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Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

February 13, 2021

Jason & Daddy

Jason Tastes Some Daddy Dick - Daddy and Jason are hanging out and enjoying some cock stroking together when the offer of some sucking has them both tasting each others meat. Jason might not be so into sucking on that daddy dick, but it earns him a blowjob from Joe who makes him cum a hot load over his thick thigh, with Joe sucking that dick clean.

Brother Crush - Update

February 13, 2021

That's The Spot

When Johnny Bandera finds his stepbrother Dakota Lovell lounging by the pool, he decides to join him and ask him for a massage. A chill day by the pool turns into a hot and intimate encounter when gorgeous Johnny Bandera makes a raunchy advance towards his cute twink younger stepbrother, Dakota Lovell. The little guy tastes his older stepbrother's veiny dick and then bends over to experience the full girth of his bulging rod. Soon enough, one thing leads to another and the stepbrothers succumb to their devious desires

Helix Studios - Update

February 10, 2021

Wet: 5

With secret crushes out in the open and relationships hitting their high notes, the partiers are ready to get to the pounding portion of their night. After this hot orgy, they’re going to need to jump in the pool to cool off. Once they get finished in the pool all the guys decide they want to go back inside and do some relaxing. It doesn't take a long time until relaxing turns into touching and touching turns into playing and playing turns into sucking. In just a few moments it's an all out gay twink orgy and there's nothing that's going to cool this action down until every nut is busted.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 08, 2021

Max Fucks Dakota & Max

There’s no greater dick currently on display among the Lucas Men than the one hanging between Max Arion’s legs. It’s enormous and uncut and all-around beautiful. The sex-crazed Latino Max Avila and the all-American bottom boy Dakota Payne have both had a taste of it before. But now it’s their turn to share Max Arion’s nine uncut inches in an outdoor setting!

The BigCMen - Update

February 06, 2021

Hot Afternoon Fuck

Check out this SUPER fucking SEXY 32 minute Part 1 of "Hot Afternoon Fuck: Big C Breeds His Amateur Hairy Israeli Bud". I first made a video with this sexy amateur a month ago when Jared was out of town. Our chemistry is INTENSE, and he simply yearns for my big dick. I capture the heat of the moments with some brilliant angles, and the daylight is just beautiful. We suck and fuck like animals in heat under the sun until I tell him to swallow my load. He absolutely does, although you can see a few spurts of cum fly out when he takes a break for air. After swallowing my load, we take a break. But that fucker drives me wild, and had me going for round 2. I took him upstairs to show him the new gym space, and one thing led to another.

Helix Studios - Update

February 06, 2021

Wet 4

After a hot sweat session with Jace and Eli, Riley is ready to shoot his shot with his crush. Riley asks Alex to take a break from the pool to have a chat inside. One thing leads to another and Riley gets the ride of his life. Once they get out of the pool and back to their room, there's nothing holding them back from going right for it. Deep kissing heavy petting into cock sucking and rimming. After that it deep hard bareback anal penetration and you'll love every inch of it. Multiple positions to get that cock in as deep as possible.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 05, 2021

Tomas, Braxton & Jackson

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, brings a unique energy to every encounter he stars in. Tomas is skilled at making all of his younger stepson lovers feel safe and comfortable in his arms as he has deep and hard sex with them. And there’s plenty of Tomas Brand to go around for both of the young and handsome Lucas Men, Braxton Boyd and Jackson Radiz. And when you are servicing the King of All Muscle Daddies, you quickly learn how much you should cherish your QUALITY TIME WITH DADDY!

Helix Studios - Update

January 25, 2021

Wet 3

Jace, Riley, and Eli never miss a chance to have a good time. They’re happy to attend the impromptu pool party, but Riley has ulterior motives. He’s had a crush on Alex for a while, and since he’s headed back to school in a few days, Jace and Eli coach Riley on how to get the stud in bed. But sometimes, the player has more game than the coaches. This is some of the best three-way action Helix Studios has done for some time. They know exactly how to do it with perfect guys, hot gay sex action and realistic types of fantasies.

The BigCMen - Update

January 18, 2021

3-Way Suck & Fuck

Here is the long anticipated 29 minute video "Day 1 With Homowithahammer: Instant Connection, 3 Way Suck & Fuck". This is the first in a series of vids to follow from our week with the ultra sexy Homowithahammer. He lives in Indiana, and we been chatting on Twitter for a while. After a few facetime sessions, he booked a flight out to stay with us for a week. We connected even deeper than expected, and it was a week of total paradise. Homowithahammer is 6'1, muscular, and verse with a sweet dick and ass. Aside from the insane sexual chemistry, we had a blast having him as our 3rd. I'm gonna try to get through these edits as fast as possible, since he has another trip scheduled for 2 weeks from now!

