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Yes Father - Update

March 08, 2021

Playing The Part

Dirty Troy Harlow and mischievous Chase Rivers are always up to no good when they sneak around St. Patrick’s Catholic School together. This week, they break into the headmaster’s office before indulging in some delicious cock-sucking pleasure. Chase convinces Troy to reenact one of their favorite punishment sessions where Troy proves to be good at following orders.

CMNM - Update

March 08, 2021

Fred's Humiliation

Fred's humiliation is wickedly enhanced as the men strongarm him into turning around and bending over so they can sponge his big pale bum! They wrench his cheeks apart to get the pink opening of his sphincter sparkling clean. With the enraged shop steward's backdoor on show the guys can't resist ganging up on him and plunging their fingers straight up his arse!

Men At Play - Update

March 06, 2021

Sexual Attraction

Newcomer Gustavo Cruz is feeling quite stressed and goes to see psychologist Franky Fox, Psy.D at his home office. Gustavo blames his stress on work and distance from his wife. But soon, understanding that confidentiality is a respected part of psychology's code of ethics, Gustavo opens up about his sexual attraction to a new male colleague. Except Gustavo is straight and married.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 05, 2021

Stas, Nick, Ben & Andrey

Sometimes a young punk who thinks he’s a big-shot around the office needs to be put in his place and taught who is boss. Big-boss Nick Capra and his trusted associates Stas Landon and Andrey Vic have kept an eye on Ben Batemen’s bad, narcissistic attitude for awhile. And when it’s apparent that he needs to be brought swiftly under control. Nick Capra, Stas Landon, and Andrey Vic keep him after hours and put him in his place. Ben is an incredible specimen when he’s stripped down and standing proud, and the three men in charge have a lot of fun bringing him to heel.

Next Door Studios - Update

March 02, 2021

The Local Fireman

A fire inspection turns HOT when fireman Chris Damned comes to check out Brandon Anderson's pipes. When Chris catches Brandon jerking off in his office, he decides to join in on the fun, giving Brandon a fiery pounding. They get a ton of stress off their job by hooking up. It's the best way to do it and both Chris and Brandon go the extra mile to do it right. This would be one of those rare time that the fire is actually at the station.

Missionary Boys - Update

March 01, 2021

The Anointing Ritual

Elder Masters is called into Bishop Summers’ headquarters for his anointing ritual. Bishop Summers is impressed by how well he’s been taking care of his appearance, but he’s also aware of Elder Masters’ hidden tattoos, so he orders him to strip down and starts rubbing his body with the anointing oil. Soon enough, the ritual turns much more intimate. During the Anointing Ritual, the pervy priest discovers the boy’s hidden tattoos, and before long, he plunges his veiny boner into the kid’s deliciously sinful asshole.

Men At Play - Update

February 28, 2021

Fucking The Boss

What happens when at a job interview, your future boss knows why you lost your last job? Massimo Arad, the owner of a thriving art gallery, has invited Andy Star in for an interview. Andy has the education and experience to make for a star employee. But, beyond his normal duties, Massimo is looking to see if Andy is up for an important task.. fucking the boss!

Bentley Race - Update

February 25, 2021

Connor Peters

I am really lucky here in Australia to have so many cute and talented mates. And as we begin shooting again after the lock downs I'm excited to be seeing the guys again and do new shoots with them. One of our popular mates is 22 year old Connor Peters from the suburbs of Melbourne. Connor and I got together for this shoot just before the city went into lock down. I wanted to get him in for one last shoot before the break. The shoot was a strip show with Connor wearing shorts and little pink undies. Connor is such a cutie and he surprises us with his big thick cock as he breaks into a cheeky smile. This is the first time I've seen Connor lick his own cock too. Our talented mate is full of surprises. I jump in on Connor's video sucking his cock and docking under that thick foreskin.

Missionary Boys - Update

February 22, 2021

Elder Taylor: Nailing My Evaluation

President Lewis calls Elder Taylor Reign into his office for his routine evaluation, except this time the evaluation will be much more thorough. Elder Reign agrees to do exactly as President Lewis says and for that he gets properly rewarded with a go at the President’s hole. It’s rare for a missionary boy to get the chance to top one of the men of the Order, but gorgeous Elder Taylor Reign has that opportunity today. He slides his veiny, hot cock into horny President Lewis’s hungry ass and fills him with orgasmic pleasure and pain as he passes his Evaluation with flying colors.

