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Men - Update

August 19, 2021

Training The New Tire

Businessman Scott DeMarco is already horny and playing with his cock when handsome new hire Lucas Ellis walks into his office for his first day of training. Scott can't concentrate while looking at this hottie, so Lucas shows some initiative and starts touching Scott's dick, then shucks off his shoes and gives the boss a foot job! Scott has Lucas lie on the desk and suck him, then the bottom sits on Scott's face. Scott opens up that hole before fucking Lucas doggystyle, and then Lucas rides Scott. These guys get hard at work 69ing, then Scott fucks Lucas missionary on his desk. The new employee orgasms and takes his boss's big load on his face, proving he's sure to go far!

Men At Play - Update

August 16, 2021


Corporate Financial Controller Dani Robles is being given a polygraph by examiner Sir Peter. Mr. Robles is accused of tax fraud -- cheating the government out of millions of dollars in revenue. The government tax agency is in search of the truth but Dani insists on his innocence throughout. Once the lie detector test is complete, Dani demands to know the results. However, the results need to be analyzed and can only be reviewed by the inspector general. So, Dani tries to bribe Sir Peter for a favorable test result. Sir Peter is an honorable examiner - and money won’t buy him peace of mind. But, then Dani offers Sir Peter something he simply cannot resist. It’s time to get down to real business!

Men - Update

August 14, 2021

Free Wheeler Fuck

Bike messenger Malik Delgaty has everyone in the office staring at him when he comes in wearing only a small tank top and short shorts! All the guys ogle his big muscles and his impressive bulge and ask to touch his shirt, and Malik decides to show off a little bit. Boss Lev Ivankov is really into biking, and he's even more into sucking Malik's big cock! Malik bends the boss over the reception desk and fucks him doggystyle, then undresses him as the slim bottom rides him on a chair. Malik picks up Lev's legs to fuck him as he hangs off the edge of the desk, then puts him on the floor to penetrate that ass in missionary before he cums on the boss's face!

Drill My Hole - Update

August 12, 2021

Precinct 69 Part 1

?When Kyle Connors's sweatpants get ripped off in a freak subway door accident, undercover officer Theo Brady of Precint 69 immediately calls in Agent Felix Fox for backup. Felix puts Kyle under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned. As Theo watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours. Felix fucks that ass, and Kyle rides the sexy agent. Felix penetrates the perp's mouth, then sucks his cock. Kyle lies back on the desk as the top pounds his hole, then they swap facials before Kyle makes his daring escape!

Active Duty - Update

August 11, 2021

A.D. Favorites: Eat That Ass

At Active Duty our guys know they have a duty to eat that ass, and they do it with pride. Watch this rimming compilation and enjoy the ride. 00:05-Alex Breaks In New Recruit Dex 01:57-Johnny Tops Julian 04:21-Ryan & Justin Flip Fuck 07:01-Dacotah Uses James Ryan's Hole 08:32-Niko Flip-Fucks Jim 11:10-Late Recruit 14:28-Private Pounding 15:18-Red & Finn Flip Fuck 17:01-Alex Punishes Brandon Anderson 20:17-Ryan Flip-Fucks New Recruit Hugo 22:23-Scott Rails Daniel 25:13-Leeroy Jones & Princeton Price 28:38-Princeton Price & Mike Johnson 31:58-Chris Damned Rails Johnny B 33:56-Daniel Greene & Johnny B 36:18-Kevin Texas & Laith Inkley 41:34-Laith Inkley & Johnny B.

Masonic Boys - Update

August 05, 2021

Apprentice Ryan

Apprentice Ryan CHAPTER 1: The Interview - Master Kamp began to feel around Marcus' body, caressing his inner thighs, creeping up toward his genitals, going so far as to lift up his shirt and feel his stomach and chest. The boy was gifted with a natural athletic physique, clearly having spent more time in his prayer book than in a gym yet still having a trim, defined body. His smooth skin made him appear all the more innocent, making his boyish reservations even more enticing. When Kamp put his hand in the boy's underwear, Marcus looked away, not wanting to see his own penis in the hand of another man. So deep was his repression that even as his cock throbbed and leaked between Master Kamp's fingers, he wouldn't indulge himself in the satisfaction of bearing witness to his own arousal.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 01, 2021

