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Raging Stallion - Update

January 29, 2020

Give It To Me Raw 1

'Yeah, baby... Grab my balls and pull 'em down!' growls muscle-bear Drew Sebastian in his low sexy bass voice, legs dangling in the swimming pool while his world-famous, 10-inch tube steak gets slurped on by fuzzy blond brick shithouse, Cain Marko. Basking on his furry belly with a mouthful of giant daddy dong, he pleads, 'I want it,' as he comes up for air. 'Yeah, suck my dick, man,' Drew replies as his big cock gets even harder and Cain slips into the pool to try to deep throat the one-eyed beast. Inside, hung young-buck Edji Da Silva is waiting and ready for a raw three way on the living room floor. While Drew sits spread-eagle enjoying the view and stroking his dick, Cain and Edji put on a private bareback flip-flop fuck show for him.

Chaos Men - Update

January 26, 2020

Drew & Maverick Raw

Maverick is such a great Bottom that I was eager to pair him with a terrific Top. Drew Foxx proved in his last video that he has what it takes. They start by blowing each other, but of course the real thrill is watching Drew hammer Maverick with his thick dick. For me, the best moment is watching Maverick ride Drew's cock reverse cowboy-style. Despite the strain of riding like that, Maverick does a lot of the grinding, and his cock flops around and Drew's dick slides in and out. They were even making-out in this position. Drew really had to fuck Maverick a long time while Maverick was on his back. Maverick kept getting close to cumming, and then Drew would slow down because he was sweating so hard.

Spunk Worthy - Update

January 25, 2020

Niles' Massage

After his solo shoot, Niles got in touch to see what else he could do to make some cash. When I told him about the massage shoot, he said he'd give it some thought. When no answer came after a couple weeks, I figured it was a no-go. But apparently when rent was due, it suddenly didn't seem like all that bad of a gig. Niles had never gotten "regular" massage, let alone a happy-ending one. And taking the leap to get his first from a guy didn't seem to phase him too much (or else he was just playing it cool pretty convincingly). When I asked how he was feeling about everything, he just shrugged and said with a smile, "It is what it is." It probably didn't hurt that he'd been busy and hadn't had much time to rub one out for a couple days.

Bearback - Update

January 21, 2020

Bearly Working 1

Carlos Cruz is working on the house preparing for the big storm coming in. He's not going fast but he wants to pace himself so he doesn't overdue it. Riley's been looking for him and he finds him up on a ladder presumable working really hard. Riley Mitchel brings him down off the job and takes him to the pool so he can have a break. He they start to passionately kiss which leads into some amazing cock sucking as these two Bears enjoy the outside together. Riley is hunger from some sexy Carlos meat so he pushes his Bear cock into his tight firm hole and gives him an amazing pounding which leads them into a few positions and one big ender with cum all over the place except when it's Riley's turn to cum a friend comes out of the house and takes them both inside for some more.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

January 12, 2020

Teaching My Boy

Dave London desperately needed a boy. So he went online to order one. There was only one problem. When the kid showed up, he was there for Dave's buddy, Marco Napoli. Turns out the swarthy hung stud had ordered Daniel first. Dave had no choice but to contain his jealousy and disappear into the house, leaving the boy to Marco. But Dave is a patient man. He didn't mind being second, especially since he's rarely as nasty with his boys as Marco. Plus, Dave didn't mind that the kid had already been used. In fact, it added to the thrill. Besides, there were things he could still teach the boy. Like swimming. Daniel was reluctant at first, but Dave coaxed him into the pool. There, holding the boy firmly, Dave guided Daniel, teaching him how to stay afloat.

Bear Films - Update

January 10, 2020

Missed You

Some time has elapsed since Adam Jones last hooked up with Ale Tedesco. But now Adam is back, after touring the countryside on his bike. Ale, who had been lounging out on the patio, welcomes him with open arms... and an open mouth! Ale gives Adam the royal treatment-- kissing, licking and nibbling--after stripping him down. The two then get into some delicious, mutual cocksucking, with a hot 69 session that will leave you drooling. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, but with a simultaneous orgasm that will knock your socks off. Clearly, these two missed each other!

