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Euroboyxxx - Update

May 28, 2023

Aaron & Lloyd

Big Dicked Bandit At The Door: Lloyd Adams is playing the part of a big-dicked bandit for this Halloween adventure, and he sure finds what he's looking for when adorable little Aaron Aurora answers the door. He's soon inside and he's all but forgotten about candy while the two suck hard young dicks and Aaron gets his pucker licked. With the bandit's big dick driving deep young Aaron enjoys a hard fucking and a cum drenching climax before his unexpected guest flees the scene to continue his adventure!

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 09, 2023

Tag Team Fuck 4

In the final chapter, Daddy Sean and Sparky Baxter finish Luke off with a dripping cream-pie. Daddy Sean has seniority and shoots his load first. Sparky waits and takes his time as he massages his cock with Luke's stretched out hole. Without a doubt he earned everything he deserved!

Men - Update

March 25, 2023

The Best Man

Johnny Donovan is about to get married... and his best man, Dom King, can't let that happen. He puts together a special slideshow of memories of Johnny and his fiancée for the engagement party, and sneaks in a video of Johnny giving him a BJ, because he wants his best friend all to himself. After the fiancée storms out, Johnny sucks Dom, then strips down to his jock and rides the top. Dom pounds his buddy against the wall, then sucks his cock and rims his hole. The bottom cums as Dom pounds him in missionary, and the top celebrates his victory by blowing his load all over Johnny's ass.

Hung Young Brit - Update

March 17, 2023

18YR Coming Of Age

Totally unashamed novice 18yr adult babies come to the HYB private BBQ House Party and Spunks Buckets. Beginner, kink Teens wanna explore their fancies with us. I’m not making this shit up, turns out you can have young adult babies. I have obviously heard of ‘adult baby’ kink but didn’t know young people would be into it.

Men - Update

February 25, 2023

The Cum Forum

Hairy bottom Jay Cub was looking for a new challenge at the professional development event, but when he peeked through a curtain to see sexy twink Jordan Lake jacking off in the kitchen over a plate of pastries, he decides that dick is his next project. Jay eats a freshly glazed éclair right in front of Jordan, then sneaks behind the snack table to suck his cock. When the coast is clear, they go into the kitchen, where Jordan pounds the bottom doggystyle and missionary, and Jay rides him on the floor until he orgasms, then takes some more of Jordan's delicious cum in his mouth.

Men - Update

February 17, 2023

Royally Fucked 1

Loose cannon Euro prince Sir Peter is on thin ice with his mother, the queen, after yet another scandal hits the news. But that doesn't stop him from hitting on palace waiter Justin Jett right under her nose! After Justin spills some tea on Sir Peter's lap when he's taken by surprise by the prince grabbing his ass, the horny royal puts Justin's hand right on his cock, then takes it out under the table. The servant sucks the royal appendage just outside the door, then Justin gives Sir Peter a foot job. The horny prince rims and fingers the bottom's hole, then fucks him deep and hard. Justin rides His Majesty till he cums, and takes the royal load in his mouth. But the Queen is going to punish his royally slutty behavior once and for all!

The BigCMen - Update

January 30, 2023

Christmas Raunch Fuck 2

This sexy blonde whore had visited Jared earlier that day and had a pretty steamy flip session with him. Jared instructed him to return that night for Daddy's load, and sure enough he did as he was told. He brought a friend of his to watch, which actually turned me on a lot because the friend was a sexy Latin top with a rock hard dick. I dicked the whore down good and gave him one of my classic doggy style breeds. Hope you enjoy it!

