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All Australian Boys - Update

September 19, 2021

Rough Trade Kane

On this shoot Rough trade, straight country boy Kane is engulfed by hungry cocksuckers Ben and Sunny. Kane is from western Queensland. He now works as a laborer in Brisbane for a landscape gardening business. This All Aussie bad boy has - a Colorful background, lots of Tatts and a Big, Thick, Cock ! That Sunny and his apprentice sucker, Ben loved to suck. At one stage Ben couldn't not contain himself, by slipping out of the gloryhole and did his thing on Kane's smooth arse, as Kane continue to get sucked by Sunny and watch his straight porn. This I think is a first for AAB – It’s Hot ! Good to mix things up from time to time. Kane finished up blowing all over his body. Then asked "when is there more work on" . Hmmm think he liked it.

Next Door Studios - Update

September 15, 2021

Hottest Loads

Next Door Favorites: Hottest Loads - Please enjoy some of the hottest loads in these steamy scenes! 00:12 - First Finger Fuck Member Fantasy 01:53 - Fuck Bench Flip 04:15 - Cum Donor 06:23 - Wrecked 09:53 - Splattered 11:30 - Pure Filth 13:01 - Fuck Me Good 15:38 - Weekend Warriors 16:49 - The Photoshoot 19:02 - Brandons First Raw 21:13 - PRIDE 24:42 - My Only Fan 26:38 - Best Buds 28:28 - Nicks First Raw3 0:43 - My Hole 32:37 - Auditions-Part-4

Fuckermate - Update

September 13, 2021

Glorious Debut At Boyberry

Jorge Sainz is our last discovery from Barcelona. We caught him hanging around Boyberry's glory-holes area, his favorite place to find some nice big thing to play with. It must be his lucky day, because the huge rod of Vadim Romanov is waiting there, ready to be sucked by a horny bottom like Jorge. While our newbie is swallowing every inch of the russian meat, another supersized mysterious guy makes his appearance, leaving him dealing with two monster cocks at the same time! Sit down and enjoy as our cameras capture all the bareback fun that follows!

Family Creep - Update

September 12, 2021

Family Secrets

Family Secrets At The Glory Hole - Ryan Kneeds is insatiably horny and is waiting outside the gloryhole place to check out who's going in. He thinks he spotted his stepfather Michael Roman getting in and decides to follow him... just to be sure. His step-father is one hot and sexy muscle hunk stud. With a body like that how could Ryan ever resist the charms of this Adonis of a man? It's just a matter of time before he completely falls under his spell.

All Australian Boys - Update

September 09, 2021

New Exclusive: Charlie

Charlie is a quiet and considered 19 yo, with a big cock. Quiet shy and self-conscious at first, on the beach but when we got him in the studio he shined and became a bit of an exhibitionist. Showing of his meaty big cock. First pulling it to Str8 porn and then when instructed, sliding it through the gloryhole, to be sucked. Saying afterwards he has never come from a blow job before. Watch how this shoot plays out and how his body goes into convulsion like state, when he comes, every muscle in his body seems to be visible as he blows.

Pride Studios - Update

August 25, 2021

Best Of Alessio Romero

Best Of Alessio Romero Compilation - Watch your favorite stud Alessio Romero get down and dirty in this exclusive compilation. Enjoy! 00:10 - Hard Strokes10:32 - Big Boy Toys22:04 - Mens Room29:52 - Binding Desire. This is some of Alessio's best and favorite scenes. Join him in this journey into hot gay sex and don't forget a couple of extra cum'll need them.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 05, 2021


Tradie Aiden, from the suburbs of Melbourne/ Belgrave is our latest model. He lives with his girlfriend from high school days. He is into the outdoors and playing Basketball. Coming from Melbourne to the Gold Coast sun, he found it hard on the beach not to squint his eyes, but we still got some good shots. Aiden is a humble low key type guy that lets his body do the talking. As soon as he started watching lesbian porn - he instantly began to get an erection. It just kept growing larger and larger till it became an unproportionable Huge Cock hanging of his slim young guy. We then got him to get it sucked early on in the shoot and then back to watch more porn on the couch for a while. Aiden proved to be a passionate surprise packet, as you will see from the shoot.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 25, 2021


Thomas, is attractive, in all ways. Body, Face, Attitude and X factor 23 yo straight jock from Canada, now living in Sydney. This quietly spoken and sometimes a bit shy, young man’s attraction is heightened even more by his humble unassuming attitude and shouldering natural sexual attraction. He has huge impact when you meet him. It’s almost overwhelming. Immediately your heart beats faster, your temperature rises, you begin to sweat and slur your words, without being aware of it. Tom plays rugby, squad’s swims, runs triathlons and plays ice hockey. He also finds time, somehow to work out every day at the gym. While working in the construction industry. Lots of first times for Tom on this shoot. Don’t miss Thomas.

