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Fisting Inferno - Update

July 24, 2022

Tough Enough

With his boot pressing on Isaac X's hard cock and a sounding rod sliding deep in his dick, Ryan Carter is getting ready to team up with the hulking Marco Napoli to pound their sub's hole. The two leather fuckers quickly bend Isaac over, grab him by the harness, and begin slamming their cocks into his hungry ass. An insatiable Isaac begs to be pounded harder and harder by the men as they destroy his backside and use their brawny hands to slap his eager face. Being stuffed at both ends, Isaac opens his throat to accept Ryan's load moments before shooting his own nut and letting Marco cum all over his ravaged ass.

TopFanVids - Update

July 18, 2022

Porn Disco Poolside Finale 3

Johnny Ford and Michael Boston break off from the big group to go have a little one-on-one time. We didn't know they did this until they sent us the video evidence they sent themselves. DAMN Michael has an amazing ass, but it's Johnny's hole that gets a big dick thrust in it. A bit later, Trenton gives Grant that big dick up his hole, and Grant can't stop smiling.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 17, 2022

Jeff & Enzo

A dark, dingy basement club in Paris. Thumping techno. Sweat trickling down the black-painted walls. Two guys, dressed in leather harnesses, underwear and boots, stand facing each other, expectantly. The taller of the two is the legendary man-mountain, Jeff Stronger. The other is Enzo Di Karina, a shaven-headed hunk who likes what he's seeing and wants a piece of it as soon as possible. Stronger ambles towards Karina and the two men are soon making out. Their kisses are wet and needy. Both men exude an almost dangerous masculinity. Stronger sucks Karina's big dick, thrilling the shorter guy with his highly-tuned head-giving skills. Things get decidedly steamy as the two men assume a reverse 69 position. Karina soon has his sleazy tongue lodged deep inside Stronger's ass.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 16, 2022

Apprentice Rivers Ch 2

Disciplinary Action: Sometimes an apprentice needs to be punished. My name is Master Kamp, and I'm responsible for disciplining our recruits. I'm presently mentoring Master Knox in the art of discipline, and a useful opportunity recently presented itself for him to show me what he's learned...We have a somewhat troubled young apprentice called Rivers for whom punishment has sadly become necessary. Master Knox was to take the lead and he began by starting to remove Rivers' formal clothing. The boy remained passive but there were subtle signs that he was nervous. We use a series of Perspex pegs as part of our discipline regime which the boy is expected to tackle one by one. Rivers was instructed to prepare the pegs in turn and lower himself down onto them. We moved swiftly through the first few. They were too easy for him.

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 13, 2022

WoofPigBoy Gangbang

Scene 4 from GANGBANGAPALOOZA: With WOOFPIGBOY, ALEX JOTA, CARONE JULIO, RAFFAH T’CHALLA, ROGERIO ROGERS, and more than a dozen anonymous tops At a sex party in Brazil, WOOFPIGBOY is set up in a separate room to be the designated cum receptacle for any and all. Woof starts off blindfolded but someone quickly removes it as the bottom gets on a fuck table in the middle of the room so everyone has full access. We have all been there – some guys stand around watching, some are on their knees fluffing the tops to get them ready. Then anonymous tops come forward to fuck the free hole. This is an abridged presentation of an event that went on for hours featuring mostly the cum-shots and breedings.

Edward James - Update

July 09, 2022

Black Mamba & Savage

Savage Moore is bored with small-town life in Georgia. The gay scene isn't anything like it is in the bigger cities. And that's really too bad because Savage has got such a great big black dick that everyone could enjoy! When he fills out his model application, he checks that he'd be willing to do "everything" on camera... and that's where Black Mamba comes in. The director's assistant gets his first task: get Savage hard. But suddenly Savage is shy, and doesn't want to remove his underwear. Black Mamba guides him through and soon Savage is naked. Mamba has his orders, so he gently strokes Savage's big cock to get him going. Soon, Savage is into it too, rubbing Mamba's mamba through his pants. A huge gasp of pleasure rings out as Mamba takes Savage's hard-on into his mouth.

Boy For Sale - Update

July 08, 2022

Boy Danny Ch 4

The Appraisal: Buyers spend a lot of money on their boy slaves, so it's not surprising that they want to inspect the merchandise before the auction starts. Today it's the Boy Danny who's getting assessed and two potential masters have stepped forward to take advantage of early access. Master Charger is overseeing the appraisal today. Showing the boy off to Master Dixon as his current owner, Master Legrand, watches on with pride. This is the payoff for all the training and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. Master Legrand gently tweaks Danny's perky nipples which send shockwaves through his young body. With Master Charger and Master Dixon rubbing him gently and sensually, he can't help but let out a moan. Three hot daddies playing with him at the same time!

