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Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

Monday September 18, 2023

Cecil, Bautista & Diego

In this dad and son threesome, two young jocks are happy to please their mature coach, starting with a double blow job. Then Diego rewards the boys with a good ass licking, before the trio gets down to some daisy chain bareback fucking. And once daddy is done it's time for the boys to cum.

Young Bastards - Update

September 07, 2023

Big Soccer Cock Scores

It's no wonder greedy twink boy Felix can't help but stare at Lucas' big soccer cock in the locker room. The boy is about to make do with the smell of his pal's underwear and his own hand when Lucas catches him in the act. In moments he's gagging on that long tanned cock and enjoying the taste of that meat leaking precum down his throat greedy throat, but Lucas has more for this slutty cock addict to take as he invades the boy's naked ass. Lucas pounds that warm goal with his naked dong until his sporty shaft is ready to gush that cream and fuck his load right back into the boy's aching chute.

Young Bastards - Update

August 23, 2023

Taking Jock Boy's Load

Sexy Sly is an aggressive team player, and when he wants something he goes for it. Young Nathan catches him hard and horny in the locker room and in no time at all the kinky lad has the boy up against the lockers, his hands cuffed and his the boy's cock in his rubbing hands. Sly just needs a warm hole to fill and load up with cum, and he's sure found it in Nathan. Rammed up against the lockers and fucked mean and hard on the bench the boy submits to the pounding, his own cum squirting out while Sly fucks his sporty lad cum load into his well-used pucker.

Men - Update

August 22, 2023

Hard Strikes

Presley Scott and his buddies show up for their first martial arts class, and Presley's very impressed by hot sensei Finn Harding. Finn tells his class he wants hard strikes and sets them to spar, but not before demonstrating some moves on Presley that include grabbing his balls and rubbing the bottom's bulge with his leg! After Presley knocks out his sparring partner, the guys have some time alone to practice one-on-one, and take off their clothes before their tongues wrestle. Presley sucks the top while striking his ass, then gets on his hands and knees to get fucked. He rides the master, then Finn uses some advanced techniques to pound him on his back and make Presley blow a huge load before he strikes the bottom's face with his cum.

Fisting Inferno - Update

August 21, 2023

When Push Comes To Shove 4

Derek Kage doesn't invite many strangers into his private playground, but the extreme sensual intensity he shares with Max allows for immediate entry. Deep inside Derek's dark dungeon, Max drops to his knees and presents his already wrecked manhole for Derek to bareback. Derek then covers his hands in a thick layer of lube and begins working each of his tattooed arms into Max's smooth ass. Now in a sling with his legs suspended in the air, Max's stretched hole and bright red rosebud are on full display as Derek continues to fuck and admire his new hookup's gape until he's covering Max's rose in his thick cum. Derek then reinserts his fist for some extreme belly bulging before sliding Fort Troff's new 'Budfucker' toy onto Max's pulsing cock.

Locker Room Boys - Update

August 18, 2023

Vitali & Jamie

Vitali Kutcher and Jamie Oliver are working out and getting their supple twink bodies even more tone and ripped. They are both in muscles shirts and short shorts and they each keep stealing a glance as they work out. Vitali walks over to the locker room and Jamie acts like he misses him already. He stares at him for a beat before walking into the locker room and sitting next to him on the bench. They start kissing immediately and they each have their hands on the other's cock within seconds. Vitali then stands up and Jamie knows what he wants. He pulls Vitali's gym shorts down and starts vigorously giving him an amazing blowjob. He wraps his arm around his ass and grips his right hip while he slides his mouth farther down on his dick while stroking it.

