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Freshmen - Update

January 20, 2022

Elio & Jason

Today Phillipe Gaudin meets a bunch of handsome guys sitting on an outdoor sofa ready to go for a quad bike tour. Unfortunately, Jason Bacall and Elio Chalamet, have to stay in the villa to top up their tans before the shooting marathon starts and the others leave without them. Once they remove all their clothes, they cannot take their eyes off each other. They decide to cool off in an infinity pool but their proximity soon leads to a more intimate encounter and Jason tops his friend until they both shoot a volcanic load of cum. The question is: did Phillipe know this would happen when he left them alone?

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 18, 2022

BelAmi X Sean Cody P2

Cumming while getting your dick sucked and your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi studs are gearing up for round two... That's when Ethan and Justin get home. "I wonder where the other guys are," says Justin when they walk in. They're amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room. The horny studs welcome Justin and Ethan by inviting them to join the orgy, and now everyone is ready to fuck. They all stop to watch as Asher gets DP'd by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they've enjoyed their trip, and their cocks in this stunning end to the gay porn collab of the decade.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 16, 2022

BelAmi X Sean Cody P1

Finale Orgy Part 1 - The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing the stunning villa, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, the trip is drawing to a close. Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi's shown them, as Yannis, Tom, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests. The guys want some dessert, so they head inside, and Bart, watching from an upstairs window, comes out to follow them as everyone celebrates their last night the best way they know how. Not only does the formal dining table seat a crowd, it can even hold eight guys sucking and rimming each other...and a whole lot of cum. This oral only start to the orgy is a sight to behold.

Falcon Studios - Update

January 14, 2022

Wet Heat

Tristan Hunter is already soaked from skinny dipping all afternoon and seeing a completely naked Luke Truong swim around has only made him wetter. Sitting on the edge of the pool, Tristan grabs the back of Luke's head as the young twink bobs up and down on his long cock. Ready to get barebacked, Luke's entire body glistens while he rises out of the water and onto a beach towel. He smiles from ear to ear as his legs are thrown in the air and Tristan pumps himself into his smooth hole. Now passionately drilling Luke against a rock, Tristan pulls out just in time to spray down Luke's hairless ass with cum before going down to rim the bottom's used hole. Luke turns around and immediately returns the favor by shooting out his own creamy load all over Tristan's still-hard cock.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 14, 2022

Tayler Services Viktor & Rico

Tayler Tash is huge. His body is loaded up with muscles, and his uncut cock hangs long and fat between his legs. Add to that his good looks, which are sharp and statuesque. And when he was in the elevator with his fellow Lucas Men, Rico Marlon and Viktor Rom, he could not contain his excitement and started sucking their dicks right away. Tayler Tash is the center of attention in this gay bareback encounter. He takes his time worshiping the fat uncut Latin meat of Rico Marlon and Viktor Rom slowly and sensually with his lips and tongue. And he’s also the center of the spit-roast between the two Latin hunks. But when Tayler needs a breather, Rico once again shows off his submissive side and takes the bull cock of Viktor Rom up his ass!

Island Studs - Update

January 13, 2022

Anthony is Back!

Hung 8" Anal Anthony is Back for his second video on Island Studs! This super popular, friendly, talkative, horny Italian / Hungarian college student from Colorado visiting Hawaii, sporting a smooth tight lean upper body, amazing creamy white bubble butt with the perfect amount of man hair covering his crack & pink virgin hole which he enjoys opening for us repeatedly as he sweats in the Hot Nudist Worker Series in the garden trimming Banana leaves and loading them into a wheelbarrow wearing only leather gloves and sandals, takes 5 long powerful pisses outdoors while talking to the camera - one as he takes a LONG walk in the garden while peeing and talking, playfully juggles circus balls naked with his big boner slapping his thighs, double fists his thick 8" Italian sausage surrounded by a thick bush of untrimmed dick hair.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 11, 2022

Ethan, Bart & Justin 3-Way

BelAmi X Sean Cody Ep. 5 - BelAmi has a Christmas present for you that takes place in a beautiful Spanish villa courtyard, where there’s someone notably missing from the table: SeanCody jock Justin, who's taking a soak in the tub inside. BelAmi beauties Ethan and Bart go looking for him. "We love baths," they say as they walk in, so Justin asks, "You guys wanna join?" They slip off their shirts and kiss Justin as he strokes his big dick. Everyone gets a turn to fuck as first Ethan and Bart take turns topping Justin while he sucks their cocks, then Justin fucks Bart doggystyle as the dark-haired stud sucks Ethan. Ethan watches, stroking himself, as Justin rides Bart, then Bart rides Ethan until Justin cums on his chest. One of the best threesome’s of the year comes to an end when Justin and Bart share Ethan's huge load.

