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Lucas Entertainment - Update

Thursday September 21, 2023

Harold, Derek Anal Jock Strap

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful man with a huge bulge in his underwear. It’s all about the last thin veil of secrecy before the ultimate prize is revealed a huge and throbbing dick ready for sex. Harold Lopez and Derek Kage get into their kink together, enjoying some foreplay together in tight black jockstraps. They suck each other’s cocks over the dick pouches and admire one another’s asses as they appear framed by the straps. Harold loves the view of Derek Kage’s ass in the jockstrap so much that he fucks him deep and hard with his huge uncut cock!

Island Studs - Update

August 30, 2023

Giant 6'3" Bodybuilder Red

Handsome Horny Bearded Bodybuilder & Physique Model Red Reg, is a Giant 6'3", 220 lbs. competitive bodybuilder who enjoys showing off his massive back muscles, 6 pack Abs, 16" bulging biceps as he flexes and Vacuum Poses in a tight white jockstrap & fully nude both soft and with his throbbing belly slapper leaking pre-cum, jerks his mouth watering boner standing then seats on a exercise ball, takes a "pee shy" bucket piss beside the forest, treats us to a long Physique Model posing session, instructs us through a sweaty nudist workout routine, working out with heavy weights, playfully strikes his rock hard cock against the hot barbell in the sun as he does curls, repeatedly bends over to adjust the barbell, performs squats with his muscle butt in the camera as his hairless bodybuilder ball-sack dangling between his powerful monster thighs.

Randy Blue - Update

August 22, 2023

Tristan Takes On Sean

In Boys Will Be Boys Episode 2: businessmen Sean Xavier & CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter find there's a time for work and a time for play the lunch hour! While some of the characters in this RandyBlue/CockyBoys series frolic at Miami's nude beach, Sean and Tristan are keeping it professional in the office even after exchanging the "look". BUT, once Sean gets Tristan home, there's an explosion of frenzied sexual heat. As they make out, they virtually rip off their clothes and leap into sucking each other, but Tristan wins out and immerses himself in the challenge of servicing Sean's huge dick. Tristan's oral skills work nearly subdues Sean until he transitions to riding his cock. That's when Sean gives Tristan the full experience, thrusting his monster up into Tristan as deep as he can go. Sean takes control, eating out Tristan's ass.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 17, 2023

The One By the Waterfall

Colombia '23, the one by the waterfall, a series with handsome Colombian boy, Nathan Luna. A hot & humid jungle, the sound of cool freshwater, flowing through the Mendihuaca. She invites us to her natural pool, a lonely place, no soul in sight. Lustful desire takes charge, Nathan's thick, uncut cock thrusts into an eager hole. Tyler rushes to swallow his fresh Colombian cum

Hung Young Brit - Update

July 12, 2023

19YO Hung Brazilian

These two are Fucking Stunning! He joins his top on his bed and starts passionately making out with him, tongue and all. There is some serious HEAT between them there well into each other that cute lad is fucked hard by the one with the FAT 8” COCK! Could anyone ask for a better wake-up call?

Wu Boyz - Update

March 07, 2023

A Beach Day

With Chenny & Tyler: Two young lovers find solace in each other's embrace, their passion growing stronger with every kiss. By a solitary beach, amidst the sound of the waves, they surrender to their desires and enjoy the warmth of an innocent love. A continuation of our boys' love series...

Freshmen - Update

March 05, 2023

Jason & Yannis

Yannis Paluan and Jason Bacall take a trip to a local beach where they strip naked and enjoy some time alone. After returning to the villa, they continue kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. Yannis is the first to kneel down and start sucking his partner’s cock. Jason returns the favor and then prepares Yannis' butt for penetration. Soon Jason is taking Yannis to seventh heaven with some intense fucking. Jason blesses his lover’s ass with a nice creamy load and then waits to swallow Yannis‘ cum shot.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 18, 2023

Aquaman vs Shang-Chi

The Legendary Cock Ring: Shang-Chi, Damian Dragon, searches for a powerful ally which brings him to Hawaii where he encounters the great Aquaman, Kemono Dragon. Unaware of Aquaman's mighty weapon, Shang-Chi unconsciously activates the power of his cock ring. This fuels Aquaman's desires with an uncontrollable urge to fuck Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi came looking for power. He found just that. Does Aquaman realize what Shang-Chi did? Or does Aquaman continue being under the control of Shang-Chi's legendary cock ring and become a sex slave. Watch as Aquaman thrust his thick manhood into Shang-Chi.

