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All Australian Boys - Update

May 07, 2022

Surfer Seth

Seth is a real All Australian Boy - Surfer and Lifeguard from Newcastle. Growing up on the beach surfing with his mates since he was a gromit. It was a natural progression to work there, as a Lifeguard. We met Seth on the beach and asked if he wanted to model and he was soon on a plane to the Gold Coast to do a shoot with us. Seth not only is gifted with All Aussie good looks but a lay back unassuming good attitude. Don’t miss this hot Lifeguard/Surfer with an every-ready hard cock, which gets expertly sucked till it spurts. See Seth Exclusively on AAB.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 23, 2022

Double Gloryhole

Franco teaches Linwood and Diesel that sometimes you have to pay with your mouth to get your own dick sucked at a gloryhole. Linwood even eats his own cum and takes a big load to the face! Linwood and Diesel step up to opposite sides of the gloryhole and start stroking. Diesel chubs first and sticks his dick through for a bj. Then the guys rub their greasy cocks together, and Linwood covers Diesel's shaft with cum. He sucks Diesel's cummy dick and I help jack it until Diesel shoots Linwood right in the eye.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 15, 2022

Babylon Breeds Steven

Steven Angel might he hanging out and relaxing at the bathhouse, but sex is always on his mind. He’s always on the lookout for a hot guy who can show him a good time and leave him walking bowlegged. While at the sauna, the sex addict Babylon Prince makes himself known to Steven Angel quickly with some heavy-handed flirting. It takes little time before Steven is servicing Babylon’s cock with his mouth and bending over the sauna bench to get his ass pounded. Babylon Prince also enjoys a sloppy hole, so he plays with Steven Angel’s ass plenty with some near-fisting action!

All Australian Boys - Update

April 15, 2022

Surfer Brett

This week we have an exceptional new All Australian Boy for you! I feel this is one of the best models shoot for a long time. Brett is a surfer dude from Melbourne Victoria. He spends all his off time down on the Surf Coast around Torquay hanging with his surfer mates and living the surf culture life. He is a naturally unique all Aussie guy who just loves the outdoors. He initially started while watching two girl porn vid. Then stood up while pulling his big cock and then thrusts it through the Gloryhole where our young sucker – Joel, is waiting to expertly suck him. Brett really loved it – just watch him do his stuff till he spurt over Joel. Brett is truly represented of the spirit of AAB. You will find Brett super-hot. Don’t miss him. Jacob founder AAB.

Men - Update

April 14, 2022

Jackhammered & Drilled 1

Bo Sinn is hard at it drilling and screwing... construction, that is, when a hot blonde admires his smile and invites him to the bathroom to fuck! She puts Bo in a stall and gets into the next one to wait for the tattooed hunk's cock through the glory hole... but Bo picks the wrong hole, sliding his dick through to where cute twink Dane Jaxson is jacking off watching porn in the next cubicle. Dane eagerly wraps his lips around the penis from heaven, while Bo's date starts getting impatient and rips open the curtain to see Bo getting head from someone else. When she storms off, Dane suggests they might as well finish off, so Bo fucks the twink doggystyle, then missionary. Dane's hole gapes as Bo rams him in piledriver, then the bottom rides him reverse till he cums, and Bo fills that ass with a creampie.

Trans Angels - Update

April 12, 2022

Contemporary Hoe

Sexy, leather-clad Jade Venus is working as an art curator when she crosses paths with Pierce Paris while he is looking around the cum-temporary exhibition. Catching sight of Jade, Pierce immediately becomes enamored with the beautiful trans goddess. When the tall tgirl drops her purse, a besotted Pierce drops to his knees to retrieve it, only for the sexually voracious Jade to be magnetically drawn to the hot stud’s butt. After pulling his trousers down, the slender brunette dives tongue-first into Pierce’s ass, getting it juicy and wet. Later, an aroused Pierce shoves his erection through a hole in one of the exhibits and moans with pleasure as the insatiable Jade, hiding on the other side, sucks and slurps on his rock-hard dick.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 01, 2022

Surf-Lifesaver James

Young Surf-Surf-Lifesaver is back this time on the other side of the glory hole. Many of you have requested younger guys on this side of the glory hole and with this weeks update thats what we have for you. Then away from the Glory hole James went to work on Tyler till Tyler spurted all over him.

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 31, 2022

Johnny Explodes

After giving Johnny a helping hand (and mouth) in his recent blindfolded encounter with Allen, I want another taste of this scruffy young straight guy's dick. I invite him over to get sucked off at the gloryhole. I've forced him to be on the giving side in the past, but Johnny's never received a blowjob at a gloryhole. It's a new experience I know he's happy to try. His balls tighten and loosen as he enjoys the whole sensation. I jerk Johnny fast and hard and slap the head of his cock on my tongue. Then with a corkscrew hand and mouth motion and some final jacking, I make Johnny explode all over before sucking him clean.

