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Hot College Fucks - Update

April 11, 2023

Mandy's Freshman Fuck with Josh

We all know the HCF girls love breaking in the new guys, and when a young freshman like Josh arrives on campus it's not long before they find themselves far more popular than they ever expected they'd be. Mandy wanted a go at Josh the instant she first laid eyes on him - that boyish face and that tight body left little doubt he's be a ton of fun in bed. If there's one thing we've learned with these seemingly innocent young freshman guys at HCF, though, it's that plenty of them darn well know how to fuck - and that most definitely includes Josh. Don't let his boyish looks fool you - he's aggressive and confident in bed, and has a big dick that he knows how to use on a girl like Mandy!

Men - Update

April 10, 2023

He Likes It When I Watch

Cristiano hears the unmistakable sounds of his hot roommate, Drake Von, fucking his girlfriend, and sneaks closer for a peek. Aften Opal doesn't even notice her BF's roommate watching and jacking off as she gets fucked... until Cristiano creeps close enough to lick Drake's hole. She storms out, but as she hears Drake and his roommate hooking up, she spies on her man fucking Cristiano, and soon it's her turn to sneakily touch herself! She crawls into position so Drake can fuck her doggystyle as he sucks Cristiano. When Cristiano notices that it's now a threesome, Aften and Drake get competitive about who can suck his cock better, and the lucky roommate ends up with Drake's cock in his hole as Aften rides his dick before Aften takes two loads on her tits.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 10, 2023

Liam Cucks & Fucks Adriano

We've talked about how the seemingly shy and quiet Adriano takes on this look of intensity the hornier he gets and the more he gets caught up in some action, and we find out in this episode that's just as true when he's watching another guy get it on as it is when he's getting it on himself! Seeing another guy go at it with Eva, up close and in person, is precisely what Adriano finds himself doing here as Liam and Eva treat Adriano to a show with some cucking action. While you'd think a horny stud like Adriano would be going through pure torture having to see Liam and Eva have all the fun, it turns out Liam and Eva put on one hell of a show and Adriano can't help but love watching them in action.

TheBroNetwork - Update

April 07, 2023

My Hot Neighbor

Edward Terrant and Cayden Clay live in the same apartment building. And, Edward has a man crush on his hot neighbor, Cayden, but has never had the guts to say (or do) anything. After a few distinct but awkward moments between the two neighbors, where Edward misses the chance to make a move, he finally breaks the silence. Edward summons the nerve to “conveniently” forget his keys at work and gets invited over to Cayden’s apartment until his roommate gets home. While waiting inside the apartment, Cayden makes an effort to be a good (and hot) neighbor by offering his cock for a ride.

Cade Maddox - Update

April 07, 2023

Cutie On Campus

The best part about living next to a college campus is the hot guys that occupy them. I was driving by on my way home and checked Grindr. A guy hit me up and told me to come by and find his ass up in the showers of his dorm.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

April 06, 2023

Paradise Dumpster

Fresh meat has arrived. Klause is another dumb fuck fresh off the bus. Threw 'em into the toilet and let everyone know he's the weekend dumpster. They went at it like fish in a frenzy. Cock sucking, ass fucking and just a huge wild and crazy time with some hot studs.

Aussies Do It - Update

April 06, 2023

Xavier & Killian

This is a big scene. It features a many big moments - there is a lot of big hair and then there is Xavier's big 10.5" penis. It is big. Killian asks "Be gentle with me sort of". Xavier's cock is hard from the get go as Killian coaxes it out his undies it's already an impressive hard pole. From their interview we know that both these boys are kinky as fuck and Killian has taken big dick before. Killian's own dick features a massive piercing which Xavier swallows with gusto. When the two are entwined in a 69 their long hair covers their faces as they suck. Xavier pulls Killian's undies aside to lick his hole - preparing with his fingers that sweet hole. He's gentle, as requested, as he enters but Killian takes every inch without any problem - he's a hungry cock slut and Xavier fulfills his desires.