Sean Cody - Update

July 16, 2022

Puerto Vallarta Getaway 5

The Sean Cody guys have had a ton of fun and made so many memories during their sun-soaked getaway in Puerto Vallarta, but there's one more thing these hunks have to do before they head home. It wouldn't be a Sean Cody Getaway without the traditional orgy! Devy, JC, Kyle, Liam, Josh and Lan hit the beach to shake their booties as they splash in the surf, posing for you, then back at the vacation house they pair off in the living room to suck each other's cocks. These six guys take part in a dick-riding, cock-sucking orgy before everyone fills Liam with cum!

Island Studs - Update

July 16, 2022

Raine & Kiefe Are Back

Filthy Farm Boys going Gay for the first time on camera! Bearded Super Masculine 10.5" Monster Cock Jungle Man Raine is Back, sucking cock and getting his Anaconda Cock sucked for the first time on camera by his real roommate Super Cute Ginger Twink Kiefer in this amazing new Island Studs video! Watch these two horny lads Strip down, work balls out naked together with machetes in the garden, piss at the same time, lather each other up in a hot full body contact shower scene before stroking boners, sitting down and kneeling down to deep throat and gag on each others two beautiful cocks from so many different positions outdoors in this Exclusive New Video Sux Fest from Island Studs.

Peter Fever - Update

July 15, 2022

Postcards from Brazil 9

Beach Bitches: How can you end a tropical vacation without a little naughty, cheating fun at the beach? Travis Yukarin and Hanry Onlyjapa are ready to head back to the States but Travis would like one day of basking on the warm sands of Ipanema. While he's bronzing his muscular Asian body in the sun, hot Cariocas Christin Hupper and Eduardo Menzorra happen by in their tight little bikinis. Offering to slather his back with SPF, Christian nuzzles his hard crotch into Travis' face, then both hot studs begin kissing him. They wander off to the guys' place for someplace more private and conducive to some XXX action. Kneeling on the bed they indulge in some hot triangular kisses then strip down. Passing Eduardo's hard cock from mouth to mouth, Travis and Christian find that sharing is caring when it comes to three-way sex.

Sean Cody - Update

July 12, 2022

Jaxon & Lane

Lane is back and hitting the beach with bearded newbie Jaxon! When the long-haired stud introduces himself as they hang out under the boardwalk, Lane notices his accent. "A little down under," Jaxson says about himself, and Lane adds, "I would love to see what's down under!" Jaxon doesn't make Lane wait; as soon as the bottom enters the studio, the tall Aussie hunk drops his towel and shows his huge cock! Lane gets to his knees to suck it, and Jaxon bends him over the couch to rim his hole, then penetrate him doggystyle. Lane sits on Jaxon's cock, then the top shows Lane what Down Under is all about as he puts him upside down in piledriver position. The bottom cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Jaxon shoots a big load on Lane's chest.

Sean Cody - Update

July 06, 2022

Puerto Vallarta Getaway 3

There's no better way to get the blood pumping than a little beach volleyball, as JC, Liam, Kyle, and Josh let their competitive sides out, as well as taking every chance for a chest bump or ass slap! The guys head out on a boat, where Josh and Liam passionately kiss in the sun while JC finds a shady spot to suck Kyle's nipples. They strip out of their Sean Cody bathing suits just in time to arrive at the private beach, where Josh and Kyle take turns fucking the bottoms before cumming on Liam and JC's faces, who kiss each other to lick off those loads. Back on the boat as the sun goes down, JC feeds Liam his dick as Liam strokes himself till he orgasms, before JC cums on his face and tastes their jizz!

