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Black Breeders - Update

May 19, 2017

The Cream Rises to the Top

The Breed is hitting the road to celebrate Forbidden FUNK Media's tenth anniversary, but getting this act together is more work than we imagined. These boys have to be whipped into shape so when they hit the stage they hit it hard! Rude flips the switch (or switches the flip) when he decides to get a taste and feel of King's holes. And he likes slingin' dick as much as he likes gettin' it so fasten your seatbelts; it's gonna be a long, hard ride!

Raw Rods - Update

May 19, 2017

Darien Blaze + Trinidad Papi

BBC dick-suckin, ass-lickin' and bareback-butt-bouncing! Pussy bottom boy moans and whimpers while that big cock pokes and plows his boyhole!

Mr. Man - Update

May 15, 2017

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is one of the biggest movie stars in the world; a rare combination of a guy who can bring in big box office numbers and critical acclaim. He has been nominated for six Oscars and won the award twice for Glory and Training Day. When you think about Denzel you don’t necessarily think nudity, but he is committed to his craft and willing to do what the role demands.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 09, 2017


Obviously Maddox is an athlete. Though he says that he hasn’t worked out in a while, his body hasn’t gotten the message - as his muscles don’t look like they’ve seen any rest! Maddox has played a lot of football and when we hear what positions he plays we quickly assess that he’s pretty good with his hands. He doesn’t deny it. Another thing that Maddox confirms for us - is that there is a basis to all our locker room fantasies! Surely this tough jock can’t be the first to illicit some lusty cravings from a fellow teammate, but lucky for his teammate - he also isn’t the type to turn down a good fuck!

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 03, 2017


Other than a straight, amateur shoot for another site, Charles is new to adult content. So, I wanted to bring him in as soon as possible. I’ve never seen eight-pack abs AND six-pack back muscles till Charles. As we mosey on down further, uhm, yeah… most likely the girthiest johnson that I’ve captured on video. Having not engaged in direct prostate stimulation, prior, Charles wasn’t too sure about what exactly was going on with his body. He did disclose at the end during our Q&A session, that he looooooooooooves being rimmed. Charles’ huge cockhead his uber sensitive, and we both learned that his nipples are directly hardwired to his bouncin’ and misbehavin’ BBC.

Mix It Up Boy - Update

May 02, 2017

Flamez, Jarvis & Alex

Flamez and Jarvis hangin out in the park hookin up with Alex Flex for a lil threesome action. Jarvis loves a good thug dick and that's exactly what he's getting. Alex sucks both dicks until Flamez wants to fuck that purdy white mouth. Jarvis takes it all in while gettin his own piece worked on by Alex. Jarvis then dicks down Alex hard, makin that ass bounce real hard to the rhythm of his fucking. Alex rides that dick til it's time to bust some nuts all over Jarvis!

Maskurbate - Update

April 27, 2017

Big Package Delivery

Hot delivery man (Lantis aka Troy Moreno) gets asked to model for a photo shoot when the host notices a hardon in his jeans. Even though his partner is waiting in the truck, he decides to take a few minutes to show his big package.

Raw Rods - Update

April 26, 2017

Leon and Jancinto

Leon was hungry for Jancinto's dick. Jancinto pushes Leon down onto the bed, pulls his boxer briefs down to his thigh, takes his dick into his mouth and begins sucking on the dick. After sucking Jacinto's dick for a while, Leon gets up onto the bed and bends over. Jancinto takes one look at Leon's hole and dives in fast first licking and spitting on the hole and giving it a few smacks. After making a meal out of Leon's ass, Jacinto pulls Leon up from his dick and turns him around, grabs his dick and quickly slides it into Leon's ass.

Bromo - Update

April 25, 2017

Breaking Him In

Roomates Drake Magnum and Liam Cyber are having a bit of a conflict. Straight Liam is gonna break his gay roommate Drake and have his way with him. Fucking like monsters Liam busts a nut all over Drake's ass.

Raw Rods - Update

April 22, 2017

Giovanni & Vic

Vic was visiting a new city and wanted to do something fun. He went to a local strip club and asked one of the dancers Giovanni if he would come back to his room for him and give him a private dance. Giovanni came thru and danced for Vic as requested. Giovanni didn't expect to be so turned on by Vic. Giovanni was already horny so he decided once business was taken care of Vic would be the one to take care of his personal business. One thing led to another and they ended up fucking for hours. Giovanni left completely satisfied.

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