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Scout Boys - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Scout Milo, Ch 1

The Pledge: When I signed up to become a scoutmaster, I knew I'd be entering a world of temptation. I managed to control my carnal urges for the longest time, but Milo changed everything. I'd been selected to oversee his induction into the Elite Scouts and was about to attach the all-important pin to his shirt collar when something powerful happened. It started as little more than an innocent peck on the lips, but within seconds I was kissing him forcefully while pulling his diminutive body into mine. I found myself unbuckling his belt and caressing the huge bulge in his underpants. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my hungry lips around his dick. He moaned uncontrollably. He was putty in my hands.

Axel Abysse - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Quad, Part One

Eight fists, three holes, there's so much they can do ! Punches, doubles, deepthroating, the boys are in heat and the pool can't cool them down!

Men - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Hungry For His Baguette

After a long day in the winter wilderness with their girlfriends, Liam Alyesto gets more than just warmed up as he watches Malik Delgaty take off his coat. Liam opens the butt flap in his onesie and flashes Malik his ass, and when they sit down for some fondue he shows the muscular hunk just what he has in mind on the big baguette, stroking it suggestively and sucking the end. While the women are in the kitchen, Liam gives Malik a hand job under the table, then slips off to the bedroom. Malik follows, finding Liam waiting on the bed on his hands and knees, ass out. Malik gives the bottom what he wants, penetrating that hole. Liam sucks Malik, then the guys fuck in spoon position before he rides the top. Liam cums as Malik drills him on his back before taking a delicious, drippy load on his face.

Cade Maddox - Update

Friday February 16, 2024

Cock Sucking Compilation

With over 200 videos on my website, there's a lot of content to watch. In this week's compilation, I wanted to show y'all a variety of incredible blowjobs from the beginnings of until today. Fucking Cristiano In The Sun; Johnny and Ricky; Gabriel Cross: Need I Say More?; Masked Dorn Room Twink; Hugo Rivera 2; Freshly Glazed Joseph Castilian; Taste My Cum Rex Lima; Matt's Hole Fucked And Glazed; Using Danny Gunn; Jack Hunter, His Buddy, and Cade; Going Deep In His Throat; Damien Cruz and Me; Gagging Max Adonis; Getting Throated; Fit And Fucked; Getting a Massage Part 1; Diego Round 1; Sam Ledger Gets a Sensual Creampie; Serviced By James Blackwater; Mr. Deep Voice Satisfaction; Pounding Evan West; Reaming Rey Papi; Wet Lust: Nick Floyd

Randy Blue - Update

February 14, 2024

Adrian & Nick

Adrian Hart returns to RandyBlue to bottom for fellow alumni beefcake veteran Nick Sterling in a steamy poolside fuck! From the start, Adrian and Nick can't get enough of each other as they make out, get into their muscle bods and go back and forth sucking each other with non-stop passion. But, it's to Adrian's hot bubble butt that Nick turns his attention Nick's face disappears between Adrian's cheeks and is soon replaced by his thrusting cock. Nick eventually winds up plowing Adrian on his back and makes him blow a super thick load and once he gets a taste of it from Adrian's cock head, Nick slurps it up. In turn Adrian sucks Nick's ball and helps him get off too in an intense orgasm, leaving him totally spent.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 11, 2024

Donny Takes Daddy Fulton Raw

When Peter Fulton arrives, Donny Ray finds the daddy he has been looking forward to barebacking his black ass. Peter begins by feeding his big dick to the young man, thrusting it down his throat until he's gagging. Peter then spits on his hole and shoves his raw cock in balls deep. Little Donnie eventually goes limp, like a rag doll, under the forceful thrusts of Peter's big meat. After Peter explodes and fills the young man's ass with his seed, Donnie takes the spent cock into his mouth, tasting his own ass, and Daddy's cum, as he strokes cum gusher from his nuts.