Boy For Sale - Update

January 17, 2023

The Buyer's Group Ch 10

Party Favors: Serg seems comfortable on all fours as he massages Master Kamp's hard soles. The Masters agree on the quality of our inventory. The boys gravitate to their master's cocks while they themselves grow harder inside their jocks. Following instructions, Boy Chase pulls out Master Legrand's cock, one of the biggest in the entire group of buyers. Chase sucks down the entirety of Master Legrand's length as the handsome, powerful man takes another sip of his drink. Master St. Michael pulls down his pants for boy Clayton to get a taste, while next to them Cole's mouth is getting fucked by Master Houser's throbbing cock. Master Kamp has the best view – seeing all of the boys down on their knees pleasing their buyers as he gets his own cock worked on by Serg, who eagerly wets Master Kamps cock with his throat.

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 16, 2023

Jens & Jeff

Christmas is in full swing at BelAmi land and today we have the irresistible Jeff Mirren kicking off Christmas week in a scene with Jens Christensen. While neither model really qualifies for the role of Santa, they both would make perfect gifts to wake up to on Christmas morning!

Bel Ami Online - Update

January 04, 2023

Enrique, Kirk & Serge

The 2nd of our 3ways this week is more of a classic Bel Ami than what you saw on Tuesday and features Kirk, Serge, and Enrique in action together. Serge is the bottom for this fuck fest, and for the first time he cannot keep up with the pounding that he gets from his buddies and actually needs to a break. Luckily the temptation of 2 beautiful dicks is too much and his 'time out' literally only lasts a few seconds. It is Kirk's fat dick that finally pushes Serge over the edge and he shoots his load into the eagerly awaiting mouth of Enrique before both our tops follow suit and cover out eager bottom with tons of sticky white cum.

Straight Fraternity - Update

November 27, 2022

Queer Factor: Group Dares

I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween shoot, so I decide to have the guys dress up and play 'Queer Factor.' It's like 'Fear Factor' only with straight guys doing 'scary gay things.' I start out making Lane, Cole, Luis and Jose have a boner contest. The first guy with a woody wins and gets to choose the first challenge. Luis is the winner of the contest, so he gets to pick first. Cole, with his huge cock is second. That buys them both a little time before they have to do their challenge. For the other two guys, Jose and Lane, it's showtime. First, Jose has to stroke Lane until he gets hard. Then, after getting Lane hard, it's Luis and Cole's turn. Cole pulls on Luis' cock, and I can tell they both like it. Picking new cards, Lane and Cole star in the next challenge. This time, Cole has to give Lane a blowjob, and he does a great job sucking his cock. Next, step-brothers Luis and Jose boner up and fuck my masturbation sleeve together, one on each end.

Sketchy Sex - Update

November 27, 2022

Blue Balled

It started innocent but the night spun out of control and into the morning. Day light came with another 9 inches stuffed down my throat all gaging and slobbering wanting more and more. So the camera went on and one hookup led to another hung dude and his buddies followed. These guys are dirty nasty and so fucking HOT! Follow them with their high sex drive and willing to use any hole they find.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 07, 2022

Connor & Brody Teasing Ashley

Connor & Brody Put On A Show For Ashley: Ashley's in the mood to be a voyeur and Connor and Brody are happy to put on a show for her. They make out for a bit and get naked, and soon Brody is sucking on Connor's huge cock. Connor wants some of that ass though, and pounds Brody's tight hole before shooting a load in his mouth.

Hot House - Update

October 11, 2022

Inseam 4

As one of the best men in the wedding, Austin Avery works on making sure every inch of his suit fits how he likes. When Austin starts to feel himself in the mirror, he hops in the shower fully suited and starts jacking off. Groomsman Shane Cook shows up to try on his suit and looks to the steamy shower for an inviting glance before stripping and joining Austin. Once Austin glances down at his cock, Shane knows that's his cue to get down and suck Austin's rod. Austin pushes his cock to the back of Shane's throat before bending over and letting Shane give his hole a tongue massage. Now that he's prepped Austin's crack, Shane stands and mounts Austin's eager hole bareback. Mid stride, Austin hits his knees and slurps on Shane's cock that was just inside him.

