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Butch Dixon - Update

August 31, 2021

Douglas & Gianni

FFS, we know you like big uncut cocks, everyone likes big uncut cocks but Gianni Maggio (who you might remember from a Christmas Meme) has got a fucking huge, uncut raw cock, I hope Douglas Smith knew what he was taking on! Oi Caramba. These sexy strapping lads are dressed down to the 9s, there's not a lot of clothes, but the little there is, is very sexy, and it can barely contain sexy, bearded top ( what else could he be) Gianni, cop an eye full, mouthful, arse full of that beauty. Douglas is gam and takes as much of it down his throat as he can, but it just keeps coming. Its a pleasurable pain watching plucky Mr. Smith taking the whole bareback length up his fuck-chute in the sling, but once its in there our take-it-like-a-man sub lad is happy as a spunky sand boy!

Peter Fever - Update

August 28, 2021

Sauna Nights 1: First Date

In Sauna Nights, some of Peter Fever's most popular models relate and act out their hottest bathhouse experiences, and we're the lucky ones who get to watch. In the dick-tickling first episode, Asian muscle-boy Jessie Lee looks back at the time he met perfect blond twink Zak Bishop at the bar and took their first date straight to the play areas of the local bathhouse. Jessie leads Zak to a quiet secluded spot, though another horny patron bugs them with a pair of roving hands. Speaking of roving hands, Jessie reaches under Zak's towel and pulls out a meaty 8-inch tool to worship. Once it's wet and slippery, handsome tatted Zak returns the favor and slobbers on Jessie's thick knobber. He climbs on a banquette and pokes up his ass.

Young Bastards - Update

August 24, 2021

Sandwich Fuckers

Sergei is one of the greediest boys, and one of the kinkiest. He can’t get enough cock and cum, but he has good friends like Anibal and Dimitri to help satisfy his cravings. The cock-addicted boy is soon on his knees with their dripping cocks in his face, their hard lengths drooling precum while his mouth works them both, bathing their engorged rods in spit. With a little spanking of his hot little ass the boys are soon ready to pound him good and deep, but he’s not the only one who needs a good boner up his butt. Anibal rams him from behind and Dimitri takes his chance to fill his friend, sandwiching Anibal between them. Nothing can grow a boy’s cum load like being fucked in the ass while he’s fucking another boy’s warm hole.

Boy For Sale - Update

August 22, 2021

Boy Cole

CHAPTER 8: Slave Boy - To Master Landon's slave boy, Cole, the master is literally everything to the caged submissive. Landon is also his protector, his owner and steward. Cole's pleasure comes from the older man. His pain comes from the older man. Everything - including the air the slave breathes - is a gift from him. And when Cole looks at his Master, he worships him like a god. It's unparalleled and the only thing that gets Master Landon as hard as a rock. As the hot older man takes Cole out of the cage, the young bottom greets him with a smile that is full of passion and longing. He's missed his Master. Cole always wants to be with him. The slave boy takes Landon's clothes off with reverence, wanting to please him, but also aware of his power and wrath.

Masonic Boys - Update

August 21, 2021

Apprentice Young

CHAPTER 3: Disciplinary Action Apprentice Young - As Grandmaster Angus placed his hand on Apprentice Young's buttocks, the boy could not help but discern that the big, masculine mitt was almost as large as his entire ass! It caressed him gently, teasing his crack and his balls as it moved up and down between his thighs and back. Austin could tell what was coming, but that didn't lessen the shock and sensation of when the first spanking occurred. Whack! It shook Austin's entire body. Whack! It came again, stronger this time. Not enough yet to make a welt, but enough to make Austin's eyes go wide and alert and stutter his breathing. The contact was powerful enough to practically push the air out of his lungs, leaving him breathless as he tried to steel himself. Whack!

