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Men - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Hungry For His Baguette

After a long day in the winter wilderness with their girlfriends, Liam Alyesto gets more than just warmed up as he watches Malik Delgaty take off his coat. Liam opens the butt flap in his onesie and flashes Malik his ass, and when they sit down for some fondue he shows the muscular hunk just what he has in mind on the big baguette, stroking it suggestively and sucking the end. While the women are in the kitchen, Liam gives Malik a hand job under the table, then slips off to the bedroom. Malik follows, finding Liam waiting on the bed on his hands and knees, ass out. Malik gives the bottom what he wants, penetrating that hole. Liam sucks Malik, then the guys fuck in spoon position before he rides the top. Liam cums as Malik drills him on his back before taking a delicious, drippy load on his face.

Trans Angels - Update

February 14, 2024

Sorority Hookup Swap

Sexy sorority babe Zariah is feeling horny one morning, but her girlfriend isn’t in the mood. When Zariah’s roommate Rana Katana walks by, the sexy t-girl can’t resist eating out Rana’s big, juicy ass before feeding her shenis to the gorgeous brunette! Desiring a fuck, Zariah penetrates the big-boobed hottie's eager hole from behind in doggy position, and then Rana bounces on the cum hungry nymph in cowgirl. Next, Rana takes a missionary style pounding on the kitchen counter as all-natural trans beauty Zariah plays with her big titties, and it feels so good that the long-haired stunner leaves Rana with a dripping cream-pie!

TheBroNetwork - Update

February 13, 2024

Renovation Flip

Chemistry transcends language, and when carpenter Mateo Tomas and electrician Felix Trainor unexpectedly find themselves on the same construction site, workflows clash and each other is constantly underfoot. At the end of the day, teamwork prevails and the hunky contractors express the attraction that's been simmering all day. Mateo may not know much French, but a suggestive lyric has the sexual tension boiling over, and they react with a passionate flip-fuck on site.

Hot House - Update

February 10, 2024

The Dick Down

Joel Hart's muscles glisten with a deliciously salty layer of sweat as he delivers the final hit to his punching bag and instructs Vincent O'Reilly to suck the fat cock that's escaping his bright red jockstrap. Never one to pass up servicing a stranger's uncut pole, Vincent immediately drops down to have his mouth pumped with Joel's junk. The ripped athlete throws the cocksucker around until Vincent is clinging to the punching bag for support while he's being eaten out and barebacked by the boxing bro. With their moans filling the empty gym, Joel pounds Vincent from behind with his big dick before moving to a nearby bench so Vincent can ride him raw. Vincent, still wearing his workout gloves, strokes out a wet, explosive load all over himself and lies there in pleasure as Joel pulls out to bust on his meaty cock.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

February 09, 2024

Pleasure Bound

The dark world of leather tempts many a man and today it comes to the light as Manuel Skye gives some leather training to sub Santi Noguera. Santi enters the room and sees that Manuel is turned on by the feel and smell of the leather and takes matters into his gloved hand. Manuel takes the master roll and dominates Santi with his line of questioning and barking of orders. Santi drops to his knees ready to pleasure his master and his massive hard cock. “Is it hard enough” “ yes sir” and with that Santi begins consuming every inch of Manuel’s throbbing cock. Santi masterfully sucks Manuel’s cock, taking in every inch until it reaches the back of his throat. Manuel’s rapacious behavior dominates over Santi as he bends him over and begins to feast on that hairy pink hole.

Bareback + - Update

January 29, 2024

Eddie & Oliver

Before planting his thirteen inch muscle-daddy dick deep inside of cutie cock-worshiping twink Oliver Carter, Eddie Patrick demands a long, almost merciless throat-fucking to get that massive meatstick as hard and ready as it can get!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

January 20, 2024

OH LA LA Manuel & Mika

Manuel Skye is at home pumping a little iron when Mika Ayden enters the room and caresses his bulging biceps. Manuel knows exactly what Mika wants and decides to tease him just a bit longer. Mika runs his hands across the taught, swollen muscle when he releases his swelling muscle. Mika’s cock does a little dance before Manuel takes it all the way into his mouth and down his throat. Mika gasps for air as he feels his cockhead breaking past the back of Manuel’s throat. Manuel works his mouth up and down Mika’s cock shaft, pleasing him with his expert cock sucking skills. Excitement has taken over Mika as Manuel stands on the chair and shoves his long, uncut cock into Mika’s hungry mouth. Mika slobbers and drools as he works his best to fit Manuel’s hot cock as far down his throat as possible before Manuel begins face fucking him.

