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Raging Stallion - Update

July 18, 2023

Tongue In Cheek 4

Timothy Chance is in the middle of a busy shopping day at the local mall when he accidentally walks in on Bruce Jones taking a piss in the men's room. Bruce doesn't seem to mind the intrusion, though, and even welcomes the bearded stranger to join him. Timothy starts off the risky public play by swallowing Bruce's cock and turning him around to rim his hot pink hole. Bruce does the same and, after taking his tongue to Timothy's beefy ass, uses his bareback meat to fuck and fill the horny shopper as each watches himself in the restroom mirror. The hookup then turns into a versatile flip-fuck as Timothy props himself against the toilet and lets Bruce take a ride on his fat, hairy dick. Now leaning against the wall, Bruce feels Timothy pulling out to cover his ass in cum before he himself turns around to nut into the Timothy's open mouth.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 05, 2023

Greg & Illy

Greg Century is in his Marseille flat, dressed in a black tracksuit which rustles with every move. His young, cute neighbor Illy Rya turns up at Greg's door with a parcel that had been delivered to the wrong place. He doesn't stand a chance. Greg, who's been edging for hours, pulls the boy inside and, within a millisecond, is all over him, tongue lodged outrageously inside the younger man's somewhat surprised mouth! Illy melts into the aggressive man's kiss, swayed into the mood for sex. He loves a guy in shiny sportswear, and loves a man to take control just as Greg's doing now. After an intense snogging session, Illy falls to his knees, marveling at the huge bulge in Greg's track pants. He whips them down to reveal a beautiful beast in all of its throbbing, naked glory.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

July 03, 2023

Caught With Them Pants Down

Them dumbass cousins Oliver and Carter should have checked below the stalls for feet, because when they went into the bathroom so suck some dick, Jordan was there waiting by the old glory hole. No matter, Jordan jumped in and had his big ol' dick shoved right up both of them boy's holes. A good old fashion conga line fucking session by the urinals. That's how we roll at lot 45.

Men At Play - Update

June 15, 2023

Express Delivery 2

Let's be honest we have all fantasized about seducing and playing with the delivery man! Delivery boy, Zac Johnson, drops off a package with Manuel Reyes at the front desk and asks to use the restroom. Manuel's eyes are unavoidably drawn to another big package with the blue collar stud. After a few minutes, Manuel goes to check on the stud, who he finds jerking off his big piece of uncut meat in the restroom! Stunned at first, but horny, Zac invites him in for a taste, and who would resist? Inside the restroom, suited Manuel sucks on Zac's cock, before bending over the toilet seat and getting his ass rimmed and then fucked raw. They eventually move out of the tight space and into a conference room, where Manuel flips over Zac for a turn at fucking. Express Delivery what is the fastest way to have this stud make a house call?

Twink Pop - Update

June 03, 2023

Twink Trip Part 4

Jordan Lake repaired the camper van, so now all four twinks are off to the festival. They hit the club and enjoy a show by queen Ocane Aqua-Black, but then Jake Preston and Troye Dean notice Maverick Sun and Jordan are nowhere to be found. They track down the missing twinks in the bathroom, where Jordan is deepthroating the top. The truth about who's been fucking whom comes out... and the guys are ready to cum! This hot foursome suck and fuck in the bathroom until Jordan is covered in cum to make this the best Twink Fest ever!

Hot House - Update

June 01, 2023

The Dick Down 5

Jackson Bell's dick is at full attention as the showerhead pours cold water onto his and Kyle Fletcher's chiseled bodies. Unable to keep their hands to themselves, the two men explore every inch of each other until Jackson goes to get a mouthful of his muscular partner's hard cock. He swallows it entirely and even pays extra attention to Kyle's bulging balls until he's ready to be rimmed and barebacked by some girthy dick. With icy water pouring down all over his cheeks, Jackson extends his left leg upwards until Kyle's cock slides easily into his soaked hole. The two continue their fuck outside the shower with Jackson's back covering the bathroom counter and his legs completely spread. Kyle thrusts himself in and out of Jackson's hole while Jackson squirts out a creamy load. Kyle then pulls out to cover Jackson in his own pool of cum.

