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Island Studs - Update

March 29, 2022

Daddy Dean is Back

Hung 9" Surfer Instructor Daddy Dean is back for his 3rd video on, "helping pay the bills" for is wife and 2 kids by showing off his new "Prince Albert", ripped lean body, distinct tan lines, mature salt & pepper hair, enjoys flopping his super thick man cock with a big shiny ring through his dick head and large donkey balls out of his tight green undies, jerks his throbber while holding his new favorite Tall 7 foot surfboard, poses with his board and a full boner while telling us many personal stories including his many tattoos, sweats as his gets covered in paint chips and sawdust as he power sands lumber in the Hot Hawaiian Sun with a circular sander.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 13, 2022

Bodybuilder Callum

What a find – this week we are featuring 21 yo Bodybuilding & Surf Lifesaving Callum, from Townsville, North Queensland. Callum has a natural country boy attraction/manner which complements his good looks. We did a great beach shoot and in studio this straight boy had no problem getting his pants off while watched girl/guy vids. He was a bit shy with male crew there filming him so we left the room so he could get into it more, which he did spurting a lot all over himself. Callum is naturally unassumingly hot which - makes him even hotter . He is the essence of what AAB is all about. He is available for, genuine, modelling assignments world-wide. Enjoy – Callum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 12, 2022

Andre Fucks Silver

Andre Donovan has the hots for all kinds of guys, and that definitely includes daddies and silver foxes. So when Andre first met Silver Steele, he was very excited to get him alone for a one-on-one fuck. Likewise, Silver Steele is well aware of Andre’s reputation as a power-top, and he wanted to take him to a test drive. When Andre Donovan unleashes his huge black cock on Silver Steele, the silver daddy gets to work orally pleasing it before opening up his ass for some deep penetration.

All Australian Boys - Update

February 28, 2022

Tennis Player Brad

Brad is a touch footy and tennis player from Brisbane Queensland. He proved to be a real surprise with what he was into. Not the average boy-next-door as you will see from his vids. This straight boys get into lots of play and much more. A couple of firsts for AAB we havnt filmed before. Join now to see the refreshingly Unique and Hot Brad..

Latin Leche - Update

February 10, 2022

Benjamin & Damian No. 193

Promiscuous Latin hunks Benjamin and Damian find a secluded spot by the beach to get naked and naughty. The two will suck each other's cocks and pound each other's holes until they get a satisfying load of cum! When you get two sexy Latin Studs together then add and ocean and an island, you're in for a tropical gay porn bonanza. These hot studs just might melt your screen.

All Australian Boys - Update

February 08, 2022

Soccer Liam

Liam is one hot guy. He was simply was horny and loved being sucked as you will see from this shoot. He lives in Sydney but originally from Scandinavia. He plays Soccer/Football. Ryder, the expert sucker, said he had a very tick cock at the base with a lollypop head to suck on. Liam had to keep pulling out of the Glory Hole to stop cumming too fast. When he did blow he spurted heaps.. On hot All Australian Boy. Now live and Exclusive on AAB.

Trans Angels - Update

February 07, 2022

Coastline Crush

Roman Todd is playing beach volleyball when a sexy redhead catches his attention and flashes one of her big, fake boobs at him! Completely distracted from his game, he makes his way over to her where the bikini-clad babe introduces herself as Lola Morena and kindly asks him to rub her perfect body down with suntan lotion. Once the busty tgirl sees how good Roman is with his hands, she ups the ante and asks him to come back to her hotel room. The tattooed hunk practically flies to her room where demanding Lola takes off his shorts and asks him another question; can she taste his dick? The muscular stud can't believe how good she is at giving blowjobs, but he has no idea how adventurous this bad girl truly is.

Sean Cody - Update

February 06, 2022

JC & Liam

Who better to pair real-life couple JC and Liam with for their first scene than each other? These athletic hunks take a walk along the beach, running into the surf to splash one another, and even playfully dunking each other in the water! Back on set, JC pulls down his husband's swim trunks to suck his cock, and Liam says, "Let me see your ass." "I want you to fuck me," JC says as he feels Liam's mouth around his dick, and Liam gives his guy just that, fucking him missionary and doggystyle on the bed. JC cums as he rides Liam, but these guys aren't done just yet! JC rims Liam, then fucks him doggystyle, and Liam loves the flip fuck so much he orgasms loudly as JC pounds him in missionary.