CMNM - Update

February 21, 2021

Shop Steward Fred

Much to his frustration, shop steward Fred has been invited to bathe in the management's private washroom facilities. But this means stripping naked in the boss's office! And with the tricky lock system it means they have to find alternative methods for getting this dirty blue collar worker clean. Fred wanted to initiate a close relationship with the management but not this close!

William Higgins - Update

February 20, 2021

Czech Up

Dr Michsl Renok is in his office when Tonda Zbranek arrives for a check up, fo w his new job. Tonda removes his tee shirt so that Michal can listen to his chest. He uses the stethoscope on that hairy chest as Tonda leans on the examination table. Then Tonda turns around to allow his back to be checked too. Although he seems healthy Tonda reports a problem with getting an erection. So he is instructed to get fully naked for Michal to check him. Michal feels around Tonda's groin. Then he checks the balls and the cock too. He then decides that he must check Tonda's prostate and tells him to kneel on the table and present his ass. Michal spreads the ass cheeks and then oils his fingers and starts to probe the tight hole.

Men At Play - Update

February 18, 2021

Secret Gentlemen's Club

Dale Kuda is the newest member of the secret MAP Gentlemen’s Club and he’s in the mood for a clean-looking, blond, blue-eyed boy to play with. When he arrives at his club room, he finds Ethan Chase, who’s ready to serve and please his master. It gets hot and heavy fast. With some VERY deep throating as Ethan takes it all and then some. Next his holes gets a tongue lashing and spread open wide getting ready for Dale's big fat hard cock.

CMNM - Update

February 15, 2021

PT Tom

Now that sexy PT Tom grudgingly submits to massaging his clients the wealthy and powerful men think it's only fair to return the favour. They've seized total control of this healthy muscular man's arse and take their time stimulating his prostate by sliding their fingers deep inside him! The virile lad can't control precum from dripping out of the tip of his cock and feels in desperate need of release.

Missionary Boys - Update

February 13, 2021

Elder Masters

Close Physical Examination - Elder Masters is called in by President Trent Summers to have a full body check up. After hearing about his tattoos President Summers must inspect and make sure his body is up to par for servitude. It’s unusual for a good missionary boy to have dabbled with tattoos in the past, so when curious President Trent Summers hears rumors of Elder Masters inked skin, he has to inspect it for himself. During the close examination, President Summers can’t help himself and puts Elder Masters’ body to the test. In the process, he probes the boys’ eager buttholes with his scorching hot cock, plowing the horny kid into orgasmic ecstasy.

Men At Play - Update

February 10, 2021

The Tailor & Sir Peter

Sir Peter is picking up a new suit at Javi Gray's tailor shop that he needs for an event later this evening. But when he arrives, Javi brings out a suit that is the wrong color. It seems as if he got his notes mixed up. Not to worry. Javi has options in the back and while dressing Sir Peter, he can’t ignore the big bulge emanating through the suit paint. In the end, problem solved and a big-dicked suit sex play session as a reward.

Men At Play - Update

February 05, 2021

Suspension or Play?

Vadim Romanov is the Principal at a prestigious international business school where Bastian Karim is graduating this year. Lately, Bastian's grades haven't been up to standards and Vadim calls him into his office for a serious talk. Vadim threatens Bastian with suspension and Bastian begs him to reconsider as a personal favor. The big dicked lustful administrator is willing to change Bastian’s school record for a one on one daddy-boy play session!

Fun Size Boys - Update

February 04, 2021

Oliver & Dr. Wolf

Dr. Wolf's Office - Oliver is a new patient, and he's nervous about exposing every inch of himself to the doctor his friends have suggested. But when Dr. Wolf walks into the room, Oliver is stunned speechless by his attractiveness. During his physical, Oliver gets a boner. "I'm sorry," he says. "I didn't mean to get hard," but Oliver's wandering hand is inspecting the bulge in Dr. Wolf's pants. "Is that why you came in?" Dr. Wolf chides gently, pulling Oliver to his feet and looking deep into his eyes. "Can I see yours?" Oliver says, and soon, the tightly wrapped pouch of Dr. Wolf's packed briefs dwarfs Oliver's little hands. He can barely hold it to all to squeeze it with both hands and he pulls the older man's cock out to stroke it.