Masonic Boys - Update

August 14, 2021

Apprentice Blue

CHAPTER 4: The Anointing - Entering grandmaster's chamber, Cole was stunned by the white light that surrounded him. It was hard to tell where all it was coming from, giving him the appearance of an angel. Not only was he handsome with salt and pepper hair and a square jaw, but he was dressed in an all white suit that was clearly cut just for him. The older man beckoned him closer, sensing his nervousness but not excusing it. Cole did as he was told, afraid to make eye contact. As much as he wanted it, he was still a young man of limited experience. And he'd certainly never done anything like this before. Savage's fingers dug into Cole's ass, feeling his meat and muscle deeply. Cole let out a moan, mostly from surprise.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 28, 2021

Apprentice Blue

Apprentice Blue CHAPTER 2: Disciplinary Action - The first time Kamp's hand made contact with Cole's ass, it was a broad, stinging smack, shooting a spark of pain up Cole's body through his spine. He felt his muscles tighten, holding themselves taut in an attempt to protect himself. It took a while for him to relax again, though he knew that would not help. A second, identical smack came, right where the first one hit, and it seemed to take on twice as much feeling. Cole's poor ass endured it again and again, each time making his body tense up. He instinctively looked to Grandmaster Angus, as if looking for help. But Angus' eyes were cold, studying him, curious what more Cole could take. Cole held on to Kamp's leg, gripping him to keep from writhing.

Growl Boys - Update

July 22, 2021

Lost Boys

Lost Boys CHAPTER 10: Lab Escape - "Lost Boys" continues with Brody being brought to the older man's underground home after an intense escape. Tired, confused, and afraid, Brody puts his trust in the horned man's hospitality, looking to him for an answer as to what comes next. Korzark embraces Brody as one of his own, breeding him and claiming him as one of his found familiars. "Lab Escape" follows Brody as he struggles to make sense of all that's happened to him. But through the older man's guidance, he finds a new place in the wild, Promethean world.

Boy For Sale - Update

July 21, 2021

Boy Austin: Slave Boy

Boy Austin CHAPTER 18: Slave Boy - Master Ballard's cock is thick. There's no denying that. Even for the most experienced cocksuckers, it's a challenge. Austin's so small, it may even be thicker than the boy's wrist. But he doesn't cower. He approaches the task of sucking Ballard's cock with devotion and commitment. But blowjobs aren't why Master Ballard bought him. What really makes him feel in control is mounting up behind him, gripping Austin's hips and feeling his can-thick cock break through his ass. Ballard loves watching him take it. Austin struggles and suffers, but once he's inside, the hung daddy can tell it's unlike anything he's ever had before. A fullness and a stretch that makes it clear he'll never forget who owns him.

Boy For Sale - Update

July 06, 2021

Boy Mark 3 Slave Boy

As Master Divino takes his slave, Mark, out of his cage, the boy knows it's as much a duty as it is a privilege. Mark crawls out on all fours like an obedient puppy, meeting his master between his legs on the edge of the bed like he's waiting for a treat. Divino hands him his clothes as he disrobes, watching him as Mark's eyes are fixed up at him. As soon as he has his pants open and his underwear exposed, Master Divino brings his slave's head down to get close to his cock. Mark's nostrils flare as they take in a deep sniff of his musk, letting his pheromones fill his head. Master Divino can see his boys' eyes roll to the back of his head for a second, indulging in the familiar fragrance of his manhood. His slave is in ecstasy. A personal heaven.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 03, 2021

The Interview: Austin

Master Kamp knew young Austin was ripe for pleasure. He needed to feel what it was like to be a man. Not just to grow up and be brave, but to know the feeling of release. He took a finger to his hole, gently pushing it against it as the tight sphincter pushed back against him. Austin was nervous, sweat beginning to drip down his temples, scared at what the older man was doing to his body. The clothed man pushed in, breaking through the boy's resistance, feeling the warm, soft insides of his rectum. Austin's eyes went wide. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Feeling the foreign fingers move inside him was unlike anything he'd ever known. He didn't have the words to describe it. All he could do was moan in a mix of pleasure and pain.

Boy For Sale - Update

June 22, 2021

Boy Cole The Auction

Chapter 11: The Auction - Lubing up his fingers, Master Kamp started by penetrating Cole's hole with just a single digit. His index finger slid inside him, moving around and getting his hard cock even more aroused. As Cole got accustomed to Master Kamp's knuckles, he slipped in another finger. The two worked in tandem to stretch him out, making Cole moan in ecstasy. Cole was a hungry boy, loving the deep penetration and the public display of his receptivity. Master Kamp could see it in his eyes that he wanted more, but like a good slave, Cole would never ask for it. He just waited, patiently and respectfully, allowing the older man to decide how he would be filled. Seeing Cole's desperation, Master Kamp lubed up his fingers some more, feeling his power flood his imagination.