Peter Fever - Update

February 05, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 4

Sharing is caring, at least when it cums to the QBoys. Jay Wu was not so happy to share his boy Ander with horny twink Pierce Brooks, but now it's time to convert Tony Genius into a full-fledged QBoy, and Ander has the mouth as ass to work that magic. Jay presses Ander down onto his knees, and the horny sidekick starts sucking off both of them. Tony's stiff tool looks so tasty soon Jay is down there grabbing a slurp for himself. But mainly, this is Ander's chance to shine. He works his tongue, open mouth and deep throat on Commander Jay and the intruder Tony. But sucking cock isn't all a horned up mouth is good for, as Tony and Jay rim Ander's tight little hole in preparation for some deep rough anal action. Tony rams his raw booty blaster in first, then passes this prize butthole over to the boss Jay.

Scout Boys - Update

February 05, 2024

Scout Logan Ch 7

Alone Time: Most Scouts would have been horrified to find out that their Dad had been invited to join as a Scoutmaster. Talk about cramping your style! Things have always been a bit different in our household, however. Our first trip out into the woods together was predictably kinky. We basically started making out the moment we'd set up my tent. There was something obscenely dirty about the idea of fooling around with him while the others were getting settled in. His dick really is the best one I know. I love sucking on it and he loves to hold the back of my head until I gag. I could feel him slowly peeling down my underwear. He likes to push his tongue in there, tantalizing me until I'm wide open and desperate for his dick.

Boy Fun - Update

February 03, 2024

Booty Baiting

We're not exactly sure what cute young BoyFun twink Archi Gold is fishing for at the river, but whatever it is it can't beat the fresh cock of a boy like Paul Mason. While his fishing endeavors might be fruitless the offer of a boner to enjoy from his new friend on the riverbank results in something impressive. Paul has a big pink erection and Archi can't seem to get enough of it. With a thorough sucking for an introduction the smooth and slim boys strip down for a little smooching and mutual jerking, but Paul is just as hungry to lick and suck on a hard length of boy meat. Archi takes a seat and Paul gets to work on his new buddy's cock, bobbing up and down on the rigid curved inches. At this point either boy could be craving a good fucking.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 31, 2024

Bum In The Sun

Everybody wished that they could have a fuck in a swimming pool with a hot porn star or tradey who only takes it up the ass raw & deep. Here we have two hard working mechanic lads who are on holiday together and decide that each other needs some extra motor lubricant in their guts for keeps. These two hairy faced ass shaggers who have been eyeing each other up all year as they are bent over in their oily uniforms & heavy work boots have now decided that its time to fuck whilst the boss is miles away.

Peter Fever - Update

January 28, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 3

There's Hell to pay in Q-Boys lair when commander Jay Wu catches Pierce getting head from Anders. "Who the Hell do you think you are? I'm the only Daddy in here!!" he roars at his underling's insubordination. Pushing him into a small cage, he screams, "You want to be treated like a dog? You're gonna be caged like a dog! Stay in there, little SLUT!" as he storms away. But there's a ray of hope for Pierce, as Anders sneaks in to free him from his cage. Pierce beams with gratitude as he kisses his rescuer. In a flash they ditch their pants and are grinding their groins together on top of the cage. Pierce burrows his face into Ander's smooth butt, lubes it with his spit and plunges a finger or two deep into his hole. He pays back his hero with a balls-deep, tough screwing. Ass out and hands braced against the padded top of the cage, Anders groans his approval.

Scout Boys - Update

January 23, 2024

Scout Zack, Ch 2

The Trail: Young Scout Zack and I walked out into the woods, barely talking, yet enjoying every moment of each other's company. The boy is small, but rather perfectly formed. His uniform was clinging enticingly to every inch of his body. I told him I needed a leak and was pleased when he followed me off the trail and into the trees. Within seconds, he'd dropped to his knees and was sucking me eagerly, staring up with those big, innocent eyes as I unzipped my shirt. He stood and we kissed passionately while I aggressively kneaded the soft skin of his butt cheeks. I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to penetrate him and spun him around, pushed him against a tree and ripped down his shorts and underwear. Within seconds I had my tongue deep inside his ass and he was gasping and groaning in anticipation.

