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Falcon Studios - Update

July 12, 2023

Sugar Shack

Experienced sugar-maker Skyy Knox has been tasked with teaching newbie Maverick Sun everything he needs to know about maple syrup production, but, after watching the fit twunk lift a few barrels, Skyy has some other activities in mind. Maverick sees where this private encounter is going and soon takes charge by sucking down the muscular mentor's hairy cock and guiding Skyy's head up and down his own stiff rod. Soon, Skyy is leaning up against a wall of metal barrels being fucked by the newcomer's big dick before Maverick goes down to be barebacked by Skyy's schlong. The two continue to flip-fuck across the back room and blast their sweet holes until both are ready to erupt their own sticky syrups onto each other's raw cocks.

Men - Update

July 11, 2023

Hardcore Gaming Part 2

At the championship esports tournament, reigning champ Sam Ledger is sure he's unbeatable, but hungry challenger Jake Preston will do whatever it takes to win. Jake starts by going in for a kiss during the pre-game handshake, looking for Sam's weak spot. During their game of Anal Cumbat, Sam takes an early lead, but Jake pulls out his "joystick" to distract him at a key moment, stealing the win and the title! After the match, Sam corners Jake backstage, pushing him up against the wall and eagerly sucks the top's hard dick. Jake rims Sam and fucks him in his gamer chair, then sucks the bottom. Sam rides the new champ's cock and cums as Jake fucks him doggystyle, then the top takes his victory lap as he pulls out and shoots his load.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 05, 2023

Apprentice Tate Ch 2

The Interview: Apprentice Tate frustrated me within seconds of walking into his interview. The boy is stunningly attractive but there was something about his demeanor and arrogance which immediately got my back up. I cut to the chase, demanding he remove his clothes. But, the moment he stood up and started suggestively tinkering with his belt, I realized he was trying to play me. I feigned disinterest but removed my jacket so that he could get a sense of the shape of my body underneath my well tailored shirt. He'd plainly gotten used to being wanted by every man who saw him, so it was time for him to experience the sensation of wanting someone else. I informed him that I was going to restrain him before sitting him down and securing his hands behind his back. I could sense that his penis was beginning to swell.

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 04, 2023

Tat My Hole 4

Teddy Bryce and Archer Croft are at it again and you won't be disappointed with these two sexy gay hunks. This is a classic scene with both older and younger models ready to show you what they got and what they will do all for you. Cock sucking and ass eating start of this adventure but it soo turns real interesting and you don't want to miss o second of it.

Men At Play - Update

June 30, 2023

Cruising For Lunch

Suit-toting studs, Nate Rose and Zack Mackay are in high-power, high stress financial jobs and they need an immediate release! During their lunch break, they use a hookup app to meet, suck and fuck in a grungy alley to take the edge off. The casual outdoor suited play session is adventurous, exciting, and liberating until it's time to go back and work. Cruising during lunch is so helpful for productivity, it should be mandatory.

Men At Play - Update

June 26, 2023

The Call: Editor's Cut

Ken Rodeo's cheeky and talkative boss, Klein Kerr, beckons him into his office to suck him off through his pant suit fly while he takes a long business call. As the young Ken sucks away on his boss' cock, Klein continues with his dealings on the phone seemingly unflustered but obviously turned on. Klein's aloof attitude, standing in his business suit, hard cock out of his pant fly, a willing servant on his knees before him, all make him feel empowered! When the chance comes to hang up from his business conversation, he throws Ken down on the boardroom desk and fucks him hard before giving him a good deep fingering until he cums. That's one way to enjoy a hard day at the office.

Masonic Boys - Update

June 22, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 5

The Covenant: A chamber servant handed me a white, ceremonial robe. I was instructed to crawl into a gleaming white room. Master Snow was sitting there on a bed, and I was surprised to see Master Weston standing behind him. Both men were immaculately dressed. Master Snow instructed me to wash his feet, which I did, with utmost care. He pulled me to my feet and stood behind me, running his hands across my trembling body. He undid the ties on my gown, which dropped to the floor. He threw me to my knees, then pushed down his pants to expose his enormous penis. I took it real slow at first, repeatedly running my tongue up and down his shaft. I slid my soft wet lips towards his balls. Within minutes I was on the bed, legs spread wide, with Master Weston holding onto my feet while Snow pushed himself into me.

Aussies Do It - Update

June 14, 2023

Hot Juicy 3-way

Billy, Kandy & Valentino - Edgy Kandy Kane and built Valentino have had a few hookup dates before, one where Kandy topped for the first time, but now they're joined by sexy young Billy Ocean. Valentino's the versatile one here, but tonight the muscle boy body beautiful with the hot piercing stare is in a topping mood. And good thing, since Kandy and Billy are both here to get some stiff raw cock up their asses. They come to their interview in matching white t's, black gym shorts, and thick swollen cocks eager for some three way action. They joke around with the director, but really want to get to the fucking with no delay. These guys, all "above average penis size", are horny and we're here to watch and enjoy. They strip naked and fondle each other's rapidly growing cocks, in a session the director notes as a great "promo".

