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Straight Fraternity - Update

Thursday May 16, 2019

Bowl of Tricks

Sometimes it's easier to get straight guys to do what you want when you make it into a game, so I load up the Bowl of Tricks with a few of my favorites and invite Corey and Abel over to play. It's the first time Abel's played our game, so he draws first. Suck cock! He pulls off Corey's boxers and slurps on his shaft until he's good and hard. Corey drew teabagging, and he's got Abel's huge sack of nuts to fit in his mouth. Then Abel licks Corey's feet before putting him over his knee to spank him. Straight guys are so much fun to toy with! Abel draws the kissing card, but he refuses to kiss another guy. That's okay. I'll make him suck Corey's cock and balls instead. And let's put a cock in Corey's virgin mouth, too.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 11, 2019

Cody's Blindfolded Pleasure

Sweet young Cody has no idea what's going to happen to him while he's blindfolded or that I've invited gay-for-pay stud Abel over to take advantage of him. And it turns out Cody is super-ticklish once he cums! I put Cody in a special pledge shirt before I tell him to strip. I make him pose in his underwear, then get him naked, blindfold him and tie him to the couch. He has no idea what's coming or that Abel's here to work on him. I pinch Cody's nipples and motion to Abel what he should do. Since I know Cody likes a little ass play, I lube Abel's fingers and have him warm up Cody's hole. Abel switches to sucking cock, and soon it's my turn to slip in a finger.

Fraternity X - Update

May 06, 2019

Super Hole

The Fraternitiy's favorite football team lost, and this prick of a dude thinks he can come rub all that bullshit up in our face?! Ummmm, HELL NO! So we grab this bitch while the whole time he's moaning and groaning like a pussy. Then for the good of the Fraternity and all my brother's we stuff his holes real good. We're gonna make our lost bet money back somehow and that tight ass is going to pay for it in FULL!

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 03, 2019

Football Coach Masturbating

I was really lucky to meet Phoenix. He's a gorgeous ex-military man who is sexy as hell. He recently got a divorce and wanted to start doing some wild things he feels he missed out on while married. He was a little shy at first, but his fat cock got hard while I used the camera to take in every inch of that tall, hot body. I love Phoenix's feet, too! Yum. He played with my masturbation sleeve a bit, but he felt best just stroking that fat cock of his with his hand. He was pretty quiet while he was stroking, but when he came he made all sorts of noise and shot everywhere!

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 27, 2019

Straight Guy Handjob

Price told me the story about playing truth or dare when he was younger with some girls and one guy. The guy had to give him a handjob on a dare, and he got a hard-on! He's back for more. Price is adorable and slim with a great smile and a nice fat cock. He seems a little uneasy as I take over stroking him. Maybe he's feeling guilty because he likes it so much? He shoots a load on his stomach and gives me one of those big grins again. Another str8 load from STR8Frat!

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 21, 2019

Porn Pays

Zane over here slamming brews and pounding ass, all while hitting the popperz. We just trying to watch some porn, but I guess it's time to make that money. So you know we gotta get up in that ass too! Pound that bitch and leave him creamy! These Fraternity guys are so hot and horny they can get enough. Watch as they fuck suck and breed that hot open ass.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 18, 2019

Parker's First Fuck

Parker has been reluctant to top a guy, but he finally agreed once he needed the money badly enough. One of our members, Tad, came over to take Parker's huge cock. First Tad got Parker hard, stripped him and gave him a sensual foot massage. Then Tad gave Parker a blowjob that almost had him cumming too quickly. This guy can suck a mean cock! Parker is nervous about fucking a guy but Tad really kept him hard. Tad sat on that 8-inch cock first to make sure he could take it, and he said it's the biggest dick he'd ever taken. Parker bent Tad over and started fucking him hard and fast. He was surprised how great it felt to be inside a guy, and he almost collapsed when he busted his nut!

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 11, 2019

Noah's 1st Gay Head

Noah is a really friendly and funny guy on leave from the Navy for a few days. He answered my ad, but didn't have any idea I wanted to blow him. He is comfortable in front of the camera and has no trouble getting rock hard as he tries out my clear Fleshlight. He's all horned up, and I make my move by going down on him. He looks a little surprised, but lets me keep going. Soon he's moaning with pleasure. I blow him right to the edge, then jack a big load out of his cock. Watch him as I suck the cum off of his cock...he looks like he is going to pass out with pleasure!

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 05, 2019

Gloryhole Kevin

When Kevin walks up, I can't wait to get my hands and mouth on his enormous black meat. He tells me to suck his dick between making satisfied "mmm, hmm" sounds, and I'm happy to do it. I slurp on his on huge cock and make some happy sounds of my own. I deep-throat Kevin's dick just like he tells me, and he even makes me choke on it. Giving my throat a break, I lube my hole with precum and spit, then bend over for Kevin. He tries to stick it in, but it's clear he's about to nut. I turn around and pop his dick in my mouth just in time for him to shoot down my throat.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 03, 2019

Grad Student Matt

Matt is a quiet guy, and I wasn't really surprised when he said he was a chemistry graduate student. I WAS surprised when he took off his clothes and I saw his big cock and hot body. Matt is into watching the porn I put on, even though I can tell that he is shocked that I started to suck on his cock. Still, he doesn't say anything he just lets me do my thing. His cock stays nice and hard as I have him stand up so I can get a better camera angle at his first-time blow job from another guy. He shoots a huge load across his chest and says "WOW!" when I finish sucking all of the cum out of his cock. Now THAT'S chemistry you can't find in any textbook.

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