Fun Size Boys - Update

August 15, 2023

Marcus Ch 13

Working Up a Sweat: Marcus Rivers was downright sick of being called "little." Sure, he was barely over five foot tall, but the reality was that the seemingly diminutive lad was tough as nails. However, the boy was so scrawny that he was always being underestimated and judged based on how he looked. So, Marcus decided to do something about it. Marcus recalled an ad in the local paper featuring a former body-building champion named Mr. Steele, who could be hired to be a personal trainer. When Marcus saw the accompanying picture of Mr. Steele next to the ad, his jaw nearly hit the floor. The hulking heavyweight wasn't just huge, Marcus thought. He was sexy as fuck! Lucky for the little lad, Mr. Steele was more than happy to show Marcus the ropes on how to safely and effectively utilize gym equipment.

Twink Top - Update

August 02, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 2

Hot for Coach: Weeks had passed and, through Coach's training and supervision, their bond seemed to strengthen quicker than both had imagined. Ethan Tate had been improving with every session, but it wasn't until one particularly hard day for Ethan that the sexual tension between the two came to a head. There had been moments when Coach wanted to grab Ethan's face and shove his throbbing cock down Ethan's throat. As Ethan sat down in the locker room venting out his grievances about the day, Coach couldn't help but grab Ethan close to comfort him with a large, warm body. The mixed smell of Ethan's sweat and the used locker room jockstraps intoxicated them both, and the Coach's cock started to grow during even their brief body contact.

Twink Pop - Update

July 26, 2023

Pyramid Bros

The twinks on the gymnastics team are practicing their pyramids, but as Kane Fox and Sam Ledger take turns being on top, they find themselves finding chances for sneaky cock sucking, rimming, and even doggystyle fucking right under their teammates' noses. When the others finally notice, the pyramid collapses, but Kane and Sam keep 69ing. Kane pounds the bottom on the mat, and Sam rides that dick before the top picks him up for a stand-and-carry. The hot gymnasts do some more floor work as Sam cums while getting drilled in missionary and takes a cream-pie.

Men Over 30 - Update

July 09, 2023

A Thing For Older Guys

David Benjamin ran into a longtime acquaintance, Scott DeMarco. David didn't remember he was so hot. It didn't take long before the mature and sexy stud started sucking Scott's cock. Come watch them fuck hard in the locker room!

Jalif Studios - Update

July 05, 2023

Greg & Illy

Greg Century is in his Marseille flat, dressed in a black tracksuit which rustles with every move. His young, cute neighbor Illy Rya turns up at Greg's door with a parcel that had been delivered to the wrong place. He doesn't stand a chance. Greg, who's been edging for hours, pulls the boy inside and, within a millisecond, is all over him, tongue lodged outrageously inside the younger man's somewhat surprised mouth! Illy melts into the aggressive man's kiss, swayed into the mood for sex. He loves a guy in shiny sportswear, and loves a man to take control just as Greg's doing now. After an intense snogging session, Illy falls to his knees, marveling at the huge bulge in Greg's track pants. He whips them down to reveal a beautiful beast in all of its throbbing, naked glory.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 02, 2023

Leonel & Daryl Costa

My teammate, Leonel Russel, recently started giving out massages to the senior class as a way of showing thanks for an amazing season. My turn had come up, and I was excited because it was my first massage. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was nervous, but Leonel knew how to handle a guy like me. We were both in our briefs when he added lotion to the mix, which sent my hormones into overdrive. Never did I think his hands would feel so good, but they did, and Leonel knew it, and so did my cock. Leonel touched my nipples and then moved his hands toward my dick. I was enjoying it all too much to think about what was happening. He pulled it out and started stroking it before using his mouth. We then sucked each other until we both shot our loads.