Island Studs - Update

May 21, 2023

Hairy Hung Hawaiian Kamani

Hairy Hawaiian Musician Kamani is back for his second video on Island Studs, proudly showing off his big beefy brown Island tan body, thick Hawaiian fur covering his entire body: chest, belly, ripped abs, super hairy butt, manhole and his handsome bearded face. Finally! Another naturally Hairy Hawaiian Hunk on! Feast your eyes on this young horny Native Hawaiian as he plays the ?Ohe hano ihu, a traditional Hawaiian flute nose flute, strips down to his sexy black Calvin's, poses and flexes his giant biceps, stripes fully nude with his untrimmed hairy crotch and balls in full view, accidentally ejaculates a thick load as he strokes his perfect cock beside a tree, walks around naked in the Garden steering a wheelbarrow and garden tools with his big cock slapping against his hairy thighs.

Raw Road Nation - Update

May 15, 2023

Human Shower!

Prepare yourselves! This vid is pretty hardcore kink! Right from the start, this macho man loves getting himself punched square in the balls. (Rather him than us, but glad he's enjoying it.) some role-reversal here! The manly buff man is actually the bottom. shorter lad slobbers all over him including his ass. Look at his saliva drip down it. they can't help themselves, fucking everywhere in the flat, hallway, living room, kitchen even against the cooker!! It's still a pigsty from the party but who gives a shit! Some things are more important.

Hot House - Update

May 13, 2023

The Dick Down 2

Muscle stud Joel Hart always prefers to go to the gym late at night when no one is around to catch him fucking random men in the locker room. Tonight's conquest is Kane Fox. Freshly showered, Kane begins the anonymous public hookup by climbing on top of Joel and making out with him before dropping down and letting the tattooed athlete spend some time rimming his inviting hole. With his big dick throbbing hard, a sweaty Joel begins thrusting himself into Kane's open throat and wet hole. Sounds of the two jocks' skin slapping together flood the vacant changing room until Joel delivers his final bareback pumps. He pulls out to unload his uncut wood on Kane's smooth cheeks right after Kane covers the floor in his own creamy nut.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 08, 2023

Take Off 4

A delayed flight finds Drew Valentino with some time on his hands. Looking to make use of his free hours, the flight attendant visits his go-to hook-up app where he spots stranded businessman Brogan hunting for some bushy airport cock. Not before long, the two are taking over the closest public restroom with Brogan sucking down Drew's hairy meat and Drew moving his fingers into Brogan's meaty fuck hole. The businessman latches onto a nearby urinal as Drew trades in his digits for his raw cock and pounds his bareback big dick into Brogan's butt. Not caring who can hear him, Brogan loudly moans as he takes the stranger's cock all over the restroom until Drew is fucking the cum out of him.

Raging Stallion - Update

April 29, 2023

SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home 2

The Raging Stallions and the Hot House Bulldogs are putting their intense rivalry aside for one massive bareback orgy that's filling up an entire locker room. Stallions player Drew Valentino starts off the group fuck at full strength by pounding his raw cock into Tristan Hunter while making the bottom inhale a jockstrap. Feet away, Bulldogs leader Roman Todd is drilling his dick into opponent Cole Connor while JJ Knight spreads open Devin Franco's legs to fill his sweaty hole. Tarzan Top pulls his oversized meat out of Luca del Rey's ass to join the rest of the jocks as they head to the center of the room for even more anal play. Luca quickly becomes the cum whore of the group as he lays down and accepts the hot loads of every Bulldog and Stallion player in the room.

