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Bentley Race - Update

August 03, 2023

Aussie Andy Conboi

When I met the very cute Andy Conboi at my gym over summer, and he agreed to model for me, I couldn't wait to get him over to my studio. When his first shoot went so well I wanted to get him back for another solo photoshoot and video session. Andy is one of the sweetest and funniest boys you could meet. He picked out a cute outfit of sneakers, socks, tight denim shorts and a tank top for this shoot. We had a lot of fun trying different poses and eventually getting him naked. Now some of our sneaker fans will be happy to know that he keep those extra high sneakers and socks on for his hot new jack off video. Whilst fucking himself with a dildo Andy gives the biggest gush of cum I've seen in a long time. I can see now why all my mates want to get in to shoots with him.

English Lads - Update

August 03, 2023

Young Straight Gym Stud

Rob London is a handsome young straight lad with a very cheeky personality and today he transfers over from FitYoungMen for his first video. Rob has some great tan lines, big muscles, and lucky for us he loves to show off all his hard work from training in the gym. Rob tenses his muscles and shows off his peachy white bum as he strips out of his clothes. He can barely keep his hands off his cock and soon is wanking his uncut one to a big hard erection! His two best mates are sitting in the background and Romeo even pops in to help his mate out by setting him up a naughty video! These best mates know each other very well! Comfy on the chair, Rob power wanks himself to climax and unloads all the cum he's been saving up for us! I then film him in the shower washing off his sticky mess!

Jalif Studios - Update

August 03, 2023

Matt & Kamzouz

It's a quiet night in the club and barman Matt Kennedy resents being forced to do this shift. He'd far rather be out drinking with his friends. It's almost closing time and the place is entirely empty. He's about to start locking up when Kamzouz walks into the bar area and casually sits down. Matt's interest is immediately piqued; this stranger is smoldering in his expensive suit and tie. And, in the legs of his suit pants, Matt can see a burgeoning hard-on! Kamzouz's lingering glances give away his attraction to the barman, who's also dapper in his bow tie and tightly-fitting waistcoat. These well dressed men flirt, and it doesn't seem like drinks are on either of their minds. Matt saunters out of a side door and shoots Kamzouz a loaded look, indicating that he should follow.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 03, 2023

Water Me

Heading out of town, Scott Carter asks his neighbor Andre Cruise to water his plants while he is gone. Andre is watering the plants when he is startled as Scott comes home unannounced. Scott, being the sexy fucker that he is begins stripping and seducing Andre. Scott suggests that Andre water him instead. With all the summer heat the guys decide to water each other down to cool off. Cooling off is not happening as the water drips across Scott’s hairy, muscular torso, his cock only grows that much more. Andre drops to his knees and begins lapping at Scott’s plump cock, tasting the mix of water and the pungency of man sweat. Scott decides he should reward his neighbor for helping him out and begins to water him down as well. Andre soaks up all the moisture and seductively lets it flow across his lips and tongue.

Jock Breeders - Update

August 02, 2023

Logan & Drew

Drew Dixon and Logan Carter are the embodiment of pure masculine energy. Drew's tight jockstrap rounds out his beautiful ass, its perfect shape almost taunting Logan. Beefy, bearded Logan watches from above while pouty-lipped Drew works on Logan's stiff cock. These ripped bros are in love, and they won't stop until they've flip-flop fucked the hell out of each other!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 01, 2023

Kosta & Brian Flip Fuck

Brian Bonds is hanging out in bed taking some selfies of himself after he and Kosta Viking just got done working out at the gym together. Both guys were casting each other plenty of suggestive glances during the joint session. But enough with the camera; Kosta takes it away and sets upon Brian Bonds so he can feel the results of their shared time in the gym. Their clothes come off and Kosta Viking spends plenty of time exploring Brian's body before they take turns riding each other cocks bareback!

