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Black Breeders - Update

November 26, 2016

Raw Exodus

It's the final chapter, but before they kiss and say goodbye, these dudes got a few more nuts to release! Shit, Drae came so much he lost one or two along the way... but somebody's hole found them!

Next Door World - Update

November 14, 2016

Sex and Flex

Jay Alexander and Trent are gym rats. They like to get their pump on together. But just as important is the after-gym routine. Today they're feeling each other's muscles and evaluating their progress. Then, Trent is having a look at Jay's fat, swelling cock. First Trent sucks the throbbing beast, getting it even more primed for action. After some good knob bobbing, Jay takes a turn on Trent's erect dong. Then it's time for Jay to prep Trent's ass for a hard pounding. He licks that tight hole nice 'n' good, then slides his stiffy into that ass and fucks him hard.

Black Breeders - Update

November 13, 2016

Enter the Dungeon

Back to Nate getting his ass tortured and destroyed by Jerry's hard, uncut dick. Nate takes every inch, and every ounce of Jerry's thick white nut...and then releases his own stream! Meanwhile, Lance is wetting Wade's ass up getting it ready for more.

Black Breeders - Update

November 10, 2016

The Descent

As we go deeper we get a peek at Lance and Wade in an intense power struggle, but we land at Leon and Slyy in a heated fuck that ends in enough nut to flood the whole building! After seeing the that explosion, the elevator crew gets back in their own groove before the reach the next level.

Next Door World - Update

November 07, 2016

King Noire

You'll be shocked at the size of his behemoth dong once he gets down to biz. King is happy you're here to share this, his favorite part of the day. His dick is well oiled, fully flared, and hungry for attention. He jerks hard and works up an intense rhythm. Go with King to his special place, where pleasure soothes all wounds and pressures from the world fade far away.

Raw Rods - Update

November 03, 2016

Chase + Marion 2

Marion heads back to the room with Chase, but already know what Chase wants. Soon as they get into the room, Marion gets Chase down on the bed, letting him know to stop actin all brand new and like he didn't want to fuck around. Marion pulls Chase dick out to get things popping. Chase isn't fighting it though nor was he trying to resist. Marion's gets to taste the dick and Chase gets to taste and feel Marion fat juicy ass. Chase and Marion both get a hot cumshot out of this one.

Sean Cody - Update

November 03, 2016

Landon & Philip: Bareback

Landon and Philip have been hanging out for the past couple of days, and they get along really well. We asked what they’ve been doing together, and Landon looked at wide-eyed Philip, “Uhh, just talking mostly…playing video games…” Of course, that’s what they’re calling it these days. Philip was so eager to get fucked, that he was ready to end the interview and jump on Landon’s dick right then and there. Landon finally gave Philip a cock up his ass, and you could see in his face that he’d been waiting for it all day! Ask and you shall receive…again and again!

Southern Strokes - Update

October 20, 2016

Rex and Ricky

If you happen to live in the Dallas Texas area, you probable know these two buddies. Rex and Ricky have been friends with benefits for quite some time and they have been know to put on live shows from time to time. They are quite the unlikely pairing but believe me it works. You can tell these two know how to please each other.

Like 'em Straight - Update

October 14, 2016

Dick Dynasty: Marshall

With a stomach you could wash clothes on, Marshall shows off a body made for porn. In fact, his girlfriends have told him his cock should be in pictures. It's massive and he knows it. At 23 he has made girls cry with his battering ram. But today it's just him and the man, so he asks Brendon to leave the room while he strokes his dick to stardom. While he watches some pussy on TV, Marshall rubs out a sticky load.

Black Breeders - Update

October 09, 2016

The Walls Cum Down

These two needed some more room to finish fucking. They find a corner in the bookstore and bang it out until they wear each other out! They go until K sucks the life (literally) outta Jai. Dayum, I miss that bookstore!

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