Cocky Boys - Update

January 12, 2021

Tayte Welcomes Zach

Hot and hung Zach Astor makes his pro porn debut at CockyBoys and Tayte Hanson is back to introduce him...and take his huge cock! Talking about sex gets Zach hard and Tayte knows just how to turn him on even more! He showers Zach with adoring attention and hot kisses, reaches in his pants to feel Zach's growing cock, and Tayte shows this is making HIM hard too. When Tayte gets his hard cock out, Zach doesn't hesitate in sucking him just as Tayte commands him. But Tayte really wants Zach's cock and when he finally pulls it out, the half-hard monster flops out. Tayte attentively uses his hand, mouth and throat to make Zach grow and when Tayte's sexual excitement accelerates, he boldly eases his hole on the thick cock and rides it every which way they both like.

Hairy and Raw - Update

January 11, 2021

Atlas & Dino

Muscle bear Marc Angelo and his super hairy, tattooed cub Atlas Grant have invited their friends over for an afternoon of sun and fun. Marc and Dale immediately disappear into the house, under the pretext of looking for beer, leaving Atlas to play with Dino De Francesco. But the hirsute hunk doesn't just get his dick sucked. He fucks Dino's face, eventually having him take his dick down to the base before grabbing hold of his head and skull fucking the cocksucker. Except Atlas wants hole and Dino wants that thick uncut slab. So, after returning the oral favor, Atlas gets Dino up on the chaise, legs up and spread wide, spit lubing and fingering the hungry daddy hole before sliding in raw with one fell swoop.

The BigCMen - Update

January 10, 2021

Jared Gone 1

Y'all will be excited to see this 22 minute Part 1 of "The Amateur Hunk Spends A Day Getting Used By Big C While Jared Is Away". We recently posted a hot 3 way fuck session Jared & I had with this hunky amateur buddy. I got a ton of Fan Feedback saying how much y'all loved him, as I knew you would! I invited him to hang with me on one of the days Jared was visiting family in the Mid West. He arrived around noon, with the intention of fucking and fisting all day long (yes he LOVES getting fisted)... I split the video into 3 parts. In this part 1, we start sucking and fucking in the Poolhouse, with the fisting and breeding in Part 2 & 3 to follow!

GDude-JP - Update

January 07, 2021

Don & Goggle Boy

Sexy muscular Don is one of my favorite models, so when he called me up to ask if he could use my massage room to "service" one of his boys I did not object. As long as I could film it for all my fans, of course! Wearing a sexy jockstrap, Don massaged his "goggle boy" which was a precursor for what he really wanted to do. After some more hot foreplay including dick sucking and ass sniffing and eating, Don was ready for the dick right up his muscular butt! Don't miss this very sexy video directed by yours truly, Gunryu.

GDude-JP - Update

December 25, 2020

Let the Pigs Out 1

I planned a weekend trip with my good friend and fuck buddy, Ryuji who is a muscle stud from Japan. I rented an amazing villa so I could show Ryuji an awesome time! But in addition to the villa, we needed boys! Fortunately I also brought Don along who introduced us to Pochi. After a swimming pool party, we went to take a hot bath where we had some dirty talk. Getting hot and excited, we carried our foreplay into the bedroom where we capped off the night with one of the best orgies of our lifetimes!

The BigCMen - Update

December 22, 2020

Aternoon 3-Way Fuck

Here is the 38 minute Video "Hot Afternoon 3 Way Fuck: Michael Roman, Jake Morgan & Big C". I have already made videos with both these hunky porn stars, and they know each other through studio porn as well. Neither one lives here, but both were recently in town at the SAME time! So I told them both to come over on one of my days off for a pool/fuck day. They flip with each other and both bottom for Daddy. I'm so into both of them, so this was a fun video for me for sure... I breed Michael Roman's sweet as soooo deep at the end!

Latin Leche - Update

November 12, 2020

No. 138 Kendro & Milo

Kendro and Milo are two tatted boys that know how to hang by the pool. Kendro is back, and he's ready to have some fun with Milo by the pool. Watch these two get into some hot bareback action as they cool off in the summer heat. Hot blooded sext tattooed latin studs getting all excited as their passion swells. With their sexy big fat uncut cocks anyone who loves them will love this scene. Deep hard bareback anal and they take it like champs.