Real Men Fuck - Update

July 21, 2021

Dick in a Hole

Zander just wants dick and he doesn't care how to get it or who it belongs to. He starts out slurping a dick through a hole in the wall and as it grows in his mouth, Zander knows he needs it up his ass. When the cock is rock hard, he bends over to get his hole stretched hard. The random dude on the other side is relentless in his pounding and keeps a steady pace giving Zander what he needs. Finally the big dick erupts in Zander's hole and pulls out to let the jizz drip down his hairy ass and all over the wall for the next cock slut to lick up.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 12, 2021


A Grade Rugby forward, Surfboat Rower and All Australian Boy Mark is a knock about Sydney Boy. Who works in the security industry, Shhh. Mark has one of the hottest arses we have ever photographed. It's perfect. Check it out. Loved watching it at the gloryhole as he tightened and loosened it as he was getting relentlessly sucked - check it out. In the studio he soon took his footy shorts down, began puling and then pushed it through the gloryhole where the sucker was waiting to service him. He also pulled it for a while before shoving it through the hole again

Raging Stallion - Update

July 10, 2021

Maximum Torque 3

Kirk Cummings is working under a car when he notices fellow mechanic Devin Trez go into the bathroom. Kirk follows him and goes in the stall next to Devin's. Kirk watches Devin stroke his massive dick before Devin slides it thru the gloryhole and is met by Kirk's warm mouth. Thru the gloryhole, Kirk does his best to get down to the base of Devin's pole without gagging. When his mouth can't take anymore, Kirk backs up to the gloryhole and Devin slides his cock into the ass on the other side. No longer in need of the barriers, Kirk joins Devin in his stall to deepthroat the cock that was just buried in his ass. Devin is relentless with his face fucking as Kirk gags and chokes on Devin's penetrating meat.

Real Men Fuck - Update

June 29, 2021

Anon Gloryhole Fuck

Timothy just wants a dick and doesn't care who it's attached to. He heads to the local sex club and finds a hole with a dick sticking out. He immediately drops to his knees and gets to work sucking. The big thick cock quickly gets engorged and fills up his mouth. It's such a huge turn on knowing his mouth has done this to some random stranger behind the wall. Timothy stands up and frots the other throbbing dick before he bends over to offer up his hairy hole. The big cock pumps him in and out until it fucks the cum out of Timothy's hard dick. Once he cums, Timothy turns around to take a big white facial and as the dick is pulling out from the glory hole, the talented cock sucker starts pulling up his pants to head home with a sloppy hole and a dripping face.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 17, 2021


Blake is a typical knock about straight, All Australian Boy from the suburbs. He works outdoors in construction, plays Rugby, is 26 and lives in Brunswick – Melbourne. Blake is highly spirited and exuberant. On the beach he had a problem keeping his eyes open on a very sunny day. He seemed very willing to get his pants off to reveal a meaty hard cock he began pulling as he watched lesbian porn. On command he stood up while still pulling and then put it through the gloryhole where Sunny our expert sucker, went to work on him. He was so horny he had to pull his cock out of the hole several times, to stop cumming. Till he couldn’t hold it any more.

Yes Father - Update

June 15, 2021

My Naughty Sin

Sweet Catholic boy Ryan Jacobs can’t shake the pervy thoughts he’s been having about the other boys and priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Father Teddy Torres takes a hands-on approach right there in the confession booth, sliding his dick down the boy’s throat and penetrating his eager boy hole with his throbbing rod.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 12, 2021


Jarred is an All Australian Gold Coast boy who is into competitive swimming, gym and supporting his delivered Gold Coast Suns footy club. He was a bit unsure about a glory hole shoot but - he slid his cock through the hole to get expertly sucked, once he got hard. Then at the end a bit of a, unique, twist to this shoot happened. Any other hot and horny guys 18-28 who want to get expertly and relentlessly sucked while making lots of money, apply on - Model for us link above.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 05, 2021


Lex is an all Australian Country boy off the farm from north western NSW. He is very humble, being a man of few words. He works as an apprentice trade in town. He races stock-cars on Saturday nights, at the raceway in a town 65 kms away. He loves going to county B&S’s and cutting loose with his mates. He tells us he is always horny and pulls of a lot on the farm. Imagine how he felt after sliding his dick through the gloryhole where our expert sucker latched onto it.? Sucking it relentlessly till he blew.

