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All Australian Boys - Update

February 09, 2021

Rugby Player Cameron

Cameron simply has the best body in all areas – abs/pecks/arse. It is a work of art. Sculptured by his frequent gym work outs and Rugby. He comes from a French-Australian background in the suburbs of Sydney. He supports the Bulldogs. Rugby team. Saying he is all sexual person, he sure lives up to this. He got a hard cock quickly watching lesbian porn and soon put it through the gloryhole, to get it sucked off. Watch how much he liked been sucked . .thrusting his cock in and out of the suckers mouth.

Raw Hole - Update

January 28, 2021

Tyler's Dark Room Hookup

In an almost pitch-black fuck room with only Tyler Slater's hot torso and cock illuminated behind a rectangular glory hole, mocha-skinned Malakai is on his knees sucking and fondling Tyler's big hard tool. While he sucks he plays with his hairy hole. "D'ya wanna fuck me?" he offers and Tyler's there in a flash, his mouth on Malakai's cock starved hole. When Malakai bends over and braces against the glory hole wall, Tyler spits on his cock and pounds it in bareback. With no bed or distraction, this darkroom fuck is pure male sex. Raw cock plows into twitching asshole with the sound of flesh pounding sweaty flesh, heavy breathing and "Aww, FUCK!" as the soundtrack. Tyler puts one hand on each butt cheek and slides his raw dick in deep.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 20, 2020

Straight Surfer Kyle

Every now and then we come across guys that naturally have a very high sex drive. Surfer Kyle is one of these guys. As soon as he began watching lesbian porn, he got a hard on immediately. The photographer was shocked how fast this happened, making a comment. Seeing he was ready to go - we got him to go to the gloryhole and get his now fully developed cock, expertly sucked. Thrusting his hard cock in and out of the suckers mouth. After a while the sucker, a bottom, just couldn’t help himself - bending over and backing up to the gloryhole and onto Kyle’s thrusting cock. Soon he was been fulling fucked - Hard and Fast, by Kyle.. This is one hot shoot, don’t miss Surfer Kyle.

Raging Stallion - Update

August 17, 2020

Cock Hunter 4

Wade Wolfgar is alone in his private bathhouse room jerking off when Sean Harding lets himself in and wraps his lips around Wade's girthy, uncut cock. Sean makes extra sure not to abandon Wade's heavy balls as he gags on his pole. When Wade has had enough of Sean's mouth, he bends the jockstrap-wearing cocksucker over and slams his cock in Sean's hole. Bent over and taking ever inch, Sean can't get enough of Wade drilling and smacking his ass. After taking it raw on all fours, Sean spins around and sucks the cock that was just deep inside his insatiable hole. Sean wants more so Wade lays back, so Sean can receive his cock from up top. Flipping on his back one last time, Wade strips off Sean's jock and breeds his hole one last time before Sean busts his nut all over his hairy chest.

Boy Gusher - Update

August 15, 2020

Malakai & Tyler Fuck

Malakai White opens his throat up as Tyler Slater pumps his cock into it, fucking Malakai’s face as Malakai plays with his own ass. But fingering himself just isn’t doing enough for him and Malakai invites Tyler over to fuck him…of course Tyler eagerly agrees. They strip down and Tyler rims Malakai’s tight little hole, getting it dripping wet with his spit before shoving his cock inside of it and fucking Malakai hard and raw. As they switch positions, Tyler gives Malakai’s delicious ass a few good spanks before burying his dick in that hole again and pounding it deep. Malakai takes every inch of that shaft, wrapping his own hand around his pulsing cock and playing with himself as he gets dicked down by Tyler.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 03, 2020

Surfer-Lifesaver Chad

Surf-Lifeguard Chad at just 18, is a boy mountain, at 200 cm and 103 kgs. This guy is huge ! He lives in Sydney and is a Lifeguard on one of Sydney’s southern beaches. He has an equally huge cock, which got hard immediately. He really went off – big time when the sucker locked onto it. Giving him the best head job he would of ever experienced. We wondered why he was bending over a bit but realised the glory hole slot wasn’t high enough for him. Surrendering to lust he was in ecstasy. Seething in a trance like state, this boy was on fire. Till the sucker got what he wanted. This fit, virile young lifeguard spurting his hot cum uncontrollably all over him.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 30, 2020


Mitch is a horny straight, young tradie. He is a typical All Australian Boy. Complete with his ute and dog. From Coffs Harbour NSW. plays Rugby. Mitch had a really good beach shoot but the best was yet to come. When we got this straight young bloke back to the studio, we put Lesbian porn on and he got a hard cock, almost immediately. You may notice it looked big in his undies and then when he pulled it out, it was totally erect and it was HUGE. . It looked even bigger as Mitch has a very smooth ripped, slim, body attached to his HUGE Cock ! Then we got him to slide it through the gloryhole as he continued to watch the lesbian porn. The suckers eyes almost popped out and was onto it in a flash. Expertly sucking it.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 16, 2020

Reece & Elliot

This update features Reece 18 from Melbourne and Eliot 18 from Bendigo. Starting at the gloryhole where Reece went to work on Eliot's cock. Eliot started watching his own straight porn on his mobile/cell. After some relentless sucking of Eliot. Reece backed up to the hole and in no time Eliot was fucking him. As these young males passions soared. Eliot wanted to fuck Reece harder and get more of his cock in him - so he bent Reece over the couch and placed his mobile/cell on Reece's back while he went to work fucking him hard and fast. This is Sooooo hot .