Trans Angels - Update

September 24, 2022


Dressed in traditional Bavarian costume, stunning trans woman Emma Rose is serving drinks and sausages to hungry fest-goer Gabriel Clark, who can't wait to try out the delicacies on offer. After complimenting Emma on the authenticity of her role, Gabriel cheekily spanks the blonde-haired t-girl's ass, and Emma responds by burying his face in her bosom! Soon, Emma is chowing down on Gabriel's hunk of meat, and the handsome stud returns the favor by sucking and slurping on Emma's she-cock. Gabriel loosens up Emma's tight hole with some sexy foreplay, then he pummels his rock-hard dick into her perfect round ass missionary-style. The all-natural babe bends over to take a doggystyle fucking, before hopping on top to bounce on Gabriel's thick shaft in cowgirl.

Breeder Bros - Update

September 14, 2022

Balls Slapping

We all went clubbin' last night and got too horned with no tail popping through after. Damn girls were rubbing up on all of us and nothing after, damn teases. Luckily we always keep a bitch on deck back at the pad. Too tapped to fuck last night and make some cash, but chattin' about today we got all riled up and took it out on the latest bro. Bottom of the pole means taking it. He probably has a tighter hole than she did anyways.

Drill My Hole - Update

July 23, 2022

Butt Snorkel

Finn Harding is super excited when his old friend Michael Boston gets him a lapdance with stacked blonde Codi Vore for his birthday. His buddies watch and cheer as Codi shakes her big tits in his face, then laugh as she blindfolds the birthday boy and puts a bra on Michael's ass, telling Finn to grab a big handful. But Michael and Finn enjoy the booty motorboating more than they thought! Michael sucks his buddy's cock, then Finn licks the eager bottom's hole. Finn forgets all about the stripper as he pounds Michael in doggystyle, then the bottom sits on his big dick. Michael cums as Finn drills him in missionary, then climbs back on top before taking a birthday facial!

Men - Update

July 17, 2022

The Cockout

Eager beaver Felix Fox's promptness backfires when he and his bf Joey Mills show up early to the cookout and find themselves at the mercy of a very stressed hostess. Felix offers Joey a sneaky bj to apologize, squirting mustard on his sausage and licking it off! Joey sucks Felix behind the grill, but when he's called away, Felix sneaks into the kitchen to stick his dick in a pie instead. Luckily, Joey comes in to pick up where he left off, deepthroating the blond hunk and bending over the counter to get fucked. Felix pounds the bottom missionary on the counter, then Joey rides the top till he cums before getting a little pre-cookout snack on his face.

TopFanVids - Update

July 16, 2022

Porn Disco Poolside Finale 1

The whole gang is back together by the pool in a big pile-on. As the horny guests watch, Trenton Ducati leads an all-star team including Grant Ducati, Devin Franco, Beau Butler, Isaac X, Drew Sebastian, and Roman Todd. The energy is off the chart when a bunch of hot porn stars are told they can just have some fun however they want and put on a show for the live audience. That’s Porn Disco for ya… Don’t miss the next one!

Men - Update

July 15, 2022

Norse Fuckers Part 3

King of the Norsemen Papi Kocic thinks it's just another day, feasting with his fiercest warriors, servant twink Dean Young sitting on his lap and refilling his goblet... until spy Sir Peter delivers terrible news: Dracock the Dragon is approaching, and the god Loki will do nothing but feed on the chaos and destruction. The god himself appears, and the king begs him to find Thor, god of thunder, to save them, as under the table Dean helps himself to a taste of the royal cock. When Loki leaves on his quest, Papi rims the twink and spanks his ass before pounding the bottom doggystyle. Dean worships the king's muscles, sucking his chest and licking his armpit and abs, then rides the monarch before muscular Papi picks him up for a stand and carry.