All Australian Boys - Update

June 28, 2022

Rugby League Dylan

Dylan loves playing Rugby league. Growing up in the suburbs of North Western Sydney. Working as a landscaper, he really likes to be in the outdoors. We filmed a good shoot of Dylan, on a very windy day, beachside and then in the studio we discovered he had great abs and a big meaty cock. Which after some encouragement, he began to pull till he spurted. Don't miss the twist to the end of this shoot. This has never happened before. We left it in, because it's real and what happened.

Sean Cody - Update

June 19, 2022

Puerto Vallarta Getaway 1

What else would you do with your first day in Puerto Vallarta than hit the beach? Devy, Kyle, and Liam are in their tight little bathing suits and ready for the sun as they run on the sand, oil each other up, and pose in front of the ocean. The guys do a little shopping and feed each other chips and guac at a restaurant, then head back to the Sean Cody vacation house, where they start a threesome in the living room! These hunks suck each other's cocks and Kyle giggles with glee as Liam sucks his cock and Devy tongues his hole at the same time before he gets spit-roasted. Then it's Liam's turn as he rides Kyle and gets his cock sucked by Devy, before getting pounded doggystyle by Devy as he swallows Kyle's dick. Then Kyle gets to be in the middle as he rides Devy on the floor and Liam sits on his pole!

Island Studs - Update

June 18, 2022

Football Nude 15

Popular Long Dong 9" Bodybuilder Tall Tan Parker and his workmate, Fat Dick Little Lloyd and his belly slapper are back on for the first time in Hot Man on Man Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Football team in the rule-breaking popular series, Football Nude #15, posing and flexing their contrasting bodies fully nude for the very first time out in public beside a Mountain River as they strip down to their sexy black jockstraps and then totally nude pounding each other with the pigskin, before hugging, kissing, jerking, jogging, pissing, skinny-dipping, jumping, playing and stroking together while riding a water bull, then offering us a Hawaiian Hula Hug & Kissing Show complete with bright floral Leis around their smooth pecs and chest while wearing authentic Hula grass skirts.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 11, 2022

Surfer Dylan

So many of you demanded we “Get Dylan to the Glory Hole” after we released his solo shoot. Some time ago. That’s exactly what we did in this shoot. Experience, this super-hot Straight, All Australian, Jock moaning and growing in ecstasy as he gets his cock. expertly and relentlessly sucked. Till he spurts everywhere - while watching Girl/Girl porn.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 27, 2022

Rugby League Brad

Brad is what AAB is all about. He is a Typical - All Australian Boy in all respects. Is an easy going guy that loves the outdoors. Works as a laborer and loves playing Rugby. He is from Maroubra in Sydney but is originally, a country boy from the Hunter Valley. This knock about bloke got hard instantly, watching lesbian porn, He hadn't cum for a week. At the Gloryhole he just loved it so much - he came TWICE ! His big cock pumping cum everywhere.

Island Studs - Update

May 25, 2022

Uncut Guillermo

Happy Friendly scruffy babyface Guillermo, is a super cute, uncut, talkative, tan, horny young Soccer Player from Mexico, with a smooth tight & lean upper body, tight golden brown Mexicano Boy Butt, with a defined 6 pack of abs muscles who enjoys showing off his hard belly slapper with thick black bushy crotch hair surrounding his shaft and balls, while telling us so many personal stories about childhood, his deep love for soccer, than jerks his perfect Latino cock which dangles between his sweet smooth ass as he works naked on his hands and knees scrubbing the balcony banister outside wearing only bright yellow latex gloves, shoves his happy face between his legs while spreading his firm athletic ass crack wide open revealing his super hairy gaping pink boy hole.

