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Lucas Entertainment - Update

Thursday September 21, 2023

Harold, Derek Anal Jock Strap

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful man with a huge bulge in his underwear. It’s all about the last thin veil of secrecy before the ultimate prize is revealed a huge and throbbing dick ready for sex. Harold Lopez and Derek Kage get into their kink together, enjoying some foreplay together in tight black jockstraps. They suck each other’s cocks over the dick pouches and admire one another’s asses as they appear framed by the straps. Harold loves the view of Derek Kage’s ass in the jockstrap so much that he fucks him deep and hard with his huge uncut cock!

Peter Fever - Update

Tuesday September 19, 2023

My Porn Crush 2

The Pool Party: Next day for horny Kai and his porn star dreams, and it's the big Asian pool party. The host introduces his handsome Latin friend, twink pornboi Matteo Gomez, and Kai wastes no time swapping tongues with the hot little stud. The host is a little miffed. "What am I? A chopped liver?" he groans, but Matteo and Kai are already going at some heavy petting and making out. Matteo dives a hand into Kai's swim jams and before you know it they're naked on the patio couch. After Matteo takes his turn stiffening up Kai's big dick with his talented mouth, Kai gets a taste of the twink's perfect tan booty. Kai's in a vers mood, and rams his bare cock into Matteo's hungry hole. It's hot and so are the two screwing guys. By the time Kai's pulling out, Matteo's already whipped up a tasty batch of crema from his spurting tool.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 16, 2023

Harold Tops Mark

Mark Blue has a bright and lively smile that highlights just how good-looking he is. So much so is this the case that the jacked and studly Harold Lopez has taken special notice of him. Mark is a tall and well-built guy, but in bedroom he likes to show off how submissive he can be when servicing dick and pleasuring a man's needs. And Mark Blue does not hold back at all when he gets one look at Harold Lopez, who is one of the sexiest Lucas Men around. Never forget that Harold has an alpha-top cock in need of true attention! Not only does Mark Blue swallow the huge uncut cock of Harold Lopez and take it deep up his ass, but he also gets stretched out by some dildo play!

Freshmen - Update

September 15, 2023

Back to Greece Part 33

Welcome back to Mykonos. It is time to wake up again and start the next adventure. In today’s documentary, Kevin and Jerome try to gather together the boys and start a photo shoot in town. Today is a little different though. Our photographer Benno decides to take the boys to the lovely streets of the capital and showcase it in a new unique way by undressing the boys in different public places. This "gang of exhibitionists" are caught in action multiple times, but the outcome is definitely worth the risk.

Men - Update

September 13, 2023

Bust That Nut

Outdoorsy and muscular William Seed shows up to his campsite only to find he's been double-booked! Tim James and his boyfriend also reserved it for their romantic weekend together, and at first they're not happy to share. Once William pitches his tent, he offers Tim some nuts, and the bottom eagerly accepts, especially when William sticks his dick through the container for Tim to suck! William later hears the bottom jacking off in his tent and cuts a glory hole for a blowjob, then fucks Tim doggystyle. Tim rides the top outside on the grass, then cums as William pounds him in missionary, and the muscular top busts a nut on his face.

Island Studs - Update

August 30, 2023

Giant 6'3" Bodybuilder Red

Handsome Horny Bearded Bodybuilder & Physique Model Red Reg, is a Giant 6'3", 220 lbs. competitive bodybuilder who enjoys showing off his massive back muscles, 6 pack Abs, 16" bulging biceps as he flexes and Vacuum Poses in a tight white jockstrap & fully nude both soft and with his throbbing belly slapper leaking pre-cum, jerks his mouth watering boner standing then seats on a exercise ball, takes a "pee shy" bucket piss beside the forest, treats us to a long Physique Model posing session, instructs us through a sweaty nudist workout routine, working out with heavy weights, playfully strikes his rock hard cock against the hot barbell in the sun as he does curls, repeatedly bends over to adjust the barbell, performs squats with his muscle butt in the camera as his hairless bodybuilder ball-sack dangling between his powerful monster thighs.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 26, 2023

Kosta & Sean Sex Dice Romp

Sean Xavier hit it off with Kosta Viking really fast. Sometimes two guys just click, and that can easily be said between these two Lucas Men. Not only did they find each other incredibly attractive physically, but they enjoyed each other's personalities. While hanging out in the Lucas Entertainment villa in Puerto Vallarta, Kosta and Sean spend some time playing cards with one another. But they wanted to spice it up and make it far more interesting, so they move on to a pair of dirty sex dice. They use the sex game to explore each other's bodies before Kosta and Sean Xavier start fucking each other up the ass!