Masonic Boys - Update

June 10, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 3

Anointment: Apprentice White had generated quite a lot of excitement within the upper echelons of The Brotherhood. We've been watching him closely and we were unanimous in the belief that the boy showed real promise. He nevertheless seemed nervous as he entered the chamber. The anointing ceremony is intensely sensual, and profoundly erotic. It can be overwhelming for some. Apprentice Noah seemed particularly immersed in the procedure and I was impressed by his focus. His penis began to grow and throb as I knelt down to anoint his loins, and before long I found myself slowly and seductively running my lips up and down his shaft. I deep-throated him. I got every last inch of his beautiful dick deep into my mouth. He responded almost violently, such was the profundity of the pleasure he was experiencing.

Fun Size Boys - Update

June 10, 2023

Serg, Chapter 3

A Big Help: I got an urgent message from resident Serg Shepard in apartment A101, proclaiming that a lightbulb had gone out and needed changing. I chuckled and shook my head these Gen Z kids can't do anything on their own. But needless to say, it was my job as the apartment complex handyman to respond when duty called. When Serg opened the door to let me into the apartment, I could immediately see why this young man needed assistance. To say he was short would be generous. Next to my gargantuan height and broad shoulders, little Serg nearly fit inside the palm of my hand. As I changed the lightbulb for the lithe twink, I couldn't help but notice him staring at me…with a huge boy boner that he wasn't even trying to conceal! As he thanked me, he moved a bit closer to where I was standing.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

June 05, 2023

Ferdinan & Francis

Young Francis is in his boss's office, making it crystal clear he'll do anything for a promotion. That's all daddy Ferdinan needs to hear and soon he's out from behind the desk, with his big uncut cock in the boy's mouth. Rock hard and ready to fuck, he bends the boy over his desk and pushes his raw Latin meat in. Some more oral is followed by young Francis rimming his daddy's fat ass, before barebacking the man, while bent over his desk. After the slim and smooth employee gives his boss a good pounding, he gets on his knees and takes the old man's load in the face. Finally, with cum dripping off his chin, Francis sucks his daddy's cock dry.

Trans Angels - Update

June 03, 2023

Cuntry Girls Do It Better

Southern Belle Izzy Wilde is looking sensational in a short denim skirt and white cowboy boots as she flutters her eyelashes and flirts with handsome shop assistant Dante Colle, who is instantly smitten with the sexy blonde. After eyeing up Izzys incredible figure and pretty face, Dante whips out his throbbing erection and even uses it as a hat stand! Turned on by the sight of the muscular stud's huge manhood, Izzy drops to her knees and swallows it up in an exhilarating blowjob before sticking out her small, pert ass for a doggystyle fucking! After grabbing a mouthful of tatted up Izzys thick shenis, Dante lets the busty t-girl take the reins and ride his dick in cowgirl and reverse, and then the tattooed hunk spreads her slender legs and stretches Izzy's tight butthole in missionary position.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 01, 2023

ButtHole Barber

Brian Bonds and Logan Bell can't hold off for long with the thought of deep hard anal penetration with a hard gripping fist. It starts off with Barber Chair rimming to get everything just right and then comes the fist pushing it's way up in and through that pucker. Then there's some hard cock filling that well used hole. And they finish off with a fisting cock sucking pump pounding anal wrist penetration. This action is so hot, you'll need to fan yourself.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 26, 2023

Apprentice Shepard, Ch 2

The Calling: Master Weston was sitting in a chair in the office, casually reading some sort of official file. His silence made me anxious. Then he told me to undress. I was rock-hard by the time I'd taken my pants off. He looked so incredibly handsome in his suit and tie. When I was fully naked, he instructed me to climb onto the desk. I felt like livestock at some sort of auction, but I wanted to please him, so I did as instructed. I heard the snap of his belt, followed by a hollow thud as his pants hit the ground. Moments later, he pulled me down from the desk and made me lean over it. He didn't waste any time. Seconds after he'd repositioned me on the edge of the desk I felt him pushing himself in. It was brutal, intrusive, and agonizing, but at the same time it felt utterly amazing.

Fisting Inferno - Update

May 24, 2023

Tat My Hole 2

Teddy Bryce and Archer Croft are two hot tattooed studs who are ready to get things going and quick. They start off with some deep cock sucking that turns right into some hot ass eating fun. Next they use the fist and it is deep hardcore and hot! You'll get everything from prolapse licking to deep fisting and it's all here just for you.

Active Duty - Update

May 20, 2023

Jay Tee Turns with Cam

Jay Tee and Cam Steele get to know each other and their kinks. But when it comes time for them to fuck? Holy shit this sex is incredible. Watch on as Jay and Cam flip fuck and suck each other off in this incredible scene.

