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Young Perps - Update

February 11, 2022

Walking Away Clean

Aaron Trainer brings Amone Bane and Dante Drackis into custody for interrogation. He offers the two men a sweet deal, and if they oblige, they will walk away no questions asked. Aaron has already had Amone, and now he wants Dante and Amone at the same time. Dante and Amone must do whatever Aaron tells them to do to get out of trouble.

Young Perps - Update

January 29, 2022

Obsession Fulfilled

Security officer Marco Napoli brings troublemakers Cole Church and Darron Bluu to the back room after getting complaints about them. While he interrogates them, Cole accuses Darron of being obsessed with him and having a crush on him. Officer Napoli orders them to undress so they can get to the bottom of the problem. Turns out Darron wants to suck Cole's cock and Officer Napoli is going to make that happen!

Missionary Boys - Update

January 29, 2022

Elder Jack Bailey

Assigned Companions - When Elder Jack helps Elder Ashton straighten up his tie, he pulls him in to make out with him. Elder Ashton is not comfortable with doing this with the door open because they might get caught, so Elder jack closes and locks the door before finally getting fully close and personal with Elder Ashton.

Twink Top - Update

January 25, 2022

Cole Blue, Ch. 5

Chapter 5: Workout - A heady fragrance came off of Cole's crotch, filling the older man's nostrils and lungs with the potent scent of the sweaty jock. Coach Charger knew it well. It was the scent of excellence. Of perseverance. Of championship. When a young man pushes himself just right, he leaves a pheromonal trail of his accomplishment, starting from his loins and cascading through the air. He was mere inches from the source, driving the silver daddy wild. Cole's cock shot up in his jock as Coach Charger's warm, smooth lips made contact with his balls. The breath that he released tickled the hairs, exciting him from his taint to the tip. Cole watched with wide eyes, dying to see what his coach would do next.

Men At Play - Update

January 09, 2022

Kissing The Boss

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy 2022. Sending thanks this holiday season (and always). Manuel Skye, Head of Management, is done working and makes a call home to let them know he'll soon be on his way to start enjoying the holiday break. On his way out, he notices his most recent employee (and newest Menatplay stud), Craig Marks, is still at the office working. Craig confesses that since moving to the city just a few months ago, he hasn’t had time to meet any friends and has no family nearby; so he prefers to stay and work through the holidays. Manuel feels pity for his subordinate and decides to give him the gift (a pocket handkerchief and pair of cufflinks) he had planned on giving him after his employment probation.

Gaycest - Update

December 30, 2021

Teaching My Grandson

Tape 3: Hard Lessons - Jack was pretty gutted when he didn't get the job he'd hoped for. His grandfather had done so much to help him and he really valued that time together. As his grandfather read the letter of rejection, he felt embarrassed that such a powerful and successful man as Mr. Charger had to be part of his failure. Mr. Charger pulled Jack over to him, letting him sit on his lap as he'd done when he was younger. He knew he had to make Jack feel better any way possible. And lately, he's discovered something that always puts a smile on the young man's face... Standing up, Mr. Charger gave Jack a kiss on the lips before bending him over the desk. It was sudden and fast, but it was enough to let Jack know what was coming.

Family Creep - Update

December 25, 2021

Big Balls

Big Balls For Big Cock - Andrew Connor is suffering from swollen balls so he his visits step-dad Dr. Ray Diesel at the clinic. In order to relive some tension, Andrew gets fucked by Ray. it doesn't take long until Dr. Ray Diesel decides his step-son's balls need further examination and starts to see how the effect on Andrew. Andrew gets the hint and takes the Doctor's cock deep in his mouth and before you know it not only does Dr. Ray suck Andrews hard cock but he eats Andrews as then shoves his big black hard cock right up Andre's ass.

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 20, 2021


Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office - Joshua had always been shorter and slighter, spending most of his youth as the runt of his siblings. He never thought much of it beyond the usual shopping experiences, trying to find clothes that fit his smaller body that didn't have superheroes or cartoons on them. Even in his personal life, his size never really came up ...except for when he took off his pants. Most guys don't expect someone of his height to have a dick as big as his, something that Joshua didn't mind at all. But when it came to Dr. Wolf, Joshua felt the stark contrast between them. Getting measured, weighed, and inspected thrust the giant man right beside him. Joshua was struck by how he only came up to his chest, practically beneath his armpits!

Drill My Hole - Update

December 10, 2021

Open Wide

Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup. But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex's hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex's balls instead! Alex cums all over the patient, and Clark takes out his big hard cock for Alex to suck while Malik pounds that hole doggystyle. The tops switch off before Alex returns his patient to the chair and rides Clark's dick while sucking the dentist's instrument, then it's Alex's turn to open wide as Clark and Malik cum on his face while the bottom jacks off!