Frat X - Update

April 06, 2023

House Bitch Swap

Me and the boys were plowing Logan's hole all day and night. Dude couldn't talk it anymore. So we grabbed the camera guy Andy. He's another house bitch we love to humiliate. Bro took all our dicks no problemo and even wanted more.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 04, 2023

Parker's First Time Bareback

Parker has been reluctant to top a guy, but he finally agrees when he needs the money badly enough. A Straight Fraternity member, Tad, is the lucky guy who won the chance to take Parker's huge cock. First, Tad gets Parker erect, strips him and gives him a sensual foot massage. Then Tad blows Parker so good that he almost makes him cum right there. This guy can suck a mean cock! Parker is nervous about fucking a guy, but Tad keeps that dick hard. Tad slowly sits on Parker's 8-inch cock, since it's the biggest one he's ever tried to take. It's not long before Parker bends Tad over and pounds him bareback. Parker's surprised at how great it feels to be inside a guy, and he almost collapses when he busts his nut.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 04, 2023

Creaming Richie

Lucky Richie - an eager, enthusiastic, tight-bodied young bottom set to be on the receiving end of a solid Rogering from one of our most capable tops! Richie makes it obvious he is indeed eager and enthusiastic as soon as the cameras get rolling here, working Rocky's big dick out of his pants so he can wrap his lips around it and suck it. Rocky's loving having such an eager bottom to play with, and you just know there was a point very early in the action here where Rocky thought to himself, "I'm gonna go to town on this boy and he's gonna love it!". When Rocky wants to be dominant, he's darn good at it - he can read his partner's energy, and knows when he has someone at his disposal who'll do anything he wants, love his dirty talk, and even love it when he bosses them around roughly.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 02, 2023

Dawson & Austin

Put On a Show: Bi College Fucks is all about putting the hottest and most sexually flexible people together and seeing what sparks occur when they collide….and this episode is an absolutely scorching example of that premise! First, Dawson and Austin invite in Delila and ask her if she would like to see them put on a show. She flirtatiously agrees and soon begins helping Dawson as he directs Austin into giving him his ideal rimjob. Even though his shorts aren’t even off yet, Austin has clearly entered a submissive headspace that you maybe wouldn’t expect from such an intensely ripped jock, and the results are simply breathtaking! He begins riding Dawson so sensually that Connor, who has been filming everything so far, can’t simply watch the action any longer and joins in the fun.

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 02, 2023

Kallie Has Her Way with Jay

Jay pounds Kallie with long, deep strokes and totally takes charge in several positions while driving her wild. He blows a thick load all over her and they collapse together, breathless and satisfied.

Men - Update

March 30, 2023

Horny Frat Bros 2

Men U frat bro Finn Harding is so horny he'll fuck anything, so when his roommate's boyfriend, Troye Dean, rims him in a case of mistaken identity, Finn's into it. After Troye's BF Trey says he's going to take a rest, it's time for these horny frat bros to get it on! Finn sticks his huge cock through a hole in the mattress for Troye to suck, then fucks the bottom doggystyle. They try to keep quiet as Troye rides him on the floor, but can't restrain their moans as Finn fucks Troye missionary, then on all fours! Finn cums on the bottom's face and Troye jacks himself off.

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 28, 2023

Navy Guy Noah

Gets His First Gay Head: Noah is a really friendly, funny guy on leave from the Navy for a few days. He answered my ad, but didn't have any idea I wanted to blow him. Noah is comfortable in front of the camera and has no trouble getting rock hard as he tries out my clear Fleshlight. When Noah is all horned up, I make my move and go down on him. He looks a little surprised, but lets me keep going. Soon Noah is moaning with pleasure. I blow him right to the edge, then jack a big load out of his cock. Watch Noah as I suck the cum off his cock. He looks like he's going to pass out!

Helix Studios - Update

March 27, 2023

Flip Fuck for the New Guy

Fresh off his sensational solo debut, Matthew Gray sizzles with superstar Seth Peterson in his first ever fuck flick! The bronze skin beauty brings the heat, holding his own with the twink porn titan, biting Seth’s lusty lip, and grabbing those gorgeous goods with no shame! After a gropy, strippy make out sesh, Seth sinks to his knees to see what the new guy is packin’, and the seasoned sexpot is pleasantly surprised! He sucks the sizable slab down his thirsty throat, before Grey returns the favor. Wanting to give the new guy the five star treatment, Peterson plunges his pretty-boy tongue deep in the dude’s perfectly smooth pucker. Once Grey is primed and ready, Seth slips his schlong in balls deep, hitting hard from the first thrust. With the guy’s girthy groin still running through his mind, Seth straight up asks for a fucking.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 27, 2023

Barron & Roman

It has been far, far too long since we've seen Barron in action, and when he returned to get in to some more trouble with us recently we were blown away by how incredible he's looking nowadays! Barron's always been a total stud, that defined and hairy chest and massive dick further solidifying his stud credentials. Now, though?! Barron's more muscular than ever, more defined than ever, and clearly has been working out and perfecting his physique and it's quite impressive! Certainly it was enough to thoroughly impress Roman, who also arrived at this most recent shoot looking fantastic! Both Roman and Barron were looking so good, in fact, that they were each all over one another the instant we let 'em have at this reunion fuck session!

