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Straight Fraternity - Update

November 08, 2017

Scrappy Milked

19-year-old Scrappy's been trying more and more stuff with guys lately, but this is his first time at a gloryhole. Like any young guy, he gets hard super fast, and Franco makes sure he gets completely naked, too. Scrappy shoots a huge load in Franco's mouth, who keeps him at the hole until he can squeeze out every last drop.

G.E.S. by Fl4mature - Update

October 27, 2017

Used in the Booth and Liking It!

...A few seconds later a cock poked through the hole - I couldn't tell if it was black or white at the moment since the booth was so dark, but none the less I had come to get cock and knelt down in front of the hole ready to suck. As I got closer, I could tell it was definitely a black cock - not huge but a nice size, probably about 7 or 8" long and nicely hard. I put the cock in my mouth and heard a moan through the wall of the booth. As I sucked, the owner of the cock started to pump in and out of the hole saying all sorts of nasty things to me... "Mm, yeah suck that cock", "yeah use your tongue", "mm that feels good", "here lick my balls". His balls were huge and I eagerly kissed and licked them before going back to work on his black cock. I happen to be one of those that get very turned on by nasty talk, and the more I heard the more I wanted this cock to cum in my mouth...

All Australian Boys - Update

October 10, 2017


Sean 20 is originally from the Ukraine but now lives in Melbourne. His sports are almost all martial arts. He loves the warm Queensland weather after the frigid cold of a Melbourne winter. This hot straight boy was very nervous at first, as you will see during his various movies. We got him to put his cock through the gloryhole to get serviced, by one of our expert suckers as he watched straight porn.

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

September 29, 2017

Step-Brother at the Gloryhole

...This was it, this was the night he would hit up the bookstore I just knew it. I waited for a little while after he left, then told my parents I was going to study at the campus library. I jumped in my car and started following him, as he turned down the street the bookstore was on I smiled "You dirty motherfucker" I said aloud as he pulled into the parking lot...

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

September 27, 2017

Stepdad At The Glory Hole

...I could hear Tim start to breath heavy, which made me so hot, I could feel my own cock throbbing. I felt an inner hunger that made me work Tim’s cock more, suck his dick harder, rub his balls more! I backed off his cock and licked his balls “Oh fuck yeah!” I heard Tim say as I continued to lick his sac, I made sure I licked every inch of his full balls. I then returned to his cock licking it, getting it completely wet so that it would slide back down my throat with ease...

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

September 27, 2017

Son At The Gloryhole

...I felt my cock start to stir with the anticipation of getting sucked, I unzipped and dropped my pants throwing all caution to the wind. I pushed my cock thru the hole, it was met by a wet tongue. My cock jerked as he made his way down the shaft ending at my balls, giving them a good licking, he worked his way back up to the head. "Surely this isn't Brian, he wouldn't be in here giving strangers head.......or would he?" I said to myself. There was no denying it though the company truck was in the parking lot. He wasn't somewhere else in the store when I looked, the booths were running, and he wasn't in the hallway...

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 19, 2017

Van's First Gay Blowjob

Van's never had a gloryhole experience before, and he's never gotten his cock sucked by another guy...until now. Van is eager to blow a load. He unzips and pushes his cock through the hole, and within seconds, he's hard. As I deep-throat his cock, he flexes it, making me gag and slobber all over his meat. I get Van to the edge of cumming, until he's shaking and whispering "oh yeah, like that." With a load outburst, Van blows a giant blob of cum on my cheek and keeps pumping out jizz until the side of my face is covered.

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

September 16, 2017

Son's Pal At The Gloryhole

I couldn't take it anymore "Dude ride my fucking cock!" He backed off totally. I thought I was done for. Kneeling down I could see a shadow still in the booth "Hey man why don't you come over here." I figured if he was in the booth with me I had a better chance of giving him a really good fucking." He leaned down "Okay" he opened the door to exit the booth. I reached over and unlocked my door just as he opened the door. When he looked up and our faces met I was in total shock, just standing there with my hard dick sticking out. It was Brian my sons friend, he was just as shocked as I was. We both stood frozen for a moment. "Brian how long have you been in that booth next door?"

Czech Gay Fantasy - Update

September 16, 2017

Welcom to Czech Gay Fantasy!

Put an end to your daydreaming. Stamp your futile fantasies. Face the reality and enter the House of Pleasure. The one and only!!! There is only one rule: “Pay – Choose – Use!” Choose a hole! Everything is available. Juicy mouths. Narrow buttholes. Sucking off. Eating out. Fucking. All holes are here for you. Czech amateurs who came here to offer all their holes. All waiting to be used. Crowds of horny guys fuck them like there was no tomorrow! This place is real! Come, pay and make your dreams come true!

Straight Fraternity - Update

August 15, 2017

Muscular Young Leon At The Gloryhole

Super-fit Leon finally takes time off from school and the gym to try out the local gloryhole. His ass cheeks flex as his dick and balls are orally serviced. He really responds to having his scrotum licked! He plays with his nipple and moans louder and louder until he unloads in the guy's mouth. The guy spits out a HUGE load of cum that drips from his chin as his sucks Leon some more.

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