Falcon Studios - Update

December 06, 2021

Falcon Group Orgy Compilation

Enjoy some of our hottest orgy scenes! 0:00:04 - Hungover 0:03:25 - 7 Minutes In Heaven 0:06:38 - Lets Get Quenched 0:09:17 - Urban Spokes 0:12:16 - Making The Grade 0:16:14 - The Pledge 0:19:00 - The Other Side Of Aspen VI 0:22:18 - London Calling 0:25:43 - Born to Porn. These are some of Falcons Studios best works and then men are so hot you may need to turn on the AC. Enjoy this compilation, you'll need a few extra cum rags but it will be well worth it.

Masonic Boys - Update

December 05, 2021

Apprentice James

Chapter 3: The Covenant - Oliver did as he was told. Obediently, he stripped down completely and put on the ceremonial robe. It was big and loose hanging on his body, clearly not made for him. As he tried to balance it on his shoulders, he wondered how many others had worn this exact garment, and how many others had done what he was about to do. He'd barely spoken a handful of words to Master Cox, but already the older man had touched his body, handled his genitals, and even been inside him. Sex with him was part of the requirements of the Order, but Oliver did not mind. Crawling into the ceremony room on all fours, he lowered himself below the older man. Master Cox sat on the edge of a large bed, draped in a red altar cloth. Max Cox was dressed in all white, even down to his tie. Everything felt so formal and so ritualized.

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 05, 2021


Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office - When Wolf asked him to take off his pants, Eric realized he wasn't wearing any underwear! He caught himself feeling a little embarrassed, pulling down his shorts slowly. He didn't mean to, but he got ready so fast and distracted that he barely made it out the door on time at all. But now, with a quick slip of the waist band, he was standing with his member out, naked and exposed in front of Dr. Wolf. Despite Eric's beet-red face, Dr. Wolf barely seemed to register Eric's novel nakedness. He proceeded to inspect him, measure him, move him, and weigh him. It was only Eric who felt the strange sensation of being naked next to a fully clothed man. But as the exam continued, found himself becoming overcome with a different sensation altogether.

Men At Play - Update

December 05, 2021

Professor’s Crush

In his MENatPLAY debut, Nicholas Bardem is a marketing professor changing careers and leaving teaching behind him. After Nicholas streams his last online lesson, Dani Robles, who will be taking over Nicholas’ classes, sits behind the camera and makes a short speech. When Dani finishes, Nicholas approaches and thanks him. Nicholas realizes that Dani has a crush on him - he can tell by the way Dani looks at him. No more pretenses - Nicholas takes Dani’s tie with one hand and grabs him with the other; their lips almost touching. Who could resist the temptation? Dani has had a crush on Nicholas, the sexy professor, and colleague, and he’s ready for their own private play session and lesson.

Men At Play - Update

November 21, 2021

White Lie, Editor's Cut

Bonus Editor's Cut of the 2016 Top Favorited Movie "White Lie" starring Massimo Piano and Robbie Rojo. Massimo Piano and Robbie Rojo are more like buddies than co-workers at the same firm; oftentimes playing pranks on each other. But today, Massimo takes his pranking to a whole new level, conveniently 'forgetting' to tell a rain-soaked Robbie about his canceled meeting. Massimo provides Robbie with a dry suit to change into, but first Robbie must strip. When Massimo sneaks a peek at his tasty, young colleague getting butt naked - he wants to win the game and take the prize! Massimo finally gets to fuck young Robbie's tight, smooth ass over his own desk. But as much as Robbie enjoys getting his ass pounded, he isn't that happy about losing out to Massimo and evens the score.

Hot House - Update

November 17, 2021


As Chris Damned prepares for his big day, he makes one last stop to get his shoes shined by Jack Bailey. As Jack is buffing Chris' shoes, he can't help but eye the increasing bulge growing in Chris' pants. Without a word, Jack glances up at Chris and reaches for the cock in his face. Chris nods and unzips his trousers to reveal his uncut cock for Jack. He quickly switches from polishing the groom's shoes to polishing Chris' meat, while Chris works on shedding the rest of his suit. After shining his cock, Jack bends over to let Chris shine his hole with a deep rimming. Now that he's lubed up and ready to go, Chris bends Jack over a chair and works his pole deep into Jack's ass bareback. Since it's all about servicing the customer, Jack lays back and lets Chris pummel his hole until Chris shoots a thick load all over Jack's torso.

Masonic Boys - Update

November 16, 2021

Apprentice Basinger Ch. 1

The Interview - Apprentice Basinger sat expectantly, wondering with intense anticipation what Grandmaster Wolf would ask him. Entrance into the Masonic Order wasn't guaranteed, and Basinger knew that it would require more than just a sunny smile and a charming personality. The questions started simple at first. Information about school and sports and activities fell out of Basinger's mouth like they were pre-recorded, set to auto-response from a lifetime of regurgitating the facts and details of what made him stand out amongst his peers. Grandmaster Wolf was no fool, however. He knew that Basinger was hiding something. He could see the subtle ways in which Basinger would steal glances at his body, eyeing the space between his thighs, even parting his lips ever so slightly as if in thought about what that spot concealed.

