he’s also a submissive bitch when the right guy—or guys—come along and want to use him. Max Arion and Tomas Brand show Louis Ricaute what’s up from the beginning, stripping him down and having him work on their meat. And when it’s time for Louis to expose that bottom of his, he’s left happily sore from the anal thrashing delivered from the enormous uncut cocks of Max Arion and Tomas Brand.

Masqulin - Update

July 21, 2021

Sun, Fun & More 1

Rikk York is an online “Vlogger” who’s invited three of his bros to a weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale where he has secured a house with a boat and jet-ski. After checking out the house and the water sports toys, Rikk takes Armando De Armas to his favorite bedroom for some hot sex. Meanwhile, Jay and Nick get their hands on Rikk’s Vlog Camera and capture the debauchery. The sunshine only makes you hoteer and more horny. Book me a ticket down there to Paradise today and stay in Wilton Manors.

Island Studs - Update

July 15, 2021

Big Dick Daddy Eli

Big Dick Daddy Eli is a straight former Army National Guardsman, father of 3 kids, who likes showing off his thick 8" cock while fingering his massive mushroom dick head, surrounded by a big bush of crotch and ball hair, his rock hard 8 - pack of abs and perfect Apollo's Shield, moons the camera, flops his hot throbber out of his tight undies and manhandles his hairy balls, flexes and poses as he pumps iron fully naked in the garden, bends over pushing his happy face between his open legs to spread his ass cheeks wide open - revealing his perky daddy manhole, takes 2 power pisses in the garden, parades around the pool deck with his fat 8" flopper dangling while power washing the deck barefoot, sits down on a sofa outside for a lengthy jerk off and ball tugging session.

Island Studs - Update

June 29, 2021

Red Russ

Red Russ, a tall, tanky, ripped college soccer goalie with a belly slapping fat beer can cock and super hairy balls surrounded by a big bush of bright red hot strawberry cock and belly hair, furry chest and armpits, a 6 - pack of abs, who flops is red hot throbber out of his tight undies and slaps it against his furry belly, breathes fire fully nude on his knees, bends over pushing his happy scruffy face between open legs revealing his hairy ginger hole, spreads his ass cheeks wide open 5 times wearing only red rubber gloves as he cleans out the dirty garage, takes a power piss in the garden and milks his beautiful ginger cock for the first time on camera in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs!

All Australian Boys - Update

June 21, 2021


We met ex UK Military, Dylan, in Northern Australia. He is into so many outdoor activities. Kitesurfing, Volleyball, Cliff climbing being amongst his interests. This knock about guy has a HUGE FAT COCK ! It’s like a shape I haven’t seen before. Thick at the bottom like an arm and a smaller top. As soon as he began to watch lesbian porn his cock got hard and the depth of his sexuality took over. Watch how much he got into it, on his face. He kept lubing up and wanking his cock till he spurted everywhere.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 21, 2021

Isaac, Andre Tear Joaquin

Isaac X is a handsome and hunky all-American jock, and Joaquin Santana is a delicious little bottom who loves getting his ass owned by big dicks. If its big dick Joaquin is after, then he needn’t look any further than Andre Donovan. Isaac X and Joaquin Santana were hanging out on set together, when they started flirting with Andre to see his big black cock that’s always ready for action. Well, if you want to see it, then you better be ready to service it. Joaquin Santana has a rough, ass-splitting threesome with Andre Donovan and Isaac X destroying his hole… all while the other Lucas Men was watching!

Island Studs - Update

June 17, 2021

Jerking Bros!

Real Oregon Bodybuilders and Latino Muscle Hunks, Beefy Bearded Boxer Uncut Rigo and Cut Smooth Jewish Army Veteran, Giant Judah, are back for their second Bromance Video of Competitive Hot Duo Machismo Action in the rule-breaking popular Island Studs' series, "Jerkin' Bros", proudly strip down to their super tight sexy matching red undies that can barely contain their bulging thighs and big butts, moon the camera revealing their fantastic contrasting Massive Bodybuilder Butts, Judah with his thick smooth ass, and Rigo with his super hairy Latin bubble butt, flop their hard cocks out to their undies and then strip fully nude, comparing & admiring each others massive nude bodies: posing, flexing and hugging with contrasting boners, Judah cut and Rigo uncut.

Helix Studios - Update

May 25, 2021

Acqua Latinos 2

A couple of boys want to open up to experiment, adding another boy and thus having a threesome. Cesar and Audrey see the boy they love in the pool: Felix. A beautiful Latin boy who loves to have sex, the more the merrier. So they take him to the room, one of the boys of the couple masturbates while watching how Felix kisses and plays with his boyfriend. The guys get naked, they do an incredible masturbation to each other, things rise to a burning temperature, the boyfriend watches and fantasizes, his partner is sucking a stranger's cock. Wow, that is really opening the relationship. Felix, while they suck him, takes the other's penis and the three of them begin to enjoy themselves.

