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Men Over 30 - Update

September 24, 2017

Doc, My Ass Is Numb!

Mike has come to see the doctor because he has discovered that his ass is numb as the result of getting fucked recently by a big cock. Dr. Jansen conducts an exam on him and while inserting his fingers discovers that Mike is getting turned on. The exam takes a more erotic turn when Colby begins massaging Mike's balls and cock. Soon both are stroking each other and then sucking each other. Colby then lies back on the exam table and Mike climbs on and rides his cock deep into his ass. Colby then bends Mike over the table and fucks him harder. He then flips him on his back and fucks the cum out of him. They both kiss and before they leave Mike tells his Doc that he will see him back at home and Colby also mentions that he loves playing out these fantasies.

Men Over 30 - Update

September 21, 2017

Our Photographer is Hot

Trey and Michael have come to get some sexy photographs taken of them and when they arrive they discover that their photographer Peter is Hot. After some awkward small talk the two of them seduce Peter and soon all three are enjoying each other! They all exchange blow jobs with each other and then Trey & Michael take turns fucking Peter. Peter then grabs the camera and takes photos of Trey fucking Michael. He then joins them on the couch and jacks his cock while feeding it to Michael as he watches Trey fuck Michael deep and hard. Peter shoots his warm cum into Michael's eager mouth and then Michael sprays his load all over the place. Trey comes around and unloads his cum into Michaels awaiting mouth

My 10 Inches - Update

September 20, 2017

Fucking Rikk York

The raw fuck, rough top falls to his knees for Rocco Steele’s ten inches! Rikk York’s latin ass is up for the ultimate test and Steele is ready to give it to him. Watch as this tattooed hunk does his best to reach the base with his throat and hole, beg for his smooth muscle ass’s life, and worship before the biggest daddy cock around. This video shows how to make a man into a size queen for sure, if the pleading and moaning is anything to go by.

Tim Tales - Update

September 18, 2017

Ridder Fucks Jonathan Bareback

We got you a horny sweaty update this Tuesday. It's Havana meets Sao Paulo. Timtales Exclusive the muscle god Ridder Rivera raw fucks the greedy hole of Jonathan Miranda. As you can see, both got bigger over winter; more muscles, the way we like it. During the shoot the room got so hot. Everyone was sweating with this heavy smell of sex and cum. It was fucking hot!

Next Door Studios - Update

September 12, 2017

Pheonix Heats Up

Pheonix Fellington is ready to rise again, and Ian Greene is just the man to help him. Pheonix' body is ripped and looking great, and Ian is certainly no slouch either, as he kisses his way down Pheonix' body and removes his underwear. He sucks Pheonix off before he's thrown onto the bed, where Pheonix returns the favor before offering Ian his sweet ass. Ian raw dogs Pheonix missionary style, fucking him good and hard as he spreads Pheonix wide open. Having had his fill, the two of them switch, and Ian crawls onto his hands and knees, ass perched in the air. Pheonix dives in face first before standing up and giving Ian some bareback doggy style pounding.

Gay Erotic Stories by bnbossy - Update

September 12, 2017

Interracial Wrestling: China vs India (XP vs The Indian)

“Mmm, I like it when you moan like that for me, Chinese slut.” The Indian whispered in XP’s ear before licking the side of his face as he ground his bigger cock and balls into the other man’s. The Indian’s manhood continued to Dominate and grind down on the Chinese man’s manhood and as the seconds passed, both could feel their cocks getting thicker and harder. Wanting to further emphasize his Dominance, the Indian suddenly reared his round, g-string-parted ass up and POUNDED his adversary’s cock and balls once more with a brutal frontal slam. The impact was so loud that the sound echoed off the walls, along with XP’s pained cry.

College Dudes - Update

September 10, 2017

Patrick Ready To Take Dylans Dick

Dylan Drive and Patrick Ridge make out, kissing gently as their hands wander over each other’s body, feeling for those big cocks as they get harder and longer.

Men Over 30 - Update

September 10, 2017

Jock Strap Fuckers

Brendan & Damian are in the locker room and Damian is excited to show Brendan that he is wearing his jock strap. Brendan is totally enamored with seeing Damian's perfect ass framed in the straps of the jock and he cannot keep his hands off his ass. Brendan then drops to his knees and begins rimming Damian's ass deep and wet. Damian then sucks Brendan's cock through his jock strap for a while before begging for Brendan to fuck him. They fuck while keeping their jock straps on and Damian loves every thrust of Brendan's hard cock up his ass.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

September 09, 2017

Big Wet Cocks

Peter & Marco have met up in the showers and are admiring their big cocks hanging between their legs. Once under the water of the shower they start playing with each other and making their cocks grow even bigger. They share blowjobs under the water and then Marco bends Peter over and rims his ass. Peter then bends Marco over and fucks him up against the wall first. Marco then says it is his turn and bends Peter over and drives his huge cock deep in Peter's tight ass. He fucks him deep for a while and then lays him on his back and fucks him even deeper with his massive throbbing cock. They fuck until they cannot hold back and both shoot nice loads of cum. Enjoy!

Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

September 07, 2017

Miguel, the Pool Boy, Part 2

...and before I knew it we were playing in the water like two kids. I submerged myself completely and pulled him under by his leg. When we came up, he laughed, but he wanted to get me back. I ran back to shore as I could still stand in the water. I heard him follow me close behind. Suddenly I felt my Speedo being pulled down in the back. He had me. He pulled the Speedo down to my thighs while I tried to keep running. He smacked my exposed butt and laughed. I couldn’t contain my laughter either, as he put an arm around me and we walked back to the beach. “Is OK to have naked butt here”, he said. “Nobody here.” He pulled down his own Speedo and lay down on his towel naked. I did the same.

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