Family Creep - Update

November 14, 2021

My Uncle Teaches Me

My Uncle Teaches Me To Kiss & More! - Adopted Jay Seabrook visits his uncle Greg Riley at the office for some moral support and gets more than what he asked for. Watch and find out what happens. This is one sexy Step-Uncle and Step-Nephew fun that starts off talking end ends up having hot gay sex. This interracial couple decide that age is just a number and gets deep and dirty in Uncle Greg's office.

Fuckermate - Update

November 08, 2021

Daring Newcomer

Bruno Cano is our latest discovery from the hot land of Colombia and for his porno debut he couldn't ask for anyone better than our rough dominant top Viktor Rom. You know Viktor adores meeting new guys, especially hot young bottoms with great asses, to give them hard lesson of raw sex. Bruno is no exception and with his perfect toned body catches Viktor's eye during a work break. As things heat up our very daring newbie loses his inhibitions and lets Viktor destroy his mouth and his young hole, enjoying every single inch of the thick rod and every single drop of cum he gets as final reward!

Men At Play - Update

November 06, 2021

The Boss and The Intern

Gustavo Cruz's 6-month intern contract is ending soon. When meeting with his boss, Emir Boscatto, to discuss his future with the company, he is quite nervous. Gustavo starts to relax after hearing Emir share that his colleagues speak well of him, especially Paul. But when Gustavo hears his boss making comments about how fit and attractive Paul looks in his fitted suits, he starts trembling nervously. Hearing his boss talk like that, while unprofessional, is making him hot and horny. Emilio notices this and talks even more about Paul - and the things he would like to do to his sexy, hard-working employee. At last, Emilio can't ignore their immense boners, and without asking, grabs his intern's bulge and gets to work on the big jaw-dropper inside.

Next Door Twink - Update

November 02, 2021

Am I Qualified?

It's Jack Bailey's first day at the new job his stepdad David Skylar got Jack at his company. Jack knows he's underqualified for the job, but it doesn't seem to matter to David, who got him the job because he wanted to be around him more. He knows exactly what Jack is qualified to do...and damn is he good at it! A Member Fantasy by JTennis6.

Next Door Taboo - Update

November 01, 2021

Generation Gape 1

Generation Gape - Part 1: That Was Fire - Jax Thirio is desperate to relate to his stepson Levi Rhodes but he just can't seem to remedy the generation gap. Jax asks his coworker Brandon Anderson for tips of how to fit in with the younger guys before fitting into Brandon. On thing leads to another and it turns into something very hot. Both engage in some deep throat cock-sucking, deep rimming and right into bareback anal sex.

Fun Size Boys - Update

October 29, 2021

Tom Ch.4

CHAPTER 4: Dr. Wolf's Office - Dr. Wolf smiled when he saw Tom sitting on his exam table, remembering how he'd last seen him tucked into his bed, freshly fucked. The young man was a delight for the overworked physician, happy to take a breath from the usual sick patients. It wasn't Dr. Wolf's intention to get Tom aroused, but the young man's cock was firmly standing at attention when it came time for the boy to take off his pants. The older man's hands continued to explore his flesh, careful to work his loins with finesse. As he finished up the palpations, it was hard to ignore the beads of pre-cum dripping from Tom's cock. Not only was he aroused, but his body was preparing to cum. Dr. Wolf was amazed. He hadn't seen a patient leak just from his exam before.

Falcon Studios - Update

October 28, 2021

Tales From The Locker Room 2

Recently axed football stud Colton Reece needs to prove to Coach Max Konnor and Coach Beau Butler that he'll do anything to get reinstated on the team. To show his commitment, Colton drops to his knees and swallows both of his coach's cocks right in the middle of their office. After all the men trade some oral favors, Coach Max and Colton take turns barebacking Beau's thick, luscious ass. With one man on each end of Beau, the beefy hunk takes a pounding from Colton's hard cock while servicing Max's 10-inch monster dick. Beau's tight and hairy ass is enough to make Colton cum and with a few more thrusts, the young athlete shoots ropes all over his coach's naked body. Now kneeling on the ground between his two coaches, Colton finally proves his commitment to the team as both men completely cover his face in a thick layer of coach cum.

Young Perps - Update

October 25, 2021

Case #1912077-39

December 20th, 2020. 9:43 AM. Assault. Suspect is an 18-year-old white male, 5’10’’. The suspect has several visible tattoos and a muscular build. He is detained after fighting with another patron on store premises. Upon interrogation, he claims that he was acting in self-defense, but the Loss Prevention Officer on duty has a different perspective. He strip searches the suspect to ensure that he is not concealing any weapons or stolen goods on his person. A thorough inspection reveals that the suspect is in a definite state of physical arousal. Whether this is due to the reported altercation or something else is unclear. The rest of this case is classified.

Missionary Boys - Update

October 24, 2021

A New Experience

Elder Jake Hill: I'll Show You A New Experience - When stern President Beau Reed hears rumors that sexy Elder Jake Hill has been wanting to experiment with drugs, he is more than a little bit concerned. To get the boy back on the straight and narrow path, he expands the curious kid's mind and his tight boy hole, piledriving the missionary's ass until he is screaming in euphoric delight!

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