Island Studs - Update

May 12, 2021

Cute Surfer Aaron

Super Cute Blond Surfer Boy Aaron is BACK in this his 3rd horny cum filled video from Island Studs. Watch as he enjoys showing off his young tight lightly hairy boy body and rigid belly slapper, surrounded by a thick bush of untrimmed College Boy dick hair covering his crotch and hairy blond balls as he moons the camera wearing a colorful Aloha Shirt with bright pink flowers, poses balls out hugging his favorite surfboard, gets down on the floor for a Naked Yoga Session, showing off and opening his very hairy BOY HOLE with a smile on his face as he performs the infamous "Blissful Baby" pose, takes a powerful piss in the garden, climbs up on a ladder, fully naked, to trim tree branches, bends over repeatedly to pick up fallen leaves with his bright white ass in the camera.

Helix Studios - Update

April 30, 2021

Patagonia Funny Adventure 5

In the last episode of this series, the hot Latino boys want to say goodbye to their vacation in a big way with a super gangbang. By the lake, they fantasize about the best way to celebrate… They do what they do best and five of them go to the cabin, start kissing, groping and take off their clothes. Two look shy from the outside and of course they invite them. They kneel down and start to suck his cocks with great enthusiasm. The boys are on fire with fever. This is how an incredible orgy is set up, where everyone enjoys at the same time in the armchairs of the cabin, or standing up, two by two, by three, of everyone they want. The big, hard cocks and the tails that are preparing to be penetrated. One of them dares to be the first and ride one of those huge penises on the couch, these guys are insatiable!

Helix Studios - Update

April 28, 2021

Patagonia Funny Adventure 4

In the penultimate episode of our trip through Patagonia, Antu continues in search of men who will satisfy him. While Vincent is trekking through the trails of the natural and wild place, Antu enjoys on a rock admiring the lake. Vincent takes some selfies and meanwhile they do not stop looking at each other, they are attracted to each other so they go straight to bed. These guys with glasses take off their clothes while kissing passionately. In both boxers, the penises get hard and the kisses turn into licking and sucking. Antu is in an attitude of total surrender and Vincent has his virile member very hard and pointing upwards… Soon they are naked, Vincent penetrates Antu with his cock in his mouth while he gropes his big, peach-shaped ass.

Island Studs - Update

April 27, 2021

Jerkin' Bros: Big 8"

Big Dick Dakota is back, showing off his Fat 8" Monster for his second Man on Man Action Duo with his new Bro, Ripped Redhead, stocky furry Robert in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular "Jerkin' Bros" Series! Watch as these two Blue Collar jocks enjoy showing off their contrasting hard bodies and big balls: Red Robert with the perfect amount of ginger fur covering his pecs, impressive 8-pack of abs and a full bush of Red Hot Hair surrounding his belly slapper and low hanging donkey balls, with a creamy white Nebraska farm-boy butt and young Daddy Dakota with his popular cocky attitude, smooth, tight lean Carpenter / Mechanic body, his famous super thick 8" dong, both sporting big ball sacks they enjoy showing off as they flex and pose in their sexy tight blue underwear and nude.

Helix Studios - Update

April 25, 2021

Patagonia Funny Adventure 3

In the third episode, while two boys enjoy the landscape that southern Argentina offers, one of them, Antu, confesses that he has never been with a boy. Tommy can't believe it, he actually knows he was there, but he doesn't care. They kiss and go to an outdoor corner with plants and a fountain. There, Antu kisses Tommy's penis on the slip, still not releasing it but you can already see that Tommy is very erect. Then Tommy sticks his penis out of the side and Antu sucks it deep. These young guys heat up even the snowy places! They make a mutual, ardent masturbation to get the other's semen, but no, there is still a need for that. Antu leans on the fountain to make her hairless tail ready to be licked by Tommy, who delicately spreads his buttocks and eager to suck his ass.

Island Studs - Update

April 17, 2021

Hunky Hal

"Butt Holes are Hot!", Horny Hunky Hal states are he jerks his rock hard cock after bending over & spreading his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands, for our cameras to see his perky dark pink man hole in extreme close up for a second time, as he stands outside in the lush Hawaiian Tropical Garden. Handsome, Hung, Blue Collar Hal, a Construction Worker born in Colorado and raised in San Diego, is an All American Hunk with a sexy athletic gym body, slightly furry chest & legs, solid pecs, 8-pack ab muscles, full bush of crotch hair surrounding his perfectly formed 7.5" throbber, which curves upward toward his navel, a beefy muscle butt & thick surfer thighs, is a self proclaimed exhibitionist who enjoys, poses & flexes his bulging biceps & back muscles both in his sexy see-through fishnet underwear.