Aussies Do It - Update

April 14, 2023

Jamie's Shower Splatter

Canadian/Australian, lean, tatted Jamie loves Australia and especially Australian football. He retains a bit of the Canuck aura, in his long hockey mullet, and in that giant dick he hasn't named yet. Can we suggest Bigfoot as a proper description for the massive ass-rammer he's wielding? He's hard and fuck-ready on command and very dependable, so when his scene partner flaked today we knew we could count on him and Bigfoot to put on a spectacular cum splatter demonstration in the shower. He starts out on the stairs, fielding our questions and flashing those big innocent eyes and disarming smile. But once he steps into the shower, we see his competitive side, comparing dick size with the XXL dildo mounted to the shower wall.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

April 06, 2023

Paradise Dumpster

Fresh meat has arrived. Klause is another dumb fuck fresh off the bus. Threw 'em into the toilet and let everyone know he's the weekend dumpster. They went at it like fish in a frenzy. Cock sucking, ass fucking and just a huge wild and crazy time with some hot studs.

Alternadudes - Update

April 05, 2023

Hippie Feeds A Twink

When Maxx Stoner gets a hard-on in the shower he slides it deep into Gavin Winters' mouth, feeding the twink like it's the last meal he'll ever have. Gavin gobbles the whole thing down, going balls deep to satisfy his cravings. Maxx mouth fucks the greedy mouth pig until his nuts are ready to burst, giving Gavin the facial of his life. It's a relief for Maxx and some good eating for Gavin's open throat.

Men At Play - Update

March 26, 2023

Shower Play 2

Shower sex can be a pretty steamy experience. But, pulling your suited boyfriend in for some shower sex play is how you do it on Menatplay! Colombian stud Jhon Ramirex is wet and horny, and his hard dick is ready to be serviced by his suited Spanish boyfriend Dani Robles. Dani is pulled inside the running shower and delivers an epic wet-suited raw shower play sex session.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

March 25, 2023

Taken Jacobs Monster

It takes some talent to be able to take Jacob's huge cock. Not only was Florien was up for the challenge, but it sent him into a different world a few times. Florien loves to please so once he whipped out Jacob's monster, he laid him back, and worshipped that thing with passion. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once he got Florien's ass nice and warmed up, he fucked him all over the bed and in the shower until he covered him in his nut!

Masqulin - Update

March 23, 2023

Club Cruising Part 2

A known cruising spot, the local club urinals are very popular tonight. Jordan Starr and Ryan Bones both nervously pull up, and look each other up and down, their stiff cocks ready for action. The hot exhibitionists stroke each others' big shafts, ready for action. Jordan is the first to drop to his knees to worship Ryan's throbbing uncut cock, and Ryan follows suit sucking Jordan's huge uncut cock, too. Suddenly Ryan Jacobs comes in to take a piss and catches them in the act. The sexual energy is palpable and Ryan Jordan gets hard himself, flashing the two before joining in on the fun, with a double cock blowjob blow-and-go. Ryan dicks Jordan down on the counters making him cum all over himself and when Ryan goes to bust on Jordan's face, Jordan eats up his every drop.

Raging Stallion - Update

March 14, 2023

SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home

Rugby hunk Andre Donovan would normally be upset at someone interrupting his locker room jack off session, but when Grant Ducati walks in wearing the team's Bulldog mascot costume, he decides he'd rather play ruff than play alone. The jock gropes Grant through the full-body outfit, strips him down, and goes to eat his twink ass. Wanting more, a curious Grant grabs a taste of Andre's pole and squats down to ride his member bareback in the middle of the empty locker room. The athletic top picks up Grant's entire body with ease and bobs the young mascot's hole on his dick like he's his own personal sex toy. Once Grant is back on the table, Andre continues to drill him with his raw cock until the young rugby-lover is cumming all over himself. Andre then dips down to lick up Grant's load before shooting his own cum all over the mascot's smooth taint.