All Australian Boys - Update

January 23, 2022

AFL Louis

18 AFL 183cm 67kgs Adelaide SA - Our first update for 22 features Louis a hot, young, bi landscaper. Complete with a 10.5 inch, thick – Horse -Like - Cock. That never goes down. Louis’s, slim youthful body, natural good looks, HUGE cock and relentless driving passion are now live and exclusive, for you to experience on AAB...Limited time release, don’t miss Louis.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 03, 2022

Kyle Tops Lex

Lex Vargas returns to show off his incredibly tight body and service some raw dick, something he’s incredibly good at and has a reputation for. This time it’s Kyle Fox who gets to take Lex’s ass for a ride. Kyle Fox is a huge and strapping guy with dark good looks and an erection between his legs that is always ready for action. Lex services Kyle’s cock with his mouth while Kyle eat’s Lex’s ass. Before long, Lex Vargas is on all fours and Kyle is banging him in the butt bareback!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 18, 2021

Kosta & Isacc Flip Fuck

Kosta Viking and his popularity as an exclusive model at Lucas Entertainment has exploded since his debut, and it’s no wonder why when you see him in action. Isaac X definitely understands Kosta’s star power, and has been crushing on him since they first met. Kosta was hanging out in the pool one afternoon, and Isaac made his move. He slipped into the water with Kosta, and neither one of them wasted any time making out with each other and getting very friendly. Once Kosta Viking and Isaac X were plenty hard and ready for some real fun, they get out of the water and start sucking each other’s cocks and fucking each other up the ass bareback!

All Australian Boys - Update

December 09, 2021

Skateboarder Andy

Skater Boy Andy 18 has been skating for a long time with his mates in the park. Sometime with some injuries when pushing it. He is a naturally good-looking young twinkie guy complete with a boy like, subtle body, sculptured from many hours skating. He has never modelled before but became more confident when our expert sucker went to work sucking on his growing cock at the gloryhole as he watch lesbian porn. He finishing off pulling himself off , pushing it through the hole to spurt over the sucker.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 29, 2021

Sir Peter Owns Lex's Ass

Lex Vargas is back at it again, and this time he’s hanging out on the beach with his college buddy Steven Angel. Lex didn’t know that Steven had an older and incredibly handsome new boyfriend, however. But when Lex met Sir Peter, he was instantly transfixed by him. While at the beach, Lex and his buddy Steven started fooling around in the waves of the ocean while Sir Peter laid on the beach watching them and rubbing the growing bulge in his swim briefs. Steven brings Lex to his man on the beach, and they both start pleasuring him and smothering him with sexual affection. Soon they are taking turns sucking on Sir Peter’s dick before they man up and expose their holes for deep and invasive anal penetration from Sir Peter’s enormous uncut Portuguese cock.

All Australian Boys - Update

November 22, 2021

Martial Arts Adam

Adam is a hot, All Australian straight jock from Townsville who is into martial arts. He is also a Surf Lifesaver. His great body, sculptured from Surf lifesaving and his natural good looks make him a natural to feature on AAB. Don’t miss Adam. He is one hot hunk and loves getting his cock sucked so good. You will love it too and don't forget some extra cum rags.

Island Studs - Update

November 16, 2021

Hot Oral Twink Action!

Super Cute Tall 10" Monster Cock College Twink Adam is Back, sucking cock and getting his Anaconda Cock sucked for the first time on camera by Veteran Porn Star & Twink Power Bottom, Felix Maze in Frisbee Nude! These 2 sexy Island Studs Veterans, Adam with his thick bush of untrimmed dick hair surrounding his huge cock and cute Bubble Butt Felix Maze sucking Adam's 10" throbber like a pro, return to Island Studs in Hot Duo Action - the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular Frisbee Team in Frisbee Nude: tossing the disk both in black jock straps and then fully nude with boners, riverside, then pissing, kissing, flexing, posing, hugging and jerking their 2 beautiful cocks together, before exchanging wet blowjobs in the steamy shower, in this Exclusive new Video from Island Studs!

All Australian Boys - Update

November 15, 2021

Touch Football Julian

So many of members voted for Julian to do another shoot. On this shoot, this hot 18 yo boy, consumed with passion in his various forms, does it all! Ryder, after expertly and relentlessly sucking Julian through the gloryhole - got what he wanted. May be even more than he expected. When Julian Ignited. This is one hot twink and you'll fall in love with his nice big fat uncut cock.

All Australian Boys - Update

November 10, 2021

Rugby Player Jack 2

Jack C from Brisbane is into Football/Soccer, Athletics and Gym. Think he must live in the gym to get his body so well developed. In England where is originally from he is a Surf lifeguard, during the summer months. His strong, hairless, magnificent well defined, muscular body is complemented by his natural good looks. All this and a refreshing “straight boy - give anything a go attitude” makes Jack breathtakingly attractive. On the Beach, In the Studio and at the Gloryhole!

Island Studs - Update

October 29, 2021

Frisbee Nude 5

Bisexual Redhead Riley Rodriguez is back, showing off his rock hard Uncut Puerto Rican - Italian cock surrounded by a full bush of ginger pubes with nervous newcomer, tall, Long Dong, Horny Eros, exposing their sexy naked bodies for the very first time on camera together in totally hardcore stroking Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Frisbee Team in "Frisbee Nude #5": posing, flexing, pissing, juggling and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps and then fully nude with boners out in public beside a Mountain River, jumping & sweating as they playfully joke around with each other tossing the orange disk, balls out, take a break to comb out their thick man bushes then sit side by side in the sand stroking their cocks together then wrap their arms about their naked bodies.