Men At Play - Update

August 01, 2023

Suit Spunked 2

When you're a businessman that travels often, you frequently stay at the same 5-star hotel. Maybe it's the amenities or access to a business center but in Zac Johnson's case, it's because of the hotel staff. The servicemen, especially, are polite, attentive, discreet, and anticipate guests' needs. As has become usual, Zac receives a visit to his room from hotel service assistant Drew Dixon. When Drew enters the room, Zac is sitting at the edge of the bed jerking his cock through his pant fly. Already knowing what his VIP guest wants, Drew kneels in front of him, takes off Zac's shoes, and plays with his socks and feet. Passionate hard fucking, rimming, and sucking culminate in Zac's suit getting completely spunked over! Not to worry, the hotel provides dry cleaning and shoe polishing service, too.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 30, 2023

Kosta Viking Fucks Santos

Kosta Viking is truly a beautiful specimen of a man to admire, and that is why Santos jumped at the chance to take his uncut cock up his ass deep and raw. Kosta is all about being versatile in the bedroom, but sometimes he just wants a guy to submit and suck his dick before taking a good, deep, and raw pounding. That’s all Santos wants as a total bottom, and Kosta doesn’t even get Santos’ shorts completely off before before shoving his dick up the bottom’s ass. A favorite position of Santos’ is reverse cowgirl, and he spends plenty of time bouncing on Kosta’s erection in that position before the top pops a load!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 30, 2023

Den Fitness & Alex Blade

It's not every day your stepdad comes in asking for a massage, but that's exactly what happened today. I don't mind since he did help pay for school. I started on his upper back while he sat on my bed. Then I noticed him touching his cock. I started massaging his chest until I made my way to his cock. He liked that part a lot. Daddy laid back and let me suck on his meaty dick before he put his lips on my dick and ass. He then stuffed me with his big cock. I didn't know if I would be able to take it all, but he made sure it fit. Daddy fucked my hole and made me feel loved. He stood over me while I jerked off onto my stomach.

French Twinks - Update

July 29, 2023

Mystery Boxxx Nathan VS Zack

Hosted by a mischievous virtual fox, Mystery Boxxx is a zany game that blends discovery, surprises, laughter, suspense, culture, and sex! Two contestants must first blindly guess which objects are hidden in the mystery box and eliminate the imposter object before battling it out in a quiz focused on sex and LGBT culture. The victor not only earns glory, but also gets to choose two kinky accessories they wish to bring into the love room for experimentation with their opponent. In this episode, it's Nathan Belair and Zack Maurin going head-to-head in Mystery Boxxx before embarking on a super hot sex session. The two twinks offer up a pure moment of pleasure, combining sensuality, intensity, sucking, masturbation, sex toys, spankings, rimming, and passionate sex, leading them both to an explosive climax.

English Lads - Update

July 29, 2023

Young Straight Footballer

Romeo Tilling is one young straight cheeky chappie, with an adventurous personality and naughty smile, making him one irresistible stud. He has strong muscular footballer legs from years of playing football and as he is increasingly training at the gym, he is building a lot of muscle. His arms are looking big, and he is shredding down for summer. Romeo has fun flexing his big muscles and showing off his muscular bum before stripping out of his clothes. He is one of these lads who has a handsome-sized soft cock and a great big stiff one! He wanks his uncut cock to an erection and when comfy on the sofa pulls his legs back to show off his hairy hole! On the chair, he power wanks his big hard-on until he unloads cum all over his hand and cock! I then film him showering off the sticky mess!

Czech Hunter - Update

July 28, 2023

Czech Hunter 699

It looks like I have new friend. When I saw him delivering me groceries, I was into him right away. This handsome young man looked like an ideal companion for a boring afternoon. I lured him inside pretending to be a modeling agent. The guy dreamed of being a model so things were going smoothly until I asked him to lose his underwear. He admitted being a bit bi-curious but undressing in front of a stranger was too much. This cutie just needed proper financial motivation that's all. I'm pretty sure he wanted to have his first gay sex with someone he knew well... I'm so glad he let me be his first. I tried to be gentle but he took my cock so nicely... fucking him hard was so tempting... The dude loved it so much he agreed to hang out with me in the future. I can't wait to have a threesome with him.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 26, 2023

Picwik & Kevin

Kevin Sportwear and Picwik have hooked up at a sleazy sex club in Southern France. The music is pumping, they're feeling sweaty and horny, and they're wearing sneakers and shiny sports gear. That's how they both like it raw, athletic, and depraved. They get down and dirty real quick. If you're as into sweaty, damp sneakers as these pervy Euro dudes are, satisfaction is guaranteed. Kevin is in a contest with himself to discover new ways, and locations, a sneaker can be used to get a slutty, kinky guy like Picwik revved up. Picwik finds himself sniffing, sucking, snogging, slurping and spitting onto the leather. These sluts have serious stamina. After abusing and humiliating his willing sub, Kevin eventually gets the upper hand and sinks his thick, long dick into Picwik's well used ass