TheBroNetwork - Update

August 26, 2023


Dante Colle and Allen King return home to the massive rental, giddy and wired following an incredible first night out in Barcelona. What better way to unwind than with a nice swim and a casual hang by the pool? As Europeans are wont to do, Allen shows off his gorgeous toned body dressed in a skimpy swimsuit, and Dante flashes his beefy body and toned round ass in a pair of trunks, that fit just right. The boys cannon ball into the pool before horsing around and splashing like a couple of good bros before soaking up the warm late morning air. Dante feels that it’s too bad they didn’t being those two they’d been chatting with home, but Allen isn’t concerned. Instead, he’s happy to share how Spanish people have an afterparty After kissing out by the pool, Dante suggests they move inside.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 23, 2023

Alex, Leo & Adam

Tawdry Twister: A game like Twister seems like it was made with Leo Bacchus in mind. He's all about bending himself into different kinds of positions for the men he invites into his bedroom. Here he's with Adam Killian and Alex Ink in the Lucas Entertainment villa in Puerto Vallarta; the three of them are playing Twister on the patio. Leo sure does show off his ass plenty during the action, and Alex Ink loves what he sees. They take the game to the next level, and he and Adam Killian take turns fucking Leo up the ass!

Randy Blue - Update

August 22, 2023

Tristan Takes On Sean

In Boys Will Be Boys Episode 2: businessmen Sean Xavier & CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter find there's a time for work and a time for play the lunch hour! While some of the characters in this RandyBlue/CockyBoys series frolic at Miami's nude beach, Sean and Tristan are keeping it professional in the office even after exchanging the "look". BUT, once Sean gets Tristan home, there's an explosion of frenzied sexual heat. As they make out, they virtually rip off their clothes and leap into sucking each other, but Tristan wins out and immerses himself in the challenge of servicing Sean's huge dick. Tristan's oral skills work nearly subdues Sean until he transitions to riding his cock. That's when Sean gives Tristan the full experience, thrusting his monster up into Tristan as deep as he can go. Sean takes control, eating out Tristan's ass.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 18, 2023

Ridick's Spin-The-Bottle Gang Bang 2

Why would the Lucas Men bother going out when eight of the hottest men in gay porn are all under the same roof. They decide to have some fun one night and play Spin The Bottle. This isn’t some cheap game of kissing, though. When the Lucas Men play a game like Spin The Bottle, they take it up far more than a few degrees! This iteration is determining who is going to get railed by seven rock-hard cocks ready for anal. After all, it doesn’t matter who is getting fucked so long as someone is taking it from behind! The bottle lands on Ridick, so he better get that mouth and ass ready for Harold Lopez, Kosta Viking, Jeffrey Lloyd, Nico Zetta, Manuel Skye, Derek Kage, and Jacob Lord!!

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 15, 2023

Bart & Viggo Part 1

We start our Bart Bonanza today with this incredibly hot scene with Viggo Sorensen. Communication with Bart can sometimes be a little difficult as he really only speaks Hungarian, but after a little effort, Viggo manages to establish the fact that Bart would like to get fucked today, and from then on, language plays no part in the interactions between the 2. Right from the start Viggo takes gentle control of Bart here, setting the pace and giving his slightly submissive buddy all the attention he deserves. We rarely see this side of Bart, but the passive demeanor suits him well, as his body reacts instinctively to Viggo's caress and touch. Bart rarely even touches himself here, relying totally on Viggo for all of his pleasure, right up to the inevitable, creamy climax.

