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Men At Play - Update

October 20, 2021

Analyze This, Editor's Cut

Young job candidate, Kayden Gray, turns up for an interview and is confronted by domineering executive Emir Boscatto whose silence and piercing gaze are unnerving. When Emir turns on a video camera to record the meeting, the awkward atmosphere steps up a notch. But, the moment Emir begins to feel Kayden's cock through his fly, it's Kayden who takes charge. Emir takes Kayden's huge cock to the back of his throat before getting his hole stretched, all while they both watch their play session being captured on camera for future analysis.

Family Creep - Update

October 17, 2021

Well Hung Brother-In-Law

Ryan Kneeds joins his brother-in-law Jake Lawrence at his office in hopes to get a summer job and he discovers that he is bisexual. Jake proceeds to fucking curious Ryan with his huge cock. It doesn't stop there either. Ryan gets on his knees and takes Jakes cock deep down his throat loving every inch. Then, Ryan has Jake bend over the desk and take his big fat hard cock so deep Jake can only moan and groan in glee!

Hot House - Update

October 15, 2021

Dirty Intern 3

Isaac Parker is at the doctor's office visiting Dr. Devin Trez, seeking some helpful info on sexual experiences after recently coming out. Devin is obviously eager to help with Isaac's sexual desires and asks his patient to drop his pants and bend over. Taking it slow, Devin works his fingers into Isaac's fresh ass. Isaac lays back on the table so that he can relax while the doctor keeps opening his ass up with his fingers. As Isaac loosens up, getting his hole played with feels better and better. He takes a spin at fingering himself for Devin, before laying back again and letting Devin introduce rimming to him. Devin's tongue has Isaac's hole puckered and the doctor knows the next step from here. The doctor drops trou and slowly works his massive, uncut cock into his patient's tight ass.

Men At Play - Update

October 14, 2021

Play Before Work

Dressed and ready to leave for work, Drew Dixon goes to kiss his boyfriend John Brachalli goodbye. John is still in bed, wearing only boxers and sporting morning wood, which Drew cannot ignore. John quickly wakes up when he feels his hard cock inside of Drews' mouth. He enjoys playing with his boy; kissing his wet mouth and messing with his tidy suit. Soon, John begins to get dressed while still fucking the power bottom Drew. When he is satisfied and done playing, John leaves to go to the office, with his balls unloaded and wearing a big smile on his face. But Drew has to get ready all over again after John is all done with him.

Twink Top - Update

October 14, 2021

Austin Young

Chapter 10: Mentoring Potential - My name's Principal Figata and I'm the school administrator. I take the well-being of my students incredibly seriously but I'm also a red-blooded male, and some of the boys in this college are nothing but walking hormones! I've always been intrigued by Austin. I called him into my office this afternoon to give him a motivational chat about applying himself more as a sportsman. I'm not sure why, or at which point I started openly talking about his dick, but I remember blurting out that I was keen to see it. I told him to stand up, pulled him between my legs, pushed down his shorts and started to suck him off. Within a few seconds he was gasping and moaning in intense pleasure.

Dirty Scout - Update

October 09, 2021

Dirty Scout 258

This young man was interesting. He studied agriculture and then worked at a farm for some time. He liked the job, the only problem there was his boss. You know, the dude was quite handsome, and I am gay. Finding him a good new job was the only solution in the end. That was why he got in my office. I found him a new and better job but there was a catch. He couldn’t afford to pay our mediation fee and was too proud to borrow money. I was really getting horny because this was a real cutie sitting right in front of me. To my surprise, he agreed to undress and work the fee off. Maybe I was good looking and didn’t stink of manure, unlike his former boss. I also had plenty of money in my pockets, which probably did the trick.

Young Perps - Update

October 09, 2021

Stolen Goods

He's Got The Stolen Goods - Mischievous employee Zac Bishop has been stealing stuff, and corporate is onto him. They send in sexy security guard Jace to retrieve the items, and after a cum-drenched butthole drilling, justice is properly served. This is one of the more probing experiences for the Loss Prevention Officer but he is more than up for the task and with a little more of a happy ending they both will remember this day for a very long time.

Missionary Boys - Update

October 08, 2021

Closer To Holiness

Elder Trent Marx: Closer To Holiness - Cute Elder Trent Marx is excited about his Anointing Ceremony, and President Marco Napoli is ready to fulfill all his wildest fantasies. He strips the boy down and douses him in oil before penetrating his aching bussy and shooting a gooey load from the tip of his boner. Starts with an erotic massage that turns into cock sucking and finally deep hard anal penetration.

Yes Father - Update

October 07, 2021

Jay & Brandon

Sinning On The Altar - Innocent Catholic boy Jay Tee comes up with a deviously sexual plan to have intense sex with Brandon James on the altar. He pleasures his buddy's thick boner with his tongue and moans as the cute guy strokes and shoots a gooey load of cum all over himself. These guys are still young but they are way ahead of the game with great cock sucking skills and deep hard anal sex looks so easy for them.

