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Yes Father - Update

April 15, 2020

Mason: Penance

As handsome Mason enters Father Fiore’s office, he can sense anger in the air. Fiore is known to wear a serious face at all times. His sense of humor is nonexistent, and every boy at the school knows how foolish it is to cross him. But the memo didn’t seem to get to Mason, and after letting a laugh slip during daily mass, no amount of charm will spare him the serious disciplinary action awaits. “You wanted to see me?” Mason asks as he waits for Fiore to look in his direction. The priest makes him stand at attention as he finishes his studies. Then, he addresses the boy curtly. “Do you like being at this school?” he asks Mason, staring directly into his eyes. Mason is caught off guard.

Yes Father - Update

April 12, 2020

Mason Altar Training

When Father Fiore gets his first moment alone with young Mason, he is sure he has found his perfect disciple. The boy displays all the traits of a young man who is willing to tap into Fiore’s deepest desires, but there are a few things the ravenous priest needs to know first. Will the boy be able to keep a secret is at the top of his list? It is not a question of will he be able to keep his mouth shut. It’s a question of – can he avoid any tells that there is some secret passion brewing between them. After all, if anyone were to discover their romance, there would be hell to pay… Mason is blissfully unaware of the calculations Fiore makes as he sizes the young man up. All he knows is that he has recently been sent to a Catholic school for troubled boys.

Missionary Boys - Update

April 04, 2020

Elder Boon: Sacrament

Bishop Davies and President Lee convene in a secret corner of the Temple to discuss one of the new arrivals. Elder Boon has sparked conversation amongst the men of the Order, and Davies and Lee are keen to get in early with the boy. There is a rumor that he is well-endowed, and the men want to see for themselves. But beyond that, Boon has a shroud of secrecy surrounding him. He is one of the few missionary boys who has joined the mission under anonymous circumstances, meaning he has opted not to give any information about his background upon entering the mission. Anonymity is rare amongst the boys. Usually the priests prefer that they understand a boy’s background and who they were before joining the mission.

Missionary Boys - Update

March 19, 2020

Elder Solano Interview

Bishop Napoli’s stay at the mission has been a calm one. He has never wanted for anything, as every need seems to be taken care of by the men of The Order. There is a persistent concern with his satisfaction because he is such a valuable member of the organization. His ability to hone in on a missionary boy’s core desires and fantasies is uncanny, while his tactful, diplomatic persona creates a sense of security amongst his colleagues and the missionaries alike. Everyone can trust that Bishop Napoli will keep the information he gathers to himself. Everyone’s secrets are safe with him. However, Napoli wasn’t always so adept at maneuvering the landscape of the mission. In fact, when he first came on as a priest, he was woefully inadequate at keeping his mouth shut.

Missionary Boys - Update

March 13, 2020

The Gift

It had been a while since anyone heard from Elder Bar. The boy seemed to disappear out of the blue. No one was sure why or how he left the mission, but everyone felt his absence. And when he finally returned weeks after disappearing, he never answered anyone’s questions. It was like he was hiding something mischievous and dirty from his friends and authority figures. There was simply no getting through to him. Even his most trusted companions had no idea what went on. But as it turns out, there was not much to tell. In reality, Elder Bar just needed a break. He wasn’t used to all the attention that he was getting at the mission. It seemed like everyone was gunning for him, to take their turn with his incredible body.

Missionary Boys - Update

March 07, 2020

Elder Boon Anointing

Elder Boon’s first sexual thoughts involved his older stepbrother. He worked hard to suppress them, but somehow they kept floating back into his head. When the boy finally left for college, he didn't have an immediate object for his affection, so new figures came into view. He started looking at his teachers, the upperclassmen, anybody who seemed to have more wisdom and experience than he did. Something about being cared for by an older man had always been Boon’s fantasy. He hoped to follow his older stepbrother to college, but his grades were never up to snuff. So, when it came time to leave home, he opted to join the mission rather than go to the local community college. When he arrived at the mission, his senses were flooded by a sense of nostalgia.

Missionary Boys - Update

February 16, 2020

Elder Boon Interview

Elder Boon is a goody two-shoes, there is no doubt about it. He has a strict policy of always telling the truth, even when it does not benefit him. That is why when he first discovered his sexuality, he never bothered to hide it from anyone. He was open and out from the beginning, taking pride in who he was because he felt he had nothing to hide. Even when his family gave him a hard time, he kept his standards of morality and honesty up. There was no need for him to feel shame or fear because honesty would see him through the darkness. How could he be lost if he was the beacon of light? But things change when he enters the mission. All of a sudden he is surrounded by young men who are dashingly attractive, and he is tasked with keeping his hands to himself.

Missionary Boys - Update

February 07, 2020

Anointing Elder Anderson

t is rare that the Elders get a glimpse of the priests outside of the halls of the mission. But in a strange twist of fate, Elder Anderson happened to grow up in the same small town as President Manwaring. In fact, they even went to high school together – Manwaring was a senior when Anderson was a freshman. Long before Manwaring became the strong, revered priest he is today, he had a strong impact on the boy. Something about his presence made everyone in school stop whenever he walked into the room. It was like a magnetic force surrounded him at all times.