Trans Angels - Update

June 04, 2021

Let Him Eat Cake

Stunning Natalie Mars is the queen of the castle, and she’s as sassy and spoiled as she is gorgeous. Being a queen has a lot of perks, but the best part of all is that she has a muscular, handsome servant wrapped around her royal finger, and his name is Colby Jansen. She has high expectations for Colby, and he does his best to meet them. He brings her gift after gift, but she’s not interested in any of them. The only thing Natalie wants from Colby is the chance to savor his big hard cock.

UK Naked Men - Update

June 03, 2021

Donnie & Adam

Big bad Adam Stahl is cruising the gents when he cuts across, quite literally ( eventually) Donnie Marco, our favourite, skin-head, mean mutha fucker. He's strapping piece of very sexy man, and he LURVES licking arse, sniffing armpits and general reprehensible piggy behaviour. Donnie is very appreciative of his talented tongue. BUT big burly bastard Adam is also a very keen power bottom and he's spreading those beef cheeks in the blink of an eye, allowing Donnie full access to his wet, tight fuck-hole. Its a bareback festival of uncut cocks and spunky pleasures as the boys fuck all over the place, standing up, with Adam squatting on Donnie's fat uncut dick, this man-whore is getting it always, until that tight hole is a wet mess!

Trans Angels - Update

May 29, 2021

Big Shiny Fuck

Some say that all that glitters is gold. In that case, trans goddess Emma Rose's shimmering skin and sparkly outfit are probably the richest things on this side of the globe. It's too easy to fall for a precious girl like Emma, and so does Michael Del Ray, attracted by the sultry woman's hot moves, fierce attitude and glistening aura. Hopefully, you won't be blinded by the shiny sex Michael and Emma are about to have.

UK Naked Men - Update

May 23, 2021

Criss & Luky

HOT DAMN, these studs were revved up and ready its al we could do to keep 'em off each other to get the cameras loaded. Its Luky Cole's first time, but he's in the very capable hands ( and occasionally mouth) of stunning Criss Denny. Its gonna be a scorcher! Lucky by name and by nature is on his knees in 2 minutes flat, worshipping and sucking on that juicy uncut joint hanging out of Criss's trousers. The lads are in the gents toilets snogging, sucking and fucking standing up, bareback, good 'n' nasty! Its steaming hot sight as Criss takes the cleaning lad up the arse, bending him over to get right up in there. Criss is as rough an burly as Luky is cute and sexy so its hot, fuck and suck spectacular. sit back an unzip, here come the men!

Young Bastards - Update

May 04, 2021

Young Victim Spanked

With his wrists cuffed innocent twink boy Nico has no option but to obey as he's chained up to the pillar. Felix knows what he wants, wasting no time tugging down those pants and getting to work with the leather paddle. He's a mean dominator, but although Nico cries out his big cock is rigid with pleasure while Felix slaps his cheeks and spanks his big dick against him. The boy is completely at the mercy of the hung twink master, made to suck that rigid meat and finally take every solid inch of that bareback prong up his hole. Felix just uses a little spit and he's cramming his cock into that tight little fuck-hole, using his boy for his own pleasure. When he releases young Nico it's only to fuck the cum out of him on his back and make him ride his raw meat.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

May 03, 2021

Ready For Big Daddy Dick

Marco Lorenzo is rubbing his crotch in front of Musclebear Montreal, which is really teasing him and getting him horny. Musclebear then lowers Marcos underwear and starts to suck his cock. Taking it deep and down his throat he loves the taste of big fat hard cock. Before long they're both in their jocks straps sucking cock back and forth right up to the time Marco wants some Musclebear Montreal's ass and he wants it bad.

Peter Fever - Update

May 01, 2021

Chakra Cum 2

When sexy Asian yoga master Levy Foxx gets a peek at the giant hardon bulging in student Zario Travezz's workout pants, his comments on the important purple chakra (ruling the crown of the head) goes by the wayside. He gropes that fat woody and starts making out with the student. When Levy drops to his knees and peels down Zario's pants, the big meat monster pops out and goes straight down into Levy's gagging throat. (That gurgling sound you hear is the mantra of a yoga master at work.) He lies back to let dark and handsome Zario do the work, fucking that tool down his dick-starved throat. Zario picks up Levy's legs and burrows into his tight round ass, licking and slurping till it's wet and ready for plowing.