Gaycest - Update

May 19, 2023

The Professor Tape 3

Close Study: Work has kept dad busy lately. His students are lucky; imagine having a professor as sexy as Professor Snow! I'm lucky too even in typical professor garb and glasses, his shaved head and sharp features give him a powerful, masculine edge. I'm sure he's given rise to any horny student's "hot professor" fantasy. One late night on my way to get a glass of water, I stumbled upon him in his study. He wasn't working at all, at least not on school work he was stroking himself. It was impressive even when it was flaccid. But watching him here tonight and seeing it in its full glory, fully engorged, was something else altogether. I was utterly mesmerized. I had to wonder what had made him so worked up. Was it just the stress from work? Who was he thinking of? Was it me? Was it a student? Suddenly though, he caught me.

Men At Play - Update

May 19, 2023

Bad Liar

Detective Donato Reyes is visiting Pol Prince’s home where a valuable art piece has been reported stolen. But in fact, there has been no theft and Pol simply wants to collect money from his insurance. While taking detailed notes at the “larceny” crime scene, Mr. Reyes notices that Pol is agitated and behaving strangely. He decides to be straightforward with Mr. Prince there is no evidence of a burglary. In fact, the detective suggests that Pol may be lying Feeling defeated, Pol realizes that he is a bad liar and can’t continue with the charade. Lucky for him, Detective Donato may choose not to file any criminal charges against Pol for filing a false police report IF he satisfies his sexual pleasures! It is Time to Play.

Twink Top - Update

May 12, 2023

Michael Flex Ch 4

Extra Innings: Michael Flex and I have been fooling around for months now, and I don't see any signs of us slowing down. When that little guy's cock first went inside me at the recreational facility, it was one of the best, raunchiest moments of my life. Nothing can top it, and our private sessions have become habit-forming for me. So when a new player joined our team, I noticed Michael's eyes gravitating towards him during our practices. In the past, I may have felt a ping of jealousy. But, given I knew how wild this boy's instincts can be, I saw this as an opportunity. I invited the new guy, Andrew Powers, and Michael to my house after practice for a "private session" between the three of us. They both agreed without any hesitation, Michael even shot me a look of gratitude already anticipating what was to come.

Raw Road Nation - Update

May 07, 2023

Arse Eating In The Kitchen

This fit as fuck blokey bloke is only trying to do the washing up but his mate won’t leave him alone. They’re not a couple but they sure are romantic. Kissing him all over from behind, but the gentleness doesn’t last long! Before he knows it he’s totally rimming his arse out! Not very hygienic for the washing up. “Right in front of my dishes?!” It's a hot day and their sweaty hairy fluids are getting everywhere!

Masonic Boys - Update

May 01, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 1

The Interview: My first observation about Apprentice Land, as he sat down opposite me, was that he was nervous. My second observation was that he looked damned hot in a shirt and tie, with his tight, little thighs crammed into well-tailored suit pants. The boy didn't know whether he was coming or going by the time I'd finished questioning him. I asked him repeatedly if he was attracted to men and he repeatedly told me that he wasn't, but when I placed my hand on his thigh, his body gave a different answer. I told him to stand, then ordered him to pull his pants down and remove his tie. He did so, but started to shake uncontrollably when I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I ran my fingers gently and seductively over his body and his dick swelled. Touching his soft, smooth skin felt like a genuine privilege.

Yes Father - Update

April 29, 2023

In on the Secret

Andy is no stranger to father Rob’s way of addressing confessions, but when Andy’s friend Myott learns about it, he wants in on the secret. Andy and Myott visit Rob in his office, and Andy tells father Rob that Myott knows about their last encounter. Andy must pay penance for his sins, and father Rob needs Myott’s help to lead Andy to forgiveness.

Therapy Dick - Update

April 28, 2023

Making My Own Rules

When he feels the world's weight on his shoulders, Aaron visits Tony, a therapist who can help him with his pent-up emotions. Tony wants to dive deeper into Aaron’s sexual frustration, which he believes may be the root of his issues. Aaron lets Tony go all in on his body and feels a massive release as his hole gets pounded hard. By the end of their session, Aaron feels like a whole new man and can’t wait to start seeing Tony weekly!

Missionary Boys - Update

April 28, 2023

Elder Ledger's Penance

After Dakota reports Sam for wrongdoings, leader Brody must take immediate action. Sam is blindfolded and laid on a table, where Dakota and Brody will spank his ass and have their way with his hole. Sam loves the sensation and is happy to repent and pay his penance for his sins.

Peter Fever - Update

April 26, 2023

Asian Office Studs 2

The second spicy little treat from our Japan crew at Peter Fever East is possibly twice as much fun as the hot shirt and tie scene with Rio and Hiroya, since this week features FOUR of the hottest models in Tokyo clad as bored office workers taking an unscheduled fuck break in the middle of their workplace. Gal, Rio and Rikiya are sharing some gossip about new co-worker Reach getting gangbanged at a popular local bar, wondering if he'd be up for a similar scene with his office buddies. When he walks into the office and sits at his desk, they put their dirty plan into the hottest action you've seen. Rio pulls Reach closer and sucks face with the hot muscle stud. Supervisor Riki strolls over and joins the fun, and soon it's an uninhibited no-holes-barred four-way, with Rikiya, Gal and Rio taking turns plugging Reach's mouth and cock hungry ass.

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