Peter Fever - Update

May 15, 2022

Introducing Hanry Onlyjapa

Rio is not the first place you'd expect to run into a hot Asian twink, but Hanry Onlyjapa is anything but expected. He's a Brazilian-Japanese mix, 5'7", 140 lean-muscled pounds and hung a thick 9". Originally from Sao Paulo, he's active and outdoorsy, enjoying volleyball on the sunny beaches of Ipanema. He started modeling for porn a few years ago for the extra cash and enjoys performing for an audience. Sexually he enjoys muscleboys but has an attraction to older guys. Despite the prejudice in his home country, Hanry feels free to live the gay life he's chosen. And if things get bad, he's willing to fight for that freedom. Sprawled across a sofa, Hanry rubs a palm across the bulge in his white bikini. His big uncut meat pops out of the waistband, and his heavy nuts soon droop out of the bottom of his swimsuit.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 24, 2022

AFL Romeo

Introducing Romeo, a young man with great looks, a good smooth body, and a Huge Cock. He is into playing AFL Football, Rugby and is a running. He is another full on outdoor AAB who loves to party and have a good time. His refreshing go-for-it and have fun time attitude is Magnetically attractive. The beach is second home where he does lifesaving over the summer months. That's where we me him on patrol at his local beach near Newcastle NSW. In the studio he was a bit nervous as he hadn't done a shoot before but as soon as he got a hard cock watching the girls do their stuff, that soon went. He came once and then he came again. . Don't miss Romeo S.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 15, 2022

Surfer Brett

This week we have an exceptional new All Australian Boy for you! I feel this is one of the best models shoot for a long time. Brett is a surfer dude from Melbourne Victoria. He spends all his off time down on the Surf Coast around Torquay hanging with his surfer mates and living the surf culture life. He is a naturally unique all Aussie guy who just loves the outdoors. He initially started while watching two girl porn vid. Then stood up while pulling his big cock and then thrusts it through the Gloryhole where our young sucker – Joel, is waiting to expertly suck him. Brett really loved it – just watch him do his stuff till he spurt over Joel. Brett is truly represented of the spirit of AAB. You will find Brett super-hot. Don’t miss him. Jacob founder AAB.

Cocky Boys - Update

March 29, 2022

Game On 3

Today, CockyBoys owners and directors Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian bring you Episode 3 featuring Avery Jones & Dallas Preston from the one of a kind new series, GAME ON, now playing only on Cocky Boys. Award-winning CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson says of the new series: "I'm thrilled by the response of fans, models, and the blogosphere to our new series GAME ON. In Episode Three, we bring you a fun and steamy Flip Fuck with Avery Jones & Dallas Preston. The chemistry between these two really heats up the screen and is a thrill to the senses. I bet you can't wait for the finale which will be here sooner than you think!"

Island Studs - Update

March 29, 2022

Daddy Dean is Back

Hung 9" Surfer Instructor Daddy Dean is back for his 3rd video on, "helping pay the bills" for is wife and 2 kids by showing off his new "Prince Albert", ripped lean body, distinct tan lines, mature salt & pepper hair, enjoys flopping his super thick man cock with a big shiny ring through his dick head and large donkey balls out of his tight green undies, jerks his throbber while holding his new favorite Tall 7 foot surfboard, poses with his board and a full boner while telling us many personal stories including his many tattoos, sweats as his gets covered in paint chips and sawdust as he power sands lumber in the Hot Hawaiian Sun with a circular sander.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 13, 2022

Bodybuilder Callum

What a find – this week we are featuring 21 yo Bodybuilding & Surf Lifesaving Callum, from Townsville, North Queensland. Callum has a natural country boy attraction/manner which complements his good looks. We did a great beach shoot and in studio this straight boy had no problem getting his pants off while watched girl/guy vids. He was a bit shy with male crew there filming him so we left the room so he could get into it more, which he did spurting a lot all over himself. Callum is naturally unassumingly hot which - makes him even hotter . He is the essence of what AAB is all about. He is available for, genuine, modelling assignments world-wide. Enjoy – Callum.

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