Dominic Pacifico - Update

January 03, 2020

Dominic Does Brazil 5

Kadu Silva is my newest find in Brazil. I met him at a local sauna where he works. He spotted me coming in and as I was leaving, handed me his number with a wink. He invited me to come meet him in the hot tub the next day before they opened, and bring my camera. It seems every hot gay Brazilian stud I meet has a perfect big juicy cock and hot bubble ass and Kadu was no exception. He looked phenomenal naked and it only took minutes until we were passionately kissing and going down on each other's big Latin cocks. Next I took to eating out his juicy ass before fucking him in the water. I couldn't help but let the foot fetish in me come out and lick his big, smooth feet as I fucked.

Trans Angels - Update

January 01, 2020

After The After Party

The party's never really over when your name is Daisy Taylor and you're one of the most sought after girls out there. The morning sun shines bright on Daisy's silky body and fills her with lust by the poolside. Wolf Hudson is not a lifeguard, but when he sees Daisy by the pool he's more than ready to give her some mouth to mouth action. They carelessly throw their clothes in the pool and throw themselves at each other. After kissing the girl, Wolf devours her (w)hole. Daisy's mouth and ass long for a taste of Wolf's dick. Wolf thrust Daisy with all his might until he's about to explode. In the end, Daisy takes Wolf's load all over her face before getting back to relaxing in the pool.

Island Studs - Update

December 20, 2019

Surfer Emilio

Tall 6'3" Hung Hapa Hawaiian Surfer Boy Emilio is Back, showing off his a tight all-natural smooth tan boy-body, nice bush of dark Asian Hawaiian dick hair, big ball sack and a big thick 'always' hard 8" towering belly slapper, while stroking his big fat Hawaiian boner sticking out of his grey boxer briefs, takes a long piss in the garden, stands jerking his throbbing red cock with a Hawaiian Flower Lei wrapped around his erection like a cock ring and one dangling around his sexy neck, skinny drips in the pool fully nude like a dolphin underwater - all caught on film with the unique Island Studs' Underwater Sports Action Cam, floats on a pool raft in the sun, grabs his sweet ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them wide open, 3 times, revealing his pink smooth virgin surfer butt hole.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 13, 2019

Wet Dreams 3

In the final installment of Wet Dreams, Aston Springs and Bentley Michael enjoy the warm lust-filled waters as they dive deep, kissing in the pool like they never want to come up for air. Out of the water, Aston deepthroats Bentley's cock, then the blond top eats Aston's ass until he moans, then fucks him doggystyle. The guys take a quick break for a steamy 69 before Ashton rides Bentley till he cums, then sucks out the top's jizz.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 11, 2019

Wet Dreams 2

In the second installment of Wet Dreams, the handsome Kaleb Stryker and the beautiful Justin Matthews are in the pool, clad in their white T-shirts and underwears, passionately kissing underwater as they swim circling each other. The two studs start getting fully naked and continue swimming naked under the glowing light showcasing their beautifully toned bodies. As they slowly emerge from the pool, Justin softly kisses Kaleb’s ripped abs before opening wide to take in his massive, uncut cock deep into his mouth. Vigorously deepthroating him and leaving his balls nice and wet, a moaning Kaleb asks Justin to get on all fours. Kaleb, being a pro at eating delicious ass, goes to town on Justin’s until he’s ready to slide into it with his hard cock.

Southern Strokes - Update

December 08, 2019

Cooling Off

It's hot in the Spanish countryside. David Sky and Noah Pierce need to cool off, so they decide to hose down. Both are soon turned on by the way the water feels on their prickly skin. Tanned and tattooed, David loses his white trunks early on. Soon, the water hose is forgotten, and Noah dives for a different sort of hose... David's thick, long cock! After slobbering all over the fat tool, David drools onto, and into, Noah's hole. The pale, slender twink arches his back as Davis fucks him bareback, outdoors, on the patio for anyone to see. David pushes himself until he's almost ready, then pulls back to suck Noah, who has a beautiful, curved cock. But after a while, David slides that meaty, throbbing shaft back inside Noah, eventually letting loose with a rich, creamy load.