Family Dick - Update

November 11, 2020

All Tied Up

I’ve (Johnny Hunter) been jealous of my cousin (Jax Thirio) ever since I saw him hooking up with my super hot uncle, and to add insult to injury, he tied me up today after I call him gay. Thankfully, it’s my hunky uncle who finds me with my hands bound, and he seems to be as attracted to me as I am to him…

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 08, 2020

Adam & Ruslan

Adam Killian has been a superstar in the gay porn industry for many years now, and he’s graduated to the rank of “muscle daddy” in that time. He and the Swedish gay porn star Ruslan Angelo have bonded since they met each other on the Lucas Entertainment set, and when they filmed a scene together Ruslan took a lot of pleasure in being guided by Adam’s experience with every touch after all their clothes were off.

Men At Play - Update

October 31, 2020

Wet Party Planner

Joe Gillis will be hosting a charity event at his house and has, again, hired party planner Leo Grin to make all the arrangements. Joe discusses what he wants with Leo: a bar, tables for 200 guests, a dance platform over the pool - among other things. Before getting a quote for the cost, Joe reminds Leo that he's been a good customer. Surprised at the estimated cost of $30,000 euros, he asks for a discount when suddenly the sprinklers go off getting Leo wet! At first, Leo is shocked but then finds it funny. Joe apologizes but admits that he finds Leo very sexy when wet. The party planning will have to wait while the men play.

Latin Leche - Update

October 25, 2020

No. 136 Maintenance Work

This green-eyed boy is drop dead gorgeous, and even though I've hired him to clean my pool, I need to see what he looks like with a cock deep in his ass. I pay another one of my favorite studs to come over and distract the green-eyed hottie with his muscular body, seducing him as he peels off his clothes piece by piece. The boy can't help but be a little curious, and soon, he's got his legs spread for the stud to plow his tight asshole raw. The cutie enjoys some deep barebacking and enjoys a helping of hot leche on his lips.

The BigCMen - Update

October 24, 2020

Weskey Sucks Jared

This HOT 14 minute Video "'Superstar Wesley Woods Sucks A Load Out Of Jared In The Pool" is likely to shock many people... We had never met Wesley Woods until just a few months ago, though we have been legendary "Industry Enemies" for years. A Lot of times porn stars maintain feuds without even meeting one another, it's really quite silly! So then Jared & Wesley started chatting on Grindr a few months ago and Jared invited him over. Since then, we have hung out quite a lot and gotten to know one another very well. Wesley has conquered the studio world, acquiring trophies galore and worldwide fame. Us, on the other hand, have achieved similar success but by doing our OWN thing, completely amateur. So the meeting of the two worlds has been profound on many levels.

Latin Leche - Update

October 13, 2020

No. 135 Marcus

Hotel Room - I meet a lot of guys in the streets of Buenos Aires, but only a few are special enough to get me to book a fancy hotel room for the night. This guy is one of those exceptions - with his tattoos and his bronze skin tone, I am endlessly turned on. I want to feel his cock on the soles of my feet, so I reach across the hot jacuzzi to fondle him. He’s never played around with a guy before, but in such luxurious surroundings, he’s feeling open minded. Soon, I’m penetrating his virgin asshole with my uncut dick until he squirts milky leche on himself.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 01, 2020

My Daddy's Secret

Things have been rough for Dominik recently and his step-dad Alex, tries hard to make sure he shows him how much he loves and cares for him. So when Alex mentioned the new hot tub up at the cottage, Domink was down to take a quick trip to check it out. A little relaxation is always welcomed. When they arrives, they go downstairs to the basement where the tub is kept. Alex strips off all his clothes and jumps in the water and Dominik is right behind, but not before Alex tells him to take his undies off. After all, they didn't bring a change of clothing. He takes them off and joins Alex. They start on separate sides, enjoying the water, but after stroking himself half hard, Alex makes his way over to Dominik and gently places his hand on his thigh.

Bentley Race - Update

September 28, 2020

Reece Anderson

I have shot with hundreds of guys over the years. I am always thrilled when guys from the past come back for a new shoot. It's been nearly 3 years since I've seen our beautiful mate Reece Anderson. After he moved to country Victoria we lost touch for a while. Well Reece is now 21 and dropped in for this return soapy shoot in the hot tub. I gotta say he's looking pretty dam hot with his new fit and furry look. Our meeting was a combination of a shoot and catch up. Reece is always fun to shoot with and was one of the most requested shoot partners by our mates. That's why he appears in a load of couple shoots in the past. Now I can't wait to get him back for more.

Men Over 30 - Update

September 25, 2020

Daddies' Poolside Fun

Dolf Dietrich and Dallas Steel are as eager to give you this great homemade show as they were to fuck each other. They are both seasoned vets. in the gay porn industry and you can tell they love their work. You'll have to grab you meat as you watch these two muscle mature studs fuck like they're young pups.

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