Drill My Hole - Update

March 27, 2022

Emergency Dick 1

Hospital nurse Clark Delgaty finds a surprise while mopping the floor: a hidden glory hole! He peeks through and sees sexy nurse Benjamin Blue changing into scrubs. Benjamin gets a surprise of his own when he sees Clark's cock coming through the hole and eagerly sucks it, then tries to hide it from a doctor and patient as he backs his ass onto it! Clark fucks Benjamin doggystyle on the hospital bed, and the horny bottom rides him reverse, as the doctor sneaks back to peek through the hole. Benjamin cums as the top pounds him in missionary, then Clark fills the bottom's mouth with jizz!

All Australian Boys - Update

March 22, 2022

Sean Skier

So many of you, especially our members, who voted, wanting us to do another shoot with Sean and this week that exactly what we have done. As soon as Sean sees lesbian video he gets an instant erection. Soon after he got hard you could sense he wanted to get it sucked. So we got him to put it through the gloryhole. As soon as our expert sucker/worshiper went to work on him he almost blew. The sucker waited a while then started sucking him again. Sean began thrusting his cock in and out the suckers mouth . Backwards and forward. The sucker, who was already lubed up inside, then turned around and backed up onto Sean's throbbing/thrusting big cock. Sean continued to thrust to the sucker delight and before he knew it he was fucking him.

Men - Update

March 07, 2022

Glory Hole Abstraction

Paul Canon might rather have stayed home to watch the game than come to an art gallery with his girlfriend, but he has a surprisingly profound appreciation for abstract art... especially when security guard Pierce Paris hides inside the pieces and puts his mouth through the glory holes! After a sneaky blowjob, Pierce pokes his cock through another hole for Paul to stroke, and then it's Paul's turn to get into the art and put his ass against the hole so Pierce can fuck it. Pierce rims the bottom and Paul rides him on a bench, then gets fucked doggystyle and missionary. After Pierce pulls out to orgasm, Paul uses the top's jizz as lube as he strokes himself and makes some Jackson Pollock-style art of his own!

All Australian Boys - Update

February 28, 2022

Tennis Player Brad

Brad is a touch footy and tennis player from Brisbane Queensland. He proved to be a real surprise with what he was into. Not the average boy-next-door as you will see from his vids. This straight boys get into lots of play and much more. A couple of firsts for AAB we havnt filmed before. Join now to see the refreshingly Unique and Hot Brad..

All Australian Boys - Update

February 17, 2022

Surfer Kyle

Every now and then we come across guys that naturally have a very high sex drive. Surfer Kyle is one of these guys. As soon as he began watching lesbian porn, he got a hard on immediately. The photographer was shocked how fast this happened, making a comment. Seeing he was ready to go - we got him to go to the gloryhole and get his now fully developed cock, expertly sucked. Thrusting his hard cock in and out of the suckers mouth. After a while the sucker, a bottom, just couldn't help himself - bending over and backing up to the gloryhole and onto Kyle's thrusting cock. Soon he was been fulling fucked - Hard and Fast, by Kyle.. This is one hot shoot, don't miss Surfer Kyle,

Men - Update

February 16, 2022

What's In Me?

Welcome to another exciting game of What's In Me?, where only the most discerning asses cum out on top! Today, sexy twink Leo Vice and platinum-blond hottie Armando De Armas are competing to see who's better at identifying objects with their holes, for the prize of deciding who's going to bottom. The guys are pretty evenly matched as they get penetrated with items from veggies to party noisemakers, but after the lightning round, Armando is declared the winner, and he gets right to enjoying his victory. The lucky top rims Leo's hole, then fucks him doggystyle. Leo sucks Armando and rides his cock before the top pounds him on the table till he blows his load on Leo's ass. Then it's the bottom's turn to cum, and Armando licks it up!

All Australian Boys - Update

February 08, 2022

Soccer Liam

Liam is one hot guy. He was simply was horny and loved being sucked as you will see from this shoot. He lives in Sydney but originally from Scandinavia. He plays Soccer/Football. Ryder, the expert sucker, said he had a very tick cock at the base with a lollypop head to suck on. Liam had to keep pulling out of the Glory Hole to stop cumming too fast. When he did blow he spurted heaps.. On hot All Australian Boy. Now live and Exclusive on AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

January 23, 2022

AFL Louis

18 AFL 183cm 67kgs Adelaide SA - Our first update for 22 features Louis a hot, young, bi landscaper. Complete with a 10.5 inch, thick – Horse -Like - Cock. That never goes down. Louis’s, slim youthful body, natural good looks, HUGE cock and relentless driving passion are now live and exclusive, for you to experience on AAB...Limited time release, don’t miss Louis.