Men At Play - Update

January 19, 2024

Members Only 2

The Pinstripe Society is full of high-powered men whose thrill is to have their way with a young, submissive bottom. Today, the members-only secret society is holding a special meeting with its Chairman, Sir Peter, to induct one new member! Two candidates, Daddy Cakes and Mateo Zagal, must perform exemplarily while they play with the sacrificial muse, Benjamin Blue. The young Benjamin willingly submits to the suited big-dicked masters. The wealthy and powerful men pass around the night’s muse, who does everything the masters command while they indulge in an evening of debauchery with his hole and body.

TheBroNetwork - Update

December 29, 2023

Sparring Partner

Michael Vente meets Kenzo Alvarez in the garage for some 1-on-1 training. The garage is cold, but Kenzo assures him he’ll warm up quickly. Michael changes from sweats into gym shorts, and they start with a few warm-up exercises before a bit of stretching. Once they're good and warmed up, they practice with the punching bag and training gloves. Kenzo’s raw power turns Michael on, and the encouragement is raw, masculine, and hot. Michael can't help but get hard in his gym shorts. After the workout, Kenzo reassures him it’s normal. He admits he almost got hard, too. Kenzo dares him to show him his stiffening cock, and they touch each other. Michael is on his knees but admits he’s never sucked a dick that big.

Trans Angels - Update

December 27, 2023

Bleacher Blonde Gets Two Cocks

Sexy cheerleader Angellica Good practices her dance moves in front of football coach Rick Hard, who is drawn to the blonde tgirl’s hot body and pretty face. Rick is dismayed when Angellica’s boyfriend, muscular jock Clark Delgaty, arrives on the scene, and Angellica ends up treating Clark to a sneaky blowjob underneath the bleachers! Beefy hunk Rick also wants to get in on the action, and he slides his rock-hard cock deep inside Angellica’s tight hole from behind in doggy position. When Clark sees his girlfriend’s betrayal, the cuckolded athlete storms off, leaving Angellica free to straddle Rick and ride him cowgirl-style! To finish, the gorgeous cheerleader spreads her legs and takes a missionary fuck before giving Rick a rim job until he cums!

Men - Update

December 18, 2023

Dick At The Picnic

Malik Delgaty discovers a hole in the bottom of the picnic basket as his girlfriend sets up the birthday picnic she planned for her bestie. Malik is horny, but before he can do anything about it, the other guests arrive. The friend has a new BF in tow, Dom King, and when Malik sticks his dick in the picnic basket, Dom takes a look and eagerly strokes it! While their GFs play frisbee, the guys try a different game as Dom sucks Malik, then brings him to the car where he rims him and bends Malik over the seat to fuck his hole! Malik takes Dom's dick in missionary, then rides him. The top cums on Malik's ass, and Malik cums in Dom's mouth before the guys go back to their GFs.

Bentley Race - Update

December 14, 2023

Hung Canadian Jamie

Our sexy new mate Jamie Fawkes is back this week modelling for me. Jamie just happened to be visiting from interstate at the same time I was doing a series of shoots in a city tower. After seeing his first shoot from last summer I was really excited to get him over and get him naked again. You might remember this cute Canadian with a massive dick now lives in Australia. He's always full of energy in his shoots. And the last time we saw him he was splitting open my friend Benny with that fat cock. But in this shoot I am getting Jamie stripping naked for some solo photos. His dick is already growing hard as he's pulling down his underwear for the next photo. I didn't want him getting too excited before making a video. So I swapped to the video camera to record Jamie working his cock rock hard and splitting open a fleshlight with it.