Disruptive Films - Update

January 06, 2022

Peeping Todd

Todd has a filming fetish. He likes to invite good looking, sexually curious performers over to his house and then film them having hardcore anal sex. It doesn't matter their gender or orientation, what gets him off is his ability to lose himself behind the lens and watch beautiful people getting fucked out and shedding their inhibitions for him and his audience. Todd speaks candidly with Johnny Ford and Michael Boston, asking them to tell his camera why they are here today. He then has them do a variety of poses around the pool. With each pose, Todd's assistant captures stills off camera using a silent shutter. Todd enjoys filming and instructing how both performers walk, flex, and move their bodies - especially knowing who will be topping and who will be bottoming for the anal.

Island Studs - Update

January 03, 2022

Hunky Anal Hal is Back!

Horny Hunky Anal "Butt Holes are Hot!" Hal is back, delivers a Jerkin' Fest & Full Anal Dildo Penetration Festival as he bending over and spreading his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands for our cameras as in inserts multiple dildos up his perky pink man hole in extreme close up for a second time on video, takes 5 powerful pisses outdoors, opens his yummy jock butt 3 times, mows the lawn while jerking his boner in the lush Hawaiian Tropical Garden, screams as his blasts cum all other himself while laying down on a bench, before taking a sexy out door shower in the sun in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 03, 2022

Kyle Tops Lex

Lex Vargas returns to show off his incredibly tight body and service some raw dick, something he’s incredibly good at and has a reputation for. This time it’s Kyle Fox who gets to take Lex’s ass for a ride. Kyle Fox is a huge and strapping guy with dark good looks and an erection between his legs that is always ready for action. Lex services Kyle’s cock with his mouth while Kyle eat’s Lex’s ass. Before long, Lex Vargas is on all fours and Kyle is banging him in the butt bareback!

Disruptive Films - Update

December 31, 2021

The Last Course: Act II

Still convinced they're on a reality game show, Brad (Michael Del Ray) attempts to get to know the quiet man sitting across the table from him at the mysterious dinner. Though the man isn't willing to speak, his name tag tells the dinner guests that his name is Scott (Dante Colle). After presenting the first course, the Maitre D places a metal suitcase at the end of the table. Being a boisterous baddie, Kenny (Dakota Payne) tries to jimmy it open. Brad tells him not to cheat and that he wants to do it the right way so hopefully they'll all actually walk away with a prize. Kenny reluctantly agrees and sits back down to tell the rest of the guests about the strange things he and Sebastian (Chris Damned) saw when they snuck away to suck dick.

Helix Studios - Update

December 24, 2021

Ski Winter Ride 3

Snowball Fight - Our favorite young people are still traveling in the snow, in this chapter, two boys play at throwing snowballs and accidentally hit a third boy who passes by. Instead of getting mad, of course she's having fun, laughing, and wanting to join in on the party that, yeah, you guessed it, ends in hot sex at the cabin. Despite the cold of the snow, these guys kiss non-stop raising the temperature to many degrees. In the room they take off their clothes, they stay in their underwear, they fondle the bulge, they suck the penises, one of them begins to suck two huge cocks at the same time, and the active Felix, prepares to insert his penis into it. little hole of the lollipop. He strokes his tail from the side, while the other continues to put his dick in his mouth.

Island Studs - Update

December 23, 2021

Little Elf Ginger Corey

Horny Ginger Cali Corey, is a super cute, talkative, happy strawberry blond Surfer tiny twink from San Diego, California, with a smooth tight & lean upper body and amazing bubble butt with a thick bush of untrimmed bright red hair surrounding his 'Fire Crotch", ass, balls and very hairy legs who enjoys jerking his ridge belly slapper cock while holding his favorite surfer and splitting on his dick, takes 2 powerful pisses out of his red hot "fire hose", combs his big bush of pubes with a red comb, walks rock hair as he scrubs clean sofa cushions with his super hairy ass crack open and his furry balls, dangling between his sweet smooth ass, grabs his ass cheeks and spreads them Wide Open with his happy face smiling between his hairy legs, revealing a pink boy hole covered in red hot furry ass hair.