Peter Fever - Update

June 28, 2023

Fuji's Gym Lesson

Here's something fresh and HOT from our buddies at Peter Fever East in Japan. You've enjoyed veteran Asian model Fuji and muscle stud Hiroya in the past. Well now you can get off on watching these two hotties getting down and dirty during a gym workout that exercises more than their biceps! Few things are more erotic for a gay guy than a steamy workout with a horned up buddy. With all that testosterone swirling around your system, it's not only your muscles that get pumped up. Fuji asked hot Asian muscleman Hiroya for some workout tips in the gym. During their steamy hookup the first tips are Fuji's tight little nips, then the tip of his stiff dick. They take turns sucking each other, then Hiroya explores Fuji's throbbing hole with a slick finger or two. They finally get down to the hot filthy bareback stuff right on the bench press.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 20, 2023

Cesar & Felix Bonnet

It was my first time getting a massage from Cesar Rose, my stepbrother, for fear was that he would find out how much he turned me. He's gay, and I was only recently wondering about my sexuality, which only made me want his hands on me more. I was already touching myself before he arrived. Then his hands started moving around my shoulders and legs. Breathing in deeply was relaxing my entire body, but I could feel his cock on my back, and it was turning me on. That's when Cesar pinched my nipple as he massaged my back, and I couldn't help but grab my dick. This must have been his plan all along. Soon, my dick was in his hand and then in his mouth. I finally got to suck his cock before shooting my load.

Next Door Studios - Update

June 16, 2023

Caught By Coach

Jayden Marcos and Elliot Finn are two teammates who fuck around when their coach Brock Brodie catches them in the locker room! But Coach Brodie doesn't like his players fucking in his locker room; not unless they include him in the fun that is! If you like collage style gay sex then you'll love this awesome threesome with two jocks and the coach. It's time to play ball!

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 14, 2023

Tat My Hole 3

Teddy Bryce, Micah Martinez and Ryan Sebastian show us the way to anal bliss in this hot scene that will have you cumming again and again. If you like muscle studs you love them fucking sucking and fisting that open ass DEEP!!! Just sit back, grab a cum towel and get ready for the ride. You won't be disappointed.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 13, 2023

Bruno Pattel & Joris

After a week on the road, Daddy required some tender loving care from his boy, Joris Leonard, who was more than happy to give Daddy what he needed and more. I met Joris at his new studio. He was already in his undies when I arrived. I removed my clothes and joined him at the massage table. After a brief hello, I sat and let him do his magic. Joris started moving his hands around my body, from my shoulders to my inner thigh. It's been a few months since he's had his hands on me, and we both missed it. Next, he added lotion and took his time in all the right places until he settled on my dick, stroking it slowly through my briefs. I laid down on the table, my hard cock fully exposed, as Joris continued rubbing my legs. That's when he started sucking my cock. Eventually, I unloaded on my boy's lips. He loves how Daddy tastes.

Hot House - Update

May 25, 2023

The Dick Down 4

Vincent O'Reilly is working out in nothing but his sweaty jockstrap when Trevor Brooks approaches him in the gym and dives tongue-first into his exposed slit. Trevor swaps places with Vincent and climbs on top of a machine for his workout buddy to have better access to the hard rod that's popping out of his strap. With the help of a small trampoline, Vincent's cock begins pumping its way into Trevor's mouth before getting a feel for his tight hole as Trevor bends over for him. The gym hookup turns into a flip-fuck as Trevor grabs onto Vincent's tattooed shoulders and barebacks his glistening hole from behind. Back to taking Vincent's big dick, Trevor begins busting all over Vincent before going down to rim his ass and eat up the excess jizz that's leaking from his tip.

Men - Update

May 25, 2023

Rugged Rugbymen

Bearded rugby bears Jay Cub and Mark Vallant talk about their favorite plays as they get changed in the locker room after the game. Mark smacks Jay's big ass and Jay admires Mark's bulge. When the bottom gets down on all fours to pick up something he dropped, Mark drops his shorts and fucks him doggystyle! Jay loves taking his hairy bro's big dick, and sucks Mark before the top rims him. Mark fucks the bottom in missionary on the bench then up against the wall, and Jay cums as he rides the top, then sucks out Mark's load.

Men - Update

May 21, 2023

Bulk It Up

Twink Troye Dean is hitting the gym when muscular hunk Johnny Donovan walks in and renders him speechless. He can't tear his eyes away from Johnny's fit body and tries to follow along with Johnny's workout routine... with much smaller weights, of course. The twink's firm ass attracts Johnny's attention, and when Troye is trying to bench press, Johnny sits on his face, then fucks his throat! The guys suck each other, and Johnny rims the bottom, then fucks him doggystyle. After Troye rides him, Johnny bench presses the twink, then fucks him till they both cum.