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 21, 2024

Nympho Man 1

25th Anniversary Gang Bang: A celebration of Treasure Island Media’s 25th Anniversary, Paul Morris and Luis Lumem set out to do a 25-man over the top balls to the wall pure Treasure Island gangbang. Of course, we aimed for 25 loads, but our street-filth bottom PETRICK GARCIA needed more! Filmed in a beautiful mountain village in Brazil, Petrick gets fucked repeatedly over and over by man after man, taking load after load after load after load.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 21, 2024

12 Fucks Of Christmas Pt. 2

Over the past Twelve Days of Xmas I was looking back at the best twelve hot fucks and dripping cumshots of 2023. Here's the Part Two and in no particular order.

Peter Fever - Update

January 17, 2024

2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 1

In the secret lair of the Metropolis Complex, the Q-Boys monitor the status of their base in Augusta. When Pierce Brooks spots an intruder on the base, blonde pup Ander Wolfson offers to come along to investigate, but hot and hot-tempered Commander Jay Wu has other plans for his best boy. Pierce comes upon the handsome, hung intruder, Tony Genius, taking a piss off the bridge into the meandering creek below. "Nice dick!" he remarks, and before you know it, the intruder is abandoning all his natural wariness to have it off with the beautiful Asian stud muffin. They kiss, Pierce takes a deep swallow of Tony's massive cock, and Tony spins him around to tongue fuck Pierce's tight little booty. When he stands he can't help sliding his big man-rammer into Pierce's butt.

Trans Angels - Update

January 16, 2024

Lust In The Desert

Smoking hot brunette Emma Rose is left stranded in the desert when her car breaks down, but her luck soon changes when sexy motorcyclist Small Hands cums to her rescue! After taking a look at the car’s engine, Small Hands decides to shift things up a gear and stuffs the horny t-girl’s tight hole with his throbbing erection! Following a doggystyle fucking, Emma gets on her knees to swallow up the handsome stud’s long, thick cock in a sloppy blowjob, and then the pair hop into the back of Emma’s pickup truck, where the busty trans babe rides Small Hands in cowgirl and reverse. Afterwards, Small Hands penetrates the tattooed nymph in a passionate side fuck before pulling out in time to spill his load all over Emma’s big fake tits!

Naked Sword - Update

January 13, 2024

Global Entry: Sicily 3

Justin Jett & Giuspel: Bearded beefcakes Justin Jett and Giuspel are taking a dip in the scenic waters of Sicily when Giuspel decides to drop down and suck off the hairy hard-on hiding beneath Justin’s swimsuit. Horny for more, the two rush back home where Justin immediately starts rimming and barebacking his buddy’s hole on an outdoor table. Then, after several positions across the terrace, Justin delivers his final pump and pulls out his big dick to smother Giuspel’s facial hair in his seed.

Hung Young Brit - Update

January 12, 2024

Cute 18 Y.O. Massive Cock

Hundreds of guys and us lot with this new really fucking sexy sex mad lad. Every time some cum up this lad I pull my pants down and get my dick in there to fuck it up him so more AND HIS SUPER GOOD LOOKING. The lad was super cute, really up 4 it and I real pleasure to meet Found him cruzing up there alone and he hanged out with us for the day - we had all gone for a fuck in the woods.

Czech Hunter - Update

January 12, 2024

Czech Hunter 721

This guy wasn't in the mood for any interview on camera and basically told me to leave him alone. Too bad he was cute and had a nice smile. No way I would let him slip through my fingers. He wanted to have a nice walk in a park, and I wanted to fuck. We just had to find a compromise that would suit us both. Well, a large amount of cash helped a lot. One look at his hairy abs and shaved cock told me everything I needed to know. This dude was perfect. A bit greedy but I didn't mind. I took him to my place and made this the most profitable day of his life. Well, my new friend was also a bit horny, which made things go smoothly. I took care of his cock and he pleasured my whole body. Getting inside of his ass was a bit tricky but it felt so fucking good.