Peter Fever - Update

April 22, 2021

Peter Fever Chakra 1

Asian beauty Levy Foxx is a yoga master with a special talent for energy tuning. He locates the strong and weak chakras in his private students and demonstrates the way to get things open and flowing in the hottest possible way. Today his student is Zak Bishop, who is going through his asanas when Levy points out his yellow chakra, the energy vortex at the solar plexus. In a neat bit of energy manipulation, he compliments Zak's "strong yellow chakra" then tells him it needs work. Before you know it they're all over each other opening up their energy blockages, and more... If the way to a man's heart is though his stomach, the way to his stomach chakra must start by sucking off his big honking dick.

Boy For Sale - Update

April 20, 2021

Boy Maxx: Auction

As was his right, Master Figata gave Maxx a proper breaking in on the auction block. He put his hand on the back of the boy's neck and brought him close to his mouth, kissing him and letting him taste him. Figata's tongue massaged his, feeling it work deep where his cock had been before. He knew that Maxx was good at swallowing a man's shaft, so he pulled his out to get it wet and hard. For Master Figata, nothing sets the mood like feeling a boy worship his cock, working it to the base and gagging on its length. It lets the boy know that he's his master, and makes him feel like a king. But Master Figata didn't need a blowjob. With just enough saliva on the head of his penis to keep it slick, he turned Maxx around and immediately slid into his tight hole.

Young Bastards - Update

April 15, 2021

Raw Puppy Boy Hole

Francis has been caged for a while when sexy Felix comes to dominate his mouth and tight little puppy boy hole in a hard bareback fucking. The captive is ravenous, sucking on the offered cock through the bars like he's been starved for too long before being released and positioned on the box for some more face fucking. The dungeon fills with the smell of wet cock and used hole as Felix powers his long prick into his captive. The lean leather boy might be cute but this dom knows how to use a tight warm ass, filling his sub with his raw meat while he tugs on his collar and chain, pounding that puppy until he's done and spurting his hot cum all over that sweet little damaged hole.

Butch Dixon - Update

April 09, 2021

Jonathan & Alton

ahhh Fetish clubs, remember them? They'll soon be open again, and just imagine all that pent up sexual energy, up the walls - splattered on the ceiling, slippery under foot!!! There's gonna be some steamy times when this confinement is over. Here's an artists impression of what might be going on - Jonathan Miranda, thick-dicker, smoking hot cutie is getting down and getting all the way UP sweet, butted, super-handsome Alton red, and when Jonathan gets in there, he's right up to his bollocks in that sweet, bareback fuck-hole. Alton's a pushy bottom, that tight fuck-chute is pressing back for every throbbing inch of dark, hot, raw dick. We're right in there for every ripple of Alton's sphincter.

Helix Studios - Update

April 01, 2021

Brotherhood of Games 9

The Master arrives with his slave, this time Cesar Rose, to begin the last session of the year of the Brotherhood of Games. He immediately gets horny, because Gil Donovan is tied up and subdued by 2 members of the brotherhood, while The Master forces Cesar Rose to suck all the other brothers. Then The Master continues directing everything and forces Cesar Rose to penetrate Gil Donovan who is still tied, at the end The Master climbs behind a penetration train and all the brothers masturbate their members around. They are still on the penetration table, they all penetrate each other again and Cesar Rose explodes in an unforgettable breeding. Finally everyone will make a round of cum in Gil Donovan's mouth, a very hot bukakke that ends of course with The Master.

Boy For Sale - Update

March 31, 2021

Boy Austin: The Auction

Austin has been auctioned before, but he never expected to be auctioned by his own father. For just shy of $1 million, Austin is delivered on his knees to Master Ballard, who instructs the boy to remove his clothing piece by piece. Master Ballard has the thickest cock Austin has ever seen and it's a struggle to take even half of it into his mouth. Master Ballard has other plans though, and he turns the boy around on all fours to press his giant wedge of man meat into Austin's ass. Stretched to new limits, Austin begs to be pounded, and sprays his chest and tight abs with cum just before his tight hole pushes Master Ballard over the edge. The man's massive load squirts out of Austin when Master Ballard withdraws his huge cock with an audible pop.

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