CMNM - Update

February 02, 2021

Insatibble Bum Men

This demonstration has been invaluable in understanding what really motivates these perverts. What we have here are two insatiable bum men. With Shaun bent over and his big round arse exposed the gentlemen are positively salivating! The only thing to do is test how far they'll take things by sliding a vibrator up the reluctant lad's bum. Judging from the reaction of Shaun's sensitive cock this is a lesson that's sorely needed.

Men At Play - Update

January 31, 2021


Dani Robles is giving his co-worker Massimo Arad a ride to the office. But when he arrives, Massimo is still not ready. While waiting in the kitchen, Dani can see the sexy Massimo get dressed through the glass wall, and the horny stud pulls out and strokes his cock. When he’s all done, Massimo asks Dani if he enjoyed the view; of course, he did! And, in a surprise twist, Dani, the usually hungry bottom fucks Massimo’s muscular bubble butt until he erupts with a huge load all over his face and suit.

Fun Size Boys - Update

January 28, 2021

Marcus & Felix

CHAPTER 1: Principal's Office - "Am I going to be expelled?" Marcus asks nervously. But Principal Kamp isn't going to expel the horny student for fucking the faculty. Instead, he orders Marcus to bend over the desk and arch his back. Principal Kamp starts slowly, firmly spanking the student, whose moans and groans quickly turn from pain to pleasure as he feels the older man's hand linger on his firm buttocks with each slap. Satisfied that Marcus knows how to obey, Principal Kamp turns him around and sets him on the desk. Stroking the boy's cock, Principal Kamp reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo and lube. Marcus eagerly takes the lubed dildo and fucks himself with it on the principal's desk, as the older man strokes his cock.

Men At Play - Update

January 24, 2021


After giving orders all day, executive Rocky Vallarta takes a turn on having his sex slave Drew Dixon worship and obey him. Mr. Vallarta has complete control over Drew - who’s happy to obey and satisfy his master’s every command and need. Drew doesn't need to be asked more than one he's right on it and the action gets so hot you'll need to flip on the AC. It all finishes with some cum shoe licking.

Men At Play - Update

January 22, 2021

Deliver Me... Editor’s Cut

Among our many award-winning Titles, “Deliver Me To Temptation”, originally released in 2014, ranks among our favorites. Our editor dug up the raw footage and has compiled a new remastered Editor’s Cut as a special bonus to our loyal supporters and fans of Landon Conrad and Dato Foland. Suited Landon Conrad is diligently working. But when the green-eyed, cocky delivery boy Dato Foland unzips his leather jacket, Landon’s eyes are instantly taken with the hot, ripped body. And, soon the two are all over each other, kissing and licking every muscle on their bodies. Landon gets on his knees to swallow Dato's thick, uncut, European cock. And not before long, he turns Dato around to taste his delicious ass so eagerly that he barely has time to take off his suit.

Men - Update

January 22, 2021

Stroke The Vote

Benjamin Blue is more interested in taking voting booth dick pics and fucking his ass with a marker than actually marking his ballot. When poll worker Gabriel Clark hears the horny twink getting up to mischief, he slips into the next booth and thrusts his cock through the glory hole! After a hot blowjob, Gabriel opens the curtains to eat the bottom's ass before fucking him doggystyle. Benjamin then rides the top's dick, and Gabriel fucks him in mish and jacks off the bottom till he cums. Gabriel covers Benjamin's face with an "I voted!" sticker and a hot load.

CMNM - Update

January 21, 2021

Sexy Hunk Shaun Stripped

Before Shaun even realises what's happening one of the public sex addicts has stripped him of all his clothes and starts greedily fondling and sucking him. Utterly shocked, he's frozen in place and he's even more surprised at how his penis excitedly reacts to being abruptly meddled with. As a young man in his sexual prime he can't prevent how his body responds to such stimulation.

CMNM - Update

January 12, 2021


Thomas knows that in order to be the best of the best on the football pitch his body needs to be in peak physical condition. He never makes time for partying and screwing around with female fans like his teammates. His body is pure muscle and all that training has put a strain on his perineum. This is going to require some intimate physical treatment but that big dick of his keeps getting in the way!

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