Island Studs - Update

August 15, 2023

Hairy Hunky Hobo Eugene

Eugene is a bearded rugged wandering traveler, from Barstow, California with a FULL BUSH of dick, chest, ass and armpit hair who enjoys stroking his thick throbbing cock as he sits fully naked on the warm train tracks, with his big furry donkey balls resting on the metal rail, stands for a Hot Nude Yoga and stretching session with his big cock and balls slapping his hairy muscular thighs, takes a noisy powerful piss in a bucket, grunts like an animal as he releases an explosive load of jizz which strays in every direction, striking his hairy pecs and chest before taking a much needed shower, taking extra time to clean his dirty feet and hairy ass, then spreads his man butt wide open, revealing his hairy man hole, in this EXCLUSIVE new unrehearsed gonzo video from Island Studs!

Cocky Boys - Update

August 06, 2023

Cody & Greyson

CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles & Cody Seiya have a summer workout for you: a little weight training and lots of sexual cardio and a good dose of protein! The guys lift weights by the pool, but they're so hot for each other that it's not long before Greyson goes from spotting Cody to making out and sucking him with the same sensual affection. Cody gets to give Greyson some hot sucking too but he mostly can't get enough of eating out what he joyfully describes as Greyson's "grade-A-hole". Of course, Greyson wants Cody's "grade-A-dick" to fill him and Cody happily obliges, pounding him on the workout bench which is thankfully offers sturdy support for their high energy sex. The workout bench is also built for multi-position fucking so Cody can drill Greyson on his back and with minor adjustment Greyson can ride Cody.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 03, 2023

Sir Peter Plows JJ George

The handsome and smooth bottom boy JJ George never had a proper welcome to Lucas Entertainment. So he gets one in the style of a “Bareback Auditions” audition. And who better to sit with a newbie during his interview than a hung top like Sir Peter? After the interview, you can imagine the amazing time JJ George had sucking on Sir Peter’s all-powerful manhood before taking it up the ass!

Island Studs - Update

August 02, 2023

8" Math Teacher Mike

Hung Horny, Ginger Beard Math Teacher Mike is back in his 2nd Exclusive Video on! This a happy, handsome High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, cute bubble butt - sporting a unique tattoo of him "getting poked" in the ass by a monkey, a thick 8" cock and big balls surrounded by a full man bush of strawberry blond crotch hair, who flops his cock out of his super tight sexy red underwear, flexes, poses fully nude and rock hard - both standing up and also while stretching on a red exercise ball, manhandles his heavy cum filled balls repeatedly, takes 2 powerful pisses on the wooded deck, then sprays his yellow urine with a garden hose, opens his nearly hairless manhole 4 times, spreads his muscle butt wide open with both hands revealing his gaping hole.

Cocky Boys - Update

August 02, 2023

Nick & Dan

CockyBoys Exclusives Daniel Evans and Nick Floyd get good use out of the Camp CockyBoys patio for a little tanning and LOTS of sex. Actually, when Daniel gets a look at Nick's ass in his jock strap, neither one has any interest in sunbathing, just one another. They're into kissing and each other's bodies, but from the start, their hard cocks signal they want much more. Nick really gets into sucking Daniel who in turn enjoys savoring Nick's hole and then replaces mouth with his cock. Daniel takes it easy at first but soon finds that Nick likes it harder no matter which way Daniel fucks him from behind or from a standing position. When Daniel flips Nick on his back he settles into being a total, giving top.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 01, 2023

Kosta & Brian Flip Fuck

Brian Bonds is hanging out in bed taking some selfies of himself after he and Kosta Viking just got done working out at the gym together. Both guys were casting each other plenty of suggestive glances during the joint session. But enough with the camera; Kosta takes it away and sets upon Brian Bonds so he can feel the results of their shared time in the gym. Their clothes come off and Kosta Viking spends plenty of time exploring Brian's body before they take turns riding each other cocks bareback!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 28, 2023

Nico Pounds Brian Deep & Hard

The sexual appetite of Brian Bonds is rarely satiated from just one man, so after his time with Kosta Viking, he is quick to answer the flirtations of Nico Zetta. Nico and Brian meet in a bedroom where Brian gets to work right away exploring Nico’s body and giving special attention to his armpits. Brian Bonds’ eyes practically pop out of his head when he unzips and unleashes the enormous, fat uncut cock lying in wait in Nico Zetta’s shorts. But Brian’s eyes are soon popping out for real as he takes every single thick inch up his ass as Nico pounds him deep and hard!