Sean Cody - Update

April 11, 2021

The Cabin 4

The weather is getting chilly so Sean, Josh, Justin, Cody, and Devy head outside to chop some wood for a fire. The guys take turns to see who's best at handling the axe and splitting some logs as they chat about their favorite kinds of cocks! They build a toasty blaze and start getting romantic by the firepit, then head indoors and strip down to their long underwear as they start kissing and caressing each other's hard bodies on the couch. The hunks take turns sucking each other's dicks and even form a five-man blowjob line, before Justin becomes the first to take a cock, getting penetrated by Josh in doggystyle. This orgy heats the cabin right up until everyone takes turns fucking power bottom Cody and cumming all over his muscular body!

Island Studs - Update

April 06, 2021

Young Daddy Mechanic

"I Love to get Dirty, super cute & hung, Little Lloyd states about his day job as a Mechanic, "And I Love getting Naked!" he continues, revealing that he works as a Pole Dancer and night at a local gay bar. This tiny, sweet Fat Dick Dad of 2 kids, enjoys showing off his naturally smooth body and perfectly formed rock hard belly slapper and big balls as he Double Fists his thick hard cock and manhandles his ball sack in so many unique ways: standing, sitting, kneeling, and parades around the deck with a full erection and his power drill, gets on his hands and knees to repair the deck with his cock and balls dangling between his creamy white things and bright pink virgin boy butt hole fully open and exposed to the sun, works out with weights with a raging hardon.

Falcon Studios - Update

April 04, 2021

Let's Get Quenched 4!

Devin Franco and Lucas Leon are already naked and exploring each other's ripped physiques and hard cocks. Lucas is first to make a move as he gets between Devin's legs to suck his thick cock. After getting his cock sucked, Devin sinks down to return the favor, giving Lucas a sopping wet hummer. After servicing his cock, Devin turns Lucas around to bury his face deep in Lucas' crack. Both studs take turns using their mouths until Lucas hops on Devin's raw cock for a fast ride. Switching positions, Lucas bends over to feel the full power of Devin's rod deep inside of him. After one last position with Lucas on his back, Devin keeps pumping until he reaches the edge and shoots his load all over Lucas before sliding his spent bareback cock back in.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 03, 2021

Viktor, Andreay & Oliver

Viktor Rom and Andrey Vic tear up Oliver Hunt in his tight little ass today on Lucas Entertainment! Oliver Hunt is new among the Lucas Men, and he had a hotshot attitude around the set when he first showed up. He's cute as hell and was popular as soon as everyone got a look at him. Oliver Hunt is a total and hungry bottom, though, and in order to show him the ropes, the production team paired him with two experienced power tops who are very dependable at showing a bottom a good time and what it means to be a good at taking dick. Enter Viktor Rom and Andrey Vic, who both keep him filled down the throat and up the ass with their big, fat uncut cocks!

Sean Cody - Update

April 01, 2021

The Cabin 2

As Devy gets up from his nap and goes out on the balcony to enjoy the scenery while doing some epic air guitar, the other guys downstairs share a snack and swap sex stories. Justin asks, "Have you guys ever fucked outdoors?" and Josh recounts getting it on with 10 people... then getting caught by a hiker! In answer to the question of have they ever fucked in the snow, Cody jokes, "Does snowballing count?" as he eyes up hot top Josh. Cody and Josh head outside, where they start kissing and Cody sucks Josh's dick before getting fucked doggystyle against a tree and bent over the woodpile. Meanwhile, inside, Sean encourages Justin to hook up with Devy, and as the two guys start kissing, Sean sucks both of their cocks.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 18, 2021

Let's Get Quenched 3!

Tristan Hunter, Johnny Ford and JJ Knight are all getting hot and heavy with each other, making out in the pool. The men pop out of the pool and slip into the jacuzzi where Tristan gets to work sucking JJ's massive cock, while Johnny rims Tristan's ass. After Johnny has prepped Tristan's ass with his tongue, he works his cock in Tristan's tight ass while JJ continues ramming Tristan's throat. Tristan stays the center of attention, going back and forth between cocks up his ass from both Johnny and JJ until Johnny gets bent over and stuffed with JJ's pole. Johnny makes sure not to leave Tristan out when he tongues and finger fucks Tristan's ass while JJ pounds him bareback from behind. Tristan wants more and backs up on Johnny's cock to create a raw fuck train with Johnny in the middle.

Island Studs - Update

March 17, 2021

Big Dick Barrett

Bearded Big Dick Barrett, a Beefy, Big Butt. Italian Surfer from South Philadelphia, with a super thick 8" cock. takes us on a naked surfin' safari in Hawaii on a public beach: parades around the beach fully nude with a raging 8" boner slapping his Snowboarder thighs, rides waves COMPLETELY naked in the big surf, pees on the sand with his board, jerks his fat 8" Italian American Salami seaside, sticks his dick thru a plastic Pineapple, puts a Santa Hat and two Hawaiian Flower Leis - one around his neck, and another, "cockring lei", around his towering throbber and heavy balls, moans as he busts a creamy load of man juice while still wearing the Hawaiian Leis, before taking a sexy shower and a second piss in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs.

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