Men At Play - Update

December 11, 2023

Dr. Skye Examines Enzo

We’ve had some naughty doctors on Menatplay over the years who have loved shoving their dicks in their patient's mouths or asses. Menatplay Medical Center returns with a brand new doctor Dr. Manuel Skye, MD who has a not-so-subtle approach to curing erectile dysfunction. Dr. Skye is ready to treat the young patient Enzo Muller and starts by inserting some “medical” equipment into his tight hole to stimulate his prostate. In order to help produce an intense orgasm, Dr. Skye injects his own thick, huge pumping cock into the virgin arsehole until the young patient relishes the glanding of a lifetime. The doctor recommends regular check-ups; make an appointment with Dr. Skye now!

Bentley Race - Update

December 07, 2023

Porn Star Max Lorde

It's not often we get porn stars from the US visit us in Australia. I was really excited to hear that Kyler Drayke and Max Lorde were coming to visit us. We had so much fun taking photos and making videos over a couple of days in Melbourne. On the first day I spent some time taking photos of Max while Kyler filmed some BTS footage. Max is this very cute guy who was very interested in meeting some Aussie boys. Even though the guys had just spent 15 hours flying to Australia they were still full of energy and looked great in the photos. This is the first of two scenes featuring Max in our studio. It was such a nice experience getting to shoot with some international stars.

Men - Update

December 05, 2023

Bussy Control

Sam Ledger's boyfriend leaves him an unforgettable surprise: a MenSexGear Saddle RC Prostate Stimulator to enjoy while he's away. Sam tests its limits, sliding the ultra-soft silicone design that can be controlled remotely into his hole before he gets dressed. But as its 10 unique vibration patterns come to life in the middle of his job interview, Sam finds himself in an unexpected and thrilling predicament. Malik Delgaty gets the full story out of the twink, and soon Sam is sucking the hot interviewer's cock and getting fucked on Malik's desk. Malik picks the bottom up for a stand-and-carry and flips him upside down to suck him. Primed by the Saddle's persistent vibrations in his ass, Sam cums as he rides the top, then takes a facial.

ASGMAX - Update

December 04, 2023

First Timers: Ep. 2

Welcome back to First Timers the show that asks the burning question: What will it take for two regular guys to fuck on camera? Or better yet what can these two regular guys take before they must fuck on camera. It's a game of restraint or hopefully, a lack of restraint because if it was really about restraint it would be boring! This week we have the ever eager Ethan (Trevor Harris) and Gavin (Ian Holmes), who has his eyes on the prize. Will Ethan's horniness prevail? Tune into First Timers to if these guys get banging!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

December 04, 2023

Shower: Manuel & Nik

Nik Fros and Manuel Skye are out on the plaza working through their flexibility, strength, and gymnastics skills. With all that physical activity, muscle flexing and sexual tension building it is now time to head inside for a hot shower. With all that hot water, lubricating soap, and muscle massage everyone is rising to full attention. Nik drops to his knees and takes Manuel's meaty cock into his mouth and down his throat. Swapping positions, Manuel drops to his knees and takes Nik's fat cock into his mouth and goes all the way to the base while cupping Nik's full ball sac. After swapping cock sucking pleasures, Manuel turns Nik around and spreads his massive ass muscles, exposing his magnificent pucker hole. Manuel dives right in and feasts on that tasty, meaty ass.

Men At Play - Update

November 28, 2023

Yes Sir!, Editor's Cut

It is Mick Stallone's first workday and he gets nervous when asked to do the simplest of tasks. Is it first-day nerves or just the fact that his boss is sexy Spaniard Dani Robles? Dani is a confident executive who is always perfectly attired with high work standards. He tries to chastise his fumbling assistant but instead takes the chance to exploit the unsuspecting newbie and makes his move! As with many in a position of power, Dani likes to be dominated when it comes to carnal pleasures. He drops his pinstripe pants and guides Mick's thick cock into his hungry hole. The young assistant fucks the bearded boss on his desk. Our suited businessmen turn a 9 to 5 work day into a horny office play session!