The Theif

Times are tough and Bastian Karim desperately wants that new leather cock-ring and decides to slip it into his pocket, unbeknownst to him, shop keeper Gianni Maggio has been keeping a close eye on him. Bastian attempts to slip out of the shop when Gianni pulls him back in and into the back room. Gianni is going to make Bastian pay for the cock-ring by pulling out his monster cock and shoving it down Bastian's throat. Feeling the need for a bit more punishment, Gianni slaps his cock across Bastian's face before giving him a deep face fucking. A bit surprised, Gianni finds himself impressed with the level of cock sucking skills that Bastian possesses. Knowing Bastian's skill level, Gianni continues to taunt and tease him with his gigantic cock.

Men At Play - Update

July 29, 2021

Award vs Reward

This evening Leo Rosso will be recognized and receive an award for his philanthropy work. He’s asked his partner, Ruslan Angelo, to join him - but Ruslan prefers to stay home swimming and enjoying the Spanish sun. Noticing that Leo is upset, Ruslan finally goes inside to get ready. He looks good suited and decides that he should dress like this more often, and Leo agrees! His suited partner looks great and Leo starts making out with him. Ruslan, aware of the delay, stops him, asking Leo if they weren't in a hurry? Alas, Leo has changed his mind, the award can wait - it’s time for his reward!

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 28, 2021


Ian CHAPTER 4: Follow Up Visit - Cole was dressed in a simple jockstrap, perfectly comfortable in his nakedness as he came into the room. Ian couldn't believe how handsome he was, standing tall with a lean, athletic frame and long, powerful legs. Ian watched wide eyes as Dr. Wolf began to feel Cole's hole, commenting on how perfect it was. Ian couldn't find fault with his assessment, noticing how it was beautifully puckered between his round, bubble-like cheeks. Ian felt himself getting turned on by seeing the tall man play with his ass. Dr. Wolf pulled out a dildo, roughly the size of an average phallus, lubing it up as he explained to Ian that his anal cavity was capable of taking quite a lot and that he was going to prove it using Cole as a volunteer.

Hot House - Update

July 28, 2021

Capitol Affairs 3

Now that America has a new President, Tristan Hunter and Andy Taylor celebrate by getting naked on the couch. Tristan strips Andy out of his clothes and lays him back on the couch plant his face between Andy's ass cheeks. Tristan takes his time savoring Andy's hole, prepping it for when he slides his fat cock deep in Andy's ass. After getting his hole drilled bareback, Andy takes another taste of Tristan's cock that was inside of him. Now that he's tasted his own hole, Andy gets on top to let Tristan fuck up into him while he sits back and strokes his cock. Tristan keeps thrusting to new depths until he can't hold back any longer and shoots his load all over Andy's ass. Sliding back in, Tristan pounds up, in and out of Andy's hole until Andy loses it and dumps his cum all over his leg.

Trans Angels - Update

July 27, 2021

Blowing While She Blows

Trans goddess Daisy Taylor is an emerging R&B singer in the process of recording her new single. When Daisy walks in the studio, she meets Dillon Diaz, a hot janitor. Star struck Dillon dares to ask the pretty Daisy for an autograph on his butt. After she gets in the recording booth and starts singing, Dillon, faking to be mopping the floor, sneaks into the room and gets under the singer. Daisy is startled at first, but the woman is so horny that she agrees to let Dillon blow her while she sings. Sitting at the mixing console, Daisy's producer starts suspecting that his angel voiced idol might also be an insatiable sex beast.

Men At Play - Update

July 22, 2021

Wet Personal Assistant

Emir Boscatto is a successful international businessman interviewing candidates to be his new personal assistant. Bruno Max, an experienced professional, believes he has all the requirements needed for the position and decides to apply. At the interview, Emir starts to evaluate his new candidate's skills - asking how many things he can handle and how far he is willing to go to obtain the job. All job candidates say the same thing: Yes, they have the skills and right mindset for the job. So, Emir has Max prove it. He takes his handkerchief from his jacket and throws it into the swimming pool and asks Bruno to fetch it. Bruno jumps into the pool without any hesitation - suited and wet, he will soon also prove that business and pleasure can mix!