Missionary Boys - Update

January 22, 2020

Sneaking In Temple

As the weeks carry on, Elder Inaki and Elder Argos continue their torrid love affair in secret. No one can know about their meetings, their embraces, their small touches that only they can see. If their fellow missionaries were to find out, there would be no telling how long it would take the news get to the high priesthood. The boys have heard stories of missionaries who have fallen for each other, who dared to break the rules and laws of the mission and were unceremoniously and swiftly dismissed. They can think of no worse shame than to be sent home from their mission prematurely.

Missionary Boys - Update

January 13, 2020

Elder Anderson Interview

Elder Anderson is a straight-laced young man. He was brought up to be an ideal student, an athlete, and a model citizen. During his senior year of high school, he was recognized as one of the most outstanding young men in his class. All this while coming to grips with the fact that he would not be attending college like his classmates. Somewhere towards the end of his schooling, Anderson had somewhat of an awakening. He realized he wanted to take a more spiritual path in life, a path that would lead him ultimately to enlightenment. The sudden change in plans was a shock to all those around him. He was expected to go to one of the top schools in the country, potentially an Ivy League college, but instead, Anderson decided at the last minute to join the mission.

Missionary Boys - Update

January 03, 2020

Elder Dial Ordination

President Lee has been keeping track of his fellow priests vigilantly for months – ever since he started to notice the subtle shift in the Order’s philosophy. The rules that he has always held dear seem to mean less and less to the Elders and even the priests themselves.It seems that some of the more liberal priests have taken it upon themselves to introduce a new era of sexual contact between the older and younger members of the mission. President Lee has kept his mouth shut on the matter, but that does not mean he is devoid of opinion. The man has a strong respect for tradition and structure.

Missionary Boys - Update

December 26, 2019

Missionary Shower

Ever since their first secret rendez-vous, Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about Elder Argos’s gentle touch. The way he grabbed his hips and pulled his ass towards his body – it drives Wolf crazy just thinking about it. While he is doing his daily prayers, trying to study, or even while he tries to fall asleep…all only thing the young missionary sees in his head is Argos’s handsome face staring back at him. The longer he goes without physical contact with the boy, the more he seems to need it. But Argos will not budge. They see each other in the hallways, and Argos acts like nothing has happened. Wolf would be happier if Argos was ignoring him altogether. At least then, he’d know that something was strange between them.

Men At Play - Update

December 25, 2019

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Today is the big day - Emir Boscatto’s wedding! Dressed in his best and preparing for that last walk down the aisle, his best friend and best man, Donato Reyes, arrives to bring him to the venue. Before departing, the best man helps put some final touches on the groom’s suit. However, it’s very evident that Emir is quite nervous, so Donato proposes a glass of wine followed by a toast. Nerves racing, Emir confesses that he simply can’t forget the hot, sex they had together a few weeks back. While Donato initially positions the incident as a one-time mistake, the look in Emir’s eyes (and the hard cock in his pants) insights a cascade of passion that neither man can deny.

Missionary Boys - Update

December 23, 2019

Bishop Napoli

With every passing day, President Lewis grows bolder in his willingness to break with tradition. The Order has certainly taken notice, but the rest of the High Priesthood is interested to see where the man’s nature takes him. In some ways, Lewis represents the new guard of The Order, and his decisions could create precedents for years to come. That being said, he is certainly more representative of the liberal end of the spectrum in terms of priest behavior. He is known for allowing himself to succumb to sexual flights of fancy. He follows his cravings and whims, and thus far he has indulged every one of his fantasies. Usually, Lewis reserves his erratic behavior for private encounters with the Elders.

Missionary Boys - Update

December 14, 2019

Elder Dean Interview

Elder Dean has been on President Oaks’s radar for months. Oaks knows his type – a sturdy, broad-shouldered boy who seems to have everything. At home, he has loyal friends, a loving girlfriend, and adoring parents. At school he gets top marks and is one of the more popular kids. But inside, he is avoiding a secret part of himself that he refuses to admit to anyone.His attraction for men started long ago, and the more he tries to suppress it, the more it seems to rise to the surface. No matter what Elder Dean does, he cannot deny his true feelings. Oaks can relate. He too had a picture-perfect life when he was younger. The handsome man had every girl around him swooning, and that made him the envy of all of his classmates.

Missionary Boys - Update

December 08, 2019

Elder Wolf The Gift

Innocent Elder Wolf is a fast learner. Though he began his journey towards the Order as a shy, confused boy with no direction or sense of self, he has quickly caught on to the way things run around the mission. He knows when to look a man in the eyes, and he knows when to avert his gaze. He knows when to speak, and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. Most importantly, he knows what is expected of him, and how to give the men exactly what they want. In other words, he is becoming one of the priesthood’s favorite boys and he couldn’t be more pleased. Today, he has been informed that he will take part in a very special ceremony. It is not one that every boy gets to experience during their time at the mission.