Hairy and Raw - Update

December 07, 2019

Alex & Sean

In Fort Lauderdale, the bareback action never stops. At Inn Leather, where this scene with Alex Mason and Sean Duran was filmed, it’s a free-for-all of sucking and fucking. We managed to find a secluded corner of the property where scruffy Alex, in his trademark backwards baseball cap, immediately dropped to his knees to swallow Sean’s large cock. The tattooed muscle hunk plays with his own nipples as he watches Alex go to work but soon ends up on his knees as well, but to eat out Alex’s hungry hole. Sean digs deep, tongue fucking Alex and eating his ass out the way a straight man eats pussy. Sean then uses some of his own spit, as well as some of Alex’s pre-cum, as lube in order to penetrate past that first ring.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 05, 2019

Drew Submits Manuel & Max

Manuel Skye comes in as a close second when evaluating handsome men to be a Muscle Daddy King -- he has classic good looks, an incredible body and an intimidating, battering ram of a cock. He’s not for the faint of heart among bottoms -- especially when you see his erection standing tall and ready to go -- because he’s rough and intense when he fucks. Drew Dixon is always up for a sexual challenge though, and he and his buddy Max Adonis hook up with Manuel. Manuel Skye fucks the hell out of Drew before switching off with Max, who also fucks Drew raw under the watchful eye of Manuel.

Drill My Hole - Update

November 27, 2019

Wet Dreams 1

Colby Tucker and Angel Rivera swim toward each other, shedding their clothes as they come together under the water in a passionate embrace. When these studs come up for air, Angel can't wait to suck Colby's cock. Muscular Colby dives deep into Angel's ass with first his tongue and then his dick, and then these hotties flip so Angel's on top fucking Colby doggystyle before cumming on his ass and taking Colby's cum all over his face.

Hairy and Raw - Update

November 23, 2019

Alex & Owen

On a hot and sunny day, bareback sex freaks Alex Mason and Owen Powers are hung, horny and ready for action. Filmed entirely on location at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, the hairy piggies are outdoors, taking turns sucking each other. Bearded Owen then buries his face in Alex’s sweet hole, tongue fucking the pink bud and getting it ready for a good fuck. But then Owen presents his own ass to Alex for the boyish slut to eat. Alex clearly has a talented good tongue and knows how to use it because next thing you know, the one about to be fucked is Owen and not Alex, as we’d originally thought. But hey, doesn’t matter to us who gets fucked as long as a big dick goes in a tiny hole! Alex slides in nice and easy and bareback fucks Owen eager ass with the skill of a patient lover.

Czech Hunter - Update

November 20, 2019

Czech Hunter 466

I spent the whole day walking around Prague and hunting. After several hours of no success, I gave up. While sitting at a beer garden and checking out cute tourists, I got a text message. One of my previous guys talked his friend into an easy way to make money. We set the meeting for the next morning at a flooded quarry outside of Prague. After initial confusion, we met and went looking for a discreet place. There were so many people around! Finally, we found a spot behind roadside bushed, where we could have some fun in private. The boy I knew from before took our cocks easily, unfortunately his friend struggled a lot. Still, I think they both had loads of fun because I ended up covered in their warm semen.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

November 20, 2019

Big Cock Vacation

Aaron Trainer is at the resort lounging by the pool when Adrian Hart shows up and gets in the pool. They strike up some conversation with each other and Aaron joins him in the pool. They then venture to the room where the passion heats up and their massive big cocks are hard as a rock. Aaron sucks Adrian's big cock deep down his throat and then moves to Adrian's ass where he rims him. Adrian then sucks Aaron's big hard cock before lying on his stomach and letting Aaron fuck him deep. Adrian then rides Aaron's cock and then Aaron puts Adrian on his back and fucks the cum out of him and then he pulls out and shoots all over Adrian.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 13, 2019

Poolside Threesome

The Lucas Men know how to have fun, and right now it's all about the "Bareback Pool Party" they had during this past production in Spain. But no one ever assumed this would just be hanging out by the water and soaking up the sun -- the Lucas Men are all naked, and they're not going to let this opportunity go to waste. James Castle has been hungry for some Latin meat, so he serves himself up to Andrea Suarez and Andy Star for a sizzling threesome. James swallows Andy's cock while Andrea pounds his hole!

