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Raw Rods - Update

September 12, 2016

Chy Kyd and Phoenix Rizing

The connection was there and I knew the scene would be hot, especially since it was their first time working with each other. Chy Kyd waisted no time in going down on Phoenix dick. There is even some 69 action in this one. I have to say though, Phoenix face Chy Kyd a run for his money. Shaking and teeth chattering. Yea that dick was good.

Raw Rods - Update

September 04, 2016

Golden Chyld + Sean Young

Golden Chyld gets up and goes to Seans bed and starts rubbing on his dick through his shorts then pulls Seans dick out and starts sucking on it. Sean wakes up and doesn't seem to object to the invasion of his privacy or having his sleep disturbed. Golden goes to work slurping that dick up of the sexy caramel dude. Sean comes around after showing his excitement and eats a little booty before he gets his dick settled in Golden Chyld ass. This is going to be good.

Next Door World - Update

September 04, 2016


As you enter, he senses your presence and disrobes. He begins by touching himself all over. He hopes you like what you see. His huge cock becomes slowly fattened and stiff. Once ready, Trent lays on his bed, letting you watch him as he tugs his hard cock up and down. You move around him, looking at his strong shoulders, sexy feet, and muscular legs. Trent likes it when you watch. Please, keep him company while he pleasures himself. He'll reward you handsomely.

Raw Rods - Update

August 31, 2016

Daniel + Trey 2

Trey is finally able to get some rest and Daniel walks in after a nice hot shower and decides to get Treys attention. Daniel starts sucking on Treys dick to see if he can wake up something else besides Trey. Daniels skills at giving head seems to be doing the job though and Trey wakes up wondering why Daniel is sucking his dick while he is trying to rest. He doesn't push him away though. He gets him ready for what he has been waiting for and Daniel is about to get a rude awakening.

Maverick Men Directs - Update

August 27, 2016

Porn Again Christians

You’re gonna to LOVE this super deluxe fuck flick! There’s so much hot footage and I couldn’t bring myself to edit-out all the hot shenanigans that made my cock throb while editing this gem. I wanted to name it “Six Dicks Two Bottoms” because of how many people pop-up in this video fucking, sucking, eating ass and cumming all over the place.

Black Breeders - Update

August 21, 2016

Harlem World (The Raw Roadshow 4)

As we said, when we planned this Jay was going to be topping but things don't always go according to plan. But once Jay ended up on the bottom things got "harder"! Romero was gonna make him pay for having him prep and get his hole ready for dick... and Jay wasn't prepared for the cost. The more Jay tried to run, the rougher Romero got with that hole. Once he finally tamed the bitch out of Jay, he fucked him until they both spit out milky white nuts!

Raw Rods - Update

August 20, 2016

Rock and Holliwud

Rock and Holliwud Zane meet up for the first time to work together. Its been all talk between the two for a few weeks about exactly how everything would go. Rock walks in to meet with Holliwud in Chicago downtown, but he might have caught him at a bad time. Howlliwud is playing with his dick while checking out some porn on his phone. Rock is intrigued by the show Holliwud is putting on, but Holliwud is waiting on Rock to stop playing around and get with the program. This should be interesting.

Naked Sword - Update

August 19, 2016

Top 10 Bareback Scenes

The top 10 hottest scenes now playing on! Video includes clips from Lukas Ridgeston’s “All The Way”, Cobrin Fisher’s “CF Crush: Harper”, “College Guys POV”, and “Soaking Up San Diego”, Dark Alley Media’s “Gogo Gangbang” and “Monster Inside Me 6”, Treasure Island Media’s “Fuck Holes 3”, “Legendary Studs Jerry Sterns”, “Up The Gut”, and “We Are Coming For You”.

Southern Strokes - Update

August 18, 2016


We came across Drake in one of our model searches here in Atlanta. There was just something about him that is real likeable. When I first spoke with Drake I told him that I wasnít sure if he was right for Southern Strokes but after speaking with him a couple of times, he has all the Southern Charm you would expect to find here in the South.

Black Breeders - Update

August 17, 2016

Funny Thing

Well, when we told y'all this was a serious session some of you weren't satisfied with just a greedy asses (literal and figurative) want the full pie. Well, here's some of what you missed. You will be glad we gave you the XXXtra but funny thing, they kept on fucking some more!

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