Family DIck - Update

December 07, 2019

Wedding Jitters

This week marks the debut of the all new series entitled Family Wedding. Harlen Quindel makes his first appearance on Family Dick, starring as the newest addition to the Farnsworth household. On the day of his wedding, Harlen’s stepdad fills him in on an age-old family tradition: a groom must sleep with his father before he is able to make love to his new wife. Harlen is not one to break with customs, so he bends over and offers his sweet hole to his old man, who plows his virgin hole raw before the ceremony!

Missionary Boys - Update

December 02, 2019

Elder Bar Interview

Bar Addison makes his debut on Missionary Boys as the new recruit this week, and he’s being interviewed by the infamous President Lewis. Something about Elder Bar confuses President Lewis, and he is determined to figure the boy out. After a thorough examination, he still hasn’t cracked the code – so he pulls the boy’s pants down to see if he can tease his secrets out physically. He wraps his lips around Bar’s cock and stiffs his dick deep into the boy’s asshole, grunting as he shoots a warm load in the boy’s gut.

Missionary Boys - Update

November 22, 2019

Elders Wolf & Argos

When Elder Wolf first sees Elder Argos on his first day at the mission, he is smitten. Everything about the boy turns him on. But he knows that he needs to hide his affection. He can’t let anyone suspect that he is interested in other boys – especially at the mission of all places. There is no doubt in his mind that if anyone is to discover his dark secret, he will be kicked out immediately and forced to return home in shame. He cannot let that happen, so he tries to push his feelings down as much as he can. But as the weeks go by, Elder Wolf finds himself drawn to Argos over and over again. It is like there is a magnetic pulse between them. Even when he doesn’t intend it, he somehow ends up alone in some room with Argos trying his hardest not to stare.

Missionary Boys - Update

November 14, 2019

Elder Packer Dispensation

Lately, President Lewis has found himself succumbing to temptation more and more often. While he has always been a man of great emotion,in the past he has managed to contain it, maintaining a façade of stoicism when walking the halls of the mission. But something has changed, and everyone can tell. Lewis seems unhinged, unable to suppress the animal instinct within him. Lust exudes from every pore of his being. Even when he does not open his mouth at all, he seems to be communicating his desire to stick his dick in every young missionary he comes across. The men of the Priesthood find this type of behavior unbecoming. If Lewis can’t keep it together, he may have to answer to the Order directly.

Missionary Boys - Update

November 06, 2019

Elder Herring Annointing

This week, Elder Herring is back again, and this time he's getting fucked by President Lee's famous thick dick. Elder Herring encounters the strong but silent Lee during his Anointing ceremony, in which the strong priest undresses the boy before barebacking his inexperienced hole passionately! They are so awesome together you'll get lost in the man/boy sex lust. Elder Herring takes President Lee's cock like a champ and you'll wish you could too!

Missionary Boys - Update

October 30, 2019

Elder Wolf The Interview

President Lewis can be pretty tough on the young missionaries, but he knows when he needs to scale it back. Today, as hemeets Elder Wolf for the first time, he can tell that the boy would benefit from a softer approach. Something about the young men exudes an air of innocence that Lewis knows better than to shatter. There is an art to dealing with a boy like this, and Lewis is the master of the form. In the meantime, Elder Wolf is going through a battery of questions in his own mind. Since he started his mission, he has heard whispers of some secret group of priests who would eventually approach him. His fellow missionaries have given him morsels of information that seem to come in codes.

Missionary Boys - Update

October 22, 2019

Elder Packer Ordination

It is a special day for Elder Packer. He is one step closer to joining the high priesthood after months of grueling tests,interviews, and rituals. Never has he experienced anything so intense, and never has he found himself so close to mental and physical collapse. Despite being given the opportunity to live some of his wildest fantasies with the strikingly handsome men of The Order, the boy is exhausted. Having to be constantly on guard and making sure one is always upholding the values that make a good missionary boy is a difficult task. Perhaps he is not built for it. Maybe Elder Packer simply does not have the stamina to push through to the end of his journey. But the closer he gets to joining The Order, the harder Packer pushes.

Trans Angels - Update

October 13, 2019

Her Wedding Bells 2

The day of the wedding is here and Michael Stax can't wait to have Casey Kisses all to himself. He takes her into the guest room and kisses and licks her perfect tits, sucking and teasing her nipples in her wedding dress. The hungry groom drops to his knees and sucks his blonde bride's long cock, taking it down his throat while she moans. Casey returns the favor, blowing Michael on the bed before bending over and giving him access to her tight hole. Michael fucks Casey from behind, pounding her ass relentlessly until Michael's ready to blow his thick load in her hole right before they walk down the aisle.

Missionary Boys - Update

October 11, 2019

Elder Inaki Interview

Something about Elder Inaki raises questions for President Lewis. He has heard that the boy has an innocence rarely seen in the halls of the mission, that he is one of the truly pure ones, a young man who doesn’t seem to have any of the sexual yearnings that some of his peers do. But President Lewis does not quite believe that Inaki is perfectly pure. He believes that even the most prudish of young missionaries harbors an overwhelming desire to serve the men of The Order sexually. Today, President Lewis gets his shot at proving that he is right about Inaki. He usually does not like to enter ceremonial rituals with a bias already in mind, but he views Inaki’s interview as an experiment.

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