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Straight Fraternity - Update

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Cuddly Cub Logan

Logan is a really nice guy and a real cutie with a sexy furry chest. He also has a great smile. He's a bit nervous about doing his first shoot. I'm in love with his chest. It's nice to see a young guy who looks great with his natural body hair. I copped a feel and made some strokes on his cock as I was oiling him down. His fat cock was ready to blow in no time. He said it had been a few days since he came, and he was ready. Once he started to jizz, the cum just kept squirting. He got it all over the place!

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 11, 2019

Nathan & Dade

20-year-old Nathan has no idea what's about to happen to him. He's blindfolded, forced to suck cock and even gets fucked bareback until he's leaking tons of precum and finally allowed to bust a nut. Dade watches straight porn and warms up his big dick while I get to know Nathan better. The clothes come off, and I blindfold Nathan. Dade won't suck cock, so I have him push Nathan's head down and blow him. Nathan chokes down Dade's dick more before Dade puts Nathan on all fours. Dade lubes up his huge cock and fucks Nathan bareback, pounding him super-deep. Dade stuffs Nathan's mouth with his cock while I go down on him. We both play with Nathan's nipples and his ass while he jerks a big load out onto himself.

Fraternity X - Update

March 05, 2019

Paddle Party

The guys at Fraternity X are at it again and another unsuspecting member is going to get his fill of big fat hard cock. After that spanking party the other night we decided to take a whack at it. Max and Cap'n America were having they own kind of party in the other room though. We hear that shit, and we wanna join! Grab your paddle, and spread that hole!

Straight Fraternity - Update

March 03, 2019

Blue & Blaze

Blue is kind of a big-brother figure to Blaze and they hang out together a lot. One day they are watching porn together, and Blue leaned over and started giving Blaze head. Blaze didn't know how to react at first, but he got over the shock and got into having his cock sucked by his buddy. Then he leaned over and returned the favor for Blue. Blaze gets on top of Blue and rubs both of their cocks together. After Blue sucks Blaze more, Blaze gets on top again and humps Blue's ass. The excitement reaches its peak and they blow big loads for each other.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 22, 2019

Britton Jacks Off

Boy, do I love redheads. And Britton is so damn cute and sexy he just about made me melt. He was acting a little bit shy at first, but he warmed up pretty quick. I know he warmed ME up. He's definitely a grower and that dick with his red pubes got nice and big as Britton got closer to cumming. He was looking right at me as he got ready to blow his load and then squeezed out a big one on his stomach.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 16, 2019

Taylor Hazed

Franco and Zander conspire to break in 20-year-old newbie Taylor. They set up him to suck dick, get paddled and take Zander's big dick in a hard, bareback fucking that makes them both blow huge wads of cum. I start by getting the guys undressed, and surprise surprise, Zander's already hard! I tell him to get on his knees and suck Taylor's cock until Taylor is hard, too. With Taylor good and bonered out, Zander knows what to do. He makes Taylor suck his hard dick. I bring the guys the paddle so that Taylor can spank Zander. He doesn't know that he's next. Zander paddles Taylor until his ass is cherry red. He makes Taylor suck his cock, then pushes him face down on the couch and eats his ass.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 10, 2019

Doug at the Gloryhole

Doug's girlfriend is out of town this week, so he takes the opportunity to drop in on the Straight Fraternity gloryhole where he has his thick, veiny, uncut cock sucked dry. Doug sticks his super-thick cock through the hole and into my eager mouth. His veiny foreskin is hot! I slide it on and off his head while I suck him faster and faster until he finally cums in my mouth. I make sure to get every last drop.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 08, 2019

9-Inch Navy Dick

Tanner is a nice guy - quiet, kinda shy and unassuming. We got acquainted while he told me about the first girl he had sex with. I had no idea he was packing a big surprise in his pants. When he slid that underwear off, I was stunned. I honestly didn't think this guy would have this cock on him! I oiled him down and rubbed my arm 'accidentally' on his cock to see the reaction I would get from him. When he didn't flinch, I made my move. I just had to touch it! He stroked his cock to keep it hard while I adjusted the camera, and then it was time to get that 9-incher in my mouth. In no time, Tanner's pole was ready to explode. He let out a few grunts and several big loads of cum went all over the bed.

Fraternity X - Update

February 06, 2019

Beer Load Drop

Party was popping! We're tossing back some brews, but then this fucking douche flute actually throws his beer. We may have let that shit fly if he hadn't started popping off at the mouth. Don't act tough bitch, or end up stuffed full of dick like this little fuck toy. Here's what happens when you get a bunch of drunk Fraternity Brothers together and somebody commits a party foul. The the party really gets started.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 01, 2019

Alum's Gay Blowjob

At age 30, Red is a bit older than the usual guys I have on here. He is a good friend of Tony's and has a smokin' hot body, so I told him to come on over. Red is like that friendly jock from school - he's popular and on the football team, but he's just so nice you can't help but like him. As I was oiling him down, I brushed his cock, and since he didn't seem to mind, I played with it. That dick jumped to attention when I stroked it. Red said, "You're good at that!" He didn't seem to want me to stroke him all the way off, but I took control anyway. Soon he was in heaven with his eyes closed while I sucked that cock. Red was very vocal while I brought him closer.

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