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Jun 25, 2024

Tying Up Hung Mate Brad

by Bentley Race

My favorite co-star Brad Hunter is back this week getting naked in the studio. I also decided to try out some ropes on Brad as I tied him to the chair for a series of photos. He's become one of the most talked about and requested guys on Bentley Race. Once the photos were done I grabbed the camera to catch Brad stripping naked and wanking his big cock. We ended the scene with Brad pumping a huge load of cum down my throat as sucked his cock while he fingered his hole on the couch. Every one of Brad's shoots are unique and hot. You'll see why I like shooting with him so much.

By Bentley Race

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Jun 24, 2024

Unloading Bryce's Joystick

by Corbin Fisher

Don't ever try and play videogames with Oakley around, because he's just going to do all he can to distract you from the game by swallowing your dick. Or actually do try and play videogames with Oakley around, because he's going to do all he can to distract you from the game by swallowing your dick! Mere seconds into this one, Bryce is forgetting all about the videogames as his dick gets harder and harder between Oakley's lips. Oakley sure seems to have leveled up his oral skills, as he's got Bryce moaning and throwing his head back in pleasure from the BJ he's getting. Let's hope Oakley knew what he was getting himself into when he started teasing and sucking on Bryce's cock, though! Because he gets Bryce so worked up and horny that Bryce needed to go to town on some ass.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jun 24, 2024

Staying with Dad Tape 5

by Gaycest

The Stranger: As the weeks have gone by, we've settled into a routine together. We are still getting to know each other, though. We have a lot of time to make up for, and a lot of history to sort out. I still sometimes see the "boy" in Hunter peek out, or at least I think I do. Last night led to a conversation about sexual fantasies. Hunter very cautiously admitted that he has fantasized about, "being dominated by a stranger." I suppressed a smile as my cock grew hard in my pants. I knew it. My son was almost ready for a "Daddy." A stranger! Seriously?! Like I was going to give my son to a stranger? I don't think so! These things have to be handled gently, though. I took a deep breath, tried to be casual and said, "I could be your stranger."

By Gaycest

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Jun 24, 2024

Stephan & Juan

by BareBack That Hole

Stephan Stone is shirtless, horny, and waiting for Juan Ferrer to arrive. It is go time when Juan reaches the house, and neither has a moment to waste. Locking lips quickly turn into sucking dick as Juan drops to his knees and takes Stephan's cock down his throat. As I said before, Stephan loves a deep hole and uses his tongue on Juan's delicious ass, which both men enjoy. That was all the warming up that these horny fuckers needed before Stephan stuffed Juan's hole with his long meat. Juan loves getting pounded and takes every inch of Stephan's hard thrust. Fucking is what these pigs are built for, and they go until Stephan unloads all over his bottom's dick, followed closely by Juan.

By BareBack That Hole

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Jun 24, 2024

Trensas & Botika

by Bi Latin Men

Trensas and Botika are another set of hot sexy uncut-cock Mexican studs that just can't keep up with cash so the come here to make some. Starting off with some sensual kissing that works it's way to cock sucking and deep hard anal sex. These guys can take a lot and don't mind being bisexual at all.

By Bi Latin Men

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Jun 24, 2024

Andy & Col

by Bring Me A Boy

Col Raider is sleeping on the couch, knowing that his chores need to be completed. His father can't control him, so he brings a friend, Andy Stivens, in to help put Col in check. When Andy catches Col sleeping, he puts him over his lap, pulls Col's shorts down and spanks his bare ass. That was only the start as Andy began fingering the boy's hole to reinforce he meant business. That wasn't going to be enough punishment for this naughty boy. Andy had to take it up a notch which meant Col's ass was in for it, which wasn't much of a punishment for Col at all, who loves taking big daddy cock. Talk about pain turning into pleasure.

By Bring Me A Boy

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Jun 24, 2024

NAKEDSWORD X RHYHEIM: Gabriel Coimbra & Kelzinho

by Naked Sword

Kelzinho’s happiest moments come when Gabriel Coimbra is using his big dick to fill his mouth and fuck his ass. After Gabriel rims Kelzinho and lays his heavy meat across his face, the tattooed twunk’s bubble butt gets to go for a ride on Gabriel’s uncut meat before he’s pounded out across the bed in a variety of bareback positions. Then, after delivering his final pump and breeding Kelzinho, the tan-lined top pulls out to admire his creamy nut pouring out of the bottom’s used hole.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 24, 2024

Jordan & Darius

by Hard Brit Lads

Aggressive power-top, Jordan Fox with his massively thick beefy cock, pushes stunning young twink Darius Ferdynand to his limits in this intense, incredible scene. Jordan fucks his throat and arse as hard as he can, but Darius manages to take it all, and loves every inch of it!

By Hard Brit Lads

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Jun 24, 2024

Riley Coxxx & The Brisket

by Bear Films

Riley and The Brisket are enjoying the summer get-together, but after cruising each other all day, would rather spend some time sucking and fucking. The garage seems like the perfect spot to make that happen. After some kissing, it was time to get Riley's cock in Brisket's mouth, which he's been craving all day. Then it was time for Riley to return the favor before putting The Brisket on his back, with his legs up in the air, and feast on his warm hole. But that was only the beginning as Riley slid his cock inside Brisket's tight hole and fucked him raw. The Brisket almost gets blinded by the amount of cum flying towards his face, but it only makes his cum shot more enjoyable.

By Bear Films

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Jun 23, 2024

Noah & Justin

by Southern Strokes

After a long day of sexual frustration, nothing was going to stop Noah Smith and Justin Host from fucking, especially since Noah's parents were out of town. The two twins didn't waste any time once they got to Noah's room as they started kissing and groping each other. Justin knew what he wanted and got to it as he pulled down Noah's shorts and took his friend's cock into his mouth. The feeling had Noah ready for more as he switched places with Justin before going behind him and eating his hole, getting it ready for a dick. Justin couldn't wait to feel Noah thrusting inside of him, and with a little lube, that's just what he got and more.

By Southern Strokes

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Jun 23, 2024

Best Friends AJ & Jasper 69

by Straight Fraternity

AJ brings his best friend Jasper in to meet me. There's been some sexual tension between them, and I'm here to give them an excuse to let it out. Like every young, horny guy I know, these guys get hard really easily. Jasper is willing to take the lead and blows AJ first, then they swap. I suggest the two 69, and both get into it big time! AJ makes Jasper cum first, shooting a load of jizz all over his chest. Jasper returns the favor by blowing AJ and jacking him until he cums, too. Now they're best friends with benefits!

By Straight Fraternity

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Jun 23, 2024

Loick, Donnan, Sly & Ferdinand

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

These three slim and smooth boys are joined by daddy Ferdinand for a hot dad and sun gay sex orgy. A long oral exchange gives way to bareback fucking, as Sly and Loick fuck their bottoms. After the two finish breeding daddy and Donnan, Ferdinand sucks the cum out of his partner bottom.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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