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Men - Update

March 21, 2023

Horny Frat Bros 1

The other frat brothers are out, so horny Drake Von wants to take the chance to fuck his roommate, Damian Night, again, but Damian wants to study. Drake humps Damian's booty while the bottom hits the books, at least until Drake cums all over them! Drake's still horny and Damian could use a break, so he sucks the top's big cock, then gets his hole filled up. Damian rides the top and gets fucked spoon before Drake sucks the horny bottom and pounds him in doggystyle. Damian blows his load on Drake's chest, then licks up the top's cum.

Cum Dump Star - Update

March 21, 2023

Breaking Boy

This is a New site that shows a lot of promise. The guys are sexy, hot and young, so you'll get hard and ready for them. Time is money so I shove it down their throats and use 'em up fun. These boyz are like a happy meals. Eat 'em up yummy yummy. Spit 'em out. Next.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 21, 2023

Nathan & Rachel

Rachel Gets to Know Nathan - 19 year old Nathan almost never jerks off, and when you take one look at him it's not hard to see why. He has no trouble at all finding girls to hook up with, has plenty of lucky female friends he can hit up with when he wants to get his dick with, and never has trouble meeting new girls when out and about. For being just 19, Nathan’s clearly confident and knows what he's doing in bed, and he knew he wanted to go at it with Rachel here! Can you blame him? Rachel gets Nathan riled up and ready to go with her expert BJ to start, then the hot fuck ensues!

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 20, 2023

Damien's First Time

Colt and Sophia break in Damien for his very first three-way in this episode. Taking their time stripping him down, he is immediately into the action of having two attractive partners rubbing, kissing, and sucking him. When Colt puts his big dick in Damien’s face, he just has to have it. He sucks on it, licks his balls, all the while getting his own cock sucked. The gorgeous men make out and get lost in the sexual moment between them. Even when Colt is fucking Sophia, it’s Damien’s eyes that he’s locked into. It’s quite obvious who he really wants and after they’ve given her some attention, they focus on the real object of their lust- each other! When Damien slides his nice dick in Colt, his moans reach a whole new level! He wants it, loves it, and rides him until he shoots out his load.

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 15, 2023

Raw Ride

I put newcomer Calvin with Jeff, who always knows what I want to see. When I tells the guys to get naked and do whatever they want to get off together, I'm shocked that Calvin takes the lead. He passes the lube to Jeff, then squats over him and feeds Jeff's huge, uncut cock into his ass. Jeff fucks Calvin's sweet hole bare until his legs give out. They try it on Calvin's back, but Jeff needs a little re-priming. It only takes a quick blowjob from Calvin to get Jeff ready for round two. Calvin climbs back on and continues his raw ride. Even though it's his first time on camera, he's a natural at taking dick. Jeff bangs Calvin's load out into his hand, and when Calvin starts to dismount, I tell him to get back in the saddle. Jeff fucks him briefly, then pulls out, busts his nut and stuffs his cum-covered cock back in Calvin's hungry hole.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 12, 2023

Dane Dicks Noah

A moment in this episode that stood out to me was when Noah was sitting on Dane's face, with Dane tonguing his hole and getting it prepped and slicked with spit for the fucking that comes later. Dane's dick is rock-hard while he eats Noah's ass, Dane undoubtedly horned up and eager to get to the pounding we know he loves, and also incredibly turned on by having a tight ass to play with and tease. Indeed, there were even earlier signs Dane couldn't wait to fuck. While Noah's treating Dane to an amazing blowjob, Dane can't help but pump and thrust his cock in and out of Noah's mouth, fucking Noah's face like he'll soon be fucking his ass. We all know Noah must have thoroughly enjoyed seeing just how eager and ready Dane was to get to some hard and fast fucking.

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 12, 2023

Dane Dicks Dylan & Eva

Dane's been REALLY working on his body, and these days he's more than muscular, he's practically sculpted. Dylan and Eva both melt for muscular guys, so they were all too happy to show their appreciation for all of the hard work he's been putting in the gym and get straight to work worshipping Dane! So Dane spends a good portion of the action laying down on his back, but don't think that means he's not also hard at work throughout! It's just that everyone wanted to take a ride on Dane's hard dick, and Dane was totally fine with that idea and more than happy to let both of his partners have a go. First, they give Dane the best of both worlds as Dylan feeds him his dick while Eva passionately rides him - but Dylan quickly decides that he needs to feel Dane inside him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 12, 2023

Jared & Brooke

Brooke Gets Her Turn with Jared: Word got out among the HCF girls young Jared was packing, and knew how to use every inch of that dick. Brooke needed herself a spin on Jared's cock, and Jared was more than happy to oblige. Whether she's on her back getting fucked with her legs in the air or bracing herself while getting drilled doggystyle, Brooke is finding out the other girls weren't lying when they said Jared could deliver!

