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Hung Young Brit - Update

March 27, 2020

Manchester Group Fuck 2

Manchester Pride Orgy 2. A blindfolded lad laid open for guys from anywhere getting shagged deep up the arse There was way too much going on to describe all the action! The later it got the more mad and crazy it all became. Now it's time for The 3rd unknown beautiful STUNNER we ever met. His mancounion (for any Americans that means someone from Manchester) and that's where all the FitLadz live. After having his trackies pulled down and arse wetted up ready to take it raw without lube, Josh ponds his arse whilst that hung sexy TOP is waiting for him as well! That HUNG top is up all them boys arses. He's had everyone there. He's really into his twinks & it shows big time! OMG! You really needed to see this boys bum, he was only 18 yr but very confident.

Slam Rush - Update

March 26, 2020

In Deep

I'm always happy to help out a boy in need. Especially when there’s something in it for me. Grayson needed cash for you know what. And I needed to get off. Told em I'd hire him and he could slam if he let everyone at the party cum in his ass. He was a great little cumdump for all the horned up party pigs at my place. I think I offered him a few bucks a load. How much cash do you think he crawled away with?

Sketchy Sex - Update

March 12, 2020


We brought our new roomie Marcus to a morning chill out in a seedy part of town. Marcus was sweet and innocent. But after he did the you know what off that 10 inch dick his power dumpster just took over and there was no stopping it. He wanted every load at the party deep inside em. A parade of randoms dropped their loads deeper and deeper. No hello. No how r u? After the party we both felt like all these dicks, all these loads still weren't enough. We want more. We wanna take it to the next level!

Trans Angels - Update

March 02, 2020

Ballroom Bliss

Daisy Taylor arrives at an exquisite masquerade ball prepared to dance the night away, the only problem is that she has nobody to dance with. Lucky for her, Dante Colle has arrived to discover he's in the same position. The two stranded singles share a tender and intimate dance, staring into each other's eyes as they turn again and again around the floor. Soon the tension is too much for them to bear and they slip away into a side room where they can get to know each other a little bit better. They take off their masks and begins a sexy and sensual exploration of their bodies, Daisy worshiping Dante's cock with her luscious lips before taking him deep inside of her under the ballroom lights.

Sketchy Sex - Update

February 28, 2020

Fill My Mouth

This has to be the sloppiest and loosest hole yet. This bottom takes the double penetration by the 2 biggest cocks in the room effortlessly. At least he makes it look that way. The ginger stud loves to slurp up any juice that is available, yet he fucks like a champ with his fat mushroom head cock. There's cum and cum eating going on all over here. If you love a hot thick creamy're sure in the right place.

Masqulin - Update

February 06, 2020

The Cum Dump 3

With two hookups down so far, cum slut Jeremy London is looking to impress by fucking with three more tonight -- and, making it to Cum Dump status! On the PansMeet app, he matches and invites over Alex Mecum, Ace Quinn, and Thyle Knoxx -- ready for dicks and punishment. Watch as the three Masqulin men feed Jeremy their cocks and cum, ending in an epic cream pie. Don't ever tell Cum Dump Jeremy that he's boring. You just got a world class hardcore gay sex scene with a smoking circle jerk blowjob facial climax.

Drill My Hole - Update

February 04, 2020

Two Cock Destroyers 4

Caught by Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson after defying her orders, things are looking grim for Johnny Rapid, but when he warns Constable JJ Knight that Sophie's trying to poison him in order to give her favorite, Joey Mills, the job, things finally start looking up! JJ sits down with Johnny, Joey, and the other new whore, Ty Mitchell, to hash out how things are going to be. JJ and Johnny get their cocks sucked by both Ty and Joey before fucking the twinks doggystyle, and when it's time to cum JJ fucks Ty's mouth as he watches Joey fuck Ty's ass while getting his ass fucked by Johnny! The guys seal their alliance as Ty gets covered in jizz...but down in the basement, the Cock Destroyers are also making up, and vowing to take over the world!

Trans Angels - Update

February 03, 2020

Grateful for Cock

When the stunning, short-haired hottie Daisy Taylor comes home for Thanksgiving she's expecting a relaxing time with her family, but they won't stop pressuring her to settle down and stop her wild ways! Daisy's annoyed at first, but when she sees that they're trying to set her up with handsome Dante Colle, she decides to teach them a holiday lesson that they won't soon forget. Daisy convinces Dante to indulge in some sneaky sex at the dinner table, wrapping her soft lips around Dante's cock as her oblivious family eat their turkey! Tasting Dante's cock leaves Daisy craving a stuffing and she can't resist sliding his cock deep inside of her, grinding on his lap until the family finally clear out and they can show each other just how thankful they're feeling!