Masonic Boys - Update

July 01, 2022

Apprentice Ryan Ch 7

The Sacrament: Grandmaster Wolf was wearing the ceremonial mask when Apprentice Marcus tentatively entered the dark room. Marcus couldn't believe how tall the Grandmaster was and the power and magnetism he seemed to radiate. Wolf gently caressed Marcus' soft, trembling face before casually ripping off his shirt and tie and throwing them to the floor. A bolt of fear shot through Marcus' body. The Grandmaster stood behind Marcus and ran his large hands seductively over what felt like every inch of the boy's body. Moments later, Marcus felt himself being picked up and placed him on the ceremonial table. Marcus was not expecting him to suddenly scoop him up in his arms and kiss him passionately. The boy's beautiful cock instantly started to bulge uncontrollably.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 23, 2022

Jeff & Romeo

Euro porn god, Jeff Stronger, is back to his old tricks. Man mountain, Jeff, dressed in a leather harness and jock strap, has made his way into a dark, dirty cellar beneath a sex club somewhere in Paris. As his eyes become accustomed to the darkness, he realizes he's not alone. Crouched provocatively on the floor is heavily-tattooed hunk, Romeo Curtois, who's wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a tight jockstrap. Jeff wastes no time asserting his dominance and interest, rubbing his leather boots all over the well-sculpted cheeks of Romeo's bubble butt. Within seconds, he's using his alpha saliva to lube up his new slave's ass, while Romeo eagerly wraps his mouth around Jeff's pleasingly engorged dick. Romeo clearly gives great head. Jeff's huge, veiny dick rapidly turns as hard as concrete

Boy For Sale - Update

June 23, 2022

Boy Austin Ch 21

The Prize - The Boy Austin is prepped and ready to go back on the auction block. The slave boy has been here many times before, so the feelings he gets as he climbs up wearing only his black jockstrap are familiar. The auctioneer starts the bidding. The pace is slow at first, but as the auctioneer begins demonstrating all of Austin's assets and talents, the numbers start flying by. The auctioneer turns Austin around showing off his delicious boy-hole. He starts playing with it, showing how ready Boy Austin is for whatever his new Master's desires might be. The group must like what they're seeing because the numbers go up and up. Boy Austin and his hole are the main prize of the auction! Bidding has closed and the new Master steps forward, ready to claim what's his.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 16, 2022

Kameron, Kevin & Boy

Kameron Frost had been waiting all day to get to the bathhouse. He loves getting his dick sucked, and the glory hole room is the perfect place for guys like him. It took forever for the workday to end, but when he was done he just had to take care of the ache in his pants! Heading straight for the glory hole area, he's a little surprised to see someone is already in there. Kevin Archer is wearing just a towel and has the same goal as Kameron. Good thing there's more than one glory hole there! Through the hole, Kameron and Kevin can see one of their favorite cocksuckers is on his knees on the other side. No name for the deep-throater in a mask; everyone just calls him Boy. Kameron sticks his rock-hard uncut cock through the hole - Boy loves sucking and is very good at what he does!

Raw Road Nation - Update

June 10, 2022

Mindless Mid-Shift Delivers

We've all been there, fucking horny ata work, I'm sut waiting for someone to come deliver some great big hard cock. These tow blokes working a shift togetherat a local fetish barwhen all of the sudden they break outinto spontaneous fucking. Sucking his dick in this dirty clubthey rip off their clothes and start ass pounding right in the bar! He only pauses briefly to lick and lube up hid asshole. They love the taste of each other's cum. Fingering it right in there before exploding all over each other. Then they con finally go back to work, now with no destractions.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 09, 2022

Highway 4

Grant Ducati willingly complies with whatever master Devin Franco commands and that includes wearing a dildo mask to face fuck the gaping mouth of fellow sub Lucas Leon. The bearded boy gags and gulps down the dildo as it's thrust into his mouth and until his master is completely satisfied. Lucas soon finds his body tied down by shrink wrap as his open face hole takes Devin's dick and his ass is invaded by human dildo Grant. The two tops swap places and with Lucas still wrapped up and unable to move, turn the sub into their own personal cum rag by erupting all over his helpless body. Only then does Devin set the hairy fucker free and allow him to drain his own aching balls.