Euroboyxxx - Update

March 11, 2023

Cody, Kamyk & Oscar

A Frustrated Threesome Fuck In The Office! Oscar Roberts has an issue with his laptop but the company's technical staff don't seem to know how to fix it resulting in a very aggressive Oscar who thinks it's a good idea to fuck with the IT department just to calm down his nerves! Instead of working these boys decide to strip off and suck each other until they get hard and horny ready to give a hard thrusting. The threesome of hard cock action finishes up with a fuck train on the desk and plenty of cum gushing out! But Oscar's computer is still fucked.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

March 09, 2023

Tow Loads For Eros

After more than 5 years, Liam is making his return to GISP! His beautiful thick cock isn't easily forgotten, so Eros was the first one who came to mind when thinking who would love playing with it. The only other place Eros loves a big cock besides massaging his prostate is all the way down his throat with ease. Liam enjoyed eating Eros' hole until it was nice and sloppy to slide his throbbing cock into.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

March 06, 2023

Binge Breeding

Andrew's the house cum dump crawling around 24/7 sucking dick and takin loads. When Luke got a taste he went face down ass up too. Slobbering out of both holes. if you're into breeding this is the place for you. After all there's a reason it's call Face Down Ass Up!

Sketchy Sex - Update

March 06, 2023

Bredding Factory

Darron's hole is always hungry. Dude spends his days waiting for the next hung dude to cum. Guys are always in and outa here lookin for em. Buddy can't get enough. He's hooked!

Frat X - Update

March 06, 2023

Ukrainian Cum Dump

This bitch knows how to clean off a dick. Always crawling around the house showing off his ass. We gave this pig what he wanted.. tossed him down. My boy spit Chase spit in his mouth he’s primed and ready. We plugged both holes. The bitch held onto whatever he could…Hoping for the best. But when Spikey threw that ten inches in. Oh boy Ms Ukraine he was in trouble.

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 06, 2023

Cain Conquers Cameron

Whenever you get Cain and Cameron together it's always a good time. Buff, muscular Cain pounding ripped, blond Cameron is hot as hell, and adding Ashley to the mix makes for a hot one! There's rimming, cock sucking, pussy eating and they finish off in the tub doing a Daisy Train ass fucking galore!

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 06, 2023

Houston Nails Nikki

Let's hope Nikki woke up this morning ready and eager to get drilled by a hot young 18 year old college freshman's big, fat dick because that's precisely what she finds herself doing in the action here! Houston is a quiet, laidback 18 year old freshman who has a handsome face and a hot body, but it's what he's packing between his legs that is his pièces de résistance - a huge dick where the girth is as impressive as the length. Can this young stud sling that huge cock?! Can Nikki take it?! Only one way to find out!

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 05, 2023

Hate Fuck

While Blake and Marc are doing push-ups, I ask Marc about the last time he got pussy. The guys flex their muscles for me, then start undressing each other. When they're both naked, Marc shows me the tattoo work he's been doing on himself. I get both of them to pose, then tell them to sit down on the couch and start stroking each other. Blake fingers his hole and gives me a whiff before the guys stand for some frottage and a swordfight. I let them watch straight porn on my phone while they jack off together. Halfway through, Blake makes Marc stick out his tongue and puts his dick in his mouth. After I measure the guys' cocks, I make Marc suck on Blake, since he's bigger. Blake rubs Marc's taint, which triggers him to pop his load.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 04, 2023

Jordan & Chris Get Drained

Chris got a taste of Jordan and a feel for Jordan's big dick deep inside him in a blazing hot bi action episode featured over in our Coeds section, and but now Chris is getting Jordan and Jordan's dick all to himself! Jordan seems to be entirely ok with this arrangement, as well - his bi threesome with Chris was his first foray in to guy/guy action, and clearly Jordan enjoyed it. He opened up his mind, let himself embrace what felt good, and surely the degree and extent to which Chris was loving Jordan's cock certainly made an impression upon him. Wouldn't you love it if your first time got to be with a hottie like Chris?! Chris simply can't get enough of Jordan and that dick, and sets out to make sure he gets a good, deep drilling here.