Helix Studios - Update

December 22, 2021

Ski Winter Ride 2

Ski Wounds - In the second episode of the series Troy Mason makes his presentation and helps Cesar Rose after an intense day of skiing. Cesar is hurt and Troy offers him some massages for his muscle discomfort. Those massages in the cabin are getting hotter, as Troy also massages Cesar's penis and with mischievous smiles they understand that this massage hides something behind it. Troy kisses Cesar and then sucks on his erect penis, they both suck each other's penises and Cesar decides to sit on Troy's cock, then he gets on all fours to finally spread his legs and let Troy penetrate him. His excitement leads Cesar to cum with his semen on his abdomen, then Troy will do the same.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 18, 2021

Kosta & Isacc Flip Fuck

Kosta Viking and his popularity as an exclusive model at Lucas Entertainment has exploded since his debut, and it’s no wonder why when you see him in action. Isaac X definitely understands Kosta’s star power, and has been crushing on him since they first met. Kosta was hanging out in the pool one afternoon, and Isaac made his move. He slipped into the water with Kosta, and neither one of them wasted any time making out with each other and getting very friendly. Once Kosta Viking and Isaac X were plenty hard and ready for some real fun, they get out of the water and start sucking each other’s cocks and fucking each other up the ass bareback!

Sean Cody - Update

December 11, 2021

BelAmi X Sean Cody 1

Your favorite Sean Cody models are taking a dream trip to Spain, and they're sharing a stunning villa with some of Europe's hottest men, the guys of BelAmi! The hunky Europeans greet their new American friends with hugs and kisses over the dinner table, and the guys pose together for photos. The next morning, Justin decides to take an early swim, and Tom from BelAmi admires his form in his skin-tight bathing suit. The guys start kissing and suck each other's cocks in the courtyard, then Tom rims Justin. Tom may not speak much English, but he understands as Justin says "Don't stop" while the top fucks him doggystyle. "Come to me," says Tom as he penetrates the bearded bottom in missionary, then leans in for a sultry kiss before Justin deepthroats his cock.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 09, 2021

Tomas Tops Santana & Alfonso

Tomas Brand never has to hunt long for sex. Being the King of All Muscle Daddies, there’s a legion of men who want to go to bed with Tomas and experience him raw and uncut. Tomas’ energy is nearly limitless, and he’s not afraid to take on two guys at the same time when he’s sucking and fucking. When Joaquin Santana and Alfonso Osnaya both start flirting with Tomas Brand and proposed a threesome, who is the King of All Muscle Daddies to say no? So, he strips down real fast with his two young lovers. Tomas enjoys himself tasting and slamming the fresh holes of Alfonso Osnaya and Joaquin Santana

TopFansVids - Update

December 06, 2021

8-Man Orgy 2

Brian Bonds, Riley Mitchell & More in the 8-Man Orgy, Part 2. Riley Mitchell called me up and invited Brian Bonds to a sex party during GayVN weekend in Las Vegas. This is Part 2 of the 8 man orgy that took place. The next thing they know Eight sex men are ready to get it on. These guys are diverse and hard as rocks to get things going as soon as possible. As you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, you're in for a treat today because you get to enjoy HUGE COCK, ass eating, cock sucking, gang-banging, barebacking, man on man sex with hot sexy tight bodied studs with an age range of 30 to 50 years old. This much gay sexual experience in one place is truly rare and awesome.

Island Studs - Update

December 04, 2021

Bearded 8" Derek Returns!

Tall Beefy Bearded, All - American Lumberjack, Big Dick Derek is Back for his 7th video on Island Studs: "Arborist in Action #5", proudly showing off his fat mushroom head 8" cock, ripped 8-pack of ab muscles, bearded face with that big hunk friendly smile, massive muscle butt, football thighs, dark hairy armpits, full bush of dark manly dick hair, big biceps as he flexes and poses in his super sexy C-Thru Mesh "Hardcore" undies that fully expose his furry thick man cock and big hairy ball sack, jerks his massive 8" boner wearing a Hawaiian grass hula skirt which can barely contain his big hairy blue collar man butt, bends over with his hairy ass in the camera, grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them Wide Open and smiles.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 27, 2021