8TeenBoy - Update

January 28, 2020

Porn Star Play

When the guys from 8teenboy, and Helix Studios get together for the ultimate porn party; naturally, the night gets more than a bit naughty! Helix hottie, Travis Stevens starts vibing with sexy Spencer Locke from the sister site; and, soon enough, the pretty pair are shedding their shirts in the kitchen, and searching for a private place to smash! Away from the fray, little babe Locke lays into muscle twunk Travis’ porn star piece with lust in his eyes and a thirsty throat, which soon has Stevens on his knees returning the knob bobbing favor. Anxious to taste the twink’s fresh, young, fuck hole, Travis orders his boy onto all fours; then, he gorges on that gourmet glute with some serious deep tongue, ass action.

Boy For Sale - Update

January 26, 2020

Euro Cabal Buyer's Group

The men of the secret auctions are careful about who they invite into their activities. It's very rare for outsiders to be brought into this private club, but trade and international relations do play a key role in their success. The powerful men have brought in some European friends to sample some of what they have enjoyed personally, hoping to establish a better connection to other markets and stretch their power even further. One by one, each man is served their tall drink, sipping the high-shelf spirits before getting a full inspection of their beautiful, slaveboy server. Each man pulls out their boy's cock, feeling it in their hands as it grows, kissing them, caressing their buttocks, and tasting their precum as it pours from their slave cocks.

Family DIck - Update

January 24, 2020

Stepgramp’s Toys

Sweet Marcus has been feeling super horny lately, so he tries to sneak a secret masturbation session when he is supposed to be hanging out with his family. But when his chiseled stepgrandpa, hung stepdad, and strapping stepbrother catch him in the act, the boy has to pay the price for touching himself behind their backs! The ripped guys surround the furtive boy with their stiff dicks and moan as he kisses each of their red hot cocks. Then, the pervy studs take turns barebacking the little guy’s pulsing boy hole while he begs for more. Finally, the cock-hungry kid revels in sticky servings of their chunky sperm.

Why Not Bi - Update

January 19, 2020

Cum For Dinner

Autumn Borrelli and Brian Delgado are a smoking hot young couple who've been invited over for dinner by Brian's mentor, the daddylicious Matthew Figata. Matthew's beautiful wife, the long red-haired Lauren Phillips cooks a meal for the two couples, offering the gang an unforgettable spread. However, both couples have been keeping secrets from each other, all of which spill out as the two wives and the two husbands come face to face with their spouses cheating... with each other! Rather than make a federal issue of it, the foursome decide to take the high road and throw down in a sleazy, sloppy bisexual four-way orgy! It's a hurricane of moaning, sucking, slurping and spitting as these four swinging sex fiends throw themselves at each other in a frenzied whirlwind of lust!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

January 14, 2020

Menage A Trois

Jonathan Miranda is looking for a wild time and invites two of his fuck buddies over, Marcos Oliveira and Gianni Maggio for an intimate ménage a trois. As the men strip down, each displays the magnificence of their huge cocks. It takes two to handle Gianni’s monster cock and Marcos and Jonathan work their mouths up and down his lengthy cock shaft. Each takes his turn and sucking on his cock and then both mouths in unison. Jonathan is hungry and positions himself so that Marcos can slip his long cock into his raw ass as Gianni continues to feed him his succulent cock. Jonathan’s hunger drives him to open his ass and mouth at the same time in order to accommodate his fuck buddies assault upon him.

Transsensual - Update

January 11, 2020

TS Girls On Top 3.2

Kayleigh (Kayleigh Coxx) and her boyfriend Wesley (Wesley Woods) are coming back early from a party. Wesley is mad at Kayleigh for the way she acts at the party. His reaction doesn’t surprise her, no matter what she does Wesley will never be happy, so she asks him to leave, but he refuses. He wants to get to the bottom of it, but Kayleigh knows exactly what he needs and she’s ready to give to him.

Fraternity X - Update

January 10, 2020

Broke Dat Ass

It was Casey’s turn to get fucked and we went balls deep again. Dude took it like a champ. We had a nice size party with all the hard college cock anyone could want. We went righ to it and got that ass to open right up. Pounding packing drilling and fucking like our lives depended on it. after ain’t cheap and now we need a new TV.

American Muscle Hunks - Update

January 09, 2020

Six Kinds of Fun

American Muscle Hunk's Joey D and Johnny V are always excited when the JasonSparksLive crew hit Chicago. Sure their meeting starts off with an innocent game of cards but it's not long until Joshua James find's himself spitroasted in between Joey and Johnny muscular physiques. All these guys getting it on with muscle studs and all. Makes you wish your were in Chicago some time ago getting in the middle of this all beef sandwich.