Masonic Boys - Update

July 21, 2021

Apprentice Blue: The Calling

Master Oaks never looked away from Cole as he dropped his pants to his ankles, pulling out his big cock. It was thick and veiny, surrounded by a bush of dark hair. The heat from it was so strong Cole swore he could feel it on his lips. It was then that Oaks told him to taste it, something that Cole was both desperate to do and terrified of. He closed his eyes, moving his head closer as he felt the tip of the man's member enter his mouth. His lips wrapped around it and he took his first taste of Oaks' cock. It was incredible. Somehow strange and familiar all at once. It was like his mouth was meant to have it and he'd waited his whole life for it. Even still, he kept his eyes closed until Oaks insisted he look up at him.

Men At Play - Update

July 20, 2021

The Best of Dario Beck

MENatPLAY sheds a spotlight on Spanish and German hairy stud Dario Beck in a compilation of his very best, suited sex performances. Enjoy the many scenes that Dario stars in and the way he takes what he desires. This hot hunk is more than a hot looking guy, he has a commanding presents that makes every action he takes erotic in it's own way. Truly one of Europe's hottest gay porn stars and one we will watch over and over again and again.

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 17, 2021


CHAPTER 21: Little Workday Distraction - After a couple of fairly intense sessions in Dr. Wolf's office, the tall daddy invited little Austin back to his house for a more extended stay. It was the college holidays and he wanted to spend quality time with his favorite physician! And Dr. Wolf thought it would be fun to have Austin close by 24-7! Dr. Wolf took the morning to work from home and told Austin that he wasn't to be distracted. Of course, as he started sifting through the spreadsheets, the older daddy heard the door opening. He looked up to see a red-faced Austin standing there, almost apologetically, in his sexy little blue T-shirt, almost like he was saying, "Please don't be angry with me, but I'm horny..." Austin undid Wolf's pretty quickly.

Dirty Scout - Update

July 12, 2021

Dirty Scout 257

Matej was a cute guy, who just quit his job as a male nurse and was looking for something new. His previous occupation was a chore that left him so tired that he was barely able to enjoy the few precious hours of free time he had. Also, the salary was horrible, of course. Spending time with his girlfriend was almost impossible while he had the job but when he quit, money started to run out. Good that he came to my office because I had a perfect solution for this. A new well-paid job in real estates was exactly what the dude needed. He was so excited! Obviously, he couldn't afford to pay our mediation fee, but we managed somehow. He didn't mind making a few extra thousand Crowns, either. Let's hope his girlfriend won't ever know about it.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 01, 2021

The Interview: Cole

Master Kamp seemed to have total access to his interviewee's body. Cole felt his hands move to his nipples, between his legs, under his loins, cradling his testicles, even teasing his hole. He felt beneath his underwear, caressing his delicate pubic hair and teasing the base of his shaft. Cole didn't want to show that he liked it, but it was impossible to hide. His body reacted in ways his mind couldn't prevent. And as Kamp pulled his cock out of his underwear, his breath practically begged to release a load out of him. Kamp's warm hand gripped the boy's member, feeling it pulse in his hand. He took out his balls, feeling their weight in his palm, teasing them and tugging on them as the tip of his penis continued to drip.

Scout Boys - Update

June 21, 2021

The Pledge

Scoutmaster Kamp finished pinning Maxx's lapel, smoothing it out and making sure it sat flat. As he did, his strong fingers grazed the boy's firm, athletic chest, feeling its form for the first time. Kamp's hands lingered a little bit longer than Maxx thought was necessary, but he was locked in an immovable stance. His eyes darted down, looking to see what Kamp was doing, thinking that maybe it was something official. But when Kamp's hands moved down to the boy's crotch, it became clear that this was not part of the manual he'd studied. "Scoutmaster?" Maxx responded. His voice was confused and alarmed. He didn't know what exactly was happening. "You're ready to take your oath, yes?" Kamp's question was pointed.

Dirty Scout - Update

June 21, 2021

Dirty Scout 255

It’s hard to get a job of your dreams when you’re young. You lack experience and have to settle with something less interesting. This young man wanted to work in IT but couldn’t find anything. He spent almost two years in various pubs and clubs as a bartender instead. When I saw his cute and innocent face, I was ready to hire him on the spot. There was a junior position open and the guy qualified for it nicely. He was unemployed and in debt, so our mediation fee was a big problem. On the other hand, undressing for money wasn’t exactly a problem for this dude. He wasn’t shy at all. Unfortunately, my cock was way too big for his delicate virgin ass. It took a great deal of stretching before he was able to enjoy our time together.