Kosta & Tomas Flip Fuck

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, has taken on many lovers and fuck buddies younger than himself over the years. He doesn’t even have to seek them out. They all find him, because he’s the perfect daddy. Kosta Viking, Lucas Entertainment’s new and beautiful exclusive model, developed a fixation on Tomas Brand quickly, as he has always had a special attraction to men older than him. But he’s never seen someone quite like Tomas. During their first kiss, Kosta is sitting on Tomas Brand’s knee in his underwear, and his daddy is fondling his erection in his black briefs. Tomas Brand sometimes finds himself with the desire to bottom, and before he fucks the living hell out of Kosta Viking, he first bends over and take it up the ass from the beautiful young man!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 21, 2021

Rudy, Issac & Lex

Though Lex Vargas recently went to bed with the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, he’s no where near done screwing around. These young college guys are full of energy and are always ready to fuck. Another guy Lex finds himself hanging out with more and more is Rudy Gram, who takes on a stepbrother kind of a role in his life. Lex is increasingly hornier and hornier for Rudy’s cock, so one afternoon when the two are laying around and relaxing, they both give in and Lex starts giving Rudy a blowjob. While Lex Varnas is sucking on Rudy Gram’s fat uncut cock, Isaac X walks in on them. But his surprise quickly turns to excitement, and he and Rudy both take turns running a train on Lex’s throat and ass!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 17, 2021

Nighttime 4-Way Fuck

There's nothing like a nighttime fuck under a starry sky highlighted by fireworks, and that's exactly what Rudy Gram, Valentin Amour, Tayler Tash, and Steven Angel have on their minds! Because he always has sex on his mind, it was Rudy's idea to invite three other guys over so they could get into some serious bareback trouble together. Steven and Valentin take on the role of the bottom, and they both take turns getting fucked in their mouths and up their asses by Rudy and Tayler in this incredible scene filmed during the evening!

Island Studs - Update

November 16, 2021

Hot Oral Twink Action!

Super Cute Tall 10" Monster Cock College Twink Adam is Back, sucking cock and getting his Anaconda Cock sucked for the first time on camera by Veteran Porn Star & Twink Power Bottom, Felix Maze in Frisbee Nude! These 2 sexy Island Studs Veterans, Adam with his thick bush of untrimmed dick hair surrounding his huge cock and cute Bubble Butt Felix Maze sucking Adam's 10" throbber like a pro, return to Island Studs in Hot Duo Action - the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular Frisbee Team in Frisbee Nude: tossing the disk both in black jock straps and then fully nude with boners, riverside, then pissing, kissing, flexing, posing, hugging and jerking their 2 beautiful cocks together, before exchanging wet blowjobs in the steamy shower, in this Exclusive new Video from Island Studs!

Hot House - Update

November 11, 2021

Rimrock 3

Trevor Miller finds a couple of hunky studs, Lawrence Portland and Collin Lust, staying near the 'Rimrock' cabin and invites them over to see what plays out. The three studs barely make it in the door when Lawrence and Collin start making out. Trevor joins in and pulls out his dick for Collin to suck as Lawrence gets busy on Collin's ass. Collin doesn't want anyone to feel left out and switches it up to suck on Lawrence's massive dick as Trevor helps him out by fingering his hole. All three studs are rock hard now and Lawrence can't wait any longer to slip his pole deep into Collin. Collin loves taking all the dick he can get and keeps sucking on Trevor as Lawrence continues to fuck him bareback from behind. Lawrence doesn't relent as he continues stretching Collin to the limit with his massive meat.

Island Studs - Update

November 11, 2021

Big Dick Darren

Big 9" Dick Darren is Back! After doing 7 scenes, Exclusively for, when he was just a pup in his early 20s, this very popular Ripped Clean-Cut Boy Next-Door went M.I.A. for a decade, until now! In Celebration of his return, you are going to see a transformation that literally covers 10 years. Big Dick Darren went from bright eyed, 22 year old, clean shaven, tan, buff, super dreamy Waikiki Lifeguard & Surfer with perfectly cropped short hair, to Handsome Rugged Bearded Hunky 32 year old, Professional Movement Coach and Father of 1, with an Edgy new look including LONG beautiful jet black hair which he ties up neatly in a Big Man Bun for most of the shoot, yet still sporting the same radiant smile, Low Hanging Balls, impressive 9" Daddy Dick surrounded by a full bush of dark cock and ball hair.

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