Hot House - Update

May 13, 2023

The Dick Down 2

Muscle stud Joel Hart always prefers to go to the gym late at night when no one is around to catch him fucking random men in the locker room. Tonight's conquest is Kane Fox. Freshly showered, Kane begins the anonymous public hookup by climbing on top of Joel and making out with him before dropping down and letting the tattooed athlete spend some time rimming his inviting hole. With his big dick throbbing hard, a sweaty Joel begins thrusting himself into Kane's open throat and wet hole. Sounds of the two jocks' skin slapping together flood the vacant changing room until Joel delivers his final bareback pumps. He pulls out to unload his uncut wood on Kane's smooth cheeks right after Kane covers the floor in his own creamy nut.

Hot House - Update

May 08, 2023

The Dick Down

Joel Hart's muscles glisten with a deliciously salty layer of sweat as he delivers the final hit to his punching bag and instructs Vincent O'Reilly to suck the fat cock that's escaping his bright red jockstrap. Never one to pass up servicing a stranger's uncut pole, Vincent immediately drops down to have his mouth pumped with Joel's junk. The ripped athlete throws the cocksucker around until Vincent is clinging to the punching bag for support while he's being eaten out and barebacked by the boxing bro. With their moans filling the empty gym, Joel pounds Vincent from behind with his big dick before moving to a nearby bench so Vincent can ride him raw. Vincent, still wearing his workout gloves, strokes out a wet, explosive load all over himself and lies there in pleasure as Joel pulls out to bust on his meaty cock.

Peter Fever - Update

May 04, 2023

Introducing Zed Sheng

Lean, mean Singaporean Zed Sheng, AKA "Tool-boi", is a muscular 105 pounds at 5'6". The chain and padlock around his neck are the first hint he's into some kinky fun. After coming to the US ten years ago to study, he learned some fetishy gay tricks along the way. Now married to fellow porn model Thik-tool, Zed got his first taste of porn shoots assisting behind the camera. Once he decided to step into the spotlight, his new name Tool-boi was chosen to recognize that he's his Daddy's boy. His interest in bondage and kink dates back to a boyhood attraction to Hong Kong gangster films where the hero is tied up and captive. The sight of a harnessed stud bound up really gets him HOT! You can find out the whole story on Instagram, under his Tool-boi moniker. Also getting HOT is Tool-boi's glistening body and rock hard cock in a roasting sauna.

Men - Update

May 02, 2023

Fast & Vicious Part 1

Boxer Malik Delgaty gets an offer he can't refuse from a local gangster... and gives an offer of his own to the hot driver, Presley Scott, after he gets turned on touching Malik's big dick during the pat down! Presley sucks the boxer's cock and takes it doggystyle, then rides him, and Malik shows what his muscles can do as he fucks the bottom in piledriver. Presley asks for more as Malik pounds him in missionary till he orgasms, then the top cums all over his face. But is Malik really ready for what he's signed up for?

Raging Stallion - Update

April 29, 2023

SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home 2

The Raging Stallions and the Hot House Bulldogs are putting their intense rivalry aside for one massive bareback orgy that's filling up an entire locker room. Stallions player Drew Valentino starts off the group fuck at full strength by pounding his raw cock into Tristan Hunter while making the bottom inhale a jockstrap. Feet away, Bulldogs leader Roman Todd is drilling his dick into opponent Cole Connor while JJ Knight spreads open Devin Franco's legs to fill his sweaty hole. Tarzan Top pulls his oversized meat out of Luca del Rey's ass to join the rest of the jocks as they head to the center of the room for even more anal play. Luca quickly becomes the cum whore of the group as he lays down and accepts the hot loads of every Bulldog and Stallion player in the room.

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