Men At Play - Update

June 21, 2021

Man Hours Editor’s Cut

This is a Bonus Editor’s Cut of MENatPLAY Movie "Man Hours" originally released in March 2013. MenatPlay Man Hours – Martin Mazza, Rafa Garcia & Antonio Aguilera. Latino straight Porn Stars Rafa Garcia and newcomer Antonio Aguilera, who together perform their first gay sex scene alongside Martin Mazza. This marks Martin’s return to gay porn and what a way to come back! The straight duo feel they are being taken advantage of when cocky executive Martin Mazza puts them through final interviews and then offers them both work, but with no pay. Rafa and Antonio refuse to be humiliated like this so they turn on Martin to release their pent up frustration with masculine aggression that turns in to hardcore sexual energy.

Men At Play - Update

June 16, 2021

Employee of the Month

Dani Robles is a supportive boss who recognizes the efforts of his staff. When he tells Oliver Marinho, a new employee of only a few weeks, that he’s nominated for employee of the month and that it includes a bonus, Oliver is surprised. It would appear that there are other team members more suitable for the nomination. But, Dani tells Oliver that above all else, he values employee ambition - and that it’s time to get down to business! As it turns out, Oliver is an ambitious employee and Dani’s the one to get a bonus.

Fun Size Boys - Update

June 16, 2021

Ian 3 Double Stuffed

As the the three men undressed, Ian couldn't believe his good fortune. Dolf was a tall, smooth skinned muscle daddy with sexy tattoos and well groomed facial hair, making him look some kind of European model. Dr. Wolf was a handsome daddy with movie-star good looks, naturally emanating power and authority, making him feel like a true alpha. Ian let the two men have their way with his body, kissing one while the other stripped him down to his jock strap, feeling their hot breath and curious tongues explore him from head to toe. He got lost where one man's desire ended and the other's began, practically taking it from all sides. But once Dr. Wolf pulled out his cock, Ian's focus went right to the many meat inches the giant daddy gave him.

Men - Update

June 13, 2021

Better With Clothes On

There's nothing hotter than a sharp-dressed man, as Rico Vega realizes while watching his boyfriend Klein Kerr don a crisp white shirt and sharp tailored blazer. Rico rubs his cock, then lets his robe slip off and grinds his ass against Klein's bulge. The top realizes he doesn't have to go out just yet and runs his hands all over his tattooed boyfriend's body, kissing him passionately. Rico unfastens Klein's belt and drops to his knees to suck his cock, then gets on the bed on all fours as Klein rims him. The top lets his shirt fall open as he fucks Rico doggystyle, then sucks the bottom's hard dick. Rico rides Klein reverse, and this passionate couple gaze at each other as Klein fucks his man missionary till Rico orgasms, then pulls out to shoot his hot load on the bottom's abs.

Men At Play - Update

June 11, 2021

Level Test

Pol Prince visits Gustavo Cruz’s Pilates and rehabilitation center, looking for information regarding stretching classes in order to improve his flexibility. After showing Pol around, Gustavo discusses the benefits of stretching - the sexual, as well as the physical ones. In order for Gustavo to recommend a course of action, he needs to see what Pol is capable of and tells him that he needs to go through a level test. Thinking of the sexual benefits the training could provide, Pol wants to start ASAP and asks Gustavo to show him what he is capable of, right then and there!

Bromo - Update

June 08, 2021

Hard On Parole

After getting up to no good while he's out on parole, convict Chris Damned could be looking at hard time, but he doesn't pay any attention to his parole officer, Adrian Hart, until Adrian shows him a hard cock. The orange jumpsuit-wearing bad boy just wants to have fun, starting with sucking Adrian's cock, then he turns the tables and fucks Adrian's face. Chris fucks the bottom on the table, then Adrian sucks Chris's dick and rides him before Chris bends him over and pounds him till he shoots his load all over the one-way mirror! Chris leaves some evidence on Adrian's pert ass.

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