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Bromo - Update

Friday September 13, 2019

On The Other Side

Bo Sinn calls up a number he finds advertising a glory hole service. When he gets there his hands are tied, his mouth taped shut and his cock shoved through a gloryhole to the eager mouth of Manuel Skye on the other side. Bo lets Manuel give him a deep and sloppy blowjob, but soon he wants more. The tattooed power top breaks free from his ropes, breaks down the wall and takes control of Manuel. Bo shoves his long cock down Manuel's throat with his signature mercilessness, making the sexy bearded stud gag on his massive cock. Bo takes the cords that were around his wrists and wraps them around Manuel's neck and cock while he plows into the toned stud's eager ass.

Bromo - Update

August 28, 2019

Master Sucker

Bo Sinn shows up at Riley Mitchell's glory hole and sticks his massive cock through expecting prompt service. Riley is intimidated by Bo's cock, but the tattooed power top helps him get more comfortable by reaching into the hole and pulling Riley through. Bo dominates Riley's mouth, making the sexy furry bottom worship his big uncut cock. Riley loves every second of it, begging Bo to pound his hole without mercy. Bo happily complies, giving Riley the hardcore dicking down that the eager slut deserves.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 24, 2019


Kyle originally from Germany now lives at Avalon Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches., Where he whiles away his days in search of the perfect wave to surf. This straight boy has a very open attitude to life. He is very sexual getting hard as soon as he watched female porn and went right off, when our hot expert sucker Joel, went to work on his cock. Just watch Seethe in Ecstasy with Passion when he cum’s.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 08, 2019

Surfer Brett

This week we have an exceptional new All Australian Boy for you! I feel this is one of the best models shoot for a long time. Brett is a surfer dude from Melbourne Victoria. He spends all his off time down on the Surf Coast around Torquay hanging with his surfer mates and living the surf culture life. He is a naturally unique all aussie guy who just loves the outdoors. He initially started while watching two girl porn vid. Then stood up while pulling his big cock and then thrusts it through the Gloryhole where our young sucker – Joel, is waiting to expertly suck him. Brett really loved it – just watch him do his stuff till he spurt over Joel. Brett is truly represented of the spirit of AAB. You will find Brett super-hot.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 27, 2019


Kyle is a shy 18yo straight country boy, off the farm from the Canadian parries. He now calls Bondi, Sydney home. Kyle was pretty stiff and nervous at first but as the shoot progressed became more relaxed and morphed into another hot and horny young guy, who just wanted to watch Lesbian porn while getting his big cock expertly sucked. He had to pull out of the gloryhole several times to stop cumming too fast. Getting relentlessly sucked, oozing lots of pre cum, after about 45 minutes, he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Spurting lots of hot cum into the suckers mouth and over his body. This is one hot boy! Don’t miss Kyle.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 14, 2019


Just-in is from Melbourne’s inner north suburbs. He is a very easy going guy with a good attitude. He has never done any modeling before so was a bit nervous as many of the models are. He was a competition freestyle swimmer till recently. No more getting up at 5.30am and following the blackline, he joked. He really liked modelling his underwear which he looked great in. He soon pulled them down to wanked on the couch and then, on command, stuck his dick through the gloryhole to get expertly sucked. Just-in would like to model with a hot exuberant top, so if you are one of those - apply form home page.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

July 11, 2019

Spencer & Logan 2

Lying on his back with legs through a dark curtain, Spencer opens himself up to whoever's around to claim his hot ass. Alpha stud Logan Carter steps in to pump his load into his submissive bottom, rock hard by the idea of fucking him without him knowing! Logan shoves his raw cock in Spencer's tight hole, feeling his sphincter tighten around his shaft from the rough, hard penetration! Logan is a natural dom top, loving his powerful role and feeling his bottom submit to him without question!

All Australian Boys - Update

June 01, 2019


Blake proved to be a real surprise package. He is from Melbourne and has a ripped body from athletics. Is an unassuming type guy that lets his gifted body and passion do the talking – which it certainly does. He got an erection immediately when watching a video. It sprung out of his jocks like a Jack-in-the-box when it popped out from his jocks. A Big, Thick and Hard as a Rock Cock. Then he stuck it through the glory hole to get expertly sucked. He really went Off pushing it in and out, then the sucker back onto it . He came once, the sucker kept sucking him, wanting more juice - then came again. Blake is simply one of the hottest models we have ever shot.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 24, 2019


Trevor is from the Sunshine coast but original from New Zealand. He loves his Rugby. and as you can see from this shoot, being expertly sucked. So much so he came, not once, not twice, not 3 time but - 4 times!! One after the other with recovery in-between. This was all shot in real. Like a tree continuing to oozing sap he just continued to cum,cum,cum and cum - it is amazing. This has never happened with any other of our 800+ models before. Sunny kept sucking him after he came the first time and he came again and again and again. This super horny straight boy is on fire.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 05, 2019


Edward lives in Melbourne. He comes from a Swedish background. He likes going to gym and athletics. has a great smooth body. He is quite shy and measured at first but when you get him under a shower you will see how that got him going. The Gloryhole and getting his cock sucked also got him going. Especially when one of our other hot model Ethan 22, started to suck him. Good to see these 2 boys together. Don’t miss it.

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