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Japan Boys - Update

January 10, 2019

Fuli Initiates Jotaro

It's first time on camera for new boy Jotaro, and Fuji is in a giggly mood. Since Fuji has no steady boyfriend, the cameraman suggests that he consider Jotaro as his for the evening. Jotaro has a fine build and a bit of scruffy beard, so he brings a masculine appearance to the shoot. Fuji's expertise must be very effective, since he has Jotaro hard in no time once he gets his mouth around the new boy's dick. Jotaro is not bad himself at sucking cock, though he doesn't try to deep throat Fuji to the hilt. Fuji keeps him excited with some nipple twiddling while he's swallowing down half of Fuji's long prick. Jotaro's ass crack is lined with downy hair, so Fuji gets a mouthful of fur as he's rimming.

Peter Fever - Update

January 09, 2019

Gayvengers 5

Tony, The Man of Iron (David Ace) gets some private time with Soldier Bucky (Axel Kane) in Gayvengers HQ, and wastes not a moment till he's on the floor with Bucky's long cock in his mouth. Bucky bends him over the work table and slams his dick in hard, to Tony's delight. The blueprints and schematic drawings spread across the table are shoved aside and twisted as two mighty superheros slam hungry ass against irresistible cock, creating a force of unimaginable masculine power. The explosion of fuck force moves to the counter as Bucky sweeps aside electronic experiments and invaluable prototypes to get into the ass he craves.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 06, 2019

David & Mathieu

David and Mathieu are sleeping in a tiny room on cramped bunk beds when their cocks grow hard in the night. Neither can get it down, so they turn to each other for a little late night assist. The two hung studs each sport more than 8 inches between their legs, filling up their throats as they swap sloppy, wet blowjobs. Their appetites grow, bringing David to make a meal of Mathieu's pink hole and smooth feet. The bed shakes and squeaks as they begin to fuck, their moans muffled by the sounds of nearby construction!

Str8Chaser - Update

January 01, 2019


Athletic cutie John was kicking around his soccer ball when I interrupted him for a quick chat. His dark hair and sweaty bod was such a turn on. He’s working minimum wage at a restaurant so I figured he could use some extra cash. He tried to play coy at first so I played along, but it wasn’t long before I had him on his knees with my cock thrusting back and forth. I had even more fun spreading his cheeks, and loosening his hole with my thick dick.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

December 28, 2018

Hetero Daman

We get turned on hearing hetero Daman describe what a stud he is fucking as many chicks as possible. Since bums give him such a hard on, maybe this thick cunt can understand why we're so ravenous to tear into his manly arse! Here he has to brag about his conquests while getting restrained and roped up in preparation for us to screw his fucking brains out. He bought this sleek suit hoping to land himself a big boy's job in the world of business but we destroy it leaving him totally exposed and desperate to protect his virgin bum. Pinned to the floor with his wrists and legs bound behind him his arse is vulnerably pointed up so we can widen his sphincter with a vibrator.

Japan Boys - Update

December 24, 2018

Tomono Tops Tomohisa

Tomono is a coverboy of popular Japanese magazine Badi, appearing for the first time here at Japanboyz. Tomono claims not to know if he can call himself bisexual, but he likes gay people and hopes he can build his own popularity and Japanboyz as well. Interview over, and Tomono kisses Tomohisa sensually, rubbing his hands over Tomohisa's lean hard chest. He reaches up to feel the sensitive nipples, and gingerly grazes Tomohisa's crotch. his experienced partner moans in encouragement when Tomono flicks his tongue around and finally pulls down his briefs to reveal an already hard cock.

Peter Fever - Update

December 23, 2018

Sniff Lick & Worship

Kinkmeister Damian X Dragon and neophyte Trevor Northman are goofing around in sexy new socks, but that's just the wrapping on the real present. Damian peels off his buddy's black knee high sport socks to gets his lips and tongue around Trevor's wide, nicely shaped feet. Massaging from calves to the soles, Damian kisses the heels, licks the instep and gobbles down those pretty toes. Trevor is up for a try, and yanks down Damian's jeans and socks. He sniffs, sucks and humps Damian's beautiful tattooed feet, then picks up the discarded socks to sniff the pungent aroma. Both studs assume a 69 position and grab a foot to worship.

Sneaky Peek - Update

December 21, 2018

Big Dicked Bloke

I've been busy again. Through a tiny hole which I drilled in a wall I've been able to peek into a changing room full of blokes. It's a busy place and is constantly full of very hot men. They can't see my tiny camera pointing through the hole filming every second as they expose their bodies to me. And to you as well now! Enjoy this great looking big-dicked bloke showing us his perfect cock. He'd be furious if he ever found out I'd filmed him!

Dominic Pacifico - Update

December 14, 2018

Love Of Brothers

Two young monks, Brother Domenico (Brodie Ramirez) and Brother Diego (Joseph Banks) realize the dark power gripping the monastery and its inhabitants. They've decided that merging their flesh is the only way to resist the evils of temptation. They duck into the cathedral, dip their fingers into the holy water and immediately start making out. Diego licks the firm abs and sensitive nipples of his holy brother, and when Domenico returns the favor both monks drop their cassocks. Standing naked as God made them, Domenico drops to his knees and sucks Diego's long raging cock. Diego holds his holy brother's head and pulls it down onto his prick.

Japan Boys - Update

December 01, 2018

Fuji & Kento

It's an October dream come true when manly stud Kento gets a bedtime visit from a caped count in the form of boyish top Fuji. Waking up from a sexy dream, Kento gets the oral action that gets his cock into gear when Fuji drops the fright mask and goes to work on that long thick cock. Kento is lean and classic, with a scruffy goatee and tight hairy thighs. He reciprocates with a deep sex-fueled blowjob and enjoys the sight, smell and taste of Fuji's dick. It's clear that Kento loves cock and wants to feel it up his hole. Still in his vampire cape, Fuji licks the smooth downy black hair along Kento's ass crack, then plunges in with a slippery finger or three.

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