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 26, 2023

Alle Takes Rudy Dick Deep

Rudy Gram has been wanting to run his hands through the thick brown curls of Alle Marin for a long time now. He's seen Alle around the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta and wondered when he'd get his chance to strip him down and man handle the insatiable bottom. The time has come now, as Alle Marin strips down and shows off his trim and smooth body to Rudy Gram. Rudy can barely contain his excite as he pounds Alle up his ass with lots of powerful and sweaty thrusts. Rudy especially likes it when Alle is on his back and hid legs are very much spread eagle, so he can see Alle's adorable face with each and every pump!

Scout Boys - Update

July 26, 2023

International Scout Boys Ch 2

Going Commando: We arrived at the hostel late one night and were immediately told to get into pairs because we were sleeping in twin rooms. Being the new boy in the troop, I couldn't find a partner and reconciled myself to the disappointment of being on my own. When Scoutmaster Snow told me I needed to share with him, however, I felt a sudden pang of terror. He's by far the scariest Scoutmaster in our troop. Almost as soon as we were inside the damp-smelling room, Snow started undressing. He threw his shorts off and I was super shocked to discover he was going commando! Moments later, he told me that he was glad we had the place to ourselves and asked if I'd ever seen a grown man's dick. Before I could get my head around the question, I found myself taking his now swollen penis in my hand.

Boy Fun - Update

July 25, 2023

Hardcore Games

Alpan and Rimi are dedicated gamers, and we all know how hard it is to tear a boy away from his console for anything more than a visit to the bathroom. Max seems to know how to get their attention, however. Can a gamer ignore the offer of some stiff-dicked BoyFun? As soon as he arrives he's trying to distract them, and they both put up some stiff resistance, until his hands and mouth head south. With Alpan's big juicy cock freed from his shorts and being slurped with skill he's finally forced to hit pause on his game, and Rimi is quickly following suit. Their games are soon far hotter than they would be otherwise as they strip naked, feeding their friend their drooling dicks, rubbing their tips together in Max's mouth, teaming up to fill their friend from both ends.

Aussies Do It - Update

July 23, 2023

Dennis' Faceful of Larkin

Power top Larkin lets out a nervous giggle when tatted bottom Dennis rates the Aussie guys he's fooled around with a mere 3 out of 10. But he knows he has nothing to worry about in the lovemaking department. He's going to give haughty Dennis a long, hard fuck he won't soon forget. And shower his face with a spray of sticky sperm just for the fun of it. Dennis is sleepy and a little out of it, but ready to tear off his clothes and get the chat over with. Once he's tongue wrestling with dark, hung and handsome Larkin he perks right up. He drops to his knees and gets to work stiffening Larkin's long thick prong for the royal ass-reaming he needs. His aggressive cocksucking backs the hot top into the wall and there's nothing to do but lean back and enjoy Dennis' noisy, slobbering dick worship.

Axel Abysse - Update

July 23, 2023


Locked in a cage, Pup Davey is at Axel's disposition, ready to swallow punches. Hungry, Axel is quick to return the situation and get some fist up his guts too. Belly bulge, double fisting, extreme punches, they're greedy and we can't get enough of it. Filmed at Spit It Out, Brussels.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

July 23, 2023

Lee & Ben

Something pretty special here...Lee Tyler is a straight bodybuilder, 6 foot two, skinhead, major tats, and a really big thick meaty uncut cock. He did a couple of solo shoots, and after much persuasion, seeing as he really loves good oral, he finally agreed to let a lad suck his huge dick, with some very horny muscle worship thrown in too! And highly sexed young hottie Ben Grey is the lucky lad who gets to service him. Starting off in just their white sports briefs, Ben rubs oil into Lee's broad, powerful chest, and over his ripped six pack, his pecs are huge. He flexes his biceps for Ben, who rubs oil into them, then he gives his nipples a good sucking as he massages Lee's thick bulge. He drops to his knees, pulls down Lee's undies, and takes hold of his semi hard, big thick uncut meat and starts sucking.