Young Perps - Update

October 06, 2021

Indicent Exposure

Strapping security guard Jace is not going to put up with the slutty outfit perp Gavin Winters is wearing on store premises. The only way the dirty boy is getting out of this one is if slobbers on Jace's massive pole and takes him balls deep in his tight boy hole! It takes no time before they are all over each other. Jace to get some of that younger cock and Gavin to get out of this mess and maybe enjoy a mess of his own.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 06, 2021

Bottomless Cafe

While Tony Orlando is sitting on his ass doing nothing in a busy cafe, upset customers Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian come to Tony with their frustrations. As payback for the unsatisfying service, Brian and Drew decide that Tony needs to service their fists. As Brian and Drew undress Tony, the lazy worker submits to Brian's cock in his mouth and Drew's tongue in his hole. After the quick taste, Drew is ready to slide into Tony's ass raw. The spit-roasting with dicks continues until Brian decides to take it up a few notches with his fists in Tony's gape. As Tony moans out loud from Brian's handballing from behind, Drew tries to muffle the sounds with his thick cock in Tony's mouth.

Family Creep - Update

October 05, 2021

Topping My Stepdad's Brother!

Ryan Kneeds is really horny and visiting his stepdad's brother Nate Stetson; who is a sexy hot doctor. While Ryan is there he mentions that his stepdad and mom are splitting up because Ryan's mom caught him sucking off his stepdad. Nate loves this dirty story and see's if Ryan is willing to put his skills to the test! It doesn't take long until Ryan gets not only his prescription filled but he fills Nate's mouth and asshole as well.

Hot House - Update

September 29, 2021

Dirty Intern 2

Receptionist Tristan Hunter is working the desk when Isaac Parker comes in with an extra-long-term boner issue. The urologist is out, so Tristan suggests they take care of Isaac's issue another way. Getting on his knees, Tristan pulls down Isaac's shorts and deepthroats his cock. Tristan really wants to help the patient, so he takes his time giving Isaac a sopping wet hummer. When the blowjob doesn't do the trick, Isaac decides to try swallowing Tristan's cock instead. Somehow, Tristan convinces Isaac that eating Tristan's ass will make it go down. It obviously doesn't work, so Isaac stands up and sticks his bare cock in Tristan's tight ass. Tristan's hole feels great wrapped around Isaac's swollen cock, and the bareback deep dicking is putting the boner to good use, but not necessarily helping the patient.

Hot House - Update

September 29, 2021

The Foreman's Son

Arad Winwin and Dakota Payne are on the job site getting things ready for the day, but their raging hard-ons have other plans in mind. It isn't long until they're stripping each other down and Dakota is on his knees begging for Arad's hard and uncut cum-filled cock to stuff his mouth. Arad chokes Dakota with his cock as he struggles to take down all his manhood. Arad works his hands down Dakota's body while Dakota pleasures him and finds his asshole just waiting to be opened up. Arad runs his tongue up and down his crack before he pushes his cock head in, splitting Dakota's ass nice and wide. He fucks Dakota with his bare cock, enjoying the warm wetness of his ass. Dakota loves the feeling of Arad's thick, raw dick plunging in and out of his hole and finally gives himself permission to blow.

Next Door Studios - Update

September 25, 2021

Clean Up Crew

Member Fantasy - Roman Todd is working late and keeping himself together with a ton of coffee... that he drops on the janitor, Alex Tanner. He gets his jumpsuit off and Roman likes what he sees. It stays at that and Roman goes back to his desk, still worked up. He gets caught jerking off by Alex that also likes what happening before his eyes. All of the sexual tension is finally released in a sensual sex session. This member fantasy was made possible with the erotic mind of Jack J.

Scout Boys - Update

September 22, 2021

Troop Time

Chapter 8: First-Aid Training - My name is Cameron and I'm new to the Scouts. My best friend here is Jack. My favorite Scoutmaster is Scoutmaster Cox. He's so handsome, with his old-school mustache. Jack and I got called into Cox' office because neither of us has any experience of first aiding. Cox then introduced us to Scoutmaster Wolf who's something of an expert. From the moment he walked into the room, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Scoutmaster Wolf got Jack onto the table and used these wooden splints to demonstrate what to do if someone breaks a leg. Scoutmaster Wolf then got me to hop onto the table and started pulling my legs around. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. He just laughed and said "boys will be boys."

Men At Play - Update

September 21, 2021

And Thensome, Editor's Cut

Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr, and Dani Robles perform in one of MAP’s top favorited suited-threesome movies! At the office, Massimo catches his boyfriend and colleague Klein watching porn, again! When Dani stops by, they ask him if he’s ever tried performing something similar. And of course, he has and is more than willing to show them - right at the office. Massimo and Klein feed cum-hungry bottom, Dani, their delicious, uncut cocks, and Dani has a total feast with them. The couple mouth-fuck Dani until he almost gags, swapping dicks for him to take in deep and then ramming both in at the same time. Next, it's Dani’s hole that gets pummeled by Massimo and Klein, who tag-fuck his ass, taking turns and making the fun last as much as possible.