All Australian Boys - Update

July 06, 2020


Everyone wanted more of Owen, that’s what we have for you with his second shoot. This sizzling 18 yo French- Australian boy really got into this shoot, even more than his first. Succumbing to lust and going for it - a lot more. He came in, got his pants off, fast and was eager to stick his - instantly hard cock through the gloryhole again. Just watch how much he liked his cock being expertly sucked - till he spurts.

Men At Play - Update

June 19, 2020

Cruising Glory Hole

After being boyfriends for some time, Thomas Thunder and Bruno Max’s sex is starting to become a bit repetitious. Tomas texts Bruno to meet him at a surprise address; which turns out to be a cruising club. By text, Thomas tells Bruno to walk inside by himself and start exploring. Bruno walks inside and starts walking around until he gets to a glory hole area. He notices two massive juicy cocks popping out of the glory holes and can hardly resist. Thomas arrives and gives him a sign to go ahead. Soon after he joins the party until one of the cocks cums over Bruno’s suit. When they are done with their entertainment, it’s their turn to enjoy their new spiced up relationship together.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 18, 2020


Liam is one hot guy. He was simply was horny and loved being sucked as you will see from this shoot. He lives in Sydney but originally from Scandinavia. He plays Soccer/Football. Ryder, the expert sucker, said he had a very tick cock at the base with a lollypop head to suck on. Liam had to keep pulling out of the Glory Hole to stop cumming too fast. When he did blow he spurted heaps.. On hot All Australian Boy. Now live and Exclusive on AAB.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

June 14, 2020

Sean & Logan 1

Sean has plenty of experience being an alpha dom top. He's been filmed countless times bringing hot men to heel with his rugged good looks, broad muscles, and sprawling tattoos... But with Jason's help, Sean is given the opportunity to live out his fantasy of submitting himself to a beefy, hung stud! Sean gets sized up and interviewed before adorning the familiar collar of a slave and being positioned on his back to be put to good use. With his eyes covered up, he has no idea that handsome top, Logan, is rock hard and ready to fuck! The first indication that he's about to be bred is sniffing the bearded man's sweaty, full nuts as they're dragged over his face. The sensation makes Sean yield quickly, sending his heart racing and making him horny to suck.

Trans Angels - Update

June 14, 2020

A Hole For A Hole

Trans diva Aspen Brook has had her eye on blonde beauty Charlotte Sins – his roommate’s girlfriend – for a while, and she’s finally come up with a plan to get close to her. After noticing that Charlotte and her roommate are constantly arguing about their tame sex life, Aspen realizes that if Charlotte catches a glimpse of her hard cock, she won’t be able to resist her. In order to surprise Charlotte, Aspen has cut a series of glory holes in a shower curtain, and when a frustrated Charlotte enters the shower, the sudden appearance of Aspen's cock through multiple holes makes her realize exactly what she’s been missing.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 13, 2020


Nate is a AFL footballer from Melbourne now living in Sydney. A big guy at 188cm and 95kgs. A typical straight All Australian Boy. He likes working out in gym and has been played footy since he was a boy. Modelling for this knock about Aussie Bloke is like being in another world, We also got him to the glory hole. Nate is now live and Exclusive on AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 02, 2020


“Why Not” Oscar said when he had just blew and we asked him if he wanted another sucking. So Ryder the expert sucker just kept on sucking him and 5 minutes later he blew again. This time across the entire width of the glory hold, over Riders shoulder hitting the sheet half way up, on the other side. It was like a cum pistol. This is one very hot and very good-looking 18yo. Oscar is a straight boy from Norwegian background, lives in Sydney, works in construction and is into MMA. We have never seen someone, shoot so far. Watch Oscar do his stuff now.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 20, 2020


Owen is a naturally good looking young 18 yo who is into MMA and getting his cock relentlessly sucked. He lives in Brisbane, Queensland. He has a tight lean muscular body – with an unproportionally big cock handing off it. Which cock hungry Ryder got onto as soon as he slid through the hole. This is a great shoot of this hot MMA Boy. What a hot and sexy HUNK this young stud is. He's lean, mean and an MMA fighting machine. Who wouldn't want his big beautiful hard cock deep down their throat?

