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Str8Chaser - Update

Sunday March 24, 2019


Chiseled Marcus was on his way to the gym, but he stopped to chat with me even though my camera made him a little suspicious. I got this hottie to jump into the backseat of my ride pretty quickly once I flashed some cash his way. Of course, he’s strapped for cash, so he made it easy for me to proposition him into sucking my cock, and taking my big dick up his ass.

Bi Latin Men - Update

Saturday March 23, 2019

Zaddy & Kruel

These two real hot amateur Latin Bi Guys so hot they'll have you gripping your cock within seconds after this sizzling scene starts. Zaddy is one hot stud who loves trying new things and with beefcake Kruel he doesn't need a lot of convincing on what exactly to do. Once the action starts they don't hold back at all. There's nothing like watching an nice uncut cock getting sucked like a pro. Once they start fucking some ass you'll see how much they love it. Both the pounder and poundee gets their fill of hot gay sex.

College Dudes - Update

March 18, 2019

Jason & Guy

Jason Wolf and Guy Lima are itching to get each other’s clothes off, undressing each other as they kiss and play with those already pulsing hard cocks. But Jason wants Guy’s dick in more than just his hand and he gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth, licking and sucking and lavishing that sweet prick with pleasure as Guy watches him from above. When Jason’s done, Guy makes sure to return the favor as he captures Jason’s dick between his soft lips and works him over, turning him around to eat his ass next, his tongue rimming and massaging Jason’s hole.

Trans Angels - Update

March 14, 2019

Anal About Cleanliness

Alexa Scout has been called in as a maid for the clean-freak Ricky Larkin. So deep is his neurosis that he won't even let her wear her own clothes in the house, telling her instead to squeeze her big tits and ass into a latex maid costume with sexy fishnet leggings. Alexa is patient and does her best to clean everything just how Ricky likes it, but when the rich man starts criticizing her technique she's forced to pull a stunt. The long-hared stunner convinces Ricky that cum is the best stain remover, and that fucking her pretty mouth and tight hole is the only way to get it.

Men - Update

March 10, 2019

Late Check-Out

Muscular hunk Damien Stone and beefy stud Steven Roman end up crossing paths when their room check-ins collide. Damien asked for a late checkout, but it wasn’t approved so Steven entered the room to find him in the shower. Dark-haired Steven couldn’t help himself as he watched the water roll down Damien’s hard body, and down his fat, uncut cock, and to his surprise Damien didn’t mind him watching one bit!

Southern Strokes - Update

March 04, 2019

Cumming To Life

You know those super horny gay comix? The ones with really cute guys sucking dick, rimming hot ass and fucking tight holes? Well, consider this scene with Lucifer Angel and Tyler Tremallose your fantasy cum true. Or better yet, your comix cumming to life! Lucifer and Tyler waste little time in making out, going straight to the hole. But Tyler wants a little something extra before giving up that perfect hole of his. He wants a blowjob, and Lucifer is all too happy to oblige. But turnabout is fair play and Tyler shows off some greedy cocksucking skills as he slobbers all over Lucifer's fat tool. It's not long before he straddles Lucifer and goes for a ride, bareback fucking himself as he bounces up and down.

BadPuppy - Update

March 02, 2019

Cesar & Alessio

Our two hot Latinos, Cesar Rossi and Alessio Vega, can't keep their hands off each other the entire interview. As it concludes the two begin deep-kissing each other and soon they rip off each other's shirts. They sit down on the bench facing each other. As they continue to kiss, they grab each other's crotch and begin fondling each other. Alessio pulls Cesar's cock from his shorts and as Cesar stands Alessio makes his move, woofing down every inch of Cesar's dick. Cesar spies the bulge in Alessio's shorts, drops to his knees, pulls down Alessio's short and wraps his mouth around Alessio's cock.Cesar continues jacking his own cock while he gives Alessio a blowjob; but, soon spins Alessio around and bends him over the bench.

Cocky Boys - Update

February 25, 2019

Carter Submits To Cade

Carter Dane acts out the raw, intense sexual fantasy of total submission he imagined when he first saw Cade Maddox and it all happens in the dreamy dead of night. Cade lies back as Carter sucks his full, thick cock and he makes sure that Carter swallows every thrusting inch. Cade's dirty dom talk incites Carter into a 69, sucking cock as his bubble butt is relentlessly tongue-teased. With one slap of his ass Carter swivels around again to make out and tease his own hole on Cade's cock. Carter gets up to give Cade a full preview of his ass before sliding his hole on his super-thick raw cock. Soon Carter's ass grips and swallows Cade's pumping rod and they're in total sync, mouth to mouth, cock to ass.

Trans Angels - Update

February 25, 2019

Locker Room Lurker

The beautiful Korra Del Rio is enjoying a long steamy shower after her workout, unaware that she has an audience, the sneaky stunner Bentley Layne! Bentley enjoys the view, watching Korra soap up her tits and cock, but before long his curiosity gets the better of him and he's discovered! Korra is startled by his presence and threatens to report him, but when Bentley begs her not to, her generous heart can't help but take pity on him. However, he's going to have to give her something in exchange... a post-workout rubdown with the big cock in his pants. The gorgeous brunette rides Bentley all over the locker room, stroking her cock until they've both shot their loads in this hot scene.

Chaos Men - Update

February 23, 2019

Damien & Jerome RAW

Jerome saw Damien Reign on the site, and said he thought he was a hot guy. I told him that so far, Damien has only topped, and that he would need to be a bossy bottom. Jerome of course is totally down to get fucked, and is very polished. I knew while filming Jerome would amp-up Damien's performance. Jerome starts by kissing him while humping him. Damien seems taken aback, but Jerome was relentless. After getting Damien's pants down, some nipple biting, and erotic licking, Damien was getting really turned-on. A switch was thrown in Damien's brain, and he passionately kissing Jerome back.

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