ASGMAX - Update

January 12, 2024

The Goldenrod Resort Ep. 1

The Goldenrod Boutique Resort has just opened for business! It's a sex-positive resort,perfect for every gay vacation. Manager Dennis (Derek Kage) has hired Noah (Nico Coopa) tohelp him take photos to promote the resort. But, when Noah runs into Cole (Kyle Fletcher),the only guest at the resort, things take a much sexier turn and the resort delivers on itssex-positive promise.

Trans Angels - Update

January 11, 2024

Riding The Bride

Its Jade Venus? wedding day, and the busty brunette looks beautiful in her bridal dress and veil as she prepares for the upcoming ceremony. Feeling apprehensive, Jade turns to her sexy wedding planner, Gia Dibella, to help soothe her nerves as she notices the hot blondes nice, curvy ass. Wanting to please her client and make the day extra special, Gia gets on her knees and deepthroats the t-girl’s throbbing erection in a raunchy blowjob. Next, the tattooed nymph receives a tongue-fucking from Jade before sticking out her bubble butt and taking a doggystyle pounding from behind! After sucking on Jade’s shenis some more, Gia sits her tight pussy down on it and takes the pierced trans queen for a wild ride in cowgirl, and then the horny pair enjoy a passionate side fuck on the bed.

Scout Boys - Update

January 10, 2024

Scout Noah Ch 2

We pitched a tent and sat inside, joking about how ridiculously small it felt. Then the look on his face suddenly changed to one of pure desire and I knew that the time had come. Moments later we were kissing. The boy knew exactly what he was doing. Within seconds he was groping my bulge and I was impatiently tearing his shirt off. He unzipped my pants and exposed my dick, pressing his soft lips against it. Noah gave head like a pro and I found myself groaning with pleasure, my head spinning with dirty thoughts about what I was gonna do to him. I started to finger his hole with one hand while pushing down on the back of his head until he was choking on my meat with the other. I got him squatting in front of me and thrust my hungry tongue deep into his beautiful, smooth ass before kneeling behind him and pushing my 9-inch raw penis into him.

Czech Hunter - Update

January 07, 2024

Czech Hunter 722

I met Lukas during one of my walks. He was sitting on a park bench and looked quite depressed. The poor guy just had a fight with his wife. After five years of marriage, they were fighting constantly. This month was particularly tough because Lukas didn't have enough money to pay rent. I offered him an elegant solution. The dude wriggled a bit but eventually followed me into my apartment. I don't know if it was his terrible marriage or my personal charm, but Lukas was eager to experiment. We both get on the bed and pleasured each other. Of course, Lukas wanted money but also wanted to break the stereotype of his marriage. But nothing too crazy. He refused to get fucked up the ass and instead offered to fuck me. I didn't hesitate for too long and enjoyed a nice ride on is massive boner.

Straight Off Base - Update

January 06, 2024

Benny & Briar

Massage & Happy Ending: USMC Corporals Benny and Briar, dutifully report to the Major's quarters for a swim and massage with a happy ending! Benny and Briar have really become best battle-buddies away from base while on liberty and Briar was totally down for a stress-relieving massage session. Briar hops on the massage table and Benny lubes Briar's well-chiseled body up. Benny wraps his hands around Briar's hard cock and eventually mounts the table to straddle ripped Briar for a better advantage to stroke their cocks together.

Cutler's Den - Update

December 31, 2023


Nothing like 2 big muscled guys making out and fucking. Its a full MASc feast of BEEF. Tryp is on his game and really horny. He comes at us hoping that we can feed his beast and Cutlers Den stud KING BYRCE can fuck like no one else. He is GOOD-TO-GO and ready to spread his seed all over this big beautiful muscle ass.

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