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Japan Boys - Update

November 09, 2018

Yamato & Takumi Deep

Yamato and Takumi are enjoying a high-rise view but can't resist kissing and making out. The two young guys drop to the bed and grind their crotches together. Adorably nerdy in his studious black glasses, Yamato deftly unbuttons Takumi's shirt and works down his jeans and underwear. He takes Takumi's cock into his hungry mouth and swallows it to the fuzzy root. Takumi returns the favor and undresses Yamato, paying special attention to the lean top's thick prick. Both guys hard and naked, Yamato takes charge and spreads Takumi's legs to get in and rim his butt. He lubes his fingers and works them into Takumi, who moans his approval.

Japan Boys - Update

October 13, 2018

Fuji Fucks Takumi

Takumi is a bit formal in his starched dress shirt, and kisses Fuji awkwardly, but Fuji knows how to warm him up. Off comes the shirt and down the checked underwear, revealing a fully stiff prick ready to rumble. They trade turns sucking on each other's firm hard meat, and Fuji is careful to flick a finger across Takumi's nipple, knowing he likes that. While Takumi is relaxed and lying down, Fuji lubes up and inserts two fingers to get his hole ready to fuck. Maybe too ready, as Takumi opens up for four fingers with little effort. A condom goes on and Fuji slathers lube onto his dick and Takumi's ready hole, slides on in and starts pumping fast.

Venus Lux - Update

October 07, 2018

Open Relationship

Venus and her boyfriend have an open relationship but that doesn't mean he doesn't get a little jealous from time to time. Venus does her best to make it up to him and show him she's there for him. She gets on her knees and sucks his cock then he goes down and sucks hers until she is good and hard. Venus fucks his ass good and deep before she turns the tables and lets him have his way with her. She shoots her load all over her leg while he is driving hard then he sucks the cum from her cock and swallows it down.

Japan Boys - Update

October 03, 2018

Riku & Hideaki

Lean, pale Riku starts making out with tawny, hairy twink Hideaki, who brushes the shaggy fringe back from his hair to stuff Riku's cock in his mouth. So horny they are going at it before they even take off their undies, Riku and Hideaki can't keep their hands or mouths off each other. Hideaki has a nice long and straight piece, and it slides down Riku's throat like butter. Riku pulls the back of Hideaki's underwear to the side to dive his face into the fuzzy tight crack, and his fingers soon follow. Slicking his hole with lube, Riku wiggles his fingers inside the warm, wet hungry ass.

My Friend's Feet - Update

October 02, 2018

Axel Foot Worshiped

After a guy at the gym mentions foot worship to Axel and now he is trying to find out what it is. He asks his gym buddy Cameron about it and being the nice guy he is, Cameron offered to show him. First Cameron sniffs and services Axel's socks, putting them in his mouth and getting them nice and wet. Then he pulls Axel's socks off and starts sucking on his buddy's toes. Axel thinks it's the best thing he's ever felt and soon he is blowing his load while Cameron licks between each of his toes.

Japan Boys - Update

September 06, 2018

Riku & Fuji

Riku and Fuji meet up for their horny date, and break the ice by stripping naked and changing into sleek black underwear. Just seeing each others' cocks gets them going, so they are quickly rubbing each others' crotches and smooching before they strip off the underwear again. You can tell by his hungry cock sucking that Fuji wants Riku's dick badly. And as soon as Riku is rock hard and fuck ready, he spreads Fuji's thighs open and dives in to taste his tight hole. That mouth is followed by a finger, and then Riku is deftly rolling on a condom and easing into Fuji's hot ass.

Bentley Race - Update

September 04, 2018

Lachlan Wolf

I'm excited today to introduce you to our newest mate to join us on camera at Bentley Race. 27 year old Lachlan Wolf comes to us from Britain. He moved to Australia just a few months ago. And I'm really glad he made his first stop in Melbourne and found us. I love his British accent. But also I love his naturally furry body. And wait until you see the size of Lachlan's cock! It's pretty big. After making some great photos of our new mate stripping naked, I got to wank Lachlan's big dick in his first video. Lachlan is a lot of fun to shoot with. We were joking and mucking about during his shoot. I think he is going to make an excellent addition to our hot group of mates.

Japan Boys - Update

August 23, 2018

Reiji Fills Hideaki

Bleach-haired trendy Reiji and bespectacled schoolboy Hideaki smile and giggle shyly towards each other as they drink sodas on the couch. But Reiji knows something more refreshing than a cool drink, and moves in to kiss his new friend. Taking things in to the bed, they hastily tear down most of their clothes and Reiji strokes the already excited Hideaki. Getting naked, Hideaki gets a tasty mouthful of Reiji, who returns the favor by licking his balls and ass, then gently fingering his hole. Ass play makes Hideaki hard as a rock and we see how badly he wants his hip friend's cock inside.

Peter Fever - Update

August 22, 2018

Kink Boxing

Tatted daddy, Damian Dragon is giving David Ace some boxing lessons. Damian likes what he sees in both David's boxing and his tight little body. Damian can't resist reaching out to cop a feel of David's hot ass and after a few tries, David can no longer concentrate on his boxing. He gives in to the temptation that Damian offers up and soon David's boxing gloves are wrapped around Damian's pulsing dick. David gets on his knees to service his new coach and when Damian is nice and hard, he introduces some more fun to the game. Damian pops a ball-gag into David's mouth and bends him over a couch to eat his ass.

Japan Boys - Update

July 28, 2018

Fuji Mounts Yuto

We meet our new boy Yuto in a park, and find that he's up for getting together with Fuji, a handsome top around the same age. At first giggly and a bit awkward, once they strip down and Yuto gets a taste of Fuji's already stiff cock his natural instincts take over. His shiny black hair falls down in his face as he greedily stuffs his mouth with delicious young dick. Fuji likes what he sees and tastes as well, and the two young college guys rim and 69 to get to know each others' smooth lean bodies. Yuto rolls back and lifts his legs so Fuji can dive in to flick his nimble tongue across sensitive asshole.

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