Masonic Boys - Update

September 09, 2021

Apprentice Ryan

CHAPTER 2: The Calling Apprentice Ryan - Grandmaster Oaks removed Marcus' clothes, stripping him down until he was bare to his white garments. The see-through fabric revealed his arousal, as well as his lean, athletic body. The Oaks proceeded to strip Marcus of his underwear as well, leaving him completely exposed and vulnerable to the older man's designs. The handsome daddy ordered Marcus to get up on his desk on all fours. The boy did as he was told, feeling a little strange about presenting himself like a prized pony. The apprentice arched his back as instructed, putting his naked body on display for Grandmaster Oaks to enjoy. The older man explored the boy's chest and stomach, observing the way Marcus trembled in fear.

Young Perps - Update

September 08, 2021

Forbidden Cigarette

Muscular security guard Dillon Diaz isn't going to let cutie Dylan Hayes slide when he catches him smoking a cigarette on campus. When security officer Dillon Diaz catches student Dylan Hayes smoking on campus he tells him off and threatens to get him in trouble. Dylan has to beg officer Dillon to let him do a special favor that will ensure he stays quiet about his little crime. The only way Dylan is getting out of this jam is if he lets the nasty security guard sample his extra tight asshole with his veiny boner.

Missionary Boys - Update

September 07, 2021

Make a Holy Man

I'll Make a Holy Man Out of You - Little Ryan Jacobs is struggling to keep the faith, so strapping priest Beau Reed takes matters into his own hands. He spanks the doubt-filled boy before probing his tight ass with his red hot, throbbing boner! He delivers on that promise with using his glass toy deep in Ryan's mouth then flips over legs up high over his head and Pilep-Drives that too so deep up hit ass.

Yes Father - Update

September 05, 2021

Must Be Punished

Cute Catholic boy Benjamin Blue has been behaving in a very devious manner, and it's up to Father Torres to make sure the innocent young man stays on the straight and narrow path. He punishes the sweet boy by spanking his ass red and plunging his swollen boner deep inside his hungry sphincter! He takes the beating and anal intrusion like a champ and you'll love watching every inch go deep inside of him.

Men At Play - Update

September 01, 2021

Don't Wake The Boss 2

The boss had a very busy night - and not with paperwork! In ‘iBreak - Trent King’, we watch the suited Mr. King “play” at his desk on a late Friday night. It’s now Saturday morning and Rocky Vallarta, the office security guard, walks into the boss’s office while on his rounds. It looks like the boss had a long evening of “work” and he finds him fast asleep on the couch. He notices a very obvious bulge and a dildo nearby. Should he wake him? Or should he have a quick feel? Rocky does not have the slightest hesitation - he goes straight for Trent’s throbbing cock and slowly sucks his fat dick, whilst trying not to wake him. But, however careful he is, the boss eventually rouses from his sleep and quickly turns the tables on Rocky by undressing the blue-collar worker and fucking his smooth tight ass.

Next Door Taboo - Update

September 01, 2021

He Got Me Fired!

My Stepbrother Got Me Fired! - Johnny Ford visits his stepbrother Ryan Jordan at work and though Ryan tells Johnny to be on his best behavior, Johnny can't help but be a bad boy. They flip fuck in Ryan's office which doesn't go over well with Ryan's boss. Sometimes it's best to not do anything wrong but I'm going to side with the guys on this one. Their sex scene was not only way too hot but step-brothers fucking mmmmm i love it!

Masonic Boys - Update

August 29, 2021

Apprentice James

Chapter 1: The Interview Apprentice James - Master Legrand began to tie Oliver's hands behind the chair in which he was sitting. Oliver didn't know if this was a kind of ritual, but he patiently waited for the older man to tie the white rope around his wrists. When Master Legrand sat back down, he pulled his chair closer, bringing his long legs in on his own. The Master couldn't help but practically rest his knee on Oliver's loins, needing to get close enough to touch him. Master Legrand placed a hand on his apprentice's chest, feeling his heart beating through his new undergarments. The fabric was sheer, barely acting as a true cover. The Master ran his hand down inside it, feeling the boy's chest again. Oliver felt more uncomfortable this time.

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 26, 2021

John Jones 720

So, John slides onto the CAUSA massage table via his collaborating with James Jacobs for Chaturbate and OnlyFans over the past year, and this was one shoot where I had no clue what to expect -- either from the model or in terms of what would be captured on video since I knew nothing about John and had only seen a couple of pix of him. Needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. From the moment Mr. Jones dropped his boxer briefs and his perma-boner sprung free, to the anal play, both while facing down and again while facing up. John thoroughly enjoyed his first CAUSA sexperience and his first foray into studio content.

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