Trans Angels - Update

July 15, 2022

Love-In At The Cookout

Sensational t-girl Foxxy is looking forward to finally meeting her boyfriend's son, Theo Brady, at a family barbecue. However, as soon as Foxxy sets eyes on her future son-in-law, the salacious vixen starts craving his dick! Meanwhile, Theo is equally turned on by Foxxy's smokin' hot body and delicious round ass. The horny pair sneakily play with each other's cocks under the table, then flame-haired Foxxy gets on all fours and wraps Theo's big, juicy sausage in a bun, squeezing some mustard on top for extra flavor! Theo's hunk of meat is quickly devoured by Foxxy, who gobbles up every inch in a raunchy blowjob. Heading indoors to continue their debauchery, the cute blond slobbers over Foxxy's perfect fake tits, and gives her a rock-hard pounding in missionary that leaves the racy redhead gasping with pleasure.

Drill My Hole - Update

June 30, 2022

Spin The Bottom

Adrian Hart put together a special game when he invites some friends over. Fellow top Kenzo Alvarez can't believe his eyes when he enters to see Theo Brady strapped down to a platform for a game of Spin the Bottom! Adrian's buddies cheer them on as they spin Theo around and he sucks first Kenzo, then Adrian's cock, and Adrian gets on the platform to lick Theo's hole, then fuck him on his back as his friends rotate them for a show from every angle! Kenzo bends Theo over the couch and pounds him doggystyle. Adrian's friends hold up the bottom's legs as Adrian drills that hole in piledriver position till he orgasms, then Theo uses the cum as lube as he rides Kenzo till he shoots his load, then takes a creampie.

Trans Angels - Update

March 30, 2022

Cucked By The Pole Dancer

Get ready to join flame-haired pole dancer Jessy Dubai and the soon-to-be-married Dante Colle for a wild bachelor party, filled with sex-fueled passion and debauchery! Showing off her enviable curves in gold-tasseled lingerie, the exuberant trans queen waves her fiery tresses and shakes her big booty as she treats us to an erotic pole-dance. A blindfolded Dante enters, accompanied by his friends, who are celebrating his final days as a single man. Following a raunchy blowjob, kinky Jessy handcuffs the attractive hunk to the pole and seductively kisses him. Removing his blindfold, Dante comes face to face with the busty babe’s gorgeous she-cock, and he simply can’t resist grabbing a big mouthful! When Dante’s fiance walks in on the shameful act, she brazenly challenges the feisty tgirl to a fight.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 24, 2022

Fireside Fuck

Something that I really got a kick out of at the beginning of this special Valentine's Day episode is just how nervous both Dylan and Roman were! These guys are so great at what they do and we've seen them in such incredibly hot action already, yet it was clear for each of them things got very real when we put them in to a dark room with candlelight, next to the fireplace, in such an intimate setting. Raging, hardcore, flesh-pounding, intense sex is one thing; romantic, intimate, passionate, "boyfriend sex" is something else entirely, and takes some special skill to pull off. Dylan and Roman have that skill, though. Despite those early nerves, each fully embraced the setting and moment and what follows is a wonderfully romantic, powerfully passionate, intensely intimate pairing that'll have your screen steaming up.

Peter Fever - Update

March 13, 2022

Devil Made Me Do It 5

First Cheat - The one guy who missed out on the filthy fun in the day leading up to the wedding was groom Dan. But the story isn't wrapped up and put to bed yet! Best man Alfonso shows his firm butt and saucy smile off to Dan and in the wink of an eye Dan, Alfonso and Devil-boy Jessie are kissing and grinding their bods together. Nolan's already left the chapel so these three horny dudes have free rein to get up to the wedding day cheat of all cheats. Formal wedding clothes tossed aside, Dan stands naked and erect as Jessie and Alfonso give him a little after-ceremony dick worship. After the two wedding guests pass his big cock mouth to mouth, Alfonso stands and Jessie slurps down on both of their woodies. Still clad in dress socks, with Alfonso in his sneaks, they form a rimming train with Dan as the caboose.

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