Boy For Sale - Update

June 08, 2022

Boy Ethan Ch 1

The Grooming - Master Barrett is an expert groomer and will have everything in place for the boy Ethan to fetch a high price at the auction. He gently moves his hands up and down the boy's bare torso, caressing every curve with a whisper touch. Master Barrett senses how Ethan's body is submitting itself to him so he turns his attention to Ethan's rock-hard nipples. They're ripe for sucking and nibbling and Ethan's moans shows the Master is going in the right direction. The boy's massive rock-hard cock pops to attention and the master groomer starts to stroke it. The same tongue that was giving Ethan the shivers during nipple play is now masterfully caressing the boy's long curvy cock. It almost pushes Ethan over the edge! The boy Ethan is ready. Master Barrett takes him by the hand and guides him to the auction block.

Fuckermate - Update

June 06, 2022

Raw At Boysbar BCN

Our horny supersized mate Abel Sanztin wanted to spend a night out in Barcelona and went to Boys Bar, one of the best gay bar in town. When the time for the last drink comes, Abel doesn't want to go home: he just want to top the night off and give a raw hard fuck to the sexy waiter Jorge Sainz that has invited him to stay. Jorge on his part, with his ass on fire as usual, doesn't want to miss the chance to get impaled by the gorgeous visitor. Lust explodes between the two guys and when Abel takes his underwear off, Jorge understands he has to bring his best skills out, well aware of the monster cock that hangs between the legs of his new friend. The bar counter is a perfect place for Abel to get sucked first, then to attack Jorge's ass with his huge stick and bang him bareback like he hasn't enjoyed it in ages!

Bound Twinks - Update

June 03, 2022

Tyler & Ethan

Encounter 3 - Ethan swings gently in his sling, waiting patiently for his Dom twink, Tyler Tanner, to return. His mouth is gagged with tape and his hands and feet are bound, but his desire to run is totally overwhelmed by his excitement about what's to come. Tyler has proven to be a very sensual top, giving him more pleasure than he would have ever thought to ask for. And when he re-enters his dungeon, Ethan Tate is breathless to feel his touch and kiss again. Tyler sees Ethan and is instantly hard. He knew Ethan would make a perfect captive submissive! And he's ready to back inside his guts! Tyler eats Ethan's hole, fingering it and praising it for being a perfect gift for his cock.

Masonic Boys - Update

June 02, 2022

Apprentice Young Ch 9

Second Anointing - Austin has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. The grandmasters believe he will make a fine member of the Brotherhood. He'll experience extreme pleasure during today's anointing. He'll feel the respectful, erotic touch of Grandmaster Savage. Every inch of Austin's body will ache for the older man and he will long to feel Savage's penis deep inside him. Savage's large hands are warm and masculine. He covers them with sacred oils and runs them suggestively over the boy's back, legs, feet, and butt. Savage slowly strips out of his pure white suit and tie. His large dick bulges impressively in his semi-transparent boxer shorts. He runs his slippery palm over Austin's excited penis. Thick pre-cum oozes through the fabric of the Grandmaster's underwear.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

May 28, 2022

Fort Troff Part 1

Jordan & Archer - Fort Troff is known for its wide variety of sexy toys and restraints to make good sex even better! But not many know about their full decked out sex dungeon! Archer Croft and Jordan Starr got to strap on their favorite gear and head to the sling for a hot encounter they won't soon forget! Jordan stands like a god with his leather gloves, harness, and goggles, body perfectly chiseled and massive, rigid cock ready for Archer to worship. The shorter, tatted bottom is no stranger to being on his knees in service of a handsome alpha, and being in the Fort Troff dungeon unlocks his inner cock sucking submissive. Jordan chokes Archer with his powerful shaft, looking up at his powerful master. Jordan can hardly wait to get Archer in the sling, getting him at the perfect fucking height to destroy his hole with his bare shaft.

Boy For Sale - Update

May 28, 2022

Boy Jesse Ch 2

The Auction - The auction went almost exactly to plan. The boy Jesse was rock hard throughout and bidding was brisk. The hammer came down just shy of half a million dollars. The buyer was Master Dixon. Dixon is uncompromisingly dominant and the boy will be a good fit for him. As he stood up from the crowd and walked towards Jesse, I saw a flash of a smile crossing the boy's face. He plainly liked what he was seeing. Dixon wanted me to stick around as he sampled the boy for the first time. He examined Jesse from all angles, nonchalantly pulling back the pouch of the boy's jock to get a sense of what was going on down there. Dixon plainly wanted to watch me fucking the boy and my dick slid into him easily enough. Dixon watched intently, unzipping his fly, pulling out his cock and rubbing it wantonly.