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 02, 2023

Cucking Jasper

Grant wanted to show Jasper his stud skills before he made him feel it. He not only fucked Laura in front of him, but also made sure to let him know how good it feels- giving him a taste from the tip of his cock! Jasper didn't think he'd get so turned on by just watching- but the proof is in the hard cock he sports from the very beginning! Grant brings out the submissive side out of Jasper, making him suck his dick over and over again. Grant put on a good show with Laura, but at no moment did he forget about the hot blond he had at his disposal. Bending Jasper over he slides in doggy-style to loosen that tight hole. Then Jasper rides him as Grant drills up from underneath. It was Laura's turn to get a show and she got it full with a double load finale- as both guys shoot their load at the same time!

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 02, 2023

Julie Rides Cameron

All the HCF girls want themselves a piece of Cameron nowadays - tall, dark, handsome, and hung, he's precisely what coeds like Julie are after, and it didn't take long for word to get around among all the girls that Cameron's packing and as hot in the bedroom as he is easy on the eyes! You can't help but think Julie's using Cameron a bit here - she gets him laid down on his back so she can ride him and fuck herself on his cock, though Cameron seems like he's totally fine with that arrangement!

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 28, 2023

Nathan & Dade Bareback

Nathan is a kinky, sexually-curious 20-year-old who has no idea what's about to happen. I pair him with Dade, a more experienced straight guy with a huge cock who's willing to do almost anything. Dade warms up his big dick while I get to know Nathan, then the clothes come off. I blindfold Nathan and sneak a few strokes of his cock. Since Dade won't suck dick, I have Nathan blow him instead. Nathan chokes down as much as he can of that monster tool before Dade puts him on all fours. Dade lubes up his huge cock and fucks Nathan from behind, bareback, pounding him super-deep and causing him to ooze pre-cum all over the couch. Then Dade stuffs the young guy's mouth with his cock while I go down on him, and Nathan finally unloads while both us play with his nipples and asshole.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 27, 2023

Trey & Connor

Put On A Show: Connor and Trey show Tina that two ripped studs can have more than enough fun together, and Trey can take a pounding better than most anyone else. Trey takes it from Connor on all fours, rides Connor's dick, then gets fucked with his legs in the air as he fires a huge load all over.

Hot College Fucks - Update

February 27, 2023

Chloe Craves Caleb

Chloe loves shaggy haired surfer guys, so she was pleasantly surprised when Caleb walked through the door. It didn't take long for these two to get each other naked and get busy. Caleb knows his way around the bedroom and wastes no time using that big dick of his to rock Chloe's world! This one is intense from start to finish and confirms that if you want a hot fuck, look no further than a sexy surfer.

Corbin Fisher - Update

February 25, 2023

Liam Stretches Adriano Out

Every single time we post an episode featuring Liam, his popularity grows. He was a hit when he first appeared on the site, with that tall, buff frame and big, uncut cock. As handsome and as hot as Liam is, though, it's his sexual skills and how much he clearly loves getting it on to get off that really blew tons of us away and continues to do so whenever we see him in a new round of action. He has to be one of the most sexual, sensual, fun-loving and intense guys we've had in ages! Adriano gets to experience and enjoy all of Liam's sexual charms in this episode - swallowing as much of Liam's big cock as he can before giving his hole up to Liam for a hard, deep drilling. Adriano's worked over many a partner with his own thick uncut dick so he's more than up for the task of taking on Liam's, and clearly wants and needs Liam's dick.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 24, 2023

Sharing Ellis

Super hot freshman Bryce gets into some dirty play with Ellis and Demi and loves every minute of it! Demi gets on all fours, hungry to take dick from both ends. Ellis fucks her first, while she sucks Bryce's cock. Then she sits on Bryce's face while she and Ellis make out and split Bryce's cock, lapping up each thick inch. Demi leans back and tells Ellis to ride Bryce's dick. While Bryce takes care of them from below, they get to watch the other get off from above. With his ass stuffed with Bryce's cock, Bryce drilling up from below, Ellis gets his dick sucked by Demi. With all this happening together, you know what's coming. Ellis blows a thick load all over Bryce's abs. Bryce flips him over and fucks him hard from behind as Ellis's own cum drips down onto his ass.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

February 24, 2023

Straight Boy Tony Needs Head

Tony hasn't gotten off in several days, so after dropping the wife at her mother's he drops by for a visit. Once stripped naked, Tony leans back to enjoy a porn video and reacts immediately to my warm mouth. I go deep on his meat, and then pull out my rock hard cock to let Tony stroke on it, as I continue. In no time he pumps a warm cum load down my throat.

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