DamianXDragon - Update

March 07, 2023

Welcum To The Gaythering

Heat is the transfer of kinetic energy. Kemono Dragon and I share our heat at The Gaythering's Miami Beach sauna. The temperature rises and we satisfy our innermost passions. These guys know all about passion, hardcore gay sex and so much more.

Bi College Fucks - Update

March 06, 2023

Cain Conquers Cameron

Whenever you get Cain and Cameron together it's always a good time. Buff, muscular Cain pounding ripped, blond Cameron is hot as hell, and adding Ashley to the mix makes for a hot one! There's rimming, cock sucking, pussy eating and they finish off in the tub doing a Daisy Train ass fucking galore!

Hot House - Update

March 03, 2023

SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home

Snapping each other's jockstraps and playing grab ass in the shower have led to rugby bros Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd both rocking complete hard-ons in the locker room shower. Still under the running water, Tristan gets on his knees to help his teammate out with his unexpected erection. After getting a taste for Roman's ripe dick, Tristan heads to a nearby bench to prop up his smooth hole for Roman to rim and bareback. Roman spits out some dirty talk and his muscles glisten as he pumps himself in and out of Tristan's ass. Wanting to get fucked himself, Roman throws his legs in the air and lets his teammate go to town on his sweaty hole while stroking his own hard cock. Roman soon returns to topping Tristan and reciprocates the helping hand until both are firing off ropes all over Tristan's naked body.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

February 20, 2023

Bro Job

Cousin Devin was just there minding his own business outside the restroom out by the rest stop up the desert road on the way towards the penitentiary (he says he meets a lot of friends there) and some trucker done walk past him with that "I'm gonna fuck your hole" look. And Devin really likes to get his hole fucked. So he gave that hairy stud a bit of time to get himself warmed up and ready and he headed in to get some of that dick. Seems that trucker's name is Brogan and he likes to give out a good Bro Job. He sucked Devin's cock good and hard and then got Devin out so he could bend him over and fuck that trailer trash hole. Some dirty pig sex and good old-fashioned butt fucking is all you can hope for on a hot summer day out here in the country and Devin is good at finding dick.

Raw Road Nation - Update

February 17, 2023

Horny Homies Switch Places

In a dirty public bathroom! Bi-curious men will fuck anyone anywhere!! And these two are ramming their nobs up each others’ asses mid-shift!! No-one tells the boss (unless he’s a bit gay too). Who gives a fuck who’s top or who’s bottom?! Just need to make each other cum asap!

Jalif Studios - Update

February 03, 2023

Jonathan & Tristan

In the underground sex clubs of Paris, Tristan Dog hungers for cock. Jonathan Darko's letting out a piss in the club's bathroom when Tristan, masked and eager to please, approaches him from behind. Tristan, like the dog he is, is on all fours, tasting his top's sneakers. Jonathan slaps him around. The dog's on his hands and knees on the piss-covered floor—judging by the bounce of his throbbing cock, that's exactly where he likes being. Jonathan takes off his smelly sneaker so that his dog can sniff the inside of it. He pushes down on Tristan's neck with his socked foot to make sure that Tristan's engulfed in the smell of all the sweat of the day inside the shoe. Satisfied with the dog's submissiveness, Jonathan wastes no time shoving his cock into his bottom's hole.

Masqulin - Update

February 01, 2023

Club Cruising

Philippe checks himself out in the Club bathroom when he notices an unmistakable shadow visible under-stall. Peeking over, he finds Benjamin Blue jerking his stiff cock, but gets caught peeking and ducks away. Excited at getting caught, Philippe spits on and strokes his growing rod, and knocks at the stall door for access. Benjamin is eager to fuck and unlocks the door, inviting the muscular peeping top's inside to devour his thick cock. Philippe throat-fucks the slim blue-eyed bottom hungrily, going in dry and immediately delivering a hard deep pounding, putting him in the throes of pleasure and pain. Benjamin rides Philippe, before shooting his load all over the stall floor before getting a deep bareback breeding.

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