Men At Play - Update

November 23, 2023

Executive Benefits

An executive benefits plan is designed to provide rewards and incentives unique to an executive. In addition to a firm-provided vehicle and a country club membership, the executive team at MAP Law have extended an exclusive invitation to Junior Partner Mateo Tomas to a day of pampering at the Roman Bath and Spa. The invitation promises an atmosphere of relaxation and fine company. Mr. Thomas is unaware that the Senior Partners are looking out for his (sexual) well-being – since, like meditation, sex gives a good, all round feeling of being healthy and happy! When he enters the spa through a secret back door, he finds boys Cole Link and Ryan Jacobs ready to service his every sexual need. The young studs undress the suited furry Mateo, revealing his big, hard cock which they take turns blowing and choking on.

TheBroNetwork - Update

November 23, 2023

Working Late

Sir Peter and Skyy Knox are working late. Growth means growing pains, and they're stuck in the office way after closing. What's worse, when Peter finds out his partner is out having fun without him, it makes the endless work even more frustrating. Not to mention Skyy, the perfect eye candy and distraction personified. Work and sexual tensions collide and Skyy not so subtly makes Sir Peter realize that working late never means that fun is off the table. Not to be caught by the cameras the two studs sneak off to fuck and suck away from prying eyes. Sky worships Sir Peter's massive cock, listening to his every command, and Sky's submissive throat was ripe for the fucking. After choking on Sir's dominant dick, he's ready to take it. Peter plunges his thick cock into Skyy's waiting hole, sending waves of pleasure through him.

Fuckermate - Update

November 23, 2023

Wish Came True

The perfect muscular body and the huge uncut cock of dominant daddy Manuel Skye have been a perfect recipe for the enjoyment of our new Spanish hunky mate Kay Tronx and his strong wish for hard bareback sex. Manuel gave a special treatment to his horny hole and filled his mouth with a shower of white thick cum!

Men At Play - Update

November 17, 2023

Worship Harder

Drew Dixon is ready to worship and obey, again. After their last encounter, Drew continues showing his reverence and adoration for his Master Rocky Vallarta's shoes, feet and cock. With full control over Drew, Rocky rips the tuxed-up sub's trousers to reveal the power bottoms ass to play with and do whatever he wants to. Dirty whore sub, Drew Dixon, is intensely raw fucked and then cums while getting finger fucked.

Masqulin - Update

November 16, 2023

We're Not Alone...

Make out point is private, but when Ryan Jacobs brings Benjamin Blue up there for a discreet hook-up, Benjamin has a creepy feeling that’s hard to ignore. The spot is deserted, the cold wind is blowing and the forest is unusually dark given the full moon. Dangerous animals fill these woods and tonight, these horny twinks are unaware that a voyeuristic murderer is lurking. Benjamin and Ryan put their fears aside and horniness prevails as they waste no time sucking and fucking in the glow of the truck’s lights. Benjamin swallows down Ryan’s cut cock before taking his thick ass through the passenger side. Benjamin moans as his insides get rearranged until he cums on his smooth stomach and cums on Benjamin’s hole before pushing it back in.

Why Not Bi - Update

November 08, 2023

Sneaky Bi Campers

William Seed and his girlfriend are on a camping trip with friends, but little does he know that the other couple both want to fuck him! When William wakes up early due to the call of nature, Laura Fox spies him with his dick out outside her tent and invites him over to suck his cock. Her boyfriend, Enzo Muller, wakes up and joins in, and soon William comes inside to start a train, pounding Enzo while the bi guy fucks Laura. The busty girl gets spit-roasted, then rides her boyfriend as he rides the tattooed hunk's dick. William fucks Laura as Enzo cums all over her, and then the horny couple share William's load.

Trans Angels - Update

November 07, 2023

Pipe Up The Jam

Pierced blonde bombshell Gia Anastasia flaunts her hot body in front of sexy plumber Michael Jackman. As Michael gets to work underneath the kitchen sink, the beautiful trans babe sneakily replaces his toolbox with her rock-hard shenis! Soon, the dark haired hunk is grabbing a mouthful of his client's throbbing erection, and then it's Gia's turn to deepthroat Michael's cock. Ready to fuck, the muscular stud penetrates Gia's eager hole in doggystyle before the horny t-girl rides him cowgirl and reverse on the kitchen counter! With her stunning fake tits on display, Gia spreads her legs and invites Michael to fucks her in missionary position as she strokes herself, and then Michael paints her pretty face in his cum!

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