Maverick Men - Update

January 04, 2020

Sexy Fuck

Hunter and I met this amazing guy and instantly fell in lust. At first, we thought Levi was straight. Then, in a very confident way he said, “Look, I’m vers and I’m eighteen and you guys really turn me on.” We were super turned on by his cute smile and sexy auto mechanic persona. beside his rock hard cock, big blue eyes and amazing little fury muscle peach of an ass, he also has a wicked sense of humor. There’s nothing hotter than a guy with a sense of humor. We sexted back and forth for a while. As soon as I saw how funny and open he was, I knew we had invite him to do a vid. During our sexting sessions, he sent these hot fun video clips that you see at the start of the teaser.

French Twinks - Update

January 02, 2020

Day After Party

The meeting of French Enzo Lemercier and young English guy Alex Faux was very festive and the two boys have trouble emerging the next day. Enzo quickly forgets his headache when he sees Alex asleep by his side and he offers him a literally divine awakening. Alex seems conquered by the French know-how since he will cum twice during this wild, sensual and passionate fucking session.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 31, 2019

Two Cock Destroyers 2

Cock Destroyer Rebecca More's plan for revenge after fellow Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson's betrayal can finally cum to fruition now that she has handsome twink Johnny Rapid on her side. But Johnny will have to go head-to-head with Sophie's most loyal twink, Joey Mills, who's determined to ensure her success so that she'll make him constable, letting him fuck whoever he wants, whenever he wants. Joey is the most in-demand guy in the house, and he shows his amazing customer service with valued guest Leander. Joey treats the bearded ginger hunk to a mind-blowing blowjob before Leander eats his ass and fucks his tight hole. No sooner has Leander cum on his face than Johnny enters looking to steal the top spot!

Bear Films - Update

December 29, 2019

Juicy Bear

The day has barely begun, but Adam Jones is up, dressed, and showered. Eager to start his day, he grabs a piece of fruit for breakfast. Along comes Justin West, who snatches the thing from mid-air. He is ready for breakfast, too. But he doesn't want fruit. The bearded, buzzed, and tattooed bear is in the mood for sausage and eggs. He grabs hold of Adam's cock as they make out and is soon on his knees, devouring the thick, uncut tool. Adam returns the oral favor, giving Justin as wet and juicy a blowjob as he received. But it gets even juicier! With Justin up on the table, a buffet of hot, hairy bear ass is served, and Adam devours it all. The handsome, tattooed top slides his throbbing shaft home and starts to fuck, taking his sweet time.

Men At Play - Update

December 25, 2019

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Today is the big day - Emir Boscatto’s wedding! Dressed in his best and preparing for that last walk down the aisle, his best friend and best man, Donato Reyes, arrives to bring him to the venue. Before departing, the best man helps put some final touches on the groom’s suit. However, it’s very evident that Emir is quite nervous, so Donato proposes a glass of wine followed by a toast. Nerves racing, Emir confesses that he simply can’t forget the hot, sex they had together a few weeks back. While Donato initially positions the incident as a one-time mistake, the look in Emir’s eyes (and the hard cock in his pants) insights a cascade of passion that neither man can deny.

Next Door Twink - Update

December 25, 2019

Toys For Twinks

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the only creature stirring was Avery Jones rustling under the tree trying to get a peek at his Christmas bounty. Unfortunately for him, Julian Bell has caught him red-handed, and if Avery wants his holiday loot, he'll have to work for it. Julian is ready to stuff Avery's stocking with his candy cane and Avery can't think of any other way he'd like to spend this cozy Christmas eve. One thing is for sure, by the time Julian is done with him, it'll be a white Christmas for sure.

Next Door Studios - Update

December 24, 2019

Naughty Santa

It's the holiday season at the North Pole, but Santa (Princeton Price) is anything but merry about the way things are going. Stuck in the doldrums of a thankless job and surrounded by incompetent elves, all Santa wants is an escape, but he'd settle for a nice hard lay. Luckily, Christmas has cum early for old St. Nick, in the form of a really big package under his tree, and if Dakota Payne is lucky, Santa will find his pluck and remember how to deliver the goods. After all, what's the North Pole without a white Christmas?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 23, 2019

Max's Bareback DP Orgy

Max Arion invites a small group of his fuck buddies over for something he hasn’t enjoyed in awhile -- a bareback orgy. Max Arion, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Braxton Boyd take on the top positions (for the most part) while Dakota Payne, Jesse Santana, and Benjamin Gomez serve up their asses to be used, though Dakota and Jesse don’t miss the chance for some versatility during this gay bareback sex encounter. In fact, Max and Dakota team up to split Benjamin in two by double-penetrating his ass completely raw!

Fraternity X - Update

December 05, 2019

Lick It Up

All of us were rock hard just watching the game when this happened lol at least someone remembered to spit. BTW this weeks bitch was super into it. All you have to is watch how he eagerly goes back and forth using his tongue to get every bit he can. This guy has a bright future in gay porn after he graduates with an A+++ in hot tongue usage. If you are into college Fraternity Gang Bangs then you've come to the rifght place. Click, lube and bring a few towels, you'll need them and do you laundry a few days early.

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