Trans Angels - Update

November 10, 2019

Cutting Loose

Karina Abelha is a slim and sexy temptress in a skintight black bodysuit. She sensually teases her juicy ass and tits, stroking her thick cock as she gets oiled up and ready for action. Yago Ribeiro sets her free, cutting her jumpsuit to expose her body as he massages her tits and strokes her. Out of her clothes, Karina can show Yago exactly what her body does, trading wet blowjobs before taking his thick cock into her tight ass. The blonde beauty lets Yago pound her hard all over their beautiful villa, taking him all the way as she moans and gasps for more.

Bromo - Update

November 07, 2019

Fuck Me Hard

Luciano and Peter are two hard, horny tattooed studs who want nothing but to get their throbbing cocks off in the spa bathroom. As soon as they spot each other they waste no time showing off their bodies and eagerly worship their tight holes and thick dicks. The two dark-haired men fuck hard in the bathroom before heading to the bedroom, moaning as they slam their athletic bodies together and push themselves to the limit on their way to their two explosive cumshots.

Cocky Boys - Update

November 03, 2019

Clark & Ricky

There's still some summer fun left at Camp CockyBoys for flip-fucking as Ricky Roman & Clark Davis get some much-wanted alone time playing and chillin' and getting affectionate atop a giant pool inflatable. Of course it isn't long before Ricky has his mouth on Clark's tasty cock, making it even bigger and deep-throating it. Soon Clark wants his turn and they ditch the floater so he can suck and savor Ricky standing at the pool's edge. After Clark joins Ricky to make out, he's led by the cock over to the lounge chairs so Ricky can gulp it down some more. This time Clark reaches around to tease and finger Ricky's hole to get him ready for his bare cock. Before he gets there Clark rims & fingers it a little more until Ricky just has to ride him.

BareBack That Hole - Update

October 20, 2019

Into The Night

Hairy, inked Daddy Jack Dyer is in the pool clowning around with sub cocksucker Liam Greer. When they climb out, Jack immediately strips out of his swimsuit and show off a terrifically hard cock. And it's all for Liam, who instantly gets to work servicing Jack, as well as his balls. It's still broad daylight as Liam rides Jack's pierced cock. He bounces up and down, fucking himself bareback, taking every inch Daddy Jack has to offer. He's on all fours, on the chaise lounge as Jack pounds him hard. Eventually, they flip, and Liam ends up on his back, fucked well into the night as the sun goes down. Jack rewards Liam by shooting an enormous load, splattering his DNA all over the bottom daddy.

Next Door Studios - Update

October 17, 2019

Three Play

As the last days of summer play out, these three are looking to make the most of what's left of the sun. It's a triple play weekend for Carter Woods, Johnny B and Ryan Jordan. After cooling off in the pool, the get hot and steamy upstairs in the bedroom as the three of them indulge in all of their raunchy desires. They pass Johnny around like a party favor before taking turns shooting their loads, and this is one party where everyone can cum!

Drill My Hole - Update

October 08, 2019

The Rental House 1

Colby Tucker, Damon Heart and Dante Colle have reunited after four years apart for a boys weekend. However, the trio get nervous when they discover that the house they're renting is out in the middle of nowhere and watched over by a weirdo in a red jacket (Diego Sans). Trying to forget about their worries, the sexy studs decide to have a threesome out by the pool. The horny men take turns kissing and caressing each other, Dante and Colby sucking Damon's long hard cock together while the brown-haired stud presses their heads down on his pole. Soon Dante has Colby bent over and riding his long hard cock while Damon fucks the hungry mouthed dude's face.

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