Men At Play - Update

July 23, 2023

The Stalker, Editor's Cut

When you are a successful, sexy but mysterious businessman, oftentimes celebrity news websites that feature celebrity gossip, video footage, photos, and more, keep their eye on you. In Enzo Rimenez's case, he unknowingly gained the unwanted attention of someone who is watching him very closely. On this occasion, Enzo receives an unexpected young, suited visitor, and the mystery "stalker" sneaks in for a closer view and hits [Record]. French hunk Enzo Rimenez and Spanish stud Klein Kerr are captured in a no-limits fuck play session. Enzo strips Klein from the waist down and gives his ass a good and hard pounding; holding his legs apart and grabbing him by the tie to help ram his thick cock as deep into Klein as possible.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 22, 2023

Lex Moore & Tony

I try to maintain a healthy workout regime that gets me going in the morning. But nothing gets me going as much as my stepson, Tony Keit. When he entered the living room, I asked if he could help hold down my feet for sit-ups, but that only got me horny. There was no point hiding it, so I started grabbing at my cock. Tony knew what that meant, and since we were home alone, why not. Tony took my cock into his hands and then into his mouth. Not even my wife knows how I like my cock sucked, but Tony does, and he does it so well. But his young, tight hole is the key to my happiness. I slid my dick into his hole, and we fucked until he shot a cummy mess on his stomach, followed by my load on his taint.

Czech Hunter - Update

July 22, 2023

Czech Hunter 698

I planned a nice trip to Central America. Unfortunately, the thing didn't start very well. We were already in a taxi when I realized that our flight tickets and passports were missing. We went back home and searched the apartment with no success. You can imagine how pissed off I was, not to mention my terrible travel anxiety. Fortunately, the airlines were trying hard to help us. In the meantime, I had to calm my nerves. The taxi driver looked quite cute so we tried him. The guy turned down our generous offers for a while and claimed to be straight. I'm pretty sure he wasn't. Once he finally agreed, things got pretty intense really quickly. This dude had the best ride of his life. We didn't have to be careful at all because he had such a horny ass it was just unbelievable

Bentley Race - Update

July 21, 2023

Brad Hunter

It's been a while since I've done some shooting with my hot mate Brad Hunter. I invited him over for a catch up and cheeky shoot in the studio. I gotta say he's looking super fit now. Brad has always been skinny, but now he's looking ripped as he pulls his t-shirt off. Once I grabbed a load of photos of our hung mate stripping naked I gave him some lube and a fuck toy to a make a video with. Just wait till you see him rip that rubber hole open with his fat cock. He just keeps going until he suddenly sprays a load of cum across the bed. Brad looks great and always puts on a hot show. It's nice to see him again naked in the studio.

English Lads - Update

July 21, 2023

Straight Body Builder Wanks

Baxter Robins makes his debut with EnglishLads after having done a shoot on FitYoungMen and wow, what a treat! This young straight man is only 21 years old and has an incredibly muscular body, with massive bodybuilder muscles, a serious tan, and naturally sun-dyed blond hair, Baxter is an Adonis! He has fun showing off his hard work at the gym and strict diet lifestyle as he flexes his enormous muscles and whips off his clothes to reveal a muscular bum and big uncut cock! After doing some tricep dips to get pumped, Baxter wanks his cock to a big throbbing erection and comfy on the bed he power wanks his hard-on until he squirts cum everywhere!

Jalif Studios - Update

July 19, 2023

Kevin & Tim

A sex club hides in the corners of a French city. Thumping techno bounces off red walls lined with the sweat of a thousand anonymous orgasms. Kevin Sportswear strides confidently through the corridors, muscles rippling under a tight T-shirt. He knows he's gonna get some. There's not a man in that club who isn't gonna want him. Like a hungry cheetah, Kevin hones in on his prey. Tim Cosla is cute, young and streetwise, but he's nervous, probably a little inexperienced. He's exactly what Kevin's looking for. They're making out in the blink of an eye. Tim is instantly enthralled by Kevin's dominance and good looks. He drops to his knees to service the God-like being in front of him. He sucks hard and deep, sending shivers of sexual anticipation through Kevin's buffed body.

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