Trans Angels - Update

May 28, 2022

Glowed Up Booty

Blonde-haired seductress Emma Rose is the star performer in this mesmerizing show, where she tantalizingly displays her enviable curves in sexy neon stockings. Covered in glowing paint, the extraordinary t-girl puts on a glittering spectacle which entices the devilishly handsome Dante Colle, who is captivated by Emma’s beauty and wants to pay homage to this stunning trans queen. Beguiled by Emma’s vibrant, mystical aura, dark-haired Dante slips a finger into her gorgeous, round booty, then gently probes the all-natural babe’s juicy hole with his tongue. Turned on, Emma invites the muscular hunk to stretch her in doggystyle, moaning with euphoric delight as she pushes her perfect ass against the full length of Dante’s thick shaft.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 23, 2022

Apprentice Rivers Ch 1

The Interview - The Grandmasters had been impressed by Marcus ever since he applied for an apprenticeship with the order. He's a good-looking, compliant young man with impeccable manners and an unwaveringly discrete disposition. Master Kamp, especially, was impressed by how stylishly turned out he was. The boy smelt clean. His tie was perfectly knotted. It was clear he wanted to impress. Master Kamp enjoys putting new recruits through their paces. Little can be more satisfying than introducing a promising young man to a world of pure, deep pleasure. But this process can only begin when the boy finally lets his guard down - and this can take a while. Marcus fought hard.

Fetish Men - Update

May 21, 2022

Chained Sucker

Tough Bobby Ryker leads submissive bottom Zen Goken to a chain sling. Zen's cuffed and harnessed, begging for a rough hand slap across his firm round ass. Booby can't keep his mouth off that sweet hole, burrowing in to get a musky taste and lubing it up with a gob of spit. Opened up and ready to get his ass screwed, Goken kneels and gets a steaming piss shower from his merciless master. Zen climbs backward into the sling, drops his head to give Ryker free rein to fuck that piss-soaked cock down his hungry throat. Once he's properly fed a hefty meal of musky dick, he gets plowed by Bobby's stiff black dildo. His hole throbbing and twitching for more, he cries out for Ryker's cock to fill the empty space. Grabbing the chains, Bobby pumps his raw tool deep into the wide-open butthole.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 16, 2022

Greg & Matt

Hanging out in an old tunnel known for its cruising, Matt Kennedy wears assless underwear anticipating this deep hunger. Tall top, Greg Centuri, comes in and likes what he sees. He's horned up, too, and can't move on without finding a deep, hot ass to plunge into. As they start to make out, the hunger deepens. With every flick of their tongues, the need grows, and so does the size of their dicks. They release their fuck sticks from their clothing as their hands explore their hot, young bodies. They're both craving a taste of each other and the deepthroating reaches a fevered pace quickly. Greg loves to nibble on Matt's uncut foreskin and Matt loves the sucking so much that he has to switch off just to keep from blowing his load too early.

Boy For Sale - Update

May 15, 2022

Boy Danny Ch 3

Slave Boy - Danny's belonged to me for some time now. Our bond is strong. We are sexually compatible in an almost profound way. We are carnally addicted to each other. Naturally, he remains caged most of the time, staring out at me with those irresistibly obedient eyes. I probably let him out to play far more often than is good for him. He responds so well to my touch. The moment my fingers make contact with his smooth, porcelain-like skin, he seems to enter a sort of ecstatic trance. He certainly knows how to pleasure me orally. He savors my dick with every one of his senses, obeying my commands while peering up at me longingly with those huge, deep blue eyes. I sit on the ottoman and part my legs. He stands, turns his back and then, so tentatively, pushes himself onto my dick.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 09, 2022

Pedro & Mike

Steamy bathhouse sex! Pedro is a go-go boy who knows how to please the customers. He shakes his moneymaker up on the box wearing only a low-cut singlet. Mike Eventz has come ready for this hot show - wearing nothing but a white towel for now. It gives the furry-chested Frenchman easy access to his chubbing uncut cock, and Pedro Paliza's dancing has got Mike stroking his approval. After a few minutes of watching, Mike decides it's time to take this showboy into his own hands. He climbs up onto the stage and starts dancing with Pedro, right out where everyone can see! Pedro is also furry and they enjoy feeling each others' hairy chests as their hungry tongues explore deep inside each others' mouths. Pedro's hot uncut cock springs to life and it's immediately clear that the singlet isn't going to hold one much longer.

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