All Australian Boys - Update

October 23, 2021

Swimmer Noah

Noah is a fresh attractive young guy just, turned 18, from Adelaide. He has been competing in squad swimming since a young age. He doesn't like looking much younger his his years as he always gets carded when going to nightclubs. Noah did a good beach shoot then in studio a Gloryhole shoot with Ryder. He was very nervous, at first. The Gloryhole scene was good but I thought we could do better. Unscripted I decided to see if he could do a 1 on 1 with Ryder which he did letting him suck his dick.. Then when I suggested they swap, to my amazement he did.. Then the floor scene which Noah really went into ecstasy with what Ryder did to him. finishing up with them both spurting heaps of hot cum everywhere. Put two horny young guys together and this is what happens!

Raw Hole - Update

October 22, 2021

Cocks On The Rocks

Ducking behind a massive rock outcropping on a deserted Brazilian beach, edgy muscle-boy Rico Marlon and lean, sexy Christian Hupper make out and beat each others' long stiff rods. Christian sucks on Rico's nipple piercing on the way down to his giant meaty tool. He just barely can get the big uncut dick all the way down, but opens wide to give his best effort. He reaches behind to finger his own cock-starved hole. Rico helps out as he drops to his knees and rims Christian's sweet ass. When he stands, Christian pokes out his butt to invite Rico in for a bareback beach fuck. Rico is hot and focused on plowing that perfect ass. He takes a hold of Christian's floppy hair to hold him in place while he drills in raw and rough. They spread out a thin beach towel across a flat rock to screw missionary style.

Island Studs - Update

October 16, 2021

Red Robert is Back!

Horny Ripped Bearded Red Robert is Back, proudly showing off his a full bush of Red Hot Hair surrounding his always hard super fat pink belly slapper and heavy low hanging donkey balls, the perfect amount of ginger fur covering his pecs, impressive 8-pack of abs and creamy white Nebraska farm-boy butt, sporting a thick red beard trimmed playfully into "Tiger Stripes", spreads his ass cheeks open a record breaking 8 times, exposing his ginger gaping red hot manhole, walks rock hard and paints a fence high up a ladder, harvests Hawaiian papayas and pounds fences posts in to the rich soil fully naked wearing only garden gloves and rubber boots, bends over repeating doing his sweaty garden chores, manhandles his big red balls, slow strokes and edges his fat boner in the garden, moans loudly as he explodes.

All Australian Boys - Update

October 11, 2021

Rock Climber Christopher

Christopher is a tall boy with a wiry taunt and strong, smooth body. He is into rock climbing and Soccer. He is from Scottish ancestry. Good shoot on the beach. As usual he was a bit nervous as it was his first photoshoot but soon relaxed. Back in studio we got some great shots of him while he watched his lesbian porn. The Blue Ray kept sticking so it was interesting cobbling this shoot together behind the scenes, just before he came. He soon got there shooting a lot, all over himself.

Island Studs - Update

September 30, 2021

Hung Cesar Xes Returns

Hung Veteran Gay Porn Star & Uncut Puerto Rican Bad Boy, Cesar Xes is back and Island Studs has got him - Totally Unplugged, revealing the REAL Cesar Xes: always horny, smiling, joking and confidently telling private personal stories, in his own words: the guys he likes to fuck off camera, the stories behind each of this his tattoos, his entry into the Adult Business at just 18! In this Exclusive New Foreskin Festival Video, Island Studs delivers a Super HOT & Sweaty Afternoon with Handsome Hung Cesar Xes in the blazing Oregon summer heat doing x4 things he has NEVER be filmed doing: Dressed in his real street clothes while taking a Long Loud Bucket Piss, Pumping Iron fully naked with a his throbbing 8" Uncut boner slapping against his thick tan thighs.

Raw Hole - Update

September 29, 2021

Brazil Beach Barebackers

What could be more fantastic than bronzing your naked body on a warm, sandy Brazilian beach? Duck behind some massive boulders where Patrick Garcia and Kadu Silva are busy grabbing each others' gonads, and find out. Both muscle studs are making out and running their greedy hands across each others' asses and stiff packages. When Kadu leans against one of the boulders and lifts his woody, Patrick drops to his knees and starts worshipping. He gets down Kadu's thick tool with a gag, then Kadu grabs him by the scruff of his neck and pulls his face down onto the throbbing stiffy. He rams his cock all the way down Patrick's throat, then yanks it back out. He fires a gob of saliva down Patrick's hungry throat and kisses him again.

All Australian Boys - Update

September 09, 2021

New Exclusive: Charlie

Charlie is a quiet and considered 19 yo, with a big cock. Quiet shy and self-conscious at first, on the beach but when we got him in the studio he shined and became a bit of an exhibitionist. Showing of his meaty big cock. First pulling it to Str8 porn and then when instructed, sliding it through the gloryhole, to be sucked. Saying afterwards he has never come from a blow job before. Watch how this shoot plays out and how his body goes into convulsion like state, when he comes, every muscle in his body seems to be visible as he blows.

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