Boy Gusher - Update

May 13, 2020

Malakai Takes Biggest

Malakai White waits like a good boy for his visitor to come, and he’s heard this one has quite an impressive cock. When that infamous prick finally pokes through the door, Malakai eagerly tackles it with his mouth, sucking and licking that huge shaft. He tries his best to deepthroat it but chokes as it hits the back of his mouth, making him gag on it. Malakai gives the visitor’s big balls some attention, pulling them into his mouth before going back for seconds of that sweet dick. When Malakai has his visitor’s dick rock hard, he bends over for him and lets his visitor put that fat cock in his ass. Malakai braces himself against the counter as he gets pounded raw and hard until he nuts and then that tight hole makes the visitor cum right between Malakai’s ass.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 09, 2020


Trevor is from the Sunshine coast but original from New Zealand. He loves his Rugby. On this shoot we teamed him up with Ryder who just loves to suck cock and he does it very well. Especially when he is pulling himself at the same time. That’s what happens on this shoot. We didn’t want Trevor to come too fast so Ryder stopped sucking him now and then when he was about to cum. Love how Trevor flinched his cock as to say - suck me. When Ryder stopped sucking him. You will see this several times during the movie. Till he blew just after Ryder.

Yes Father - Update

April 17, 2020

Marcus: Confession

Marcus is absolutely terrified of his own feelings. Ever since he was caught kissing a boy under the bleachers at his last school, he has been scared to reveal his feelings about men to anyone. After all, last time he was expelled from his boarding school altogether and sent away to a strict religious school in hopes that it would cleanse him of his impure thoughts. How could he avoid being traumatized but such a scarring experience? So, as he steps into the tight, dimly lit Confession booth, he is unsure what will come out of his mouth. At first, he is almost certain that he will avoid the truth at all costs. There is no way that he will reveal his feelings towards other boys to another soul, especially an authority figure at the school.

Falcon Studios - Update

April 08, 2020

Califuckinfornia 3

Road trip buddies Josh Moore and Dan Saxon have wildly different opinions about casual sex, as proven when they pull into a gas station to fill up the tank on their van. Josh uses the bathroom where cute cocksucker Dakota Payne is cruising the urinals and waving his big boner. Josh spots Dakota and scurries back out to the gas pump. Dan takes his turn, and his time, once he discovers Dakota and a glory hole stall inside. Never one to turn down an opportunity for sex or a sweet hot mouth, Dan puts his girthy uncut dick through the hole. Dakota pounces and works Dan's meat for all it's worth in a sloppy, drool dripping blowjob while Josh waits impatiently in the van.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 05, 2020


So many of members voted for Julian to do another shoot so we figured why not give our members everything they could want. On this shoot, this fresh sexy and hot 18 year old boy consumed with passion, in his various forms and does it all! Ryder, after expertly and relentlessly sucking Julian through the gloryhole and got exactly what he needed and wanted. May be even more than he expected. When Julian ignited he exploded with pure hot lust and desire that is rarely ever seen.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 02, 2020


So many of you wanted us to get Dustin to the Gloryhole for a reshoot. Not easy but - that’s what we have done. We flew this straight Rugby jock to the winter sun to, what turned out to be, a glory hole shoot. This Rugby boy is huge at 186cm and 90 kgs. He have a big thick cock to match. He really got into the girl/girl porn wanking himself on the couch . He was nervous at first when he pushed his now fully erect cock through the gloryhole. He was actually talking to us as the sucker was working on his cock. “Is it a girl or a bloke” as you will see but once out expert sucker went to work on his big thick cock - he was didn’t care.

Young Bastards - Update

March 31, 2020

2 Tops & Thier Bitch

André Madd is a passionate lover but he will never resist a hard cock or being at the disposal of two masters like Dmitri Osten and Thiago Monte. In this juicy threesome his ass gets well filled with two big bareback cocks till all balls explode with big loads. This Glory Hole rendezvous is not only hot but kinky and nasty. These three guys really get into it and there's no stopping them once they get going.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 16, 2020


Austin is a 20 year old rockclimber from Sydney and very private and measured guy and not a show pony. Good beach shots and then back at studio. Once he pulled his pants down - he ignited with passion. He has a nice big cock with a great head on it. That was sucked immediately, by cock hungry Ryder after he pushed it through the Gloryhole. Austin has to pull out a lot till he couldn’t stop himself any more. Spurting everywhere. Ryder followed.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 02, 2020


Noah is a fresh attractive young guy just, turned 18, from Adelaide. He has been competing in squad swimming since a young age. He doesn’t like looking much younger his his years as he always gets carded when going to nightclubs. Noah did a good beach shoot then in studio a Gloryhole shoot with Ryder. He was very nervous, at first. The Gloryhole scene was good but I thought we could do better. Unscripted I decided to see if he could do a 1 on 1 with Ryder which he did letting him suck his dick.. Then when I suggested they swap, to my amazement he did.. Then the floor scene which Noah really went into ecstasy with what Ryder did to him. finishing up with them both spurting heaps of hot cum everywhere.

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