UK Naked Men - Update

June 03, 2021

Donnie & Adam

Big bad Adam Stahl is cruising the gents when he cuts across, quite literally ( eventually) Donnie Marco, our favourite, skin-head, mean mutha fucker. He's strapping piece of very sexy man, and he LURVES licking arse, sniffing armpits and general reprehensible piggy behaviour. Donnie is very appreciative of his talented tongue. BUT big burly bastard Adam is also a very keen power bottom and he's spreading those beef cheeks in the blink of an eye, allowing Donnie full access to his wet, tight fuck-hole. Its a bareback festival of uncut cocks and spunky pleasures as the boys fuck all over the place, standing up, with Adam squatting on Donnie's fat uncut dick, this man-whore is getting it always, until that tight hole is a wet mess!

All Australian Boys - Update

May 21, 2021


Spencor loves nothing more than hitting the surf. His boyish, smooth and hairless, subtle body has been forged from his numerous encounters with the surf. Spencor was quite nervous. In the studio we had to coax him to take off his board shorts and undies. As soon as he did - his cock began to grow. Then we directed him to stand up and put it through the gloryhole. As soon as the sucker locked onto his cock, he spurted. The sucker continued to work on him, till he spurted again. Spencer is one hot surfer boy with a juicy cock - not to be missed.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 15, 2021


Our cock hungry sucker, Sucks young apprentice carpenter - Mitch. Once Mitch put his big cock through the hole Sunny went to work on it immediately relentlessly sucking and pulling him till this young stud spurted, in ecstasy! It's amazing how a straight and absolutly adorable construction worker can get off so good getting his cock sucked in a homemade gloryhole.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 08, 2021

Marky & Denim

I know Marky and his bisexual roommate Denim have fooled around before when they were drunk, so when Marky has trouble performing on camera, I send Denim into the scene to help him out. I was going to use Marky for a gloryhole, but when he has some trouble getting it up, Denim knows what Marky secretly likes. Marky turns around and demands that Denim eat his ass. I move them to the floor, so I can sneak a taste, too. I lick and finger Denim's hole while he sucks Marky's dick. Surprisingly, Marky returns the favor. Marky plays with Denim's dick and balls while jacking his own cock. The roomies are really making out, and finally Marky is ready to nut. He stands up and blows his load in Denim's eager mouth.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 13, 2021


We met Ryan in Bondi-Sydney where he now lives. We then flew him to the Gold Coast for this shoot. Ryan works out in the gym almost every day. His smooth body is magnificent, especially, his abs. In the studio he soon got hard watching straight porn. We then got him to stand up, move across the room and put his now erect cock through the gloryhole. He did this and also put the headsets on and continued watched str8 porn,- as our expert sucker went to work on his throbbing cock below. A immersive experience no straight boy can resist. He was soooo hot, wanting to cum almost immediately, our expert sucker went to work on him. Pulling it out of the hole to stop cumming many times.

Masqulin - Update

April 06, 2021

No Vacancy 2

It's still Scott Demarco’s bachelor weekend and while getting ready to shower, he finds a note with an invitation he can't resist. Looking for more good times, he goes to room 69, knocks three times, and enters after a minute. Inside, Scott Demarco finds a black curtain with a glory hole - and Nick Milani anonymously waiting on the other side to make good on the promise!

All Australian Boys - Update

April 02, 2021

Canadaian Downhill Skier

Sean is a snow skier from Canada now living in Adelaide . Sean had a BIG surprise when he pulled out his huge cock fully erect after watching straight porn. Then to the glory hole where our expert cock worshiper/sucker went to work on him.. As we didn't want him to shoot too soon the sucker had to keep stopping sucking As his erection subsided, he kept flinching his big cock demanding more sucking immediately. Seething and groning with ecstasy. Then he went into overdrive face fucking the cock worshipers/suckers mouth - more and more. It was almost like a punishment of violent thrusts.. Then one more big thrust and his cock let go, spurted everywhere, mutable times.. This guy is suuuu-per hot and has to be seen to be believed. See him now Live and Exclusive only on - AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 15, 2021

Cute Luke

Cute Luke 18, plays Soccer and loves the beach and leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. He is a country boy from Cairns, far north Queensland. Luke's exceptional good looks and flawless skin tone are complemented by his fun and exuberant attitude to life. As soon as he got hard watching straight vids we got him to put his hard cock through the gloryhole where our sucker went to work relentlessly sucking him. He pulled out of the hole and finished himself off.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 04, 2021


Jayden from Perth is into MMA as well as a lot of other sports. He is a gritty, refreshingly unique, give anything a go 18 yo straight boy. Who likes picking up hot chicks on Tindr when he is horny. This time we got this hot boy to stick his dick through the gloryhole. to be expertly sucked by our new expert sucker Christian, while he watched straight porn. He soon blew and then - blew again. Don't miss Jayden.

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