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 26, 2023

Breaking In Ethan

Ethan had a great time fucking Jamie, but I have a feeling he'll have twice the fun fucking Jamie and heartthrob Kennedy and so does he! It's not hard to see why, Kennedy is incredibly sexual and super hot with a personality that's as attractive as his smoking body! Kennedy and Jamie share Ethan's dick, first they take turns sucking him off- then fucking it! Ethan is one lucky guy whether it's Jamie or Kennedy, his cock is being taken care of! Boundaries are out of the window as all three do what feels natural. Kennedy rides Ethan, Ethan eats Jamie out, and she jerks off Kennedy and nothing is left serviced! Ethan fucks Kennedy and Kennedy's washboard abs get drenched with cum first his own then Ethan's!

Cum Dump Star - Update

March 26, 2023

Burnin' Binge

Archie is my latest find. Got him hooked easy. Makes him easier to reel in. Fresh meat primed and ready. Watch as the Binge begins and unfolds right before your eyes. This new site is hot, kinky and full of gay fucking and sex!

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 26, 2023

Dawson & Cassie Rematch

Dawson Scores with Cassie - Cassie had herself a piece of some of the hottest guys around by the time she met Dawson. Dawson knew that, so set out to make sure Cassie remembered him more than the rest. He wanted to make an impression and leave Cassie hungry for more, and he most definitely succeeded with the fucking he delivers in this one. This is precisely the kind of fuck Cassie loves - nothing held back, the bed bouncing, the walls shaking. She's going to want herself some more of Dawson after this one.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 25, 2023

Cheat Day 5

While Trevor Brooks and Chris White always have a blast fucking whomever they want during 'Cheat Day', these two boyfriends love nothing more than being able to reunite in their Palm Springs home for something even better passionate and connected sex that strengthens their true commitment to each other. With sunlight pouring in their room, the two take time swallowing every inch of each other before Trevor throws back his thick thighs so Chris can carefully finger his tight hole. Chris lubes up his stiff ginger cock and inserts himself into Trevor's muscular ass until the couple turns the intimate session into a bareback flip-fuck with Chris taking a ride on Trevor's hard dick. The two stay in a state of deep embrace as Trevor thrusts himself passionately into his lover across their crisp sheets.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

March 23, 2023

Straight Paulie

Caught Beating Off: Straight boy Paulie crashes at my place and after setting up a hidden camera I leave to run some errands. The horny young man does just what I hoped he would, and the camera catches it all, as he strokes out a nice cum load.

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 22, 2023

Grad Student Matt Blown

Matt is a quiet guy, and I'm not surprised when he tells me he's a chemistry graduate student. I AM surprised when he takes off his clothes and reveals his hot body and big cock. Matt gets into watching the porn I put on, but I can tell he's shocked when I start sucking his cock. Still, he doesn't say anything and lets me do my thing. Matt's cock stays hard when I have him stand up for a better view of his first blow job from another guy. He shoots a huge load across his chest and goes crazy when I keep sucking all of the cum out of his cock. Now THAT'S chemistry you can't find in a textbook!

Men - Update

March 21, 2023

Horny Frat Bros 1

The other frat brothers are out, so horny Drake Von wants to take the chance to fuck his roommate, Damian Night, again, but Damian wants to study. Drake humps Damian's booty while the bottom hits the books, at least until Drake cums all over them! Drake's still horny and Damian could use a break, so he sucks the top's big cock, then gets his hole filled up. Damian rides the top and gets fucked spoon before Drake sucks the horny bottom and pounds him in doggystyle. Damian blows his load on Drake's chest, then licks up the top's cum.

Cum Dump Star - Update

March 21, 2023

Breaking Boy

This is a New site that shows a lot of promise. The guys are sexy, hot and young, so you'll get hard and ready for them. Time is money so I shove it down their throats and use 'em up fun. These boyz are like a happy meals. Eat 'em up yummy yummy. Spit 'em out. Next.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 21, 2023

Nathan & Rachel

Rachel Gets to Know Nathan - 19 year old Nathan almost never jerks off, and when you take one look at him it's not hard to see why. He has no trouble at all finding girls to hook up with, has plenty of lucky female friends he can hit up with when he wants to get his dick with, and never has trouble meeting new girls when out and about. For being just 19, Nathan’s clearly confident and knows what he's doing in bed, and he knew he wanted to go at it with Rachel here! Can you blame him? Rachel gets Nathan riled up and ready to go with her expert BJ to start, then the hot fuck ensues!

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