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Jul 13, 2024

Blond In Blond

by Kristen Bjorn

The rumor is that blonds have more fun, let us watch Mika Ayden and Kosta Viking and see if they have as much fun as you and I can. Mika and Kosta meet on a beautiful summer day in the port and enjoy the romantic feel of the sea breeze and the chemistry that is bubbling up between our sexy blonds. Mika leads Kosta back to his apartment and the lines between romance and lust become blurred as the kissing intensifies. As the clothes are dropped the lust bubbles over and a sexual desire takes over. Mika drops to his knees and Kosta begins feeding him his cock. Putting his talents on full display, Mika deepthroats Kosta’s hard, long cock. Excited about Mika’s cock sucking skills, Kosta begins face fucking that hungry and talented mouth. The drool is overflowing as Mika’s talents take over and Kosta’s hot cock is serviced.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Jul 12, 2024

Gemini Season

by Cutler's Den

End of the season means time for BEEF. Handsome Muscular Dom King Byrce is on duty to SLAY big boy Gemini. Gemini brings that big muscle booty to The Den for a workout. Dark room sweaty hot fucks is this vids vibe and you will want to get ready to get your self off this is the one.

By Cutler's Den

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Jul 12, 2024

Trip To Pound Town

by XL Fucker

Acácio is our newest big dick loving hungry bubble butted bottom and you can tell he is enjoying every inch of Guto's 10 inch cock. Acácio is no stranger to big dick and takes every stroke, thrust, and poke and in the end his bubble ass is literally dripping with cum!

By XL Fucker

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Jul 12, 2024

Gymnastyx Part 5

by Private Playground XXX

Typical jocks don't know when to quit. This may be the final entry in our GymNastyX series, but that didn't mean anything to our bulking buds. When the cameras turned off, the fucking just kept on going. Where else but PPX?!

By Private Playground XXX

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Jul 12, 2024

Four Massive Dildos

by Raw Road Nation

If you like hard as fuck big dildo action and complete and utter FINAL limits of a working man's fuck-hole then this is your new favorite scene. Without question the biggest and nastiest dildo scene we have filmed in 5 years, we did not think the sub would get through the scene in one piece and it will make the eyes pop out of your head just as much as pump the spunk right out of your red raw cock.

By Raw Road Nation

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Jul 12, 2024

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw!

by Raging Stallion

Outside, by the pool, Link Parker and Cain Marko are making out and stroking in the sun. Link climbs on top to tease his hole and brush against Cain's fat hard prick, then Cain crouches down to gobble up Link's ginormous cock. Edji Da Silva joins the party and Link greets him with a friendly, 'Well, Hello There! Sexy Daddy!' Edji piles on and climbs in, polishing Link's knob while Link gets a face full of Cain's majestic cock. Schlongs to the sky and assholes in the air, the three switch around and keep you guessing who's gonna do what to whom, and just who's gonna go first? Is it built brunette fuckboy Edji getting drilled and filled from both ends by Link and Cain's incredibly long and thick monster meat? Maybe ripped, rangy Link jackhammering Cain while Edji squeezes papa bear with his eager hole?

By Raging Stallion

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Jul 12, 2024

Fist Club

by Fisting Inferno

As leader of the 'Fist Club', Mat Wolff can always be found taking charge and burying his wrists deep inside another man. For today's fisting fuck fest, Mat is in an abandoned warehouse at the back end of a gaping fisting train with Apollo Fates and Max Depth. He receives intense pleasure in stretching out this pair of perverts, forming an upside-down fisting chariot, and unloading his big dick all over Apollo's face after completely demolishing the bottom's slit.

By Fisting Inferno

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Jul 12, 2024

I Can Be A Hole

by House Of Angell

Wow, Mason Dixon has one tight hole! Luckily Will Angell is a hole whisperer. The harder that hole is to open the sweeter Will talks to it. Before Mason knows it he is riding high on Daddy's big dick and loving it. After Will anoints the boy's hole with his thick slime Mason says thank you by stroking a boy load onto his belly to show his Daddy how grateful he is.

By House Of Angell

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Jul 12, 2024

Patience & Mente

by Bi Latin Men

These guys are Hot Hot Hot! Patience and Mente are two of some of the sexiest bisexual men to come to Bi Latin Male. They hold noting back and go from cock sucking to deep hard anal. From throat fucking to ass eating and a cum gushing conclusion.

By Bi Latin Men

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Jul 11, 2024

Now, That's Impressive

by Family Dick

The sweet twink bottoms and lets his stepdad stretch out his perfectly tight hole. Max loves being inside of his stepson it's a sensation they've both wanted for a long time now. Max fucks hard until he pumps Rob's cute ass full of hot, sticky cum.

By Family Dick

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Jul 11, 2024

Helmut & Nils

by Bel Ami Online

While it is always great getting to film with new guys, there is something magical about filming with a couple that have known each other for a few years and really understand what it takes to pleasure their partner. This is certainly the case with Nils Tatum and Helmut Huxley today as their playful real-life friendship comes across in everything that they do on camera as well. Nils sometimes can be pretty serious and intense, but today he really is into the joy and fun that Helmut can bring to a scene. This is part of a double update, so while we see Nils plowing Helmut's ass today, we will be back again in a week where Helmut will return the favor.

By Bel Ami Online

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Jul 11, 2024

Brazil: Horny Hotel Hookup

by Raw Hole

In the world of gay porn, as well as the sexual antics of active gay guys in general, things aren't always exactly how they appear. We see tough, aggressive Bruto rampaging down a Sao Paulo hotel hallway in search of his next bare fuck. Swarthy, hairy, tattooed and wearing a sports jersey, he appears to be the kind of top that would burst in and take the asshole he wanted, then bail. But when he gets a look at his hookup date Leo's big thick uncut tool standing stiff and thick, ready for action, we turns into a cock-starved bottom who can barely wait to get through the friendly preliminary suck and rim-job before his own fuck-hole is rammed, reamed and creamed with the massive ass-blaster he's been searching for.

By Raw Hole

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