Masqulin - Update

January 21, 2022

Demolishing The Gloryhole

Benjamin Blue and Colt Spence are construction buddies whose current job is at a decommissioned Adult Video Store, clearing debris, and demolishing the old sex club in the basement. Colt is the team lead who is getting increasingly annoyed at his goof-off coworker who is less than enthusiastic about clearing debris. Even still, all work and no play make for a dull day, and in construction pranking is how you keep the job interesting. After all, there’s nothing like getting your coworker off his game. These young construction guys get a reaction from each other when it suddenly hits them just how much sex must have been had there over the years! As a joke Benjamin positions himself in front of the glory hole, turning on Colt in the process!

All Australian Boys - Update

December 19, 2021

Martial Arts Sean

Sean 20 is originally from the Ukraine but now lives in Melbourne. His sports are almost all martial arts. He loves the warm Queensland weather after the frigid cold of a Melbourne winter. This hot straight boy was very nervous at first, as you will see during his various movies. We got him to put his cock through the gloryhole to get serviced, by one of our expert suckers as he watched straight porn. Don’t miss solid and a bit hairier than many models – Sean!

All Australian Boys - Update

December 09, 2021

Skateboarder Andy

Skater Boy Andy 18 has been skating for a long time with his mates in the park. Sometime with some injuries when pushing it. He is a naturally good-looking young twinkie guy complete with a boy like, subtle body, sculptured from many hours skating. He has never modelled before but became more confident when our expert sucker went to work sucking on his growing cock at the gloryhole as he watch lesbian porn. He finishing off pulling himself off , pushing it through the hole to spurt over the sucker.

All Australian Boys - Update

November 22, 2021

Martial Arts Adam

Adam is a hot, All Australian straight jock from Townsville who is into martial arts. He is also a Surf Lifesaver. His great body, sculptured from Surf lifesaving and his natural good looks make him a natural to feature on AAB. Don’t miss Adam. He is one hot hunk and loves getting his cock sucked so good. You will love it too and don't forget some extra cum rags.

All Australian Boys - Update

November 15, 2021

Touch Football Julian

So many of members voted for Julian to do another shoot. On this shoot, this hot 18 yo boy, consumed with passion in his various forms, does it all! Ryder, after expertly and relentlessly sucking Julian through the gloryhole - got what he wanted. May be even more than he expected. When Julian Ignited. This is one hot twink and you'll fall in love with his nice big fat uncut cock.

All Australian Boys - Update

November 10, 2021

Rugby Player Jack 2

Jack C from Brisbane is into Football/Soccer, Athletics and Gym. Think he must live in the gym to get his body so well developed. In England where is originally from he is a Surf lifeguard, during the summer months. His strong, hairless, magnificent well defined, muscular body is complemented by his natural good looks. All this and a refreshing “straight boy - give anything a go attitude” makes Jack breathtakingly attractive. On the Beach, In the Studio and at the Gloryhole!

All Australian Boys - Update

October 23, 2021

Swimmer Noah

Noah is a fresh attractive young guy just, turned 18, from Adelaide. He has been competing in squad swimming since a young age. He doesn't like looking much younger his his years as he always gets carded when going to nightclubs. Noah did a good beach shoot then in studio a Gloryhole shoot with Ryder. He was very nervous, at first. The Gloryhole scene was good but I thought we could do better. Unscripted I decided to see if he could do a 1 on 1 with Ryder which he did letting him suck his dick.. Then when I suggested they swap, to my amazement he did.. Then the floor scene which Noah really went into ecstasy with what Ryder did to him. finishing up with them both spurting heaps of hot cum everywhere. Put two horny young guys together and this is what happens!

All Australian Boys - Update

October 03, 2021

Skateboarder Ben

Skater Ben with his smooth milky skin youthful body is from Mackay. He has the most unusual cock – it doesn’t stick out when he is standing it sticks straight up against his body, it’s so stiff. With a lollypop head that our sucker loved sucking on. Ben was so unstoppable passionate. He kept having to pulling his rock-hard cock out of the gloryhole to stop blowing to soon, until he couldn’t stop himself any longer. Blowing his load. One of the most passionate boys we have shot in the last 12 months. Don’t miss Skater Ben.

Peter Fever - Update

September 21, 2021

Sauna Nights 4

Butt-Sized Glory Hole - If sauna sex is not anonymous enough for you, what about fucking through a glory hole in a darkened room, not seeing anything but that hungry hole? Hot Latin Des Irez recalls seeing a beautiful ass sticking through a glory hole, and the guy behind it was begging for dick. Playing out that hot memory is Jeremy Vuitton as the beautiful ass that Des can't get enough of. Jeremy dances around the room wagging that booty to the relentless beat of bathhouse music. Des sees him and reaches over to feel those smooth bronzed cheeks and the hungry hole between. Jeremy massages Des under his towel, gets him too hot to say no. They kiss through a metal grate fence and Jeremy ducks under to get a mouthful of Des' cock.

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