Cocky Boys - Update

July 28, 2023

Hazel & Jordan

Is sex just as good the second time around? Gauging by Jordan Starr and Hazel Hoffman, it might be even better. After having fun the night before, round two isn't even in question and, by the way they kiss, there may be even more affectionate passion. It's also there in how Hazel lovingly sucks Jordan and how Jordan returns the favor. As Hazel expresses his pleasure vocally as he's sucked and when Jordan turns him around to eat out his ass and when it's opened up, how it feels when Jordan slides in his spit lubed cock and pounds him. After giving him a proper drilling, Jordan gets Hazel to ride him without hesitation. Jordan really works his hole on Jordan who soon decides he wants to fuck him again and he does so until he goes over the edge.

Cocky Boys - Update

July 25, 2023

Daniel & Cody

Summer continues with the much-requested pairing of CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans and fan favorite Cody Seiya whose genuine chemistry sizzles as horny joggers who drop everything for an outdoor flip-fuck. They meet along a country road and since they're both hard, they dispense with subtle flirting and Daniel invites Cody home. At Daniel's place the sex talking duo just start making out on the patio and soon they're also trading blowjobs. On his second round of cocksucking Cody also eats out and fingers Daniel's hairy hole and then fucks him on the lounge chair. Daniel loves getting pounded by Cody, who soon re-directs his sexual energy to riding Daniel and taking his piston fucking. Daniel not only loves the feel of Cody's hole on his cock, he wants to taste it too then pounds him from behind.

Cocky Boys - Update

July 20, 2023

Theo & Jacob

Jacob Acosta & Theo Brady enjoy their time at Weho Pride, but have even more fun when they're home where Theo enjoys Jacob's ginormous cock every way possible. Jacob gets hard just touching Theo's hard body and Theo keeps his beer can cock huge by sucking and virtually worshiping every inch. Of course, eventually Theo wants that cock inside him and after Jacob eats out his hole he fulfills those desires. As Jacob fucks him from behind and later on his back, he learns Theo is a dynamite bottom who takes and loves cock no matter the position. So he's more than happy to let Theo ride him. Jacob is turned on more by how Theo loves riding him uninhibitedly, prompting him to tell Theo, "Ride it like you own it". With Jacob verbally pushing him, Theo soon shoots all over him and that pushes Jacob closer.

Freshmen - Update

July 19, 2023

Back to Greece Part 31

Today's edition of "Back to Greece" features lots of backstage footage. Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol visit the villa to try to find a partner for their own home video. Kevin is not in luck and instead we get to follow Jerome and his lover Riis Erikson on their hot sex adventure. The full-length video of this scene was published in issue 308 but today you'll get to see how it really happened.

Cocky Boys - Update

July 18, 2023

Tristan & Travis

CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter treats Travis Stevens to his first ever outdoor sex scene and makes sure it's a fucking he'll never forget. Travis may be new to outdoor sex, but he's all in, enthusiastically sucking Tristan who soon turns around to give him head. Travis loves driving his cock into Tristan's throat, but he also wants to get fucked and leads the way. The big outdoor day bed provides plenty of rooms for the guys and Tristan dives right in eating out Travis' hole and opening him up. And when Tristan slides in and drills him, Travis makes it clear he feels every inch, taking al of Tristan's seemingly boundless sexual energy. He's on top plowing Travis and pounding him on all fours before he takes a break.

Island Studs - Update

July 18, 2023

Tall All American 8" Don Returns!

Tall, Horny, Hunky, Anal "I Love Fingering My Hole!" Dirty Don is Back for his 2nd Exclusive Video on! Big 8" Dick Don delivers a Jerkin' Fest & Gaping Manhole Festival as he bends over, spreads his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands for our cameras 9 times revealing his perky pink man hole gaping wide open in extreme close, poses & flexes his bulging biceps both in his sexy crotch-less and backless underwear which can barely contain this big 8" cock, takes a piss outdoors, loves showing off his butt hole as he takes us through a whole nudist gym workout, pumping iron with a boner, tortures his 8" swollen cock with the metal barbell, walks around in the lush Hawaiian Tropical Garden with his cock and balls dangling, climbs